Vector Line Drawing

Line drawing is nothing but an image which consists of single or various lines. The lines may be straight or curved, thick or thin no matter. These images do not have any gradation of shade or color. In a line drawing, the lines can be black and white, or different colors. It generally yet takes the single color, may be black but not necessary, it may be of different colors.

In a vector line design or raster image, every separate color is worthy of creating vector line art. The designers draw lines just through the edge of every color. In an image, the more variety of colors, the more lines will be created.

Sofa Vector Line Drawing Before - VectorDesignSofa Vector Line Drawing - VectorDesign
Car Vector Line Drawing Before - VectorDesignCar Vector Line Drawing After- VectorDesign

Which Products Take this service

However, there are many products which take the vector line drawing. For presenting a clear idea about the products, the line drawing is made. The automobile company takes the line drawing service to show the product design details to the clients.

There are many electronic products which also take the vector line art drawing service to make the product outline as well as product manual such as mobile, computer, television, fridge, circuit line and so on. The garment items like T-shirt, Shirts, jackets, hoody jackets, pants, trousers, bra, penty and many more are designed in the vector line conversion.

By the vector line conversion, the graphic designers create home design or floor or interior plan according to the clients demand. Before creating a 3D design, the designers make a line drawing which seems an image taken from the above, that is why, the client gets an idea of decorating his home inside and later, makes a 3D design in accordance with the space and land.

The land map is drawn by the vector line art drawing. This map art must be pixilated free during printing as a large picture for the surveyor who survey the property land. Besides this, the medical apparatus is also drawn by the vector line design.

The web developers use many web icons for presenting many data. These icons are drawn by the vector line art technique in Illustrator. The developers, for many reasons, use these icons, making large by coding and in this case, these icons must be distorted or pixilated free.

Who take the service?

This is an important image editing service. It is a varied service and taken by a wide range of clients. The product photographers, eCommerce business owners, etc. receive this elegant service. There are also some sectors like fashion designers, animators, cartoonist, graphic design company, web developers, engineers, and many more are taking vector conversion services.

Vector Line Drawing FAQ

1What is Line Drawing?
Ans: This service is for the customers who want custom vector design service. It is line drawing where designers draw lines in Illustrator around the product image. It creates a detail shape of the products. For visual presentation, such a service very significant during product shaping and designing.
2Why do I need this service?
Ans: This service is necessary for product outline drawing, product shaping, and designing. It is also used for creating product usage manual. Electronics or industrial products take this service.
3What tools do you use?
Ans: Our designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for vector line drawing. Most of the time they are using Adobe Illustrator for creating vector line around the product images.
4Is it cost effective?
Ans: Of course! Our vector line drawing service is very cost effective. Beside this, you can optimize your cost. If you take bulk image editing service, you will get upto 50% off.
5How about the quality?
Ans: We are providing the best quality photo editing services to our customers. For this we employed the most experienced graphic designers to work with your images. For maintaining the best quality, we develop three steps QA system. We satisfy our clients providing quality, not quantity.
6What products take this service?
Ans: A lot of ecommerce products like shoes, shirts-pants, bottles, electronic products, furniture, industrial products, etc. are subject for taking vector line drawing service.
7Who use this service?
Ans: At present, almost every sector are taking photo editing services. Vector line drawing are being taken by eCommerce business, real estate business, industrial parts, car business, and more.

Are you need vector line drawing services? Well, are we? Judge our vector line drawing service by checking our portfolio.