Photoshop Shadow Services

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Photoshop shadow effect will provide the product images in real attitude. Without shadows, your product will look artificial and lack of landing on the surface. After clipping path and removing the background, the product images will look like floating on the white backdrop. So, designers apply different types of Photoshop effects. Removing mannequin, the designers use shadows inside the apparel items that create a perfect 3D shape. Our clients demand various types of shadows like drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, original shadow. The designers apply shadows or sometimes retain original shadows and thus produce high-end product images in Photoshop.

In our in-house photo editing workshop, we are providing Photoshop shadow effect service by the most experienced and skilled graphic designers who are using all the latest photo manipulation tools. If you are an eCommerce product photographer or eCommerce store manager, this service is essential for you. It will increase product beauty. We are providing discounts on bulk product photo editing that will reduce your total photo editing cost. So, to get up to 50% off on bulk orders, take a quote as soon as possible.

BG remove and add Reflection shadow beforeBG remove and add Reflection shadow after
remove bg and adding drop shadow beforeremove bg  and adding drop shadow after

Reflection shadow

The reflection shadow is seen at the bottom area in the images of glass items, ceramic products, medicine products, plastic bottles, electronic equipment, etc. Sometimes during image editing, the original reflection shadow may disappear. So, the designers apply reflection shadow in the images after removing image background. It adds naturality and reality to the images.

Drop Shadow

After removing background by clipping path in Photoshop, your product image may look floating and unnatural. It is harmful to any eCommerce product photo. So, the designers use Photoshop drop shadow to provide land and natural effect to the image. We provide Photoshop drop shadow creating service to make your product photos outstanding and engaging.

Natural/ Realistic Shadow

This shadow effect is applied in the product images which don’t reflect on the background surface while photo shooting. It adds a 3D effect to the product images and helps to make engaging product images. It provides a realistic attitude to the 3D product images. Any shadow makes products natural which is very crucial for the eCommerce business sector.

Retain Original Shadow

During product photography, your product image shadow may be dimmed or fuzzy because of many unavoidable reasons. This fact destroys the quality of your product photos. So, to make this type of product photo engaging and potential to be sold hugely, our designers retain the natural product shadow for realist view using may photo editing tools and techniques.

Shadow Removal

It is another vital photo editing service to increase the quality of eCommerce product photos. Sometimes your product photos may get an unnatural shadow of cross lighting, unsuitable lighting kit setting, etc. that decrease image quality. So, our photo editing personnel use photo editing resources to remove the unwanted shadows. We do shadow remove professionally.

3D Shadow Creation

Our designers create a 3D shadow of the product images. Sometimes it is necessary to create 2D images that look like 3D to make them more attractive. 3D product image is more potential than the 3D flat image. The engagement and conversion rate of 3D product images is higher than any other image. So, we create shadows to give a 3D feel to the 2D product photos. You can try it.

Highlight Shadow on Portrait

Proper lighting is crucial for a portrait or any model photo. Lighting provides a realistic and attractive look to the images. So, on the demand of our clients, we apply highlight shadow on portrait or product photos. This shadow increases the shining effects and aesthetically the images stand out from other product photos. The conversion rate of such images is higher than the average.

Text Shadow Creation

We apply shadow on the text to provide a 3D feel. It increases the aesthetics of the texts. To create text-shadow, we apply various Photoshop techniques. It is not so much a hard task, but still, amateur designers cannot bring the professional 3D text shadow effects. It requires a calculation of color ratio, lighting angle, shadow spread, use of grain, and other issues.