Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes our customers before requesting a quote for converting images to vector ask a number of questions related to vector designing processes and our services. Our FAQ section, has been built upon customer queries and you can find many of the answers to your questions about vector photos, image conversion, tracing or file types, payment etc. If you will not get any desired answer from this FAQ section then you are always welcome to our customer support center. We also have Contact Us form for your kind queries to submit.

General Questions FAQ

What is Raster or Bitmap Image?

Raster images or bitmaps images are designed on the basis of square pixels (dots) and when it scaled up they significantly lose their picture quality causing images look either blurry or even sometimes unrecognizable and distorted. The mostly used raster file formats are JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW, etc.

What is Vector Image?

Vector image is a mathematical function of design of any image. Vector imager do not have any pixels. It has high quality features and never lose their quality despite of the zoomed size of the image or artwork. The commonly known formats of vector images are AI, EPS, PDF, etc.

Why Vector images are needed?

Vector images are used in printing or digital platforms to obtain unbroken and high resolution quality for the visuals. The most popular area of using vector images are in large and small format digital printing, sign printing, vinyl cuts, posters printing, billboards printing, t-shirt printing, laser cuts, embroideries, flash animation, etc.

FAQ for Services

How does Vector Design Company work in online service?

To order for converting to vector image at Vector Design is very easy. Please visit and place a free quote request in the quote request form. Fill the order form and just submit it. We will reply you shortly with a estimation of cost depending on the complexity of your images. After your payment confirmation our designer will start to work.

How do you convert to the vector it the image contains any letter?

We have very skilled graphics designer team. Letter or any kind of complex image they can convert into vector. Our font database is very enrich. We try to match the letter with our fonts, If it is not possible to get the same to same font then our designers can draw fronts.

How much secure my files and information?

Vector Design endure you about the file and information security. We are very strict to keep your files secure. We do not share any client’s information to others or anywhere. Your account is also secure. Our customer support team never share anything to market place or any other place else.

How will I place job and receive?

Our receiving and delivery section is very flexible and all types of file transfer is supported. We accept hard disk, compact discs etc. We also have our own server and you can upload through FTP to your account and we will get the images. After completing work we will send you link to download the finished images.

Is it possible to rework and revision?

Clients’ satisfaction is our main purpose. If you get any fault or defect in our work, we are always ready to rework on it to get the perfect perfection level. We do not charge any extra payment for reworking.

What type of image format do you support to convert?

We can convert almost all format types of images such as jpg, jpeg, png, psd, tiff, pdf etc.

Payment FAQ

What is the pricing?

Our pricing or charge depends on the complexity level of images. We offer very competitive charge which starts from $4.99 only. In our pricing section you will get the charge catalog. For batch or bulk amount image conversion we offer discounts.

How can I pay the payment?

We accept VISA card, master Card, Paypal, Wire transfer, Bank Check etc.

Is it possible to cancel my order and get refunded?

It is possible to cancel your order. It is depending you on your cancelling time. If our designers already start to work then canceling the whole order would not be possible. In the case of refund, we refund for cancelling the order. If you cancel the order before our designer starting to work then you will be refunded the full money, and if you cancel the order during the designers working then the refund amount will depend on how much of the order already have been done.