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JPG to Vector Conversion

JPG to Vector Conversion

JPEG is an abbreviation of Joint Photographers’ Expert Group. This image format is widely used and it has excellent compression features. In this format, the user can determine what level of compression they need trading off the fidelity for the file size. Yet, we do not recommend using a JPG file in a large project where the image may need to adapt to different situations and sizes. What we say to use is converting JPEG to vector graphics. Getting such an image file is pretty much easy by taking JPG to vector artwork conversion service. There are plenty of problems in the case of using a mare JPG image file and the usefulness of using a vector image.

Characteristics of JPG

It is a dot metrics data type. As a result, it is easy to compress and even, the users can compress at any size as they need. It is the most used file and is also available in every software that can produce. It is also supported in every OS. This format is independent of resolution and aspect ratio. JPG can be sued anywhere for any purpose.

Disadvantage of JPG

Raster or JPG images cannot fulfill the functionality of high-quality images. Because of their limited scalability, they cannot be used everywhere such as in a big project, in web banners, vector logo position, etc. When a JPG image is extended, it gets distorted and lost its quality. It gets blurry, noisy, and losses the clarity, detail pixel presentation, and at the edge, this image takes a zigzag ruined effect. As a result, this type of image losses the capability to be used on a billboard, digital print media, eCommerce website, and many other platforms, and here comes the JPG vectorization queue.

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Some images will need more than just vectorizing service; faded images, blurry photographs, unclear fonts, or copyrighted artwork that was used as inspiration all need to be retouched or redrawn by our art team. From mediocre source image to a high resolution, extremely flexible image type that any company can use for a crisp visual, turn to custom vector design to get the vectorized image right the first time.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed with our vectorize hand-drawn image service or any vector conversion service and if you’re not happy with the results, we will happily restore the image until you’re pleased. Quality is always the top priority in everything we do. Because we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are always available to turn jpg into a vector for any project you need. Don’t trust automation; let our team of vector artists take care of your image because we are one of those companies that turn hand-drawn image into vector file.

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Convert JPG to Ai File

Converting raster images to vector formats has a wide demand worldwide. We are providing top-notch vector conversion leveraging modern vectorization tools and our experienced vector artists produce eye-catching outputs that must be commercially adorable graphics. As a producer of print-ready images for pre-press, printing, advertising companies, we are making our clients ultimately satisfied.

Convert JPG to SVG File

If you think about the image quality and scalability, you should not use JPEG files, rather you should use SVG file format. When the JPEG image file gets pixelated, the SVG file maintains a high-end quality device independently. SVG format files can be extended at any size without losing image equality. They use a small room in your websites and keep eCommerce light. It can be used as code for the web. Some AI-based machines like embroidery can read SVG instead of JPEG format and produce stunning designs. Like PNG to SVG conversion, JPEG conversion is a crucial and demandable service.

Convert JPG to EPS File

Converting JPG to EPS file format is a common practice in vector artwork conversion. EPS is the abbreviation of Encapsulated PostScript. It is almost the same as the Ai file. Eventually, EPS is an older form of Ai.  We are converting JPG files to Ai format manually. We focus on our clients’ ultimate satisfaction as a producer of print-ready images for pre-press, printing, advertising companies, etc.

Convert JPG to PNG File

PNG images are used to vector my logo, fonts, and many other purposes. These images are basically transparent and used there where the transparent background is necessary. Sometimes, PNG images are needed to extend for printing or placing on the bigger banners or posters and then the PNG images get distorted. To get relief from this issue, you have to hire someone to convert jpeg to vector files. Vector images are perfect for printing and highly extendable at any range. Get PNG to vector conversion service for the high-quality vector file format.

Vectorize an Image

Do you need to vectorizing an image or vector conversion service? We can assist you as a professional vectorization service provider worldwide. The veteran vector conversion artists will take care of your images. You will get vectoring services for any image. We convert jpg, png, bitmap to Ai, eps, SVG, pdf. Leveraging the best vectorizing tools, we produce vector files that must be fit for printing and your digital devices. You can use them to make a tiny icon for a large-scaled billboard. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to vectorize an image to any vector format. If you are looking for the best vector artists, contact us.

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Vector File Formats We Provide

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JPEG to Vector Conversion Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is a vector file?

Ans: Vector file is the opposite of raster file. Raster images are based on pixels, where the vector is formed with the stroke or curved based lines. Vector graphics are called print-ready images. They can be scaled up at any size losslessly. Vector files are hugely used in the advertising industry.

Why do you need Vector over JPG file?

Although the JPG image is very light and the most used image format on the internet, it cannot fulfill the various purposes always. As the image format is pixel-oriented, it cannot zoom in properly. Additionally, it gets distortion and loses its quality and such an image is not appreciated for business purposes. So, converting a jpeg to vector format becomes unavoidable. Due to the vast possibilities and advantages of jpeg to vector conversion services, it has a great appeal in the product business sector and even this demand is increasing regularly. Actually, the main advantage of raster image vectorization is that this type of file is highly scalable at any size. It never loses its quality when you zoom in. Due to its complex mathematical data type, it is distortion-free and its files are always editable. Its file size is reasonable and usable everywhere you need.

Some sophisticated vector services such as vector design, JPG to vector line drawing, etc. are highly demandable in the sectors like eCommerce business, industrial machinery, photography, land surveying, website, print media, and many more. Ecommerce businesses are taking vector services for displaying detailed products’ features. Industrial sectors are receiving vectorization services for creating HD machine designs, shaping before manufacturing, and something else. 

Land surveyors are taking for highly extendable map designs. Advertising agencies are taking the services for having high-resolution billboard images, images for digital media, banners, posters, etc. In shorts, there are various types of usage for vector convertion services.

Is it cost-effective?

Ans: Yes, we are giving the best quality image to vector conversion service at the most competitive prices. Besides, taking our various discounts on bulk orders, you can reduce up to 20% cost in total.

How about the turnaround time?

Ans: Our turnaround time is 24 hours. We provide free Quote within 1 hour and all other image editing services within 24 hours. Sometimes, it may increase based on the number of image files and complexity and it is negotiable always. But we guarantee that we never miss the deadline.

What tools do you use?

Ans: Well, our vector designers who can convert jpg to ai are using the latest scalable vector graphics design tools in Adobe Illustrator like Pen tool, Brush tool, Shape Builder tool, and some other tools if needed.

Where can I get vector an image service?

Ans: Vector Design US, Inc. company that can convert jpg to ai vector file and convert sketch to digital image at the lowest price.

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