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Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services


Photo retouching is provided for increasing the glamor of the model photos, product photos, wedding photos, etc. It includes everything spot removing, object removing, dust cleaning, acne and wrinkle reduction, digital makeup, teeth whitening, and more. The designers use various techniques in Photoshop to produce world-class images. They do clip-path, use various brushes and colors, exposure correction, color correction, curves, white balance, hue/saturation, etc. Without the latest version of photo retouching tools, perfect photo retouching is not possible.

You will get top-notch photo retouching services from us. We are giving all types of photo retouching and editing services at our own production house where the most experienced graphic designers and photo editors have been working to maintain solid deadlines. We care about your image files and use all the latest photo editing and retouching tools and gears including Pen Tablet for images’ soft edge selection. We provide the most competitive price packages. If you have a bulk amount of images, don’t tense with this, you will get up to 50% off that will reduce the total photo retouching cost. So, feel free to ask a quote request.

Basic Photo Retouching

Price: $1.50 / Image

Basic photo retouching centers round the basic and simple types of images. Basic product images include simple products like a cup, plate, ball, packaging box, etc. This category also covers the simple model images that contain a little number of spots and holes on faces, fixing black shadows, exposure fixing, etc. If you have images that need a basic or simple type of retouching, send us and get premium retouching service.

Medium photo retouching

Starts From: $2 / Image

Our medium photo retouching services include medium type of product and other photos. Under this category, we retouch images of kitchen ware, machine parts, agricultural equipment, etc. For human model images, we fix less complex issues in this medium retouching service category. We remove bg, increase lighting, resolve light exposure issues, highlight images, etc. Do you have medium type of images? Allow us to resolve the flaws in images.

Face and Portrait Retouching (Flawless Natural Looks)

Face and Portrait Retouching
Price: $4.50 / Image

The human face is not flawless rather it contains spots, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, hairs, moles, etc. which reduce the actual beauty. In face and portrait photographs, these flaws get more vivid and ruin the beauty. So, we provide the best face and portrait retouching to remove all these imperfections applying photo retouching techniques. Under this service, we offer beauty retouching, skin, and hair retouching, lip, and teeth retouching, digital makeup or glamour retouching, etc.

Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeover)

Glamour Retouching
Starts From: $10 / Image

In many cases, only natural look is not enough having some flaws. You may need more gorgeous photographs of your appearance on different occasions like a beauty competition. To make your beautiful images stunning, we use a digital makeover or glamour retouching that removes all types of skin flaws. We offer model retouching, glitz retouching, pageant retouching, body slimming, and more. We also provide pen tablet-based glamour retouching services.

Photography Retouching

Photography Retouching
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

To make your images flawless, we provide photography retouching services. All types of images take our photo touch-up services. More or less every image requires retouching to remove some unavoidable pieces of stuff like bad exposure, scratch, twist, color, spots, etc. However, we offer post-photography retouching of products, models, car images, stock photos, etc. We use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Pen Tablet, etc. for high-end photo retouching.

Product Photo Retouching

Product Photo Retouching
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

Ecommerce product photos always should be outstanding so that they can attract potential customers. The product photos that are badly edited cannot boost your sales and so, you must use perfectly edited product images. Naturally, product pictures contain some flaws and we provide our clients world-class product photo retouching using the latest version of editing tools. If you have a bulk amount of product, take our free, judge us, and then on board as our valuable customer.

HDR Photo Retouching

HDR photo retouching
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

It is one of our elegant photo editing services. Usually, professional wedding photographers, product photographers, real estate photographer,s and so on take this service. Due to various reasons, you may not get the perfect images. In that case, you can get high-end images by HDR photo retouching and blending technique in Photoshop. We take images of different exposure and blend them in Photoshop to produce top quality images. It is pretty much a hard task.

Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

The primary purpose of photo enhancement is to increase the natural beauty of the images. They can be product images, wedding images, travel images, etc. Most often these photos may not be taken perfectly due to various unavoidable reasons. To take images frequently is time-consuming and also costlier. So, the best way to take photo enhancement services. We have been offering high-end photo enhancement services in Photoshop adjusting colors, pixels, etc.

High-End Photo Retouching (Pen Tablet)

High-End Photo Retouching
Starts From: $10 / Image

This service is necessary for fashion model photos, furry animals, hair images, fabrics, blankets, and many more that have soft edges. Pen tablet is very crucial for high-end photo retouching of the product and fashion model images. Pen tablet (Wacom) is used to keep the natural texture the same and selecting every delicate and soft edge point. It helps to retouch up avoiding a bit of destruction of natural color shedding, image shape, and dimension, tones, etc. Working with a pen tablet is the best way of smooth photo retouching.

Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction

Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction
Starts From: $10 / Image

Sometimes images may get noise and your old images may suffer from dust, spots, fade, etc. Such images require image cleaning and noise reduction services in Photoshop. This image editing service is also necessary for old photo restoration. It will help to get new and flawless photos removing noise, dust, spots, cracks, color shading, color adjusting, etc. by color correction, image restoration and retouching, and many more.

Spot, Dust, wrinkle Removal

Spot, Dust, wrinkle Removal
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

Old and new images may suffer from spots and dust. The fashion model images may have wrinkles on their faces. These factors reduce the quality and beauty of the model photos. So, it is crucial for removing these shortcomings to retain the beauty and glamor of the images. The success of any modern business mostly depends on the use of high quality and engaging product photos. So, get the photo editing service.

Unwanted Object Remove

Unwanted Object Remove
Starts From: $4.50 / Image

During photography, many unwanted objects or persons may have into the frame. They ruin the beauty of wedding photos, eCommerce product photos, travel photos, etc. and that is absolutely not desired. In such cases, unwanted object removal services in Photoshop can be a great solution. The designers create paths around the objects, make a selection, delete the objects, and fill the place with a suitable background to increase the image beauty.

Photo Retouching Work Sample

Photo Retouching Services

Do you need to edit or retouch photo? We can assist you as a professional photo editing service provider worldwide. The veteran photoshop artists will take care of your images. You will get photo retouching services for any type images. We serve PSD file format along with jpg, png, bitmap that must be fit for printing and your digital devices. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to serve you any photo editing services. If you are looking for the best photoshop experts, contact us.

Best Photo Retouching Services Top banner-vector design us, inc.

Photo Retouching Service Prices

The following images displayed on Vector Design US, Inc. are our recent portfolios. The regular prices of services may vary from the starting prices shown here depending on many other factors. To know about the actual price of your required services, please Submit a Quote.

Face and Portrait Retouching


$ 1.5 /Per Image
  • Exposure / Light correction
  • Spot fixing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Small color correction
  • Background retouching
  • Image resizing and cropping
  • Small object removing
  • Background removing
  • Small face retouching
  • Small amount of stray hair removing
Photography Retouching


$ 2.5 /Per Image
  • Acnes Scars, Wrinkle Removal
  • Lightroom red-eye resolving
  • Spot and holes reduction
  • Lip color changing
  • Dark circle reduction
  • Lite air brushing
  • Face whitening
  • Hair color changing/ smoothening
  • Eye-brow fixing
  • Eye retouching
HDR photo retouching


$ 8 /Per Image
  • Product photo retouching
  • Retouching group people
  • Event / Wedding / Corporate photo retouching
  • Retouching Packshot
  • Dress retouching
  • Small level of digital make up
  • Glasses glare fixing
  • Distance shot retouching
  • Portrait photo retouching
  • Retouching Image restoration
  • DSLR effect in image background
  • Headshot retouching
  • Accentuate cheekbones
  • Body touch-up/Liquify
  • Adobe Lightroom Retouching
High-End Photo Retouching

High-end Retouch

$ 12+ /Image
  • High-end photo retouching
  • Pro-level of beauty/glamor retouching
  • Advanced hair retouching
  • High-end product photo retouching
  • High-end wedding couple retouching
  • Hair retouching, face/head/body swapping
  • High-end digital make up
  • Top-notch color retouching
  • Advanced model face/body retouching
  • Remove face imperfection/nose straightening
  • Clothes retouching with textures
  • Fancy image background creation/adding
  • Complex background improving
  • Adding Dodge and Burn effect
  • Real estate/interior/exterior retouching
  • High-end exposure blending/ multi-image blending

Choose the Best Photo Retouching Services

How to choose the best photo retouching service provider?

Choosing and selecting the best Photo retouching service provider is not difficult. When you require photo editing and retouching services, just meditate on the features and facilities, customers support, image editing quality, pricing, etc. Here we are presenting a list of the traits of a well-capable photo retouching service provider-

Why outsource photo retouching services from us?

Being an American company, you need not outsource photo editing services from Asian countries, rather send us your images. We are, from New York, a digital image manipulation company well-equipped with modern photo editing gears and a big team formed with highly skilled and experienced photo editing experts. We can support you by providing a bulk number of product photo editing services at the cheapest prices that an Asian editing company provides. Let’s keep the bucks inside our country and thus show respect to the proud land.


What is Your Photo Retouching Work Process Step by Step?

Our Working Process -vector design us, inc.

Ans: Thanks for your inquiry. Not only the clipping path but also all our photo editing work process is as the following-

Step One: Contact Us or Send a Quote Request to know the service price.

Step Two: Our Customer Support Team will communicate with you and give you an affordable price. For bulk amount of images, you must ask DISCOUNT.

Step Three: If everything is OK, you will order us.

Step Four: Our project manager will understand everything from the support team and he will assign the work to the designers as per your instruction.

Step Five: Our designer will work in the production house by the latest photo editing tools for the best output.

Step Six: Our THREE steps QC department will ensure the best quality images.

Step Seven: We will deliver you for an initial check.

Step Eight: If you are satisfied with the result, we will finally deliver the files according to your instruction.

Get Photo Retouching Services for eCommerce Product Photos

Thousands of product Photographers, eCommerce owners, Advertising agencies, magazines & newspapers, studios, etc. take our photo retouching services that help them boost their businesses with 100% satisfaction.

Photo Retouching Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is the modification, changes, or bringing any changes in an image. Image retouching techniques are applied to maximize image beauty and aesthetics so that they can be more salable. More or less every image on the eCommerce platforms is retouched and it is proved that a retouch product photo can attract more customers’ attention.

How to retouch an image?

Designers retouch images in Photoshop or other photo editing tools. A lot of options are applied to retouch a photo. We apply different tools and options of photoshop to retouch various types of images. Different images demand different retouching techniques. Some images need the touch of brush tool, clone stamp tool, pen tool, whereas some other images need blending options and adjustment tools.

Why photo retouching is important?

Ugly product images fail to draw the potential customers rather customers don’t show interest to the products that are displayed by worse images. Besides that to get the best product images, many times photo shooting increases cost and time consumption. So, photo retouching in Photoshop is done to generate the best product images. Regarding cost-cutting, time-saving, and efficiency, photo retouching is significant.

What is the best photo retouching tool?

Most professional photo editing companies like vector design us, inc. use the photoshop premium version and provide the best quality photo retouching services to the photographers and other clients. Photoshop is the industry standard photo retouching tool and so the professionals use it. However, we provide top-notch retouching services leveraging Photoshop. Because Adobe Photoshop is the best photo retouching tool.

Who take digital photo retouching services?

Whose business needs images need digital image retouch-up services. The photographers, e-commerce business owners, ad agencies, photography studios, and so on require retouching digital photos and making those more appealing. They utilize digital image retouching services to beautify images and to draw customers’ attention. Image retouching boosts image quality and eventually generates sales and profits.

What is the cost of photo retouching?

The cost of digital retouching of photos depends on the complexity of the photos. It varies regarding product photo retouching, model photo airbrushing, event photo touchup, etc. However, our photo retouchers produce the best retouching results considering the prices. If you need digital photo retouch within your budget and tight deadline, we can support you. Our experienced retouchers are professional in offering rush services.

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