We are happy to assure you that our vector conversion and image editing work process are simpler than that of contemporary companies. It is pretty simple.

Work process

Just you have to take Quotation for Price, send you images for working, we will review the work complexities, negotiate with our pre-defined prices having discounts, and finally, our team of designers will start work.

After finishing the work, you will get images for review. If you are satisfied with the work quality, we will finally deliver you the images with an affordable invoice.

Work when you sleep

We provide overnight vector conversion and product photo editing services. Isn’t it cool to hear that when you sleep, our designers’ team works for you and within your first working hour, you are getting your images ready for work? That means you are not losing even a minute. It becomes possible because we have set up our production house in Bangladesh though our corporate office is in New York. All of our vector conversion services and image fixing works are done from our Dhaka-based environment-friendly studio.

Affordable prices

Most of the prices of our services whether they are vector conversion or image editing are affordable. Though we are a New-York-based company, we designed our price table the same as the Asian companies. So that you feel comfortable and do not feel the necessity of taking freelance services from Asian countries like the Philippines or India.


For a relevant fact, we have fixed a high range of prices in the cases of some vector conversion and photo editing services. Complex images demand more effort and time. So, we can not provide the services for low prices.

However, there is also a happy thing and that is if you take bulk image conversion or image manipulation services, we can provide you Big Discounts that will definitely reduce your total service cost.

Good customer services

To make your journey with Vector Design US, Inc. smooth, we have formed a friendly, responsive, and efficient customer service unit. Highly experienced and capable of responding to any query customer service executives are always (365 days) ready to serve you.