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Collaborator of the Busy Drawing Artists, Printing Studio, Digital Media, Advertising & Marketing Agencies, Photographers, and You.

VECTOR DESIGN US, Inc is a group of expert graphics designers, Vector Artists & Photo Editor who are trained at very professional level. Our organized teams under an oriented leadership makes us different from the others. We are always sincere to deliver the work within the deadline of customers. We have very experienced teams of individual categories of services such as: Creative Vector Artists, Vector Conversions Experts, Photoshop Editors, Logo Creators, etc. We have also distinctive teams of-

about- vector design us, inc.

VECTOR DESIGN US, INC. has a wide range mission to deliver the best graphics design items to the companies who need designs all over the world. We dare to desire to be the number one vector drawing & conversion service provider. Maintaining 100% design quality is our main service theme. We do not use any third party automation software to design the vectors or illustrations, we do the work manually/hand-drawn. We never add any hidden charge. Our order cost and time cost policy is very clear. Clients’ satisfaction, good feedback, and testimonial are always our target and we believe without clear policy and quality work it is impossible to win trust and reliability. We always want, once who gave us order, next time he or she must place work order again and VECTOR DESIGN believes our quality work within deadline and competitive price must remind the clients to place an order again here.

VECTOR DESIGN US, INC. has multiple visions. Firstly we are always sincere to walk in the path of honesty, Secondly there is no unskilled people here to handle any job, we always advanced to arrange a certified training before holding any computer in our company, and Thirdly we are very aware to achieve the best quality within the shortest time. If any client claims against our work, we sit for rechecking the work and reworking on those without any extra fee. Already we have designed and converted many vectors, and we can say proudly that, till now there is no complain we receive against our work. Fourthly, clients are the most important to us and we are always aware to communicate with him. In short, our one and only goal is to serve the industries and people providing the best visuals and maintaining the status of #1 graphic design company.

Our Skills

Raster to Vector Conversion
Vector Art Design
Vector Line Drawing
Vector Logo Design
Vector Badge Conversion
Digitizing Embroidery
Product to Vector Drawing
T-Shirt Design
Ugly Photo Restoration
Photoshop Photo Editing

Best Vector Drawing & Conversion Service Provider

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Professional Care for images.

Providing the best quality and enhancing creativity, that is the most important in graphics world. Our 24/7 customer support team is always working as a window to get your voice and discuss about your issues.

Communication With Clients

Our clients are the most important to us, we are always sincere about the deadline that our clients could never fall in any trouble. We are able to bear clients expectations. We always stand to help you and keep a very good communication with clients.

Image Receive and Delivery

We have own server and archive center. We provide a secure way to upload clients’ files. Once they upload the images, we receive those and start working. Once we complete the job then we send it to the clients.

Edited/Converted Files Security

We strictly maintain the security and safety of our clients’ personal information and files. We use very secured and safe server system. Our team members are always under a supervision system.

Our Main Services

Raster to Vector Conversion

We offer the best quality raster image to vector conversion service. Suppose you have a general JPG or PNG image and you want to print them in HD quality. If you use raster jpg or png for printing, they must get distorted you will not get desired image quality. So, you need R2V conversion service to convert the image from pixel-based raster image to lossless vector image. Such images can be extended at bigger billboard sizes. Our vector conversion experts convert raster graphics manually by Hand-drawn path creation in Adobe Illustrator. Read More

Image to Vector Conversion

We provide the top-most quality hand-drawn jpg or png image to vector conversion services. If your images are raster image, you cannot print them with maximum quality due to their pixilated ruining quality. Rather you need highly zoomable vector photos. We will create vector graphics for you by hand. Our vector conversion experts use state-of-the-art vector conversion tools to produce the best vector images. Best vector creation flawlessly is ultimate goal. We don’t use any automatic image tracing too for creating vector file formats. Read More

JPG to Vector Conversion

You may not be capable to print HD Jpg or Png images and so you need the conversion of vector graphics. You can help you converting your jpg images. At our vectorizing studio, the designers manually create vector paths on and around of you images for a line art. In an Illustrator, they ternsform jpeg image drawing lines, applying multiple colors, curves, strokes, etc. Until we reach to the maximum quality the image deserve, the designers work on dedicatedly. Our QC managers check the image to ensure the best outlook.  Read More

Vector Logo Conversion

You will get from us vector logo conversion and creative logo design. Our professional logo converters and logo creators can make outstanding logo that carries corporate identity nicely. We convert logo from raster logo to vector logo, old logo to new vector logo, sketch to HD logo, etc. We take logo conversion order, read your instruction, discuss with you by mail, convert logo, and send for your primary approval. Once you approve, we finally deliver you the best logo conversion and logo design. If you want to know more, just click on here. Read More

Vector Art Design

Under the vector artwork design and conversion service, there is no design related work that we don’t perform. Whatever designs you need that include arts for portrait wall art, t-shirt art design, arts for gift card, banner, poster, ceramics, icons, patterns, boutique art, etc. We have professional art work designers who produce the best arts in Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Utilization of the modern art tools makes our art designs world-class. TO become number #1 Artwork design company, our experienced artists play a crucial role, unforgettable!   Read More

History of Vector Design US, Inc.

We started our journey back in 2010 as a start-up in New York and got registered as INC in 2019. Being an American company, we got a good start with enough capital and logistics. Some terrific skilled and experienced graphic designers, vector artists and conversion masters, photo editors joined with us. Professional customer supporting executives, Quality controllers, and digital marketing executives help to run the business. They played a tremendous role to reach the company in today’s number #1 position. 


Shameh Rahman, Founder and CEO of Vector Design US, Inc. is a visionary person. Under his strong and intelligible leadership, the company can march so far with success. Once he needed a raster image converted to a vector file. He tried several studios, but all of them failed to attain the desired image quality. Then Shameh decided to set up a design studio and bought the www.vectordesign.us domain, rented an office, and hired some exclusive designers out of hundreds. At the first stage, he knocked door to door to win projects, and now his marketing team (offline & online) is working.


In the beginning, VD only provided vector conversion services, but as time goes, we widen our service arena. All types of design-related works are performed here and globally we provide our services, though initially we only served the NY reign.