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Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion

A raster image is a dot matrix data structure. It is a shape of a rectangular grid of pixels or points of color. Again, a bitmap image assembles bit-for-bit with an image on a screen. On the contrary, a vector image is the use of polygons. It is based on vectors that lead through locations called control points or nodes. However, both image formats are so much important in the fields where images play a key role. Raster images are used for a purpose which demands low quality whereas vector images are used for high-quality works. Anyway, our raster to vector conversion services include many other services like vector line drawing, floor plan drawing, map drawing, etc.

Damage Image to Vector Conversion bafore- vector design us, inc.Damage Image to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Often it becomes necessary to restore old damaged images, logos, or banners. It must be of high quality to be used anywhere. These images should be extendable at any size without any distortion. So, you can take damaged images to vector conversion for getting such high-quality images. Our company converts raster images into vector files at an affordable price, if you need the service, contact us.

What we did here-
  • Converted damage image to vector graphic
  • Used Adobe Illustrator
  • Hand-made vector path
  • Stroke for line drawing
  • Retain original color
  • Remove messy background
Blurry Image to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Blurry Image to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Images are assets, but sometimes for many reasons the images that you have taken for commercial use may be blurry. Again, in your hand, time may not be enough, or taking photos frequently is costlier. Then, you can take a high-end blurry image to vector conversion. We can restore your blurry image to a vector image that you can use anywhere you want.

What we did here-
  • Convert blur image to vector
  • Used the best software- Adobe Illustrator
  • Create line art with the pen tool
  • 100% manual line drawing
  • Applied black and white color
  • HD vector, editable, and printable
Image to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Image to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a very useful image editing service. You cannot use any image anywhere. It may get distortion and as a result, your design may lose its quality. So, you should take the image to a vector conversion service that will give you high dynamic images and you can use these images anywhere for any purpose. To change raster to vector, contact us at once.

What we did here-
  • Product image to vector
  • Attention to the details
  • HD product photo
  • Hand-drawn vector conversion
  • Used pen tool and image tracer
  • Applied realistic color balance
Picture to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Picture to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

If you want to use your images in any of your designs or any digital media, you must take a picture to vector conversion service in Illustrator. This service can provide you image that is ultimately extendable at any range without a bit of distortion. However, we are providing this service professionally at an affordable price. To get an image tracing service, simply contact us and send your files.

What we did here-
  • Converted picture to vector graphic
  • Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator
  • Manual vector path
  • Line drawing and fill-color
  • Maintain original color
  • Remove unwanted background
JPG to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.JPG to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

The most common and easy-to-use image format is JPG, but yet you cannot use this image as a logo, banner, poster, etc. anywhere because when you make it bigger, this format gets distorted. To get salvation from this problem, you must use JPG to vector conversion service. Anyway, we have been providing convert JPG to vector image editing services at a low price.

What we did here-
  • Converted JPG to vector image
  • Vector conversion in Adobe Illustrator
  • Hand-drawn vector path
  • Line drawing and fill-color
  • Applied similar fonts
  • Remove shadow and messy background
PNG to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.PNG to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

PNG is also a very popular image format that you can use in your design where you need no background. This image format also gets distorted during widening at any range. So, you cannot use this image in your logos, banners, and something like this promotional item. You have to take PNG to the vector conversion service for using these images.

What we did here-
  • Converted PNG to vector image
  • Transparent vector image
  • Hand-drawn vector line arts
  • Applied similar color and fonts
  • Add a vintage look
  • Printable vector graphics
Bitmap to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Bitmap to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Bitmap image cannot be used everywhere because it also gets distorted. For creating a logo, banner, advertisement, etc. this format of the image is not perfect at all. So, you must need a bitmap to vector conversion. Our company turns raster images into vector files very professionally. Our price factors, customer service, skilled designers are very compatible with your design.

What we did here-
  • Bitmap to an HD vector file
  • Best vector  software- Adobe Illustrator
  • Hand-drawn vector path with a stroke
  • Line drawing and fill-color
  • Sketch to vector
  • Printable vector pattern
Scan Image to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Scan Image to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

You need to scan some images that have no soft copy for image editing, especially for vector conversion. Our company is providing high-end quality scan images to vector conversion. The most experienced graphic designers are working on your images. You will get a low price, a discount of up to 20% on bulk orders. So, don’t delay taking a Free Quote.

What we did here-
  • Converted scan image to vector image
  • Compound vector path
  • Manual vector conversion
  • Line drawing and fill-color, gradient, blur color
  • Add similar fonts
  • Applied mesh tool, noise, remove bg
Snapshot to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Snapshot to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

You need to vectorize some snapshot images that have no actually soft copy for your editing, especially for vector conversion. Our company is serving high-quality snapshot image to vector conversion. Most specialist vector artists are working with your snapshots. You will get a cheap vector conversion service, getting a discount on large volume orders. So, don’t delay taking a Free Quote.

What we did here-
  • Converted snapshot to vector image
  • Added handwritten similar font
  • Vector conversion manually
  • Line drawing and fill-color
  • Adding white background
PDF to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.PDF to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

We have been converting PDF to vector format. You need this service because you cannot use directly PDF to your corporate designs. PDF to vector is a highly demanding image editing service. This service demands skilled graphic experts, proper techniques, experiences, etc. Having all these criteria, you’ll get 100% professional photo editing.

What we did here-
  • Converted raster PDF to vector image
  • Compound vector path
  • Manual vector conversion with image tracing
  • Multi-color, gradient, blur color
  • Applied mesh tool, noise, white bg
  • HD vector conversion
Vintage Image to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Vintage Image to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Vintage indicates old images. In your collection, there may have vintage look corporate marketing and product items like logo, banner, poster, machinery parts, transportation elements, and more. If you want to restore these vintage images into high quality and use it anywhere without distortion, vintage image to vector conversion service is for you & we provide it.

What we did here-
  • Converted old vintage image to vector image
  • Handy vector conversion
  • Line drawing and fill-color, gradient, blur color
  • Applied noise, remove the background
Hand Drawn to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Hand Drawn to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

For creating any new design, a sketch or hand-drawn is the prerequisite thing. Later, the graphic designers convert the file into a vector image. Such conversion provides you high-quality extendable image and enables you to use it any place without damage. However, we are providing high-end hand-drawn to vector a bitmap image service at a very low price.

What we did here-
  • Converted hand-drawn image to vector image
  • Compound vector path
  • Manual vector conversion
  • Line drawing and fill-color
Sketch to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Sketch to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Before creating any new thing like industrial items, real estate building, something like this, you have to create a sketch or mock-up. You may need this sketch to enlarge without distortion. In this case, the sketch to vector conversion service is for you. Our company is providing all kinds of image editing services, including vector a raster image services.

What we did here-
  • Converted sketches to line art
  • Hand-drawn Illustration
  • Worked with vector path, strokes in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Multiple types of paths including curved.
Signature to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Signature to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Signature is used for corporate identification and acknowledgment. If you use this signature as a raster image, it may get distortion. In all of your corporate identity design, it will not be perfect to use a raster signature. Then, you can take the signature to vector conversion service to get your raster signature image into a high-quality vector signature image.

What we did here-
  • Transform signature to vector graphics
  • Compound vector path
  • Manually vectorization
  • Used strokes with path
Convert Logo to Vector before- Vector Design US, Inc.Convert Logo to Vector after- Vector Design US, Inc.

Logo artwork always should be of high quality. It should be detailed as it bears the identity of your company. You may use this logo in all of your promotional activities, banner, flyer, digital media, etc. You may need to widen at any size with perfect pixel. In this case, you have to convert the logo to a vector that enables you to utilize it without distortion wherever you want.

What we did here-
  • Vectorize sketches or old raster logos.
  • Manual logo conversion techniques.
  • Create vector path, apply colors in Illustrator.
  • Created AI file, EPS, SVG, PDF files.
  • Raster files like PNG, Jpg image format.
Embroidery to Vector Conversion before- Vector Design US, Inc.Embroidery to Vector Conversion after- Vector Design US, Inc.

The embroidery design is used in garment items in general. It increases the beauty of any clothes. Often, you may need to convert embroidery to vector when you deal with garments items. We are providing this embroidery to vector conversion service with full professionalism. We are using the latest technology to give a perfect vector conversion service with great quality.

What we did here-
  • In Illustrator, we created vector paths
  • Used colors and gradients
  • Match the fonts
  • Generate multiple vector image files
  • Produced the best quality vector digitized graphics.

Comparison Between Raster Vs Vector

Raster to Vector Conversion a

First of all, the raster images consist of small dots which are called pixels which can be viewed by zooming at a large scale. As this format is pixel-based while zooming the image file gets distorted. The image types like JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG are the raster images found in almost every printing catalog and on the web. A vector image consists of lines that have shapes mathematically defined such as curves, lines, filled areas, etc. Because of its mathematical equation, it can be enlarged at any scale. EPS, Ai, PDF are the vector image file types. The images for logo, banner, billboard, etc. are generally created in vector files considering the flexibility of making any size. A vector file can be changed into raster files whereas the vice-versa is nearly impossible.

Now a question may arise in mind that which one is better, raster or vector? Actually, the answer to this question totally depends upon the uses of the images in both formats. For a realistic image, a raster image is better because it is a combination of thousands of pixels which help the image to be presented as it is. Again, the vector images are not as realistic as the raster but it is fully scalable. As a result, these images can use in bigger projects like billboards, banners, and so on. Again, most of the logos of the companies are created as vector files because the logos can be used at any scale.

What we do for vector conversion?

Vector Design US, Inc. is providing its worldwide clients with a high-quality vectorized raster image service. Our skilled and experienced vector artists complete the job with the best perfection. They are too much hard-working and dedicated to the job as vector conversion demands it. We use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator along with other necessary software. We are so professional regarding such complex work.

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We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with vectorized image needs such as a vector conversion, vector illustration, vector artwork conversion, logo conversion and much more.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is a raster to vector conversion?

Ans: Raster image is JPEG, PNG, etc. which are of dot matrix data type, whereas vector files are complex mathematical curved shaped data type. Raster images get pixilated during zooming. So, they cannot be used in big projects. On the other hand, the vector image can be used anywhere in any size. For this reason, it becomes needed to take raster to vector services that mean to convert raster image files into a vector format image.

How to convert raster to vector in illustrator?

Ans: Professional designers like us utilize various vector conversion methods to vectorize raster images in Illustrator. Actually, different raster images demand different vectorizing procedures. A simple jpg or png image requires a simple image trace method, and complex images need complex vectorizing techniques. However, here get some steps of an illustrator to convert raster to vector manually-
  1. Open a raster jpg or png image in Illustrator
  2. Zoom the image to view the outline clearly
  3. Select the Pen tool and try to draw line art
  4. Fill the color or apply the shades if it needs
  5. Please, keep patience while working on the image.

You can also apply the automatic Image Trace option from Illustrator in the case of easy shape raster images.

What tools do you use?

Ans: Usually, for any type of photo editing works, we use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, Pen tablet, and more. But, for providing the best quality raster to vector graphic service, we use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator which is the best tool for vector so far.

How about the quality?

Ans: We are providing world-class vector conversion services. Very skilled and experienced graphic experts are working with the latest vector conversion tools. We emphasize quality over quantity. So, we have developed three steps QA process that will ensure the best quality vector conversion service.

Can you vector my image?

Ans: Of course, we can provide you the best quality image vectorization services for any image. We are a professional US-based vector design company and you will get vector conversion and creative graphic design services in the vector formats for print from us. Our skilled and experienced vector designers will convert our raster images without compromising with low quality. Our quality controlling personnel will check your vector graphics quality before final submit.

Is vectorizing an image too challenging?

Ans: If the image is not too complex, then vectorizing an image is easy, but if the image is complex that contains multiple colors, shades, multiple holes, zigzag outlines, then converting raster to vector is really complex task. But to the professional vector design company, vectorizing any image is easier though it takes much time. There are a lot of manual vectorizing techniques that we know and apply during vector conversion. For the novice or amateur vector design professional, vector conversion from raster images is always a difficult task and they most often fail to achieve the best vector design result.

Is it possible to vectorize an image in photoshop?

Ans: Of course! It is possible to convert raster to vector photoshop. But for the professional vector design result, we always recommend using Adobe Illustrator in lieu of Photoshop. As a global convert raster to vector company, we provide vectorization or vector conversion leveraging the best vector conversion tool and that is Adobe Illustrator. Most companies use Illustrator because converting any complex raster image in vector file format is easier in Illustrator than Photoshop convert raster to a vector that fails to gain the best vector output. So, give priority on Illustrator to converting raster to vector in photoshop.

Why do I need this service?

Ans: If you want to use your logo, banner, or other business identities for big purposes like a billboard, signboard, usable in various digital media, etc. you may need vectorizing service because for using your corporate identities making larger at any sizes, raster images files to keep their quality. They get pixilated, blurry, and low resolution. So, to salvation from such problems, you have to take vector image conversion services that can give your high-quality zooming images.

What formats do you provide?

Ans: We provide any vector file formats according to the demand of our clients. For Example EPS, AI, SVG, PDF, DXF, etc.

Who uses this service?

Ans: Anyone can receive our vector conversion services. Normally, eCommerce business owners, product Photographers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, and more of our clients.

Is it cost-effective?

Ans: Yes, Vector Design US, Inc. has been providing this service very cost-effectively. It is not cheap, but yet affordable for you. Besides, you can reduce the cost by up to 20% by providing bulk image editing orders.

Still, Do you have questions about how vectorization service can help your business? Send us an E-mail:

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