Hanging Plant Drawing Ideas Every Artist’s Should Know

20 Hanging Plant Drawing Ideas Every Artist’s Should Know

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Plants are one of the best creatures in this world. They have a magical feature that is they relax us and give peace to our souls. About hanging plant drawing ideas, the poet William Blake says–

     “Art is the tree of life Science is the tree of death”  

So, there we can definitely have a tiny friend in our home. But those who like plants but do not get time to take care of plants because they use to be very busy in their life can enjoy plant hanging portraits for their home decoration.  It is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature in your home every day. Whether with a portrait design of a hanging garden or an artwork drawing and painting of a single hanging plant, it will enhance the aura of any space in your room.

Hanging Plant Drawing Ideas

To offer you something beautiful, our artists may have to go through a lot of problems such as what to draw, how to draw or present the subject are the first issues. And searching for ideas is the most problematic matter. To inspire them our today’s article is made. Here we put together 20 hanging plant drawing ideas that will help you to start with unique works.

It will be beneficial for painters and the people who want to decorate their houses with hanging plant paintings. They can store ideas from here and go to the best artists to draw them. Isn’t showing a photo on your phone easier than describing the drawing to the painter? Of course, it is I think!  Sometimes only describing can’t come with the best outcomes as you imagine. So I think it will be a great way to decor your home just as you pleased and a great deal for customization. It also makes the way better for the painter to understand what you actually want.

These paintings can use for bedrooms, living rooms, other favorite spaces even also kitchen decorations. So artists can start with something fresh to paint by choosing one of the hanging plant art ideas below. Hope you will not get disappointed by these amazing hanging plant drawing ideas. So? Let’s see!

Vertical Rope Hanger

Vertical Rope Hanger - Vector Design US, Inc.

How can a rope hanger be vertical right? Looking at the title this question is common. It creates a vertical illusion when some tiny to large combination tubs are hung from upside to down together. When two tubs of Senecio rowleyanus or String of Pearls succulents are put together in a rope hanger, it gives an extremely gorgeous view such as waterfalls.

Gorgeous drawings are usually very open, which makes it easy to understand what the paint means. But we do get some exceptional clients who want meaningful pictures along with gorgeousness. Almost all painters get some of these types of clients. This painting will be best for them.

Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame - Vector Design US, Inc.

Some people take home decoring with indoor plants as a passion or an enjoyable pastime that they sometimes made an extra wooden frame or shelf for having plants. It is a good presentation to work with hanging plant drawing for artists.

Typically, people use different hangers or make DIY holders at home, so adding a wooden frame in your painting is indeed create a luxury. Combine chestnut and yellow for the wooden frame. Draw some mixture of different plants with tiny, large, and long leaves (pictured).

Hanging Yellow Roses

Hanging Yellow Roses - Vector Design US, Inc.

Roses and hanging are two very dissimilar words. Ain’t they? Hanging rose plants are very unusual and rare to see. But only an artist can make something extraordinary with unusual matched by his creativity. This tremendous one is a watercolor work of a yellow rose plant in a large ‘U’ shape DIY earthen pot. The homely wasted rope is for hanging it. Looks like the pot is full of rose leaves.

Tiny yellow roses look like peeking from the overloaded leaves. If you want you can customize and give some fewer leaves but I love the overflowing leaves vision. It also has another unusual vision that is its background. This brick wall background makes it a full paper portrait that is undoubtedly very much likable.

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Succulent Plant Wreath

Succulent Plant Wreath - Vector Design US, Inc.

Another fabulous watercolor work of tree wreath with cactus and ranunculus. This drawing has a beautiful mixture of hypericum, anemone, succulent, red berry, and eucalyptus leaves isolated in white background. You may know how special tree wreaths are for home decoration in the Christmas season. If you ask me, I will have this painting for the whole year.

This painting is a kind of abstract yet colorful, tiny plants combination. Though it is watercolor work, I tried hard to make these succulents look like real plants. I used purple, green, and pink combinations you can try others too.

Blue Ceramic Pot Hanger

Blue Ceramic Pot Hanger - Vector Design US, Inc.

Hanging plants doesn’t mean you must hang them on the ceiling of a room. You can hang them on a vertical wall. This drawing is a Hoya carnosa variegated plant in a sky-blue colored ceramic pot with a back hole hung on the wall. The Hoya carnosa variegated leaves upside falling from the blue pot.

This scenery is so real when you hung this photo on a white wall it will look like you hung a real plant, not a painting. The outstanding work of the leaves’ dark and light color combination makes it a fantastic piece.

Water Splash Succulent Dischidia

Water Splash Succulent Dischidia - Vector Design US, Inc.

Succulent plants have so many genres. Succulent Dischidia is one of them. You may see loads of paintings work of watercolor. So, I wanna try some water splashy portraits. See, how it works actually. It works so great. This is another overloading adorable portrait of a Succulent Dischidia hanging plant.

The designer designs these leaves beautifully. When you go to draw you will feel amazing and can enjoy the drawing same time. Well, this earthen pot looks the same color as wet soil. Splash some sea blue on the back to have water splashy hanging plant artwork.

Earthen Tub Holder

Earthen Tub Holder - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is no best thing for a plantation than an earthen tub. So, when we draw hanging plants, we try to draw maximally with an earthen tub to have the real plant feel. Sometimes adding some creative drawing in the tub makes the painting more attractive. Then people look at the tub first instead of the plant. Hoya Compacta Variegata is already a gorgeous creature of nature you can see.

Their leaves arrangements are so eye-catching that easily draw anyone’s attention. Okay, as I said about the tub design. I made a white and chestnut combination here to show the tub art on an earthen tub.

Hanging Herbs

Hanging Herbs - Vector Design US, Inc.

A hanging plant drawing portrait can serve two purposes: beauty and peace. It also offers you to have a hanging herbs portrait for your kitchen. Isn’t this idea thoughtful? Indeed. I think working with hanging herbs for painting may be the first time for painters.

Choose a bunch of herbs from chives to basil and draw them like hung in a tree branch or a bamboo (pictured). I like to draw green herbs you can make them dried or can add some change in color. Whatever color you choose for herbs always choose eucalyptus hangers. They gave the best results.

Fresh Spring Flower Bowl

Fresh Spring Flower Bowl - Vector Design US, Inc.

Painted fresh spring flower bowls offer color and life to your wall. These drawings bring a splash of energy and freshness, plus serve the home decoring purpose. Spring is a season of color. In spring loads of colorful flowers bloom.

As an artist, it is a success to have them captured in a frame by drawing. It keeps the same spring season vibe in one’s home for the whole year. Here in this portrait, I took some beautiful purple spring blossom in a bowl. If you also gift someone this painting it will look like you gift a bowl of spring blossom.

Boho Hanging Plant

Boho Hanging Plant - Vector Design US, Inc.

Boho art style features a lack of structures. They are aesthetic and relaxed. You are carefree while drawing this style of art. There are no layers of pattern, texture, or color. This one is a boho art style of Hoya Kantiana variegated plant hanging. I have designed with the modern boho art style.

Modern boho art deals with rattan accessories. Here the plant is on a rattan basket or pot that includes the modern boho art style. Their aesthetic vision creates a gloomy environment in the home. The Hoya Kantiana variegated’s upside falling add a little streaming touch in a gloomy wall.

Epipremnum in Flat Style

Epipremnum in Flat Style - Vector Design US, Inc.

Epipremnum is such a plant that is easy to keep, easy to draw, and also very much lovable for home decoring. I like this genre so much. So, I tried Epipremnum in a seamless flat style drawing and it works so perfectly. This photo is known as modern home decor.

A plastic pot contains the Epipremnum plant that is hung on a white macramé holder. Macrame holders are normally gorgeous so when a portrait is drawn by using them there is no need to add any other designable elements. Flat style is so okay with them.

Macrame Herb Garden

Macrame Herb Garden - Vector Design US, Inc.

Macrame is an art of knotting rope, now is a very hype trend to hang home plants. You will love the way these hangers will put your plants on paintings for indoor decoration. Here is another herb plants portrait in macramé holder and creative bamboo baskets. You can try some colorful flower plants instead of herbs.

But in these macramé holders and bamboo baskets, I found green is most fitted so I use only green herbs plant. It is an unusual watercolor work with great detailing. Not a messy regular watercolor work. If you want so perfect result in a hanging plant portrait you can try this. 

Parrot in a Cage Shillouhoutte

Parrot in a Cage Shillouhoutte - Vector Design US, Inc.

Believe it or not, I like shillouhoutte paintings a lot because they always carry a hidden meaning and can draw in fewer colors. This is a Parrot in a cage portrait with a black isolated in white background. You can make hanging plant drawing more outstanding by mixing with this type of combination. This portrait is indeed gorgeous and creates a story. It can be drawn by pencil sketch, color, and doodle also. Feel free to use anything you want!

Horizontal Bamboo Hanger

Horizontal Bamboo Hanger - Vector Design US, Inc.

I guess this one is the most incredible and potential portrait of this article. It took 3 bamboos to make a beautiful triangle hanger. It is mainly an outdoor scenery you can hang in the drawing-room, balcony or beside the window.

The bamboo colors are so rich and perfect. It holds 3 tubs in the 3 corners. 3 different plants you can draw in one portrait. What else can be the best combination than this?  The 3 tubs are also painted in the same color yellow. All over it makes an amazing composition.

Vintage Hoya Heushkeliana

Vintage Hoya Heushkeliana  - Vector Design US, Inc.

Artists usually feel odd when it comes to drawing vintage or abstract things. They usually work lots with bright colors. But vintage works are great when it is done perfectly and the following work is so perfect to take ideas. This portrait features the Hoya Heushkeliana plant in an earthen tub hanging in a vertical wall.

Hoya Heushkeliana is best for the vintage boho art style. Their leaves are abstract and a combination of two colors that create a vintage effect naturally. And they don’t grow long so don’t make it so long. Try to draw a shrub plant shape it will look better.

Realistic Style Macrame Plant Hanging

Realistic Style Macrame Plant Hanging - Vector Design US, Inc.

I already introduce macramé holder before it is an amazing décor to hang plants. So here I’ll go into detail about the drawing. Realistic drawing method I think the hardest method of drawing because artists have to go through every little detail to make this.

I think the best way to start with this portrait is because it is a single plant hanging portrait. It contains fewer leaves a simple white pot and no gorgeous background. This macramé holder is also so beautifully designed. The combination of the sky-blue holder and white pot with little green creates a fantastic tiny Northeast Greenland park vision.

Clip Art Style

Clip Art Style - Vector Design US, Inc.

Generally, clip art style gives cartoonish vision but I tried hard to make it realistic and different work. Here I take a large ceramic bowl and a bunch of beautiful different plants and red flowers. Since they are very bright in color so I create a warm background to make them vibrant. And the ceramic pot is hung by a metallic chain that is indeed a buying hanger made by professionals.

So, if you draw this you can proudly say this portrait is different than other portraits. Last but not least it has a shadow aside that makes it looks real.

Tree Trunk Hanger

Tree Trunk Hanger - Vector Design US, Inc.

This image will be a nostalgia for those who grew up beside the large gardens or forest-sided people who used to see large tree trunks cutting. Their precious memory is now captured in a frame by you. Is it really an amusing thought? This portrait will be made with lots of love and care.

Well, I already went back to those memories and start feeling nostalgia. Here are two different hangers to make a garden portrait one is a wooden holder another is an astonishing tree trunk. The tree trunk is held on the top of the paper holding different plants. It is a suggestion when you draw a garden portrait use different sizes of leaves as pictured below.

DIY Hanger Pot

DIY Hanger Pot - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is an example of an easy concept that can also make tremendous work. This portrait is so simple that there is no perfection, no fancy elements, and moreover a bland background. Those who are creative and like to do a craft with wasted things will love this portrait undoubtedly.

This is a Hoya Polynuera plant in a plastic bowl drawing. For the bowl, I used grey so that it looks like a cement bowl, and the rope is also done with the same color. What you have to do is mark the leaf veins carefully. That’s all.

Messy Garden Inspired

Messy Garden Inspired - Vector Design US, Inc.

I don’t know why but I like messy things much than a perfect vision. So, if you are the same as me you can try this Messy Garden-inspired drawing. I shouldn’t call it messy actually because it contains the most real of a garden. The wet floor the warm background has the real vibes actually.

This beautiful warm garden has a combination of two hanging plants and 3 potted plants in the ground. But all the plants are medium-sized and the hanging two are more lively. Since it is a messy theme no need to make it more perfect. It is just perfect as it is below.

Bottom Line 

When you paint that greenery, your mood will be calmer and happier. It will give the same feeling for those who will keep these lively portraits in their home and look at them. I worked with different seasonal portraits so that you can switch to another season same as outdoor does when the months change.

As an artist working with seasonal plants is the best way to make a profit for the whole year, I think. You’ll have a personalized list of your beautiful hanging plant portraits that are in tune with the seasons that you can resale such beautiful paintings year after year!