For creating new logo or any new artwork, the creative designers do rough sketch first. They create sketch from zero by utilizing pencil and paper. and later on, the try to do sketch to vector conversion.

Various purposes work for converting a sketch into a vector. Vector logo, artwork, fonts & pattern creation, digital signature, realistic art, etc. need sketch art primarily. The sketch artist create an imitation of an object by observing some other designs, or invent a completely new abstract sketch design.

But such a hand drawn rough sketch are not worth to be used for any commercial purposes. As a corporate identity design, you cannot use a sketch on paper. You have to take a vector conversion from sketch and then use the vector logo or art for branding, marketing, and advertising.

Types of Sketch to Vector Conversion

Different types of sketches are seen in the design industry. They have a good market value and demand. So, we, are a professional sketch to vector conversion artists, create the following types of sketches to vector illustration-

Travel Sketching or urban sketching: It refers to the sketching and drawing of architectural details, city views, restaurants, parks, etc.

Fashion Sketching: It denotes to the illustrations for brand promotion. The designer convert sketching of people, fashion models, and fashion accessories.

Industrial Sketching: This types of sketches are for the industrial products like car, bike, machinery parts, etc. Such sketch drawings help to get design ideas before production.

Product sketching: Before production all types of eCommerce products, the designers create sketch and vector of product models, packaging, etc.

Sketching for book cover designs: Book cover illustration requires a long time meditation on design ways and subjects. Book cover design sketch includes children book cover sketch, book inside image sketch, etc.

Portrait sketch: This sketch is for creating realistic people’s portrait artworks. Such a sketch give the designer more freedom for creating awesome realistic portrait sketch.

However, at out vector design production house, we offer all types of the best sketch to vector conversion services for the best prices. If you are looking for the best vector artists for sketch to digital art, you can contact us.