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Shoe Photo Editing Service

Shoe photo editing

We have been offering all types of shoe photo editing services. Like other eCommerce product photo editing, shoe photos must be highly impressive to draw the attention of potential customers. Shoe products are costlier and products of all- high fashioned people to low class people. So the images must be great and glossy to appear. To achieve such a quality shoe photo, our designers use various shoe photo editing techniques, such as they apply exposure correction, curves, hue/saturation, black and white shades, vibrant, and more. Different image masking techniques are applied to the shoe images to generate high-end and professional eCommerce-quality shoe photos.

At our self-own production house, our designers are applying all the latest Shoe photo editing tools and technologies to achieve high-quality shoe images. Our 3 steps QC managers ensure the image quality and you must be happy to know that we never compromise with quality. If you are a product photographer and have a lot of product photos, just contact us and get our discount on bulk photo editing orders.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $0.50

Clipping path is necessary for any type of photo editing service. It helps to select any portion of the product and modifying. For removing background, color correction, creating shadows, etc. clipping path service is vial. Using the Photoshop pen tool which is often called the king of Photoshop tools, this clipping path process is done. We are offering any type of clipping path service to our global clients.

White Background

White Background - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $0.50

The worse-looking background should be withdrawn from any product image. Shoe images are not an exception. They also require removing unwanted backgrounds and replace the white background that is the preference in most of the eCommerce platforms. White background increases the aesthetics of the show images and also improves the silent prospect.

Photo Resize

Photo Resize - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $0.50

Different e-commerce websites require different product sizes. If you want to sell products on several eCommerce platforms, you must take a photo resizing service. Besides, while photo shooting, your shoe product images may not be in perfect shapes and sizes. So, it is important to resize them before using them in eCommerce websites. We are offering an eCommerce product resizing service using Photoshop.

Dirty & Spot Clinging

Dirty & Spot Clinging, Shoe Plastic Support Removing - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $0.50

During taking shoe product photographs, you are to use various supports to hold the product perfectly. But, before uploading to the eCommerce website, you have to remove these extra things. Besides, to increase the shining quality, you have to take dirty and spot cleaning services. At our own photo editing production house, we have been giving all sorts of photo manipulation services globally. So, try us.

Exposure Correction

Exposure Correction - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $1.50

Lack of proper lighting setup, your product photographs may not be perfect looking. They may get over-exposure or under-exposure. This fact will ruin the glamor of shoe images and keep away the potential customers. With a white background, such product photos look awkward. To get success in the eCommerce business, you have to take a Photoshop exposure correction service. It will produce high-end shoe product photos.

Basic Color Correction

Basic Color Correction for Shoe Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.

Price starts from $1.50

This photo editing service is crucial for every eCommerce product image. Because of various unescapable reasons, your product images may be imperfect regarding color and lighting issues. To fix such problems, we provide Photoshop basic color correction services by the most experienced graphic editors. Color fixing photo manipulation services make the product images stunning and customer grabber.

Shadow Creation

Price starts from $1

Various types of shadows are very essential for shoe product photos. Natural shadow, reflection shadow, etc. are widely taken and appreciated Photoshop shadow creation services. These special effects improve the quality of the shoe images. It provides the images real looks that are important for eCommerce product images creating a first impression. Perfect shadows are created by skilled graphic designers at our production studio.

Shadow Creation - Vector Design US, Inc.

Shoe Photo Editing

Shoe photo editing service is a specialized service that focuses on enhancing the appearance of shoe images. It involves various editing techniques to make the shoes look more appealing, attractive, and marketable. This service is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses, shoe manufacturers, retailers, and fashion brands. We understand that each shoe image is unique, and we work closely with our clients to understand their brand identity and requirements. Our goal is to deliver high-quality shoe images that properly represent the products and effectively captivate the target audience.

Shoe Photo Editing Service - Vector Design US, Inc.

Shoe Photo Editing Service Prices

The following images displayed on Vector Design US, Inc. are our recent portfolios. The regular prices of services may vary from the starting prices shown here depending on many other factors. To know about the actual price of your required services, please Submit a Quote.

Clipping Path Service - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 0.5 /Per Image
  • Single shoe image
  • Background removal
  • White or desired backdrop
  • Manual clipping path
White Background - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 2.5 /Per Image
  • A pair of shoes image
  • Clipping path or multi-clipping path
  • White background
  • Retain original shadow
  • Spot & dust removal
  • Exposure correction
Photo Resize - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 8 /Per Image
  • Shoe retouching
  • Adding shine
  • Background removal
  • Adding shadow effect
  • Object removal
  • Color variant
  • Spot, scratch, dust removal
Dirty & Spot Clinging, Shoe Plastic Support Removing - Vector Design US, Inc.

High End Editing

$ 12+ /Image
  • Utmost shoe retouching
  • Texture, fabric maintaining
  • Color issues fixing
  • Light, shadow, exposure correction
  • Adding shadow- drop shadow, reflection shadow
  • Color changing or replacement
  • Show photo Composite
  • Environment setting on background

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