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Photo Restoration Services

We restore two types of photos frequently- old photos and new photos. Your past images may lose details because of age and unsuitable album. As a result, they may gain spots, dust, etc. which destroy the glamour of the images of happy memories. You may have torn images as well. In the case of new product images, we bring the detail of the images and make those as they should be. Because of many reasons like camera setting and lighting problems, your images may have bad exposure, unsuitable perspective, blackish or yellowish shades, etc. that will lessen image quality. eCommerce product images suffer from this stuff and we fix all the issues by applying our photo repair service.

We have a well-equipped photo editing production house where experienced image editing experts have been working to generate high-quality images. They are using the latest photo restoration tools and ugly photo restoration techniques. We are working with eCommerce store owners, product photographers, ad agencies, and more. If you have a bulk number of images, contact us, and take our professional photo editing services. You are welcome to get up to a 50% discount on the big order that will make the editing service more cost-effective.

Faded Photo Restore

Faded Photo Restore before- vector design us, inc.Faded Photo Restore after- vector design us, inc.
Starts From: $20 / Image

Humidity can damage your old images. It can fade your image color. Due to imperfect color, the aesthetics of your images may suffer. Besides due to many other faultless of preserving, your old photos may lose color tone, adjustment, etc. It may get extra glare, yellowish tone, spots, burnt feel, etc. These facts are responsible for fading image color. However, we restore old photos using Photoshop skillfully.

What we did here –

  • Spots Removed
  • Color Fixed
  • Exposure Correction
  • Highlight the subject
  • Bring back the lost the pixels

Damaged Photo Restoration

Damaged Photo Restoration before- vector design us, inc.Damaged Photo Restoration after- vector design us, inc.
Starts From: $20 / Image

The images of your favorite persons may get damaged due to storage weakness. These images may get distorted, dumped, fade color tone, crack, torn, etc. But you can regain your photos by taking our old damaged photo restoration. We have experienced image restorers who edit old images with many Photoshop techniques. So, you need not be worried about past photos. Just send us and get our service.

What we did here –

  • Scratches Removed
  • Dust clean from the Image
  • Exposure Correction
  • Highlight the subject
  • Rescue the lost the pixels

Portrait Restoration & Enhancement

Portrait Restoration & Enhancement before- vector design us, inc.Portrait Restoration & Enhancement after- vector design us, inc.
Starts From: $20 / Image

This type of photo restoration is pretty much a hard task. Without enough experience and skill, nobody can do this. Under portrait photo restoration and enhancement, we fix damaged portrait photos, torn photos, remove yellowish color, white glare, spots, cut out portraits from group photos, enhance image size, and many more. Our designers provide image  restoration services with great care and professionalism.

What we did here –

  • Applied Clone Stamp Tool
  • Spots, scratches and  blemishes removed
  • Dust clean from the Image
  • Exposure Correction
  • Fix the Negative changes
  • Rescue the lost the pixels

Old Photo Restoration

old photo restoration before- vector design us, inc.old photo restoration after- vector design us, inc.
Price: $20 / Image

For many reasons, your favorite images may get damaged. As a result, you may lose the memory of your nearest and dearest friends and family members. But, you need not be worried. We are offering old photo restoration services by Photoshop. Our experienced and skilled photo editing personnel are capable of restoring any type of Old photos. So, take our old photo fixing service and get back your memorable images.

What we did here –

  • Repair old photos
  • Defects removal
  • Rescue missing parts
  • Exposure Correction
  • Image Sharpening
  • Spot Removal

Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction

Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction 2 before- vector design us, inc.Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction 2 after- vector design us, inc.
Starts From: $20 / Image

Your old favorite and memorable photos may contain dust, spots, glair, noise, etc. because of many unexpected reasons. They may get damaged for these pieces of stuff. We restore these types of images by providing image cleaning and noise reduction service. We have skilled designers who use the latest photo restoration technology and restore pictures professionally. You can try us.

What we did here –

  • Modify old ripped photo
  • Sharpen old Black & White photo
  • Leverage Photoshop tools
  • Fix the black and white tone
  • Adding missing pixels/parts
  • Bring the original look and aesthetics

Colorize Black & White Photos

colorize black and white photos before- vector design us, inc.colorize black and white photos after- vector design us, inc.
Starts From: $20 / Image

It is another crucial image editing service under photo restoration service in Photoshop. Sometimes you may think about colorful images of old images. Yes, it is possible and we provide colorize black and white photos. Our designers are very skilled to do black and white photos restored in color maintaining many Photoshop techniques. We colorize any old black and white, and fade images removing flaws.

What we did here –

  • Modify old photo
  • Colorize old Black & White photo
  • Applied advanced Photoshop tools
  • Color Correction
  • Image Sharpening
  • Retain the original beauty

Photo Color Restoration

Starts From: $25 / Image

Due to an inappropriate preservation system, your old valuable image may get distorted by destroying color and you may go to lose your past history. We can solve this problem by applying a photo colorization service. Our company has skilled image editors who can bring back your images to the old appearance by fixing color damage. We use necessary latest photo restoration and editing tools for offering you high-quality photo restoration.

What we did here –

  • Beautify old photo
  • Removed the yellowish tone
  • Applied Photoshop editing methods
  • Sharpen the old Image
  • Correction of Exposure
  • Saved old souvenir image
photo color restoration before- vector design us, color restoration after- vector design us, inc.

Photo Restoration Services

Photo restoration involve digitally restoring and repairing old, damaged, or faded photographs to their original quality and appearance. These services can include restoring color, removing scratches and tears, fixing fading, and repairing other types of damage. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality photo restoration services that effectively restore and repair old and damaged photographs. Our team of experienced designers uses the latest software tools and techniques to restore and repair photographs in ways that preserve their historical value and enhance their visual appeal.

Best Photo Restoration Services Top banner-vector design us, inc.

Photo Restoration Service Prices

The following images displayed on Vector Design US, Inc. are our recent portfolios. The regular prices of services may vary from the starting prices shown here depending on many other factors. To know about the actual price of your required services, please Submit a Quote.

Faded Photo Restore after- vector design us, inc.


$ 20 /Per Image
  • Analyzing damaged image
  • Clean the image
  • Increase exposure/lighting
  • Improve dull color
  • Sepia and Tint issue fixing
  • Color Editing
  • Fixing small damaged area
  • Remove scratches
  • Remove blemishes
Portrait Restoration & Enhancement after- vector design us, inc.


$ 30 /Per Image
  • Advanced level restoration
  • Several parts adjustment
  • Restoration of details
  • Image cleaning and retouching
  • Scratches, scrapes retouching
  • Spot and blemishes removing
  • Blur removal and sharpening
  • Repair mold damaged area
  • Bring about the realistic look
  • 3 persons maximum in an image
old photo restoration after- vector design us, inc.


$ 40 /Per Image
  • High-end image restoration
  • Missing parts adjustment
  • Ruined image edges restore
  • Colorization of black and white photo
  • Background merging
  • Fixing impossible issues
  • Resolve issues of old & ugly photos
  • Up to 3 persons restoration
colorize black and white photos after- vector design us, inc.

High-end Restoration

$ 50 /Per Image
  • Deeply damaged image restoration
  • Family photo restoration up to 5 people
  • Create new image out of a part
  • High-end retouching for restoration
  • Complete photo restoration
  • Generate HD old images
  • True-to-life colors, textures, and tones

Affordable Photo Restoration Services

How to choose the best photo restoration service provider?

Choosing and selecting the best photo restoration service provider is not difficult. When you require photo editing and retouching services, just meditate on the features and facilities, customers support, image editing quality, pricing, etc.

Why outsource photo restoration services from us?

Being an American company, you need not outsource photo editing services from Asian countries, rather send us your images. We are, from New York, a digital image manipulation company well-equipped with modern photo editing gears and a big team formed with highly skilled and experienced photo editing experts. We can support you by providing a bulk number of product photo editing services at the cheapest prices that an Asian editing company provides. Let’s keep the bucks inside our country and thus show respect to the proud land.

How to restore an old picture?

Ans: Though Old picture restoration sounds simple, but the restoration work is not simple. It is tiresome work. The photo restorers apply various Photoshop techniques to restore an old picture. Let’s have a simple and basic old photo repairing process-

  • Get a damaged photo in Photoshop.
  • Examine the way of damage- It might be torn and contains spots and specks of dirt. Scratches and the missing part is a common feature of a damaged old photo.
  • Zoom the image. Increase the exposure or light.
  • You can utilize several tools of Photoshop to fix the old photos. To remove spots, you can leverage the Clone Stamp tool, Patch tool, or brush.
  • To fix color in an old photo, Dodge and Burn tools play a vital role.
  • To remove spots, utilize Clone Stamp Tool, take sample color from the good area and click on the bad area and get the image fixed.
  • To colorize old picture, select every portion of the photo by clipping path, apply hue/saturation, and get the desired color.
  • To get the missing portion, copy a similar portion from the same image, or if you get the same image searching in Google, happy that one part, apply color balance and get fixed the missing part.

However, these ways you can restore an old picture. We have described here several ways together just to give you an idea.


Step by Step Image Restoration Work Process

Our Working Process -vector design us, inc.

Ans: Thanks for your inquiry. Not only the clipping path but also all our photo editing work process is as the following-

Step One: Contact Us or Send a Quote Request to know the photo restoration prices.

Step Two: Our Customer Support Team will communicate with you and give you an affordable price. For bulk amount of images, you must ask DISCOUNT.

Step Three: If everything is OK, you will order us.

Step Four: Our project manager will understand everything from the support team and he will assign the work to the designers as per your instruction.

Step Five: Our designer will work in the production house by the latest photo editing tools for the best output.

Step Six: Our THREE steps QC department will ensure the best quality images.

Step Seven: We will deliver you for an initial check.

Step Eight: If you are satisfied with the result, we will finally deliver the files according to your instruction.

Work Sample

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