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Ghost Mannequin Services

The basic purpose of this photo manipulation service is to create a hollow effect or 3D shape in the apparel product items removing the mannequin used by the product photographers during garment product photography. It provides an apparel product ghostly look. The customers can understand how the product will look after they wear it because of the ghost mannequin effect. If you want to get a ghost mannequin effect, you have to send two images of the front part and back part of your products. We will remove the mannequin and join the neck area using the latest version of Photoshop by the most experienced graphic designers. They will apply the liquify tool and shadows to generate a perfect hollow shape. It increases the beauty of the garment items. We have been providing this photo editing service with great quality. If you want to get it, just feel free to contact us. If you have a bulk number of images, you will get up to 50% off on order. Our 3 steps QC will ensure 100% quality.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin before 1-vector design us, inc.Ghost Mannequin after 1-vector design us, inc.
Starts From – $2.5 / Image

Some apparel may have a long-tail back part. While photographing, the photographers use mannequins to get the hollow effect. Removing these mannequins, we join the bottom area in Photoshop. It increases the beauty of the products and makes potential to be sold. Any ghost mannequin photo editing is a hard task. Only experienced and skilled designers like us can do the job.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin before 2-vector design us, inc.Ghost Mannequin after 2-vector design us, inc.
Starts From – $2.5 / Image

It is also another business-oriented photo editing service. It is necessary to remove the mannequin from garments items and creating a ghost effect in the sleeves area. Our clients take this service for long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. that need 3D shape. This service increases the aesthetics of the eCommerce product images and makes these more potential to be sold out.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin as An Apparel Photo EditingGhost Mannequin as An Apparel Photo Editing
Starts From – $2 / Image

It is another crucial and eCommerce business-oriented photo editing service. After removing the mannequin from apparel, it produces an empty area. So, it becomes necessary to join the front and back parts of the neck area together and create a hollow or ghostly effect. Usually, Shirts, trousers, Jacket, etc. take neck joint service. We offer ghost mannequin photo editing service professionally.

3D/360° Pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects

Starts From – $3 / Image

We create 3D/360º images for the display of apparel product photos. These images are used for rich eCommerce sites or animation video of Packshot photography. To create packshot ghost mannequin effects, we receive several product images shot from different angles. We remove the mannequin from the images and join different parts. We also retouch packshot images.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service

Welcome to our ghost mannequin photography service! We are a professional team of photographers and photo editors who specialize in this specialized form of product photography. We understand your unique needs when it comes to product photography. That’s why we offer a range of customized solutions to meet those needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic or advanced editing process, we can help you create stunning images that will showcase your products in the best possible light.

Ghost Mannequin Services Top banner-vector design us, inc.

Ghost Mannequin Services Work Sample

Ghost Mannequin Service Prices

The following images displayed on Vector Design US, Inc. are our recent portfolios. The regular prices of services may vary from the starting prices shown here depending on many other factors. To know about the actual price of your required services, please Submit a Quote.

ghost mannequin work sample 12- vector design us, inc.


$ 2 /Per Image
  • Only Neck area Joint
  • Two parts joining
  • Utilize Liquify
  • Small Retouching
  • Cropping, Resizing
  • Straightening
  • Background removal
ghost mannequin work sample 11- vector design us, inc.


$ 2.5 /Per Image
  • Neck and Bottom area joint
  • Retouching
  • Working on complex image
  • Image masking to remove background
  • White background/transparent backdrop
  • Cropping, Resizing, Straightening
ghost mannequin work sample 10- vector design us, inc.


$ 2.75 /Image
  • Neck, bottom, sleeves area joint
  • Retouching and Color Correction
  • Wrinkle/folding removal
  • Shadow application
  • Background changing
  • Masking for soft-edge images
  • All types of eCommerce products
ghost mannequin work sample 9- vector design us, inc.

High End Editing

$ 3 /Per Image
  • High-end ghost mannequin
  • Color correction, Retouching, Shadow
  • Doll removal for 360 degree packshot
  • Clipping path, Image masking
  • White background, Removal of bg
  • Photoshop shadow application
  • Jackets, T-shirts, Shirts, Tops, Gowns
  • Footwear, Jewelries, Sportswear, etc.

Choose the Best Ghost Mannequin Service

How to choose the best ghost mannequin effect service?

Choosing and selecting the best service provider to get photo editing and retouching services, just meditate on the features and facilities, customers support, image editing quality, pricing, etc. Here we are presenting a list of the traits of a well-capable ghost mannequin photography editing service provider-

Best Photo Editing Service - Low Rate Pricing

Edit Images By Adobe Photoshop Experts. Fast Production. Unbeatable Quality. No Automation or Image Tracing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Simple Ordering Process. Get It Done Today! Upload your Images & Get a Price Quote!

What is Your Ghost Mannequin Work Process Step by Step?

Our Working Process -vector design us, inc.

Ans: Thanks for your inquiry. Not only the clipping path but also all our photo editing work process is as the following-

Step One: Contact Us or Send a Quote Request to know the service price.

Step Two: Our Customer Support Team will communicate with you and give you an affordable price. For bulk amount of images, you must ask DISCOUNT.

Step Three: If everything is OK, you will order us.

Step Four: Our project manager will understand everything from the support team and he will assign the work to the designers as per your instruction.

Step Five: Our designer will work in the production house by the latest photo editing tools for the best output.

Step Six: Our THREE steps QC department will ensure the best quality images.

Step Seven: We will deliver you for an initial check.

Step Eight: If you are satisfied with the result, we will finally deliver the files according to your instruction.

Get Ghost Mannequin Services for eCommerce Product Photos

Thousands of product Photographers, eCommerce owners, Advertising agencies, magazines & newspapers, studios, etc. take our mannequin removal service and boost their businesses with 100% satisfaction.


What is a ghost mannequin or neck joint service?

ANS: This is a post-production technique used in the apparel industry to create an invisible mannequin effect. It involves removing the background of an image and then adding a neck joint to the product, creating an illusion that it is being worn by a model.

How to shoot clothes without models?

ANS: To shoot clothes without models, you can use a few different methods depending on your equipment and the look you’re trying to achieve. One option is to use a mannequin or a dress form to display the clothing. You can style the garment and position it in different ways to show off its features.

Another option is to use a flat lay technique where the clothing is laid out on a flat surface and photographed from above. This can be useful for showing multiple pieces together or showcasing smaller details like patterns or textures.

Additionally, you can use a hanger or clip the clothing to a stand or wall to give it shape and dimension.

What is an invisible mannequin?

ANS: An invisible mannequin is a technique used in photography and videography to showcase apparel items without the need for a model. The technique involves photographing or filming apparel items on an invisible mannequin, which is usually made of transparent or semi-transparent plastic. This allows the clothing to be displayed in its natural form, while still showing off its shape and design details.

Why use a ghost mannequin?

ANS: Ghost mannequins are an effective tool for displaying clothing in a realistic way. They create the illusion of a real person wearing the clothes, which helps customers to better visualize how the product looks on them. Additionally, ghost mannequins can help to reduce photography costs and time as they can be used in place of an actual model. Furthermore, they provide a consistent look across all products, helping to create a cohesive brand image.

Why do we find mannequins creepy?

ANS: Mannequins are often seen as an eerie reminder of our mortality, as they are meant to represent a human form without any life. We find them creepy because of the uncanny valley effect – when something looks almost human, but not quite right. The result is a feeling of unease and discomfort that can be hard to shake off. This feeling is further exacerbated by the fact that mannequins are often used in horror films and other media to represent dead or undead characters.

Are mannequins expensive?

ANS: Generally speaking, mannequins can be expensive depending on their purpose and design, but there are ways to get them at a more affordable price.

What happens when you shoot all the mannequin’s heads off?

ANS: Imagine a world where all the mannequins have had their heads shot off – what would happen? This is a question that has been posed by many people, as it is an interesting thought experiment. The consequences of such an action are both positive and negative, with the potential to either make or break businesses.

On one hand, it could be seen as a way of making sure that customers are not distracted by mannequins when shopping in stores. On the other hand, it could also lead to a decrease in sales due to customers not being able to visualize how clothing items look on them. Ultimately, shooting all the mannequin’s heads off could have both positive and negative effects depending on how it is implemented.

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Vector Design is the best! They Listened and was very willing to correct any issues I might have had with the pieces. Would definitely order again.

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This was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a freelancer photo editing company online. I would give them 10 STARS if I could! This was FAST, Perfectly Done, and did I mention FAST!

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WONDERFUL company! Very responsive and fast customer care department. Did a great job and attended to revision requests quickly.