Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching is provided for increasing the glamor of the model photos, product photos, wedding photos, etc. It includes everything spot removing, object removing, dust cleaning, acne and wrinkle reduction, digital makeup, teeth whitening, and more. The designers use various techniques in Photoshop to produce world-class images. They do clip-path, use various brushes and colors, exposure correction, color correction, curves, white balance, hue/saturation, etc. Without the latest version of photo retouching tools, perfect photo retouching is not possible.

You will get top-notch photo retouching services from us. We are giving all types of photo retouching and editing services at our own production house where the most experienced graphic designers and photo editors have been working to maintain solid deadlines. We care about your image files and use all the latest photo editing and retouching tools and gears including Pen Tablet for images’ soft edge selection. We provide the most competitive price packages. If you have a bulk amount of images, don’t tense with this, you will get up to 50% off that will reduce the total photo retouching cost. So, feel free to ask a quote request.

Face and Portrait Retouching (Flawless Natural Looks)

The human face is not flawless rather it contains spots, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, hairs, moles, etc. which reduce the actual beauty. In face and portrait photographs, these flaws get more vivid and ruin the beauty. So, we provide the best face and portrait retouching to remove all these imperfections applying photo retouching techniques. Under this service, we offer beauty retouching, skin, and hair retouching, lip, and teeth retouching, digital makeup or glamour retouching, etc.

Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeover)

In many cases, only natural look is not enough having some flaws. You may need more gorgeous photographs of your appearance on different occasions like a beauty competition. To make your beautiful images stunning, we use a digital makeover or glamour retouching that removes all types of skin flaws. We offer model retouching, glitz retouching, pageant retouching, body slimming, and more. We also provide pen tablet-based glamour retouching services.

Photography Retouching

To make your images flawless, we provide photography retouching services. All types of images take our photo touch-up services. More or less every image requires retouching to remove some unavoidable pieces of stuff like bad exposure, scratch, twist, color, spots, etc. However, we offer post-photography retouching of products, models, car images, stock photos, etc. We use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Pen Tablet, etc. for high-end photo retouching.

Product Photo Retouching

Ecommerce product photos always should be outstanding so that they can attract potential customers. The product photos that are badly edited cannot boost your sales and so, you must use perfectly edited product images. Naturally, product pictures contain some flaws and we provide our clients world-class product photo retouching using the latest version of editing tools. If you have a bulk amount of product, take our free, judge us, and then on board as our valuable customer.

HDR Photo Retouching

It is one of our elegant photo editing services. Usually, professional wedding photographers, product photographers, real estate photographer,s and so on take this service. Due to various reasons, you may not get the perfect images. In that case, you can get high-end images by HDR photo retouching and blending technique in Photoshop. We take images of different exposure and blend them in Photoshop to produce top quality images. It is pretty much a hard task.

Photo Enhancement

The primary purpose of photo enhancement is to increase the natural beauty of the images. They can be product images, wedding images, travel images, etc. Most often these photos may not be taken perfectly due to various unavoidable reasons. To take images frequently is time-consuming and also costlier. So, the best way to take photo enhancement services. We have been offering high-end photo enhancement services in Photoshop adjusting colors, pixels, etc.

High-End Photo Retouching (Pen Tablet)

This service is necessary for fashion model photos, furry animals, hair images, fabrics, blankets, and many more that have soft edges. Pen tablet is very crucial for high-end photo retouching of the product and fashion model images. Pen tablet (Wacom) is used to keep the natural texture the same and selecting every delicate and soft edge point. It helps to retouch up avoiding a bit of destruction of natural color shedding, image shape, and dimension, tones, etc. Working with a pen tablet is the best way of smooth photo retouching.

Image Cleaning & Noise Reduction

Sometimes images may get noise and your old images may suffer from dust, spots, fade, etc. Such images require image cleaning and noise reduction services in Photoshop. This image editing service is also necessary for old photo restoration. It will help to get new and flawless photos removing noise, dust, spots, cracks, color shading, color adjusting, etc. by color correction, image restoration and retouching, and many more.

Spot, Dust, wrinkle Removal

Old and new images may suffer from spots and dust. The fashion model images may have wrinkles on their faces. These factors reduce the quality and beauty of the model photos. So, it is crucial for removing these shortcomings to retain the beauty and glamor of the images. The success of any modern business mostly depends on the use of high quality and engaging product photos. So, get the photo editing service.

Unwanted Object Remove

During photography, many unwanted objects or persons may have into the frame. They ruin the beauty of wedding photos, eCommerce product photos, travel photos, etc. and that is absolutely not desired. In such cases, unwanted object removal services in Photoshop can be a great solution. The designers create paths around the objects, make a selection, delete the objects, and fill the place with a suitable background to increase the image beauty.