Product Photo Editing Services

More or less every product photo in the eCommerce platform is edited and retouched because capturing images with costly photo editing gears cannot ensure 100% quality images for many other reasons. Edited images are more attractive and 3 times more salable. Photo editing removes shortcomings and makes the product photos more potential to be sold out. The graphic designers apply different types of photo editing techniques and Photoshop tools for making superbly beautiful product photos. Among them, clipping path, photo masking, color correction, photo retouching, neck joint or ghost mannequin, and many more are used for product photo editing. We remove spots, dust, wrinkles, scratches, faded colors, and apply different adjustment tools for improving product quality so that they can catch the possible customers’ attention.

You will get any photo editing services from us with the best quality. Our photo editing and enhancing services are cost-effective. We provide these services within the projected deadline without compromising even a little bit with quality. Our QC managers ensure high-end product photo quality. If you have product photos and need to take photo editing services, please feel free to knock us.

Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement

In an eCommerce store, product photos must be qualified and flawless. They should have the ability to draw the attention of potential customers. While photographing, product images may contain flaws related to colors, exposure, background and objects, dust and spots, black shades, and more. Knock us to get top-notch product photo retouching, and enhancing service that will increase image glamor.

Product Photo Background Remove

During taking product photos, in the background, there may have a green screen, lighting stands, clips, hangers, and many other things. To place product image with the unwanted kinds of stuff will decrease sales potentiality. So, you should remove these flaws by any well capable photo editing company. Anyway, we are offering photo background removing services at the most affordable prices within the deadline.

beauty product beforebeauty-product-after

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost mannequin effect is crucial for eCommerce apparel products. During shooting product photos, the photographers use mannequins to create a hollow effect in the garment items. And later, our photo editors remove the mannequins from the photos and create a hollow effect joining the back and front parts of the product. Because this effect increases the sales potentiality of the products.

3D/360° Packshot Retouching

3D or 360° packshot is awesome for product displaying. Such images must be flawless regarding color, exposure, size, background and objects, resolution, and many more. It also includes spot, dust, solar curve retouching, white background replacing, etc. We have been providing all types of packshot retouching services by the most experienced image retouchers who use the latest technologies.

Photoshop Shadow Effects

After clipping path creation and background removing, the image subject seems floating and looks unnatural. So, to create a landing effect, the designers apply Photoshop shadow effects that increase the product image credibility. Besides, the application of different types of photo shadows increases the aesthetics. However, professionally we have been offering Photoshop shadow effect creation services.

Color Correction & Editing

Due to various photography shortcomings, great images may not be perfect regarding colors. The images may be faded or overexposed. So, the designers apply various Photoshop techniques to fix color issues. Besides, for creating different versions of the products, the customers take color correction service and editing. Our company provides high-end color correction services.

BG remove and add Reflection shadow beforeBG remove and add Reflection shadow after

Product Photo Cleaning

While photographing, the product photos may contain dust and other sorts of things which decrease the alluring effect of the images and as a result, the products lose their appeal. So, the product photographers take product photo cleaning services to increase shining and product beauty. We have been doing product photo cleaning and making the images alluring at the most competitive prices.

Batch Photo Editing (Cropping & Resizing)

Batch photo editing is crucial for eCommerce product photos, travel photos, food photos, and many other photos. Batch photos usually take clipping paths, cropping, resizing, color correction, and many other photo editing services. We provide all types of batch photo editing services at our company. Our skilled graphic designers are good at batch photo editing including other image editing services.