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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing and retouching services for the real estate business are crucial and you never get any beautiful real estate image online without Photoshopping. There are lots of scopes of receiving photo manipulation services for real estate property selling business. They need object removing services, green trees or grass attachment service, sky retouching or adding service, cropping or resizing, cleaning, furniture attachment, and many more to make the building images more lucrative which lead these products ultimately to reach sales target.

Our company has been offering all types of Photo Editing services using the latest applications and tools, and we have a great team formed with the most experienced graphic designers and photo editors who are producing the best quality product images. Our service prices are cheaper, but we never compromise with low quality and we also never miss the deadline. However, if you need photo retouching and enhancing service, please feel free to knock us.

Greenery Attachment

Starting Price - $8

The success of the real estate business mostly depends on its interior or exterior beauty. So, a lot of things are done to increase the aesthetics. Greenery attachment is such a step that upgrades the quality of real estate products- buildings. We have been offering all types of real estate photo editing services. We have a production house, experienced photo editors, the latest image editing tools, and competitive price packages.

Flash Shadow Removal

Flash Shadow Removal

Starting Price - $5

Lighting is an important issue. You should arrange a proper photography lighting setup. But, still, you are not safe from bad shadows. Your product images may get camera flash shadows that will decrease image quality. So, you have to remove the shadows. Our company will remove flash shadows for you. We have the necessary eCommerce product photo editing setup and experienced graphic editors.

Sky Enhancements

Sky Enhancements - Vector Design US, Inc.

Starting Price - $5

Sky attachment or sky enhancement improves the aesthetic of real estate products. Every real estate product image should have natural settings which increase natural beauty and draw potential customers. We are a photo editing and retouching company. We offer all types of real estate image editing services at the most affordable prices. Your job will get done by skilled designers and the latest technologies.

Remove Unwanted Objects

Remove Unwanted objects - Vector Design US, Inc.

Starting Price - $5

Real estate images get so many unwanted and disturbing objects which are not desirable. They distract away the attention of the customer from the product. So, they must be removed. The high-quality photo editors the images and remove many objects like hanging wires, the cover of the manhole, useless objects, people, tress, etc. and make the images stunning and attractive to catch customers.

Furniture Enhancements

Furniture Enhancements

Starting Price - $12

Furniture is an important part of real estate interior designs. Well-furnished and polished furniture improves the image quality. But, your odd-looking furniture often may destroy the real estate product aesthetics and selling potentiality. So, you should take furniture enhancement services to get awesome images. However, our company is offering high-quality furniture photo editing services at a low cost.

Cropping or Resizing

Starting Price - $2

Regarding real estate images, cropping or resizing is one of the most necessary real estate photo editing services. It is a widely taken and lowest cost editing service. Anyway, we have been offering all types of real estate photo editing and retouching services at the most competitive prices. In our self-own production house, skilled editors and retouchers work with modern photo-enhancing technologies.

Windows Enhancement

Window Enhancement - Vector Design US, Inc.

Starting Price - $8

For real estate images, windows enhancement is the most wanted photo editing service. It increases the overall beauty of your real estate product. Sometimes, the window of the rooms may not be worth looking at. The glass used here may not be clear for dust and you cannot see the greenery. So, we enhance the window by applying Photoshop tools and techniques to make it transparent for viewing outside settings.

Wall/Floor/Ground Cleaning

Clean Floor - Vector Design US, Inc.

Starting Price - $5

Real estate product images should be clear and clean. Its wall should be worth looking at with wall mats. The floor and ground also should be gorgeous. But, sometimes during photography, they may not be perfect. They may contain bags of dust, unwanted objects, people, and many other things. We clean these things in Photoshop and make your images suitable to catch customers. So, try our photo editing services.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service Prices

The following images displayed on Vector Design US, Inc. are our recent portfolios. The regular prices of services may vary from the starting prices shown here depending on many other factors. To know about the actual price of your required services, please Submit a Quote.

Sky Enhancements - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 2 /Per Image
  • Cropping Resizing
  • Perspective correction
  • Background removing
  • White background
  • Transparent background
Remove Unwanted objects - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 5 /Per Image
  • White background
  • Sky attachement
  • Flash shadow removal
  • Object removal
  • Floor cleansing
  • Image beautification
Furniture enhancement - Vector Design US, Inc.


$ 8 /Per Image
  • Greenery attachment
  • Windows enhancement
  • Color correction
  • Exposure correction
  • Image retouching
  • Background removal/addition
  • Creating lit/shiny effect
Window Enhancement - Vector Design US, Inc.

High End Editing

$ 12+ /Image
  • Interior image editing
  • High-end color correction
  • Furniture image adding/enhancement
  • Exposure, light, brightness correction
  • Exposure blending from multi-images
  • Real life prototyping
  • Color change/wallpaper optimization

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