Background Removal Services

Background removing services are the most appreciated photo editing services taken by photographers, eCommerce business owners, ad agencies, famous magazines and newspapers, and many more. This image manipulation service is applied for removing existing bad-looking image background and replacing with white background. It increases the beauty of the product images. Here, we have mentioned many background removal techniques like clipping path for hard-edge images, image masking for soft edge images like hair, fur, etc., object removing, and more. Almost all types of photos are gone through this photo editing service. It makes your product images capable of catching possible customers.

We have been offering background withdrawing and white background replacing service at the most competitive prices. If you have bulk amount of images and need to remove the background, you can send us. By the most experienced image editing experts, we will ensure high-quality background removal. We also use the latest photo quality enhancing tools and gears. We will provide you discounts on the high volume of images. So, you can try us and take a free quote request.

clipping path for removing background before.jpgclipping path for removing background after.jpg
multi-clipping-path-beforemulti clipping path after

Clipping Path for Background remove

It is the most taken photo editing service. It is basically a photo editing technique that requires to bring any change in an image. Clipping path is applied to the hard-edge images using the Photoshop pen tool. It has various categories based on the image criteria. This service is taken for removing image background, extracting the image from the unwanted background, removing bad looking objects, etc. The clipping path helps to perform other photo editing services.

Multiple Clipping path to remove BG

It is also an essential photo editing tactic to change every individual component of an image. It helps to manipulate or changing multiple filling, color level, rotation, effects, opacity, size, and many more. The clients take multi clipping path service for modifying eCommerce product photo, group photos for magazine and newspaper, fashion catalog, image compositing, and more. The designers apply this image editing technique leveraging the Photoshop pen tool.

hair image masking beforehair image masking after

Image Masking to cut out image background

It is another way of removing image background. It is applied in Photoshop to withdraw unwanted background from soft edge images where the clipping path method fails to create a path. Hair, fur, blanket, transparent or translucent objects, thin cloth, and many more are the subjects of this image editing technique. Basically, a soft and refine edge by pen table is used to perform high-end image masking service. It has various types based on image types and complexity.

Ghost Mannequin Effects

This image editing service is especially for garment and jewelry items. It is applied to the garment product images to create a 3D effect removing background including mannequin. For creating hollow or ghostly effects, clipping path and other photo editing tricks are applied. Ghost mannequin effect service is applied instead of using the real model and this fact reduces the time and cost of photography. This effect increases the image quality and draws the attention of potential customers.

remove unwanted object and bg removal beforeremove unwanted object and bg removal after
White background replacement before.jpgWhite background replacement after.jpg

Removal of Background to Erase Unwanted Object

Unwanted objects on the image background ruin the beauty of the entire image. Such a product image is not potential for drawing customers’ attention. So, it is wise to remove unwanted objects. However, we provide unwanted object removing service as a part of image background retouching and thus increase the beauty of the product image. To remove bad looking objects from the background, we apply clipping path with the pen tool, image retouching, and so on.

White Image Background Replacement

It is proved that the product images with the white background are more potential to catch customers instead of other backgrounds. So, there is a great demand for white background images worldwide in the eCommerce business sectors. White background increases the image beauty and acceptance. Anyway, we provide background removing service and replace the new white background in images according to the eCommerce image criteria at affordable prices.

Photoshop shadow effect after removing background beforePhotoshop shadow effect after removing background after
ecommerce product photo editing beforeecommerce product photo editing after

Photoshop Shadow Effects

The main purpose of the Photoshop shadow effect is to avoid the floating look of the product photo after removing unwanted background and replacing a new white background. This effect provides the image subject a base that brings the reality in the image. The product photo seems too natural and thus achieves the quality that is needed for the eCommerce sector. Our company has been providing high-end Photoshop shadow effects and helping the customers getting potential product images.

Ecommerce Photo Editing

Almost all types of photo editing services are required for e-commerce photo optimization. Among these clipping paths, color correction, image retouching, clipping, resize, straightening, background removing, ghost mannequin effect, etc. are applied to create eCommerce worthy images. Ecommerce products such as apparel, jewelry items, leather items, etc. receive eCommerce photo optimization techniques. Image beautification is the prime purpose of eCommerce photo modification.