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Photo Editing Services

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For keeping you tension free while thinking about eCommerce business or required flawless images, or product photo editing & retouching, Vector Design US, Inc., a dedicated company is here, known for bulk image editing and professionalism. We’ve been providing background removing service, clipping path, masking & retouching, restoration, color correction, raster to vector, ghost mannequin/neck joint service, etc. for the last 7 years. We have an expert graphic designers’ team, a 24/7 customer care unit, an affordable price package, a discount on bulk orders, the latest tools, etc. We provide Free Trial. Our global clients are eCommerce owners, photographers, graphic designers, fashion houses, etc. They are satisfied with our quality services within the time.

Clipping path service

Multi Clipping Paths before- vector design us, inc.Multi Clipping Paths after- vector design us, inc.

A Photoshop Pen Tool-based service is used to remove, change, modify, colorize, or make a transparent background in an image. It requires proper skill & experience to work with the pen tool. Clipping path Photoshop is essential for eCommerce sites, photographers, graphic designers, ad agencies, etc. We provide this service to remove the background for fashion images, jewelry products, models, real estate, eCommerce product photos, etc.

What we do on images:
  • Use Pen tool for manual clipping path/deep etch
  • Select the entire image or part of image
  • White background, transparent background, translucent background
  • Apply clipping path for hard-edge image
  • Multi-path for multi-color correction


Image Background Removal

Background remove service before- vector design us, inc.Background remove service after- vector design us, inc.

We’ve been providing all types of clipping path to remove the undesired background from the images. Background removing service makes the images gorgeous, highly engaging, and a special charm to draw the attention of potential customers. Background replacement is also important for product images. Ecommerce store owners, photographers, graphic designers, ad agencies, and many more are taking the service to get perfect photos.

What we do on images:
  • Apply Clipping path/Image masking/Color range
  • Remove background/unwanted objects/people
  • Add white bg/transparent bg/colorful bg/single color bg
  • Create professional product image background/perfect bg
  • Apply ex-ray effect for cleaning product bg
  • Background color balance

Photo Retouching Service 

Photo Retouching Service before- vector design us, incPhoto Retouching Service after- vector design us, inc

Retouching service is provided to make the image more beautiful and gorgeous. This service is admired for glamour retouching and eCommerce product retouching. It’s used to provide photography post-production, model image beautifying, old image restoration, new product images, etc. We provide the service to eCommerce sites, model photographers, ad agencies, digital media, and many more. It’s a high-rated image editing service.

What we do on images:
  • Remove acne, wrinkles, spots, aging spots
  • Maintain textures and natural look
  • Retouch face, cheek, nose, eyes.
  • Whiten teeth, and add lipstick color on lips
  • Add digital makeup and create a model look
  • Remove stray hair

Photo Restoration Service

Damaged Photo Restoration before- vector design us, inc.Damaged Photo Restoration after- vector design us, inc.

It’s one of the most important and high-rated image editing services which is used to restore the old memories of the past, to restore the condition of the new images that you wanted during product photography, and something like this. It is widely used to beautify images also. We provide photo restoration services for the eCommerce business, photographers, personal photos, real estate photos, graphic designers, and more.

What we do on images:
  • Spots Removal/ Image cleaning
  • Color Fixed/restore original color
  • Colorize B&W photos
  • Exposure Correction and Highlight the subject
  • Bring back the lost the pixels
  • Fix the torn image

Image Masking Service

Alpha Channel masking before- vector design us, inc.Alpha Channel masking after- vector design us, inc.

The masking service is widely used to remove background from the images where the clipping path alone cannot work properly. Image masking service is needed to remove background from the images like hair, fur, transparent & translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, chiffon, muslin, etc. We give this service to eCommerce sites, model & product photographers, graphic designers, and more.

What we do on images:
  • Apply to remove bg from delicate image edge
  • Used to use complex image selection
  • Apply Alpha channel masking
  • Manual image masking
  • Image masking for Transparent/Translucent  objects

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service 

Photoshop shadow creation before- vector design us,incPhotoshop shadow creation after- vector design us,inc

This service is mostly used to give a lifelike appearance to the images. Photos without shadows look artificial and floating, and they lose reality. So, we provide various types of shadow creation services in Photoshop to create photos in real looking. Ecommerce product images, graphic designers, real estate, etc. are the service takers. It is a costlier service, but we have some cost-effective and affordable price packages.

What we do on images:
  • Add drop shadow
  • Shadow by Gaussian blur
  • Realistic Photoshop shadow
  • Mirror effect/transparent shadow
  • Shadow for removing products’ floating effect

Photoshop Color Correction Service 

Photoshop Color Correction Service before -vector design us, incPhotoshop Color Correction Service after -vector design us, inc (1)

It is one of the most appreciated image editing services. It is applied to beautify the images. Color correction is taken for removing natural and unavoidable flaws and sometimes intentionally to make several versions of the same type of product photos. This service is suitable for model photography, fashion photography, nature photography, product photos, and more. For best service, the designers should have proper skills.

What we do on images:
  • We fix product color
  • Colorize black & white photo
  • Enhance color and fix color balance
  • Color variant/retouch multi-colors
  • Add colors and make multiple product versions

Ghost Mannequin Service 

Ghost Mannequin before 2-vector design us, inc.Ghost Mannequin after 2-vector design us, inc.

The service is taken for eCommerce garments items. To create a 3D shape, the photographers use various mannequins during taking the cloth images and we remove the mannequins keeping the hollow effects before using them in eCommerce stores. Usually, the images are captured part by part and we joint these parts to make one and that’s why it is also called neck joint service. It is a highly rated service that we provide cost-effectively. 

What we do on images:
  • Remove mannequin/doll/plastic props
  • Joint two or multiple parts of apparel products
  • Create hollow effect
  • Add a 3D look by applying shadow
  • Straighten cloth items/crop & resize/ fix color

Edit Photo

Do you need to edit photo? We can assist you as a professional photo editing service provider worldwide. The veteran photoshop artists will take care of your images. You will get photo editing services for any type image. We serve PSD file format along with jpg, png, bitmap that must be fit for printing and your digital devices. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to serve you any photo editing services. If you are looking for the best photoshop experts, contact us.

Choose the Best Photo Editing Service

How to choose the best photo editing service provider?

Choosing and selecting the best clipping and image cut-out service provider is not difficult. When you require photo editing and retouching services, just meditate on the features and facilities, customers support, image editing quality, pricing, etc. Here we are presenting a list of the traits of a well-capable clipping path service provider-

  • Use of the modern image editing tools
  • Provide services by the skilled and experienced Team
  • Friendly Working Environment
  • 100% Image Quality Ensured
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Meet Deadlines
  • Easy Payment System (PayPal)
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Best prices
  • Discount on Bulk Order

Get Clipping Path Services for eCommerce Product Photos

Thousands of product Photographers, eCommerce owners, Advertising agencies, magazines & newspaper, studios, etc. take our photo editing services and boost their businesses with 100% satisfaction.

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Vector Design is the best!!! I've used him several times over the last year(or more) and I've never been disappointed in quality or turn-around time!

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I run a printing company and VECTOR DESIGN has been designing several good looking t-shirts. Also convert Image to vector format for us and we can very easily use for printing. They efforts elevated the quality of our printing exponentially. Plus, they had no trouble meeting our deadlines (usually delivering early!). Their rates are very reasonable despite our tight budget. Our clients are very happy with their design. Highly recommend, because they are stunning!

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Vector Design provides fast, easy & quality services and cheaper than anywhere else, perfect! Thank you. Will recommend to everyone.