Vector Art Design

Vector art design is, in fact, a hand drawing an image in Adobe Illustrator using its various powerful tools like a painting. An image created by Photoshop is a bitmap or raster image, whereas the image which is drawn in Illustrator is a vector image. The images for modern business purposes like logo, banner, catalog, product image, brochure etc. are needed to be fully scalable at any sizes to use in the different media for marketing. The bitmap images cannot be used due to its incapability of zooming at any scales. It gets distorted during zooming and loses its quality. Considering this issue vector image is used widely because vector image can be zoomed maintaining its originality and quality.

Importance of Vector Art Drawing

There are many useful aspects of vector art conversion. The first advantage of vector art is that it is too easy to create by using Adobe Illustrator. The drawing is fully scalable at any sizes for making any images for any purposes. It is totally distortion free. Its edges are very smooth. The vector images are editable. You can add or change any effects at any times. Its file size is comparatively smaller, though it depends on the complexities. It is ideal for details presentation and making technical manual. The vector graphics are aesthetically more pleasing and these look dreamy in print. That is why the vector art design is popular for designing a book cover page, magazine or product packaging etc. This is so much usable for animation and presentation.

Another important reason of using the vector art design by the companies is the reduction of the number of colors and printing costs. Vector images are capable to reduce the number of color plates. These plates are needed for the printer to print your images. As a result, the printing costs will be less. Besides, just because of vector design, you can select color from pre-printed color swatches and that’s why you can get an exact color match.

Who Take the Service?

There are various companies worldwide who take the vector art drawing services for developing business. The fact is that marketing is the heart of any business to make the product known among the general mass people. For the marketing, various leaflets, catalog, large banner, festoon, flyer, billboard etc. are used and for these types of graphical works high quality vector images are necessary instead of raster because it gets distorted while zooming at the larger sizes.

The electronics companies, automobile companies and many such companies use vector images for marketing purposes. They decorate cars, show rooms, customer care center etc. with the big size images. The web design & development firms, software development company etc. use vector images for web template, software module, 3D cartoon and so on.

The companies who make furniture they need to make a plan and design first before producing it. They show the models to the customers by creating vector line art. The real estate developers make plans before starting the whole process. They try to visualize their plan by designing the building like residential building, bridge, educational institute, shopping mall etc.

Vector Art Work Design FAQ


Why Vector Art Drawing

To create a new image for any purposes instead of painting on a canvas using ink by the digital software Adobe Illustrator is the best choice. A vector image is created in this software which helps the image to be created in such a quality that it can maintain its quality at any sizes. This is the main fact of making vector image.

To create any new art or image, the designers have to draw a numerous line and shapes. These shapes or image edge must be smooth in both sizes like small and large. The image looks in small size should be looking at the larger sizes for using anywhere, any purposes. A bitmap image cannot play the role as a vector image can do. Vector images can keep its color, curve, edge, shapes etc. same in different scales and platforms and that is why vector image is necessary.

2How you design vector art work?
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