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Apparel Photo Editing Services

Apparel Photo Editing Services

One of the most taken photo editing services is an apparel photo editing and retouching service that requires a high effort to get professionally edited. Different types of photo editing methods are applied by experienced graphic editors and retouchers because beginner photo editing personnel fail to bring about the required quality. Nevertheless, the latest photo editing tools are required to get quality apparel photo editing. Usually, the photos of the garments need ghost mannequin effect creation, exposure correction, color correction, hue/saturation, background removing methods, retouching, Photoshop shadow creation, and other services to produce eCommerce quality cloth images so that they can catch the potential customers’ attention.

However, we do all the things necessary to create high-quality apparel images according to the clients’ and market demand. We never indulge in low quality at our in-house production house and we offer quality photo editing services at the most competitive prices. You must be satisfied getting such business-oriented high-quality cloth photos at low cost within 24 hours, even overnight. Besides that, you will get discounts on bulk photo editing orders that will reduce your overall photo editing cost. If you are interested, please feel free to send us a quote request or a free trial. We will get back to you within a short time.

Clipping Path Service

Various clipping path services are used to edit garment photos. To remove background, apply ghost mannequin services, and select any part of a particular cloth image, there is no alternative to clipping path that is the root of all photo editings or selections. Our graphic designers provide max quality various clipping path services for editing different images based on complexities.

White Background

A white background is essential for any eCommerce product and in the case of apparel items, it is a must. Colorful garment products look stunning on a white backdrop. It maximizes the possibility to be purchased. Besides, every eCommerce platform demands white product background instead of worse-looking gray or any other color behind the product. We are good at replacing white backgrounds.

Photo Resize

During photography, the photographer may take images in various formats like portrait, landscape, etc. which all are not as per the policy of the eCommerce website. So they are to take garment product photo resizing services. This service will give you the best quality product image shape which increases the aesthetics of the product and improves the selling prospect. Our company is offering all photo resize services.

Dust, Spot Clinging

Apparel product photos with specks of dust, spots, and other quality issues are not quality photos and the customers even may think negatively about quality. This attitude will ruin your products’ fame. So, every apparel product businessman should take Photoshop dust and spot cleaning. This service will maximize product image quality. It will draw customers’ attention and also increase selling possibilities.

Wrinkle Remove

Garments product images should be free from wrinkle as much as possible. It should be straight, clean, clear, and the product’s texture should be visible. It may not be possible to hold expected quality only by taking well photographs and that is why you have to take Photoshop wrinkle to remove service. Our designers remove wrinkles and straighten the garment’s product image to bring pro quality.

Pin, Clip, Tag Remove

Most often, the shutterbugs use various types of supports like pins, clips, tape, tags, hangers, stands, mannequins, and more to take perfect product photos. But, still, it is impossible to get flawless images, because there may have these short things that destroy the image quality. So, it is the best way to remove objects from garment product images. It increases image quality and selling potentiality as well.

Ghost Mannequin as An Apparel Photo Editing

One of the most adorable photo editing services is ghost mannequin effect creation in Photoshop. It is widely taken around the world by the best garment product sellers. This very technique removes mannequins from garment items and retains the hollow or ghostly look. This 3D effect helps the customers understanding product shape. At our production house, we provide ghost mannequin services.

Shadow Creation

Shadows are crucial for any product images, especially for garment products. After removing the mannequin from the neck area, sleeves area, and bottom area, the designers apply gradient shadows that create hollow effects. Besides, the Photoshop shadow creation service provides reality and landing to the product images. We have the most experienced graphic designers who produce perfect shadows.

Color Enhancements

Another very important photo editing service for garment product photos. Every garment item must be flawless regarding color because it is the only color that attracts potential customers at the first. Our designers apply various Photoshop techniques like color adjustment, hue/saturation, curves, exposure correction, and more to maintain or regain the original color of the products. Try us free.    

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