Embroidery Digitizing Service

One of the most crucial image editing services is vector image to embroidery digitizing service. This service is taken mostly by the garment industries. For using various embroidery designs on the various cloth items, design digitizing service is very crucial. To compete with the modern garments business arena, this service is must. However, there is a great variety of categories in this service.

Logo Digitizing Service

This is very important service of vector design. These types of vector designs are taken to create an embroidery design on the various garment items. Logo digitizing increases the brand identity and the beauty of the products as well. We are helping the garment manufacturer to add logo to different products by providing vector logo digitizing services. We are providing these services manually with hundred percent professional quality.

T Shirt Digitizing Service

This garment item is very popular especially among the young generation. They love this item regarding its wearing flexibility. They love those items which have attractive graphical attachment. So the businessmen use various types of graphics including their logo. They take vector digitizing services from the vector graphic design companies. However, we provide professional t-shirt digitizing service at the best prices.

Chest Digitizing Service

The embroidery designs that get on the chest of garment item is chest digitizing service. This type of designs is taken for embroidery logo, images, and other designs. Firstly, these designs are created in vector formats to get a shape or concept and then are taken in garments production houses. It is very important to have this service in vector design to get pixilated free high quality image.

Gloves Digitizing Service

Gloves are also produced in garment industries. These are made of cloths. Most of the companies want to engrave or attach logo or other designs in the gloves. These designs are also created firstly in vector image formats and then the industries digitize these images using embroidery machines. Gloves digitizing service in vector produce best quality distortion free logos, monograms, token, and other designs.

Hat/Cap Digitizing Service

The greatest method of hat or cap beautification is the attachment of unique embroidery designs. The manufacturers are using these design items on their products. They create the designs in factories, but before the creation, they take mock-up design in vector image formats that we have been providing for a long time. We provide all types of vector photo digitizing services professionally. We offer best quality vector photo editing services.

Patches Digitizing Service

It is another crucial image editing service. It is also taken by the garment industries for decorating their clothes. These designs increase the beauty of the garments and bear the identity of the manufacturer. However, our company has been providing professional vector photo to embroidery digitizing services at the low rate maintaining world class quality. We also provide high end quality patches digitizing service for all types of garments.

Sleeves Digitizing Service

Often the sleeves have some embroidery designs that need to be designed at first in vector formats. And then these vector photos are used in automated machine so that the machine can read the image and create embroidery design on the sleeves. There are lots of design can be put here such as logo or other imaginary designs. These designs add extra beauty in the garment items.

Towel Digitizing Services

Towel digitizing is also crucial for the towel making industries. They use various types of designs like logo, and other designs. Firstly to get proper shape and design they take high quality vector towel design and then apply these design in factory. The use of these designs creates extra beauty in this type of garment products. We offer professional towel digitizing service in vector formats.

Jacket Digitizing Service

This service is also important for providing extraordinary garment items to the customers. The woven garment factories are using various types of design to decorate jacket. Before applying various designs, the businessmen take prototype in vector photo design. However, we offer various vector design services to the clients. These designs help to create attractive jackets.

Uniforms Digitizing Service

Usually the uniforms bear the logo, monogram, rank badges, and some other designs. These designs bear the identity of the institution and also increases the beauty of the uniform. We are providing vector uniform digitizing service at the best prices. Our works are of world class quality. We are providing all types of uniform digitizing works in vector illustration by the most skilled and experienced vector graphic designers.

Product Digitizing Service

Vector digitizing service is also essential for various products. Garment products, bags, curtains, and many other products usually take this vector design service. The business owners are taking this vector service for decorating their products as well as use logo for brand identity. However, we are offering high quality vector image digitizing services at the best price. We are almost incomparable in this sector.

Animal Digitizing Service

The garment product owners use various designs on their products for decorating alongside the brand identity. They use animal images also after digitizing. For having high-quality vector digitizing images, the business owners take vector embroidery design services. Our company provides the world-class image to vector digitizing services at the best rate. We have a great team of vector design specialists.

Cartoon Digitizing Service

We are also offering image to cartoon digitizing services to our global clients with the best quality. They are having this vector design for using in their garment products for increasing beauty and demands. This type of design service is taken for children’s cloth items. However, you will get this digitizing service in our company where we offer it by the most experienced and skilled vector graphic design experts.

Flag Digitizing Service

Another significant image editing service is flag digitizing. The clients from most of the countries are taking this service. This service is essential for sports garments which must have digitizing flags. Before creating these designs, the factories take prototypes of the designs. They take high quality vector image for this image. So, we are providing high end quality vector flag digitizing service at the best rate by the best designers.

Corporate Apparel Digitizing Service

This service is very crucial for the corporate companies. They use various cloths and other items for their corporate offices. They use various digitizing designs on their various products also. They prefer high quality vector apparel digitizing services. We have been providing all types of vector corporate apparel digitizing services for our corporate clients. We have a rich production house by which we offer this service.

Ok, we have discussed many things so far about image embroidery or digitizing service, besides that we have other services such as raster to vector conversion service, vector line drawing, vector illustration, vector floor plan design, vector mapping, and many more. We are providing these services to our worldwide clients at the best price packages. We have a great vector artists’ team. The team members are very skilled and experienced in their job. In our in-house production unit, we are producing high end quality vector image using the latest tools and gears. We have a very professional customer care department always ready to provide information for any query. Our prices are very competitive and to reduce your cost, we offer many discounts on bulk order. So, contact us for your image editing works.

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