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Vector Logo Conversion

Vector conversion of logo is one of the most popular and used image editing services. It means to convert the raster logo to vector format. In general, a raster logo cannot fulfill all the purposes for marketing, because such logos cannot be used everywhere due to its incapability of keeping quality the same while enlarging. For using logos in different media, you need to use the big logo as your brand identity, and if it is raster, it would get distorted during enhancing in sizes. So, you have to use another format and that is vector photo that will provide you the maximum scalability advantage. However, our company has been serving you to convert logo to vector file with the most skilled vector artists at low cost. They are working with the latest graphic design tools like Illustrator. Surely, you will get the best-vectorized logo design service from us. For that, you have to send us your files and take a Free Quote Now.

Hand Drawn Logo to Vector Conversion

Hand Drawn Logo to Vector Conversion before- vector design us, inc.Hand Drawn Logo to Vector Conversion after- vector design us, inc.

Before creating any logo, the designers make hand-drawn sketches for clear visual guidelines. Then they take it into the computer by scanning and convert it into a vector logo. Such a hand drawn raster logo to vector conversion is significant because raster logo gets distorted while zooming and unfriendly to all digital device, unlike vector logo file. So, try to vectorize hand drawn logo for getting the best logo.

Raster Image to Vector Logo

Raster Image to Vector Logo ‍before- vector design us, inc.Raster Image to Vector Logo after- vector design us, inc.

Raster image formats is not suitable for using a logo in anywhere. It gets distorted while zooming at bigger sizes. If you want to use logo anywhere, you must take raster image to vector logo service. You will get this service with great professionalism at an affordable price. Our in-house vector artists are providing the best raster to vector logo service with low-price. Keep an eye on our portfolio page, if you like, send us your files and get a free quote within minutes.

Sketch to Logo Conversion

Sketch to Logo Conversion before- vector design us, inc.Sketch to Logo Conversion after- vector design us, inc.

Before creating any creative logo, you must sketch it by hand. It is an experiment done for several times. Then, after choosing one finally, the vector artists convert the sketch to vector logo. We have been providing this service for a long time with a great reputation. We have a very experienced and dedicated team of vector designers who are using the latest vector conversion tools. You will get the service from us at a low-price that must suit your business.

Embroidery Digitizing Logo Conversion

Embroidery Digitizing Logo Conversion before- vector design us, inc.Embroidery Digitizing Logo Conversion after- vector design us, inc.

Embroidery best suits on the fabrics. The logo that you see on various garment items are made with embroidery design. We are providing embroidery digitizing logo conversion service. It is a tricky job that our skilled designers perform well. This service is very cost-effective at our firm. You will also get a discount on bulk order that also reduce the overall cost of the logo conversion. So, send us your files and take a free quote within a short time.

Blurry Logo Conversion

Blurry Logo Conversion before- vector design us, inc.Blurry Logo Conversion after- vector design us, inc.

If your existing logo looks blurry, it may hamper your business. It seems non-professional indeed. It ruins the beauty of your corporate website or online business. Our company is working to provide blurry logo conversion service. The team of expert designers can easily convert blurry image to vector logo professionally by using the most modern photo editing tools. This service is widely used, but not low-price service. Yet, you will get the service at a reasonable price here.

Damage Logo Conversion

Damage Logo Conversion before- vector design us, inc.Damage Logo Conversion after- vector design us, inc.

Due to various reasons, your logo may be damaged. Besides, your old logo image can be outdated and look like damaged. You may feel the need of logo cleaning. In this case, don’t worry, our VECTOR DESIGN firm has been providing this service very skillfully. Our designers are working very dedicatedly with their professional knowledge. We provide damage logo to vector conversion service at the most affordable price packages. To judge our service quality, you may look at our work sample.

Vector Logo Conversion- vector design us, inc.

Convert Logo to Vector Format

Convert Logo into a vector file is one of the most adorable services in vector graphics. It is also a costly service. But still, you can get this service from us at a cheap rate. We are providing the service to convert to vector file. Our designers are so skilled in providing this demandable service professionally using modern tools. However, for judging our service quality, you can take a free quote. If you are satisfied, then be our customer. We are ready to help you

Importance of converting logo to vector file for screen printing or t-shirt design company

The importance of converting logo to vector file is beyond description. It is for your own business betterment. If you think to advertise your services or products, you need to use various elements and your logo on these marketing and branding materials. So, you have to use different sizes of the logo and here you cannot use raster logo as there is a possibility to get damaged your logo usage motif. In that case, you should turn hand-drawn logo into vector file by taking logo conversion services. It will give freedom to use the logo at any size irrespective of size. Vector logo format never gets pixelated and distorted while zooming, stretching, and using in different digital devices. For printing and t-shirt design, you must use vector logo to have better color, gloss, and smooth edge. So, get logo converting service for your business sake.

However, a high quality logo is designed always in a vector format by Adobe Illustrator. It is vector instead of raster image because the logo of a business is often used in various media like print or digital media for various purposes.

This logo may be small or large, even sometimes extra large and that’s why logo must be in vector format because the vector images provide the opportunity of flexibility and fully scalability. The vector logos are flexible because of its usage same as the raster image. It is fully scalable that means the logo can be enlarged at any size.

Besides, a vector logo design is easy to edit at any time to change shape or color, dimension or size. vector format logos can be changed into other raster formats along with color with compromising with quality.

Because of the flexibility and scalability, the logo can be use in small business cards making it too small in size, and again, it can be used in bigger size banners or posters keeping the same quality. Vectorizing a logo always can keep the professional and polished look.


Why does Logo redesign necessary?

The websites of the early contain raster logo. This site is no longer of high quality. With the advancement of the multi-purpose website and business, the logo of the website has needed to use in various media, but it is not possible because this logo is of low quality. So, the logo to vector conversion has become important. If you want to widen your business to a great extent, convert raster logo to vector art design.

There are many companies who are providing vector logo conversion service. Design your logo from them who are very experts in creative logo design in Illustrator and expand the arena of your business.


How can I turn my drawing into a logo?

Turning a drawing into a logo is pretty simple for the professional logo designer. But if you are not an expert logo maker, you will fail to convert drawing into a logo. You must feel that creating a logo from a sketch is so hard.

However, you can try to make a logo utilizing Adobe Illustrator. Draw a logo on paper, import the snapshot to your computer, open it in Illustrator, and continue to create the logo by hand. Unlike the professional, this logo design process may seem to you difficult and you may not get the desired stunning logo design. In that case, we think, you should not waste your valuable time, rather send us your logo drawing and allow us to work on it. We are a professional vector logo design company. We can turn your drawing into a logo with a fast turnaround.


Vectorize an Logo

As a leading service provider in logo design and vector conversion, we understand the importance of having a vector logo that is versatile, scalable, and suitable for various applications. We specialize in transforming your existing logo into high-quality vector format. At Vector Logo Conversion, we have a team of skilled graphic designers and illustrators who are experienced in converting raster or bitmap images into vector format. Our logo conversion process involves meticulous tracing and digitization of your existing logo using advanced vector software and tools. We ensure that every detail, shape, and color of your logo is accurately converted into vector paths, resulting in a crisp, clean, and precise digital representation of your logo.

Vector Logo Conversion- vector design us, inc

Vector Logo Conversion Work Sample

Vector File Formats That We Provide

Ai Format - Vector Design US Inc


EPS Format -Vector Design US Inc


SVG Format - Vector Design US Inc


PDF Format - Vector Design US Inc


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JPG Format - Vector Design US Inc


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Logo to Vector Conversion Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is vector logo conversion?

Ans: Old websites used raster images like logo, but later with the pace to modern technologies, they are no longer suitable to be used in various media because they get pixilated. That’s why these logos need to be converted into a vector and this conversion is known as vector logo conversion.

How about the cost and quality of vectorize my logo?

Ans: We have been providing the best quality logo conversion with low price without compromising quality. Our three steps QA process is ensuring the maximum quality. To provide you the best quality service, we have an experienced team of the most skilled vector artists.

Who takes this service?

Ans: Every corporate sector especially who has raster logo used at their websites. They need to convert their logos into vector files for making their logo suitable for marketing in any media. So, this service is suitable for a personal website logo, corporate logo, eCommerce business logo, and many more.

How much should I charge to convert a logo to a vector file for someone?

Ans: I (Vector Design US, Inc.) should charge $20+ to convert a logo to a vector file. But the price of mine starts from $10 because I care about social responsibility and B2B collaboration for building a better mutual business relationship. So, whenever you need logo conversion service, knock my team to serve the order with the top quality at an affordable price.

Do you convert drawing to vector?

Ans: Yes, we convert all types of drawing, sketch, and art to vector format logo. Don’t worry, if you have a drawing logo, send us. We will turn a drawing into a logo by experienced designers.

Tell me how to turn logo into vector?

Ans: Please, don’t tense. Send us your image, sketch, drawing, or old logo, we will turn your old logo into an HD vector file. Yet to inform you, we take a logo design order and proper instruction from clients like you, deploy the vectorizing order to our skilled vector artists, they vectorize logo in Illustrator or create vector logo, and then we finally deliver to our customers.

How do I make my logo a vector format?

Ans: If you try to do it at home, it may be complex in case if you don’t have enough expertise. As a result, you may not get the best vector image format. So, you can send us your raster image file, hand-drawn sketch, or any other image, we can convert that image into a vector file and you will get the best-looking logo for your business. We have enough expertise, latest tools, and experienced vector artists.

Why it is important to vectorize a logo?

Ans: You cannot use raster logo in all the modern media. For marketing purposes, you may need to enlarge your logo and if it is in raster format, it will get ruined. So, it is very important to take the best logo conversion service.

Where can I make a vector file for a logo?

Ans: If you want to get a high-quality distortion-free and limitless extendable logo that you can use anywhere for any use, you can contact us. We, a cheap logo vectorizing company, have been offering logo vectorizing service at the best price. To produce a great quality logo for you, we have the latest technology and the most experienced designers.

Do you vectorise logo free?

Ans: No, we don’t offer free logo design service. Believe, free things everywhere are not good enough. In the case of design, if you take free services, it will not work most of the time. Rather try to take a professional logo design and spend money. Your logo will serve your business purpose. We never recommend free vector logo design or conversion service. More or less, it not a matter. At least buy logo design service.

How fast will you vector my logo?

Ans: Usually, within 24 hours we deliver logo design and conversion service. But sometimes time may vary due to the complexity of logo design. In that case, at the very beginning, we must discuss the deadline with you.

Still have questions about how vectorization service can help your business? Feel free to send us an

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