Ghost Mannequin Services

The basic purpose of this photo manipulation service is to create a hollow effect or 3D shape in the apparel product items removing the mannequin used by the product photographers during garment product photography. It provides an apparel product ghostly look. The customers can understand how the product will look after they wear it because of the ghost mannequin effect. If you want to get a ghost mannequin effect, you have to send two images of the front part and back part of your products. We will remove the mannequin and join the neck area using the latest version of Photoshop by the most experienced graphic designers. They will apply the liquify tool and shadows to generate a perfect hollow shape. It increases the beauty of the garment items. We have been providing this photo editing service with great quality. If you want to get it, just feel free to contact us. If you have a bulk number of images, you will get up to 50% off on order. Our 3 steps QC will ensure 100% quality.

3D/360° Pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects

We create 3D/360º images for the display of apparel product photos. These images are used for rich eCommerce sites or animation video of Packshot photography. To create packshot ghost mannequin effects, we receive several product images shot from different angles. We remove the mannequin from the images and join different parts. We also retouch packshot images.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

It is another crucial and eCommerce business-oriented photo editing service. After removing the mannequin from apparel, it produces an empty area. So, it becomes necessary to join the front and back parts of the neck area together and create a hollow or ghostly effect. Usually, Shirts, trousers, Jacket, etc. take neck joint service. We offer ghost mannequin service professionally.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Some apparel may have a long-tail back part. While photographing, the photographers use mannequins to get the hollow effect. Removing these mannequins, we join the bottom area in Photoshop. It increases the beauty of the products and makes potential to be sold. Any ghost mannequin service is a hard task. Only experienced and skilled designers like us can do the job.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

It is also another business-oriented photo editing service. It is necessary to remove the mannequin from garments items and creating a ghost effect in the sleeves area. Our clients take this service for long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. that need 3D shape. This service increases the aesthetics of the eCommerce product images and makes these more potential to be sold out.