Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster image is a dot matrix data structure. It is a shape of rectangular grid of pixels or points of color. Again, a bitmap image assembles bit -for-bit with an image on a screen. On the contrary, a vector image is the use of polygons. It is based on vectors which lead through locations called control points or nodes. However, both image formats are so much important in the fields where images play the key role. Raster images are used in the purpose which demands low quality whereas the vector images are used for high quality works.

Raster to Vector Conversion Before - VectorDesingRaster to Vector Conversion After - VectorDesing
Raster to Vector Conversion Before - Vector DesignRaster to Vector Conversion Before - Vector Design

Comparison between Raster and Vector

There are two categories of every digital image. One is raster and the other is vector. There are some basic difference between these two images files and those individual features have made one is superior to another.

First of all, the raster images consist of small dots which are called pixels which can be viewed by zooming at a large scale. Being pixel based, during zooming, the image file gets distortion. The image types like Jpeg, Gif, Png are the raster images found almost every printing catalogs and on the web. A vector image consists of lines which has shapes mathematically defined such as curves, lines, filled areas etc. Because of its mathematical equation, it can be enlarge at any scale. Eps, Ai, Pdf are the vector image file types. The images for logo, banner, billboard etc. are generally created in vector files considering the flexibility of making any sizes. A vector file can be changed into raster files where as the vice-versa is nearly impossible.

Now a question may arise in mind that which one is better, raster or vector? Actually, the answer of this question is totally depends upon the uses of the images of both format. For a realistic image, raster image is better because it is a combination of thousands of pixel which help the image to be presented as it is. Again, the vector images are not as realistic as the raster but it is fully scalable as a result these images can use in the bigger project like billboard, banner and so on. Again, most of the logos of the companies are created as vector files because the logos can be used at any scale.

Why vector image

Vector images can fulfill the demand of pixilated free zooming facility at any scale. If the designer is asked an image which will be scalable that means vector image is wanted by the clients. Vector image can be made bigger at any scale for using in banner, billboard, vehicle decoration etc. Besides these, for catalog, product brochure, print media, digital media, website logo, sign board etc. the designers create vector image considering the image quality 100% perfect.

As the vector image file can keep high quality, it is used for product label, packet, electronic parts, mobile, furniture, garment items, plastic items and many more. Along with the product, the graphic designers create its functional menu step by step with the vector images.

Vector design is necessary for publishing content in various media. Vector image conversion is needed for 2D, 3D and CAD design. The real estate business needs 3D or CAD design which must be of high resolution. Vector design is often called print-ready image because this image can be used any media. For animation, engineering, architectural works vector images are wanted considering the zooming advantage at any sizes.

Vector conversion is too much laborious task which is done with various lines, curve lines, rectangular, border, round or oval shape. The graphic designers need enough time, care, skill and experience to get a quality vector images.

Software and tools

The graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator but for a quality vector conversion they prefer Illustrator to Photoshop. They use pen tool for converting raster images to vector images. For website logo and banner design, Adobe Illustrator is used widely because of its various tools and options supportive for vector conversion. Now-a-days, there are many online tools and website for raster to vector conversion but for professional and highly qualified conversion, the designers have to use Illustrator without any exception.

Who use vector image

Vector images are for the logo, banner image, promotion image etc. which are used by various websites. The renowned local and multi-national companies use bigger images for promotional purposes. For decorating car/bus, arranging concert banner, they use image which must of high quality vector images to avoid pixilated. The companies use product images, model images, flash animation for branding and these image must be of vector format. Real estate company uses vector images for realistic presentation of their properties to the potential customers so that they buy their products.

What we do for vector conversion

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