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Badge Vector Conversion Work Sample

Badge Vector Conversion

If you have personal badges or business badges that need to be customized for a new look, we can help you offer the top-notch badge design. We provide the top-quality badge vector conversion service from the old ugly badges. We create new creative badges from scratch, convert raster to vector badge, change badge image formats to png badges, make vector badges for printing, add fonts and name tag with badges, restore damaged badges, and more. Our professional badge makers produce security badges, employee badges, educational and school badges, Pokémon badges, etc. The most appreciated badges are round badges, oval badges, rectangular badges, square badges, and many other types of badges that we provide to our global clients at affordable price ranges.

Badge vector conversion before 3- vector design us, inc.Badge vector conversion after 3- vector design us, inc.
Badge vector conversion before 1- vector design us, inc.Badge vector conversion after 1- vector design us, inc.

Badge logo

Get our professional badge logo conversion service for your brand’s personality. Raster badge logo to vector badge logo conversion is one of our premium raster images to vector image conversion services. You can also take custom badge logo design services from scratch. If you have ideas, share that with our professional logo designers and they will help you to create the perfect badge logo design within minimum time and at an affordable price.

Pin or Button Badge

We convert pin badge or button badge images to vector badge graphics also. You will also get creating vector designs for various types of pin badges like event badges, political pin badges, congratulation badges, character designs for pin badges, volunteer pin badges, religious badges, country map on badges, and many more. Whatever you need pin badge design conversion into vector or new creative design, you will get from us. Our skilled designers are producing the best pin badges.

Badge Icon

If you need badge icon design services or badge icon conversion from the old badge, you can get our cordial design help. We provide awards line icon, sticker icon, discount badge icon, star badge icon, prize line icon, award line icon, trophy badge line icon, winner badge illustration, champion badge icon, and more. Our experienced badge icon designers are too excelled to create any type of vector badge icon for your business and clients. Contact us.

Metal badge

We help the metal badge sellers offering the best metal badge design and vector converting services. On request, we transform your jpg or png badge images to hd vector badges as per your demand. You will get vector conversion for sports metal badges, uniform insignia badge, nameplate badge images, trophies, token, coin, and promotional badge items, personal badge designs, etc. Our high-end vector badge image conversion will give you the best printable badge graphics.

Pokémon Badge

Get our Pokémon aka pocket monster design or vector conversion services and boost your Pokémon business. At our New York production house, we have pro-quality artists and vector conversion specialists who create various Pokémon personalities and their arms aiming to serve the Pokémon badge producers and business owners. We follow the Japanese Pokémon trends and design and illustrate accordingly so that your Pokémon buyers love those.

Custom Badge

Vector Design US, Inc. has been offering the best-customized Badge design and conversion for print purposes. Our trendy badge design with a great color combination will assist to take your business to the next level that you cherish. You can have custom badge design services for t-shirt business, advertising and marketing elements, occupational badges, and many more. Our quality badge design will make you satisfied and boost your profits. Try us.

Premium Badge Vector services

Take our other types of badge vector conversion and design services from the vector design experts. You will get bit or bitcoin reward-related badges, colorful pronoun badges, name button badges, heart badges, triangular badges, Glitter badge, Neon Badge, glowing badge, lenticular badge, identification badge, winner badge, event badge, cop badge, and many more. Get your custom badge design or convert an old raster badge to new high-end printable vector badges for personal or commercial purposes. You must be amazed and satisfied with our quality design and converting vector works.

Badge Vector Conversion

Get Professional Badge Vector Conversion

We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with vectorized image needs such as a vector conversion, vector illustration, vector artwork conversion, logo conversion and much more.

Looking for Badge Vector Conversion?

100% Manual Vector Service

Never trust on automatic low-quality vector tracing, rather grab the high-end manual vector conversion in Illustrator.

Best Raster to Vector Conversion at Convenient Price

Get the topmost raster to vector conversion services at the best prices and boost your online product sales and profits.

Within Your Deadline

Without compromising with low-quality visuals, we produce the max quality vector graphics within your tight deadline.

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Badge Vector Conversion Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is a Badge?

Ans: A badge is a small piece of metal, plastic, cloth or anything that contains a design, mark, or words. It is worn to identify a person. Badge is also used to indicate membership of any organization. the supporters for any cause also wear badge of purposes. However, badge images are high-end vector images that are useful of HD print items.

What is Badge Vector Conversion?

Ans: Vector conversion is an Illustrator technique is used to make a raster image transformed into vector graphic. Raster jpg or png is converted into vector svg or pdf due to its highly scalability and print quality. So, raster badge images cannot be printed maintaining required quality. they get distorted and that is why badge vector conversion is essential.

What do you do for the best badge image quality?

Ans: We convert raster images to HD vector graphics by the most skilled & experienced vector design experts in our in-house production unit. We use state-of-the-art technology and our 3 steps quality controlling system ensures the best badge photo vectorization. We show zero tolerance with low quality. You can rely on us.

Who uses badge vectorizing service?

Ans: Our badge vectorizing services are usually taken by individuals or companies, event management, political or social parties, social activities, and more. So, you can also take this service whenever you need it. We are open 24/7 to help you offering the max quality badge vector photos.

How about the cost and quality of the badge vector conversion?

Ans: We are providing this service at top quality with the most competitive price packages. We provide 100% high-end vector badges at a reasonable price comparing to the competitors. We offer various discount packages on bulk order for vector badge conversion from raster graphics that reduces the overall service cost. You must be satisfied with our quality, cost, and fast tern around.

Still have questions about how vectorization service can help your business? Feel free to send us an email:[email protected]

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I love VECTOR DESIGN! They make most of my tshirt special orders with super reasonable price.

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Vector Design is the best!!! I've used him several times over the last year(or more) and I've never been disappointed in quality or turn-around time!

Earlene Slaugh NY 10013, USA

I run a printing company and VECTOR DESIGN has been designing several good looking t-shirts. Also convert Image to vector format for us and we can very easily use for printing. They efforts elevated the quality of our printing exponentially. Plus, they had no trouble meeting our deadlines (usually delivering early!). Their rates are very reasonable despite our tight budget. Our clients are very happy with their design. Highly recommend, because they are stunning!

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Vector Design provides fast, easy & quality services and cheaper than anywhere else, perfect! Thank you. Will recommend to everyone.