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Tattoo to Vector Conversion

Tattoo to Vector Conversion Banner - Vector Design US, Inc.

Our tattoo vector conversion service is perfect for individuals or businesses looking to enhance their designs or for tattoo artists seeking to digitize their existing tattoo designs. We use advanced techniques to convert your tattoo design into a vector image. Our expert vector artists ensure that it retains its original quality and can be resized without any loss of detail. Whether you have a simple tattoo design or a complex one, we can convert it into a vector file that you can use for a variety of purposes, including printing, advertising, and branding.

Types of Tattoo Vector Conversion

There are various types of vector tattoo conversion and illustration services depending on the usage sectors. The variety of vector tattoos create diversity in its usages and illustration. Anyway, let’s go through the various tattoo converting services.

Traditional Tattoo Conversion

Traditional Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Traditional tattoo Vectorization covers all types of tattoos that are related to the past stories, supernatural elements, fairy tale, knights, king and dynasty, spook and skull, ancient ship and ocean, and other mysterious images. These tattoos are drawn on human body parts as a fashion. Also, they are used by the print media for advertisement and for decoration in the cloths and dresses. These tattoos should be scalable and high quality. You cannot use raster tattoos and so tattoo conversion services from scratch or raster photos are necessary.

Watercolor Conversion

Watercolor Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Water color tattoos look awesome in the various garment items and even in the human body parts. These tattoos must be of maximum quality, because low quality raster photos cannot be gorgeous in various print media. They may get distorted when they are drawn or printed on papers, cloth items, etc. So, high quality watercolor vector conversion is very essential. However, you will get your desired quality vector tattoo converting service from us at the best prices within fast turnaround time.

Realism Tattoo Conversion

Realism Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Realism vector tattoo indicates the realistic presentation of the tattoo in the body parts or other printed elements like advertising elements, dresses, papers, banners, posters, and many more. By the realism tattoo conversion, the tattoos are created same as original images. There are lots of subjects that are worthy of being realistic tattoos. Without high quality vector conversion, realistic tattoo creation is almost impossible. So, quality vector conversion with hundred percent scalability is crucial for here that we have been providing.

Sketch Conversion

Sketch Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Sketch tattoo Vectorization is crucial for various sketch items such as symbols, icons, drawing and painting, portrait photo, and many more. Directly sketch images are not suitable for using any personal and commercial purposes. When are transformed into high quality vector images, they can be used anywhere. Due to their rustic look and possibility of getting distortion, raster sketch images are not quality photos. To convert tattoo to vector your images, we are providing various vector conversion services.

Dotwork Vector Conversion

Dotwork Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

This type of tattoo is very popular tattoo among the tribal people. And even, the modern people like this ancient process of tattoo creation. It is usually created on the body parts that often bleeds much. So, considering the danger, the civilized people are now-a-days having such tattoos painted on the body. Before creating these tattoos, they use vector tattoo creation services as design or frame. These vector designs must be highly qualified and that’s why they take vector design services from various companies. We are providing such vector tattoo conversion services.

New School Tattoo Conversion

New School Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

New school tattoos indicates to the modern tattoos. This type of tattoos is being used by today’s people. These tattoos cover modern trends and elements. Such tattoos are firstly created in raster formats, but due to resolution fact, they are no longer worthy to be used anywhere and that’s why these tattoos need to be converted into high quality vector formats. The images of vector formats are fully scalable, editable, and worthy to be used any purposes. So, many of our clients take new school tattoo to vector conversion services. We have been proving these raster to vector conversion services at the best prices.

Tribal Conversion

Tribal Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Tribal tattoo conversion is another important tattoo Vectorization service that we provide. It covers supernatural characters, signs, symbols, various wild animals, gods and goddess, wild weapons, and many more. These tattoos are usually very colorful. However, in past years the tattoo creation on the body parts was painful. But in present days, it is just a matter of painting according to the vector tattoo design. In this case, raster tattoo images are not used due to their low quality. On the other hand, converting tattoo images to vector format provides high-quality and scalable images.

Neo Traditional Conversion

Neo Traditional Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

This type of tattoos are very fashionable and all types of subjects are taken for such tattoo creation. In this case, subjects are human facts, supernatural elements, imaginary characters, modern scientific tools and gears, lovers and beloved, nature, and many more. The initial design of these subjects is made in raster image formats, but this format is not worthy to be used everywhere because of its low resolution. So, these designs should be converted into vector format, because only this format can provide a high-resolution tattoo design that can be enlarged at any range.

Japanese Tattoo Conversion

Japanese Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Japanese tattoo is very popular all over the world because of its wide range of variety. They create various types of tattoos depending on their myth, superhero, supernatural characters, dragons, marshal art, samurai, Barbie characters, and many other subjects. These tattoos are always created in the raster formats that provide low-resolution images and such images are not suitable for using any personal and commercial purposes. On the other hand, if the images are created in the vector format, it is guaranteed that you must get 100% quality images. So, tattoo vector conversion services are necessary and we have been providing it at the most convenient price packages.

Geometric Tattoo Conversion

Geometric Tattoo

Usually, this type of tattoo includes geometric graphs, icons, circles, squares, scales, map creation, world positioning, space images, and many more items. If these images are in raster formats, they cannot hold proper resolution and get blur. As a result, they become low-quality images, but low-quality tattoos cannot serve the purposes and that is why vector tattoo creation is necessary. Vector tattoos are generally high-quality tattoos. They can keep their quality in both print and digital media. So, tattoo commercials are using high-quality vector images and such images have a great demand worldwide. We are providing various types of tattoo Vectorization services.

Blackwork Tattoo Conversion

Blackwork Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is another awesome tattoo Vectorization process. This type of tattoos is actually made in black and white color. Most of the tattoo characters are taken from black art subjects. Such tattoos are often horrifying and thrilling, it doesn’t mean that they are not amusing. There are lots of other subjects that cover this tattoo creation process. Tattoos are mostly drawn on the body parts by attaching stickers apart from the old method of creating by bleeding. However, these stickers are not possible in raster formats because this format cannot provide high-resolution images and that is why vector tattoo creation services are taken by the tattoo-making companies.

Biomechanical Tattoo Conversion

Biomechanical Tattoo Vector Conversion - Vector Design US, Inc.

This another very popular tattoo creation. It is mostly loved by the young generation all over the world. This type of tattoo is pretty much hilarious and horrifying. But, it is also interesting considering romanticism. Being such biomechanical tattoos, they must be of high quality that is not possible in raster formats. It is only possible to have high-quality and full scalability images if such tattoos are created in vector formats. Besides this, such vector tattoos are suitable for both digital and print media. So, many of the tattoo commercials worldwide are taking vector tattoo creation services. Anyway, if you need vector tattoo illustration, you will get it from us at convenient prices.

However, along with the high-quality vector tattoo image converting, we have been providing a lot of other image Vectorization services such raster to vector conversion, vector line drawing, vector image mapping, vector floor plan drawing, real estate vector image creating, and many other vector related image editing services at the most competitive prices worldwide. We have global clients and they are fully satisfied working with us. We have in-house graphic designers and skilled vector illustrators who are providing maximum quality jobs. Our price packages are very suitable for you and you will get discounts on bulk orders. So, if you are pleased and you need to have perfect raster to vector conversion services, contact us and take a price quotation. We are always ready to help you best.

Vectorize an Tattoo

As a service provider specializing in tattoo vector conversion, we understand the importance of having a high-quality, scalable image of your tattoo design. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional service, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist you to transform your tattoo artwork into a professional, scalable vector file.

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