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Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Jewelry photos must be shining and stunning to look at. Their glossy effect catches the attention of the customers. Apart from other photo editings, jewelry photo editing and retouching are a little bit tough because of their tiny shapes, sickles, holes, stones, and complex construction. Except for high-quality expertise and working experience, achieving perfection in jewelry photo retouching is impossible. Besides that, experienced graphic designers use the latest photo retouching tools. Anyway, we are using all the latest photo editing tools.

Our photo editing personnel are excelled at professional jewelry photo editing services. We have worked with so many brands worldwide and most of them are happy getting our cordial editing services at the most competitive prices. If you are a product photographer or eCommerce business holder and have a bulk amount of jewelry photos, don’t think twice. We can ensure you that you will get the highest quality of jewelry photos that will greatly draw the attention of the customers.

Clipping Path Service

One of the most selling eCommerce products is jewelry product. The images of jewelry must be of high quality so that they can draw the attention of the customers. The clipping path method of Photoshop is used to remove the product image backdrop. It is a selection process of any portion of the images to change or modify. We are offering a high-end clipping path service for jewelry photo editing.

White Background

To be a catchy eCommerce product image, white background is a must removing the unprofessional background. Most of the eCommerce images demand white background because the products get highlighted on white rather than any other colored background. This is also true regarding jewelry products. If you have a jewelry photo and you need a white background, send us. We will change the products’ background.

Photo Resize for Jewelry Photo Editing

Every eCommerce platform has a different product image size. So, to sell a product, you must make your product images suitable according to their policy. Otherwise, your images will not be acceptable. If you have hundreds of jewelry photos and you need to resize them as per the eCommerce platform, you can send us. We are a leading photo editing and resizing company. We will provide your required images.

Dust, Spot Clinging

To be stunning and shining, jewelry photos have to be cleaned from dust and spot. Dust and spot ruin the product photo glamor. They will destroy your selling prospect and you may lose financially. So, to cope with the situation, take jewelry photo editing services to remove dust and spots from your product images. You can contact us. We are a proficient jewelry photo retouching company and good at photo editing.

Shadow Creation

Shadows provide product images of reality. After clipping path and removing the image background, your product images will look floating and they need a landing effect. You can do so by applying the Photoshop shadow creation process. It will provide your product photo grounded. Such a natural-looking image is several times more potential. We are providing all types of Photoshop shadow creation services.

Color Enhancements

Color enhancement is very crucial for jewelry photos. They must shine and dazzle to the audience’s eyes. And the only color can do the job. Color retouching will increase the selling prospect. However, we have been providing all types of color enhancement services for eCommerce products. We have the necessary photo manipulation setup as well as experienced graphic designers who use the latest tools.

Exposure Correction

Over and underexposure images are not good for catching customers and selling potentiality. So, your jewelry photos must be stunning. You should take exposure correction service. Fortunately, we are providing high-end exposure correction services using the latest version of photo editing tools. We have experienced graphic experts who are excelling to meet your deadline uncompromising with quality.

Unwanted Elements Removal

During jewelry photography, many elements such as clips, stands, mannequins, tap, etc. are used to get the perfect image. And later the designers are to remove these unwanted things from images. These unwanted elements decrease the quality of the product photos. Anyway, our company has been removing these objects using Photoshop and making the images more glamorous than before.

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