Image Masking Services

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Image masking works hand to hand with clipping path service. Both the Photoshop techniques are used to select the image or parts of an image and to remove background or to bring any change or image modification. The image masking technique is applied to images that have soft-edges like human hair, fur, doll, clothes, and more. The clipping path works on the hard edge and where the clipping path fails, image masking is applied. Besides, where the background color and image color are mostly similar or background is seen through cloth or veil, image masking method is applied to make selection and modification.

Photoshop masking is a difficult process for isolating product images from the background. Without professional experience, to achieve background removal perfection is not possible. The latest version of the photo masking tool is required for producing quality white background images. We have our own photo editing house where experienced graphic designers are working with the latest photo editing tools and creating high-end product images. If you have a high volume of product image files suitable for image masking, feel free to contact us. We will provide you quality image editing services with up to a 50% discount.

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Layer Masking

Starts From - $1.5 / Image

Masking is applied to remove the image background or isolate a product photo from the background. It is a sophisticated manual photo editing technique and complex as well. Layer masking is applied to the image layers directly using a soft and refined edge with a pen tablet. The use of layer masking is safer considering the image damage and distortion.

Alpha Channel Masking

We remove an object from the image background and to edit later, we save it as an alpha channel. It will allow you to edit color, exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. It produces a lightweight product image file. For alpha channel masking, the single-colored background is convenient. Except skilled graphic designers, the creation of alpha channel masking is not possible. It is a costlier photo editing method.

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Fur & Hair Masking

Starts From - $3 / Image

This photo editing technique is used to remove background from hair and fur images. It helps to isolate image objects from the background. A pen tablet is used here for hair and fur masking. It will help you to modify color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, and many more. In the case of soft edge images with fur and hair, image masking is applied instead of a clipping path.

Refine Edge Masking

Starts From - $3 / Image

It is a Photoshop photo editing technique to make images more natural. The designers select an image using the Quick Selection tool and apply the Layer Mask and Refine Radius tool that makes an image’s edge softer. Usually, refine edge masking is applied to fur and hair images. It also includes a blanket, furry doll, furry animals, trees, fabrics, and many more.

transparent image masking beforetransparent image masking after
translucent masking beforetranslucent masking after

Transparent Image Masking

Starts From - $2.5 / Image

Transparent product images look odd if they contain multi-color or multi-object background. So, it is crucial to remove background retaining transparency. The images like car glass, glass, glass bottle, spectacles, water, etc. usually receive transparent object masking. Its goal is to retain transparency and make visible color & background through these objects.

Translucent Object Masking

Starts From - $2.5 / Image

The images which have 5% to 100% opacity such as paper, sunglass, fabrics, plastic bottle, frosted glass, bridal veil, etc. are worthy of receiving this service. These images pass little light through them and that is why objects or backgrounds look fuzzy through them. Translucent object masking is pretty much a hard task. Without enough expertise, the designers cannot do this masking successfully.

Color masking beforeColor masking after

Object Masking

Starts From - $2.5 / Image

It is a very useful image editing method in Photoshop to remove any deformation of images. It is applied to those images which have unsuitable objects on the backdrop. To do that, quick selection tool is used to select the unwanted objects and removed those applying layer masking. Object masking technique helps to retain the natural-looking of the images and brings reality into the image.

Color Masking

Starts From - $2.5 / Image

This Photoshop photo editing technique is used to avoid the hollow line which is created after cutting an image just across the edge instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside. This method will allow you to make any changes later in the images. You can apply various effects, color, exposure correction, retouching, and more. Color masking provides a smooth selection that will produce perfect retouching.