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Packaging Design

Packaging Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Professional Packaging makes your product presentation attractive. It generates a positive attitude in your customers’ minds about your product. Engaging design helps to increase brand values and eventually sales. The only thing is that you need to ensure the quality design to boost your business. Don’t worry about the best piece of design. Vector Design US, Inc. is ready with a dedicated team to give you the best solution through packaging. We serve creative package designing, vector conversion packet design, product design, box design, food design, cake design, sweet box design, etc. So, hire us.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard Boxes - Vector Design US, Inc.

We design paperboard boxes and its wrapping materials. While creating paper-based lightweight and yet strong box design, we consider its custom shapes and strictures. Paperboard packaging designs are pretty cool for various eCommerce products like gadget items, clothes, jewelry items, etc. We provide all types of paperboard boxes creatively for our clients. If you need packaging box designs, contact us.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes - Vector Design US, Inc.

Cardboard or corrugated fiberboard boxes deal for packaging eCommerce products. Being consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and linerboards, this type of box becomes hard and useful. In our graphic design studio, our experienced designer creates boxes’ shape designs, box branding, wrappers, and other designs you need. Get premium quality corrugated box design for appealing product packaging.

Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes - Vector Design US, Inc.

Plastics boxes for product packaging needs more conscious about detailing. Some box designs contain transparency and shadow. They should be delicately designed by the best vector artists. We provide the top-most vector plastic box design services for our customers. They take the utmost care to produce desired output of packaging design. Designers are excellent in creating packaging as per instruction.

Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes - Vector Design US, Inc.

Rigid boxes are the most expensive box styles.  Being made up of highly condensed and thicker paperboard, they are non-collapsible and perfect in merchandising cosmetics, jewelry, technology, and high-end luxury couture. They are used to package iPhones, Rolex, Tiffany & Co and Marc Jacobs and other luxury products. We design and create durable and premium appearance of rigid boxes. Try us.

Chipboard packaging

Chipboard packaging - Vector Design US, Inc.

Chipboard packaging is a low-cost packing option for products like electronic, medical, food, cosmetic, and beverage. Chipboard sheet is a lightweight material, and made for many grocery items. Chipboard packaging boxes are widely used and so, the companies are taking stunning chipboard designs. We offer the cheapest and quality product packaging to our clients.

Poly bags

Poly bags - Vector Design US, Inc.

A poly bag is a common type of packaging that is durable, secure, reusable, and also popular. It is thin, lightweight, and flexible. It can carry wide range of products that includes food items, and even sometimes liquid items. Due to its cost-effective nature, the merchandisers take well designed and customized style & sized poly bags. However, we design graphics and images for poly bag packaging.

Foil sealed bags

Foil sealed bags - Vector Design US, Inc.

Another most used packaging item is foil sealed bags. It can protect products from bacteria coming in, growth of fungi and spoilage. Products like coffee, tea, nuts, smoked fish, cheese, cured meats, fabric items like bedding and clothing, etc. are packed with foil sealed bags. However, as a graphic design company, we work for such bags. Our expert designers create world-class packaging designs you must like.

Adornment for packaging

Adornment for packaging - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here we apply our full-grown creativity and productivity. The designers take design samples from different sources and design ribbons, labels, sleeves, stickers, tissue paper, drawstring bags, etc.  These items make the boxes decorative and eye-catching. Their stunning beauty attracts the customers to the products and brand. If you are looking for getting the adornment designs, contact us. We must help you.

Bottles and Cans Design

Bottles and Cans Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Liquid product should be packed in bottle and cans. Vacuum packaging can be a great alternative. Whatever product you packed, they must be adorned and decorative with eye-catching designs. We know the value of brand designs on the product packaging and so, we never allow any low-rated designs for our customers. Our company offer the most creative stunning bottle and cans design to the brands and product manufacturers.  

Novelty packaging

Novelty packaging - Vector Design US, Inc.

We create innovative designs for brand s and companies. Most often when our clients want design idea from us, we offer novelty packaging, creative design, and heart-touching graphics that make them applaud to us. Our expert designers apply a good sense of humor while creating packaging that speaks itself. Customers can relate them with the designs. To get modern minimalist, but gorgeous package designs, hire us.

Medicine box

Medicine box - Vector Design US, Inc.

Our experienced designers create outstanding medicine product box designs. On demand basis, we create design, add company logo, anatomy graphics, texts for instruction, and more. Whatever custom designs you need, we can provide. If you need medicine box design, medicine wrapping foil design, label design, etc. no problem, we can produce those within your deadline. Try us.

Paper bag

Paper bag - Vector Design US, Inc.

Paper bag is so much useful for fashion products especially cloth items. It gives an advantage to the retailers for their branding. Here we help the business owners by providing designs appropriate for the paper bag. We provide creative and custom designs, attach business logo, shop address, copy writing, slogan, etc. To get trendy and stunning designs, knock us.

Tissue box

Tissue box - Vector Design US, Inc.

Tissue box design is another way of branding. Since tissue box is kept on the front desk, it becomes visible to all. So, if you can take tissue box design, you can do free branding your company. We provide tissue package design with branding instructions. Contact us to have the best quality graphic design services.

Poly Packet

Rice Paper Bag - Vector Design US, Inc.

We provide custom poly packet and poly bag designs to the retailers. Do you have products? Need outstanding graphics design for your product packaging? We can provide the best in class package designs that will attracts your potential customers’ attention. Look at our sample designs and consider if you want them for your products.

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The goal of packaging design is to create a unique and memorable packaging experience for consumers that can increase brand awareness, sales, and loyalty. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality package designs that effectively communicate our clients’ branding and messaging. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients are satisfied with the final output. Vector Design US is committed to providing the highest quality service possible and looks forward to working with our clients to create custom designs that effectively communicate their branding and messaging.

Packaging Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

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