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What is White Background for?

Change photo background to white is useful for e-commerce product images, event photos, personal images, brand designs, etc.

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White Background Services

White background refers to the product images that contain a white backdrop. It is beyond a description of the importance to make background white of product images. White background improves image quality and is more catchy to the viewers. So, online retailers use white backdrops in their product photos and display them on e-commerce websites. The images with white backgrounds are more attractive and salable.

You can understand the significance of white background if you think that an entire photo editing industry has got developed on these white background services. The designers follow a lot of useful easy and complex processes to make the image backdrop white.

How to make a white background image?

The method of white background creation depends on the image complexity. If the images contain hard-edge, the photo editors apply clipping path service. In the case of soft-edge images like furry and hairy images, the designers utilize image masking services. And for simple hard-edge images with no zigzag outline, we use a simple Photoshop Eraser tool to withdraw the background.

Let’s have a process of background removal and white

  • Open an image you desired to remove and add a white background in Photoshop
  • Select the Pent Tool
  • Create a path around the image
  • Press Ctrl + Enter to make a selection.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection from image to background
  • Hit the Delete key from the keyboard and get a transparent background.
  • Now take a new layer.
  • Add white color or any other color that you need.
  • And place the layer under the image layer.

Thus you can get a white background or colored background. However, we provide white background services for our clients. If you need, contact us.

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Get White Background Photo

Do you need an image with a white background? Add white background to photo? We can assist you as a professional photo editing service provider worldwide. The veteran photoshop artists will take care of your images. You will get white background photo editing services for any type of image. We serve PSD file format along with jpg, png, bitmap that must be fit for online stores and your digital devices. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to serve you any photo editing services. If you are looking for the best photoshop experts, contact us.

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White Background Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is white background service?

Ans: BG whiten service is a part of background remove service. It means the addition of white background behind the product image.

How about the cost and quality of background whitening service?

Ans: No too much. It is affordable. Our background removal or white background service price starts from $0.50 and you will also get a discount on the bulk number of images.

Who takes white backdrop service?

Ans: This photo editing service is necessary for e-commerce product owners, retailers, store owners, whole-sellers, and more. If you are one of them, you need a white background-making service for your products.

How to get white background on eBay photos?

Ans: Getting white background for eBay images is the same way as Amazon’s image whitening service. Hire a photo editor for your product image editing. The designer will take care of your eBay product image editing.

How fast will you vector my logo?

Ans: Usually, within 24 hours we deliver logo design and conversion service. But sometimes time may vary due to the complexity of logo design. In that case, at the very beginning, we must discuss the deadline with you.

How to make white background for amazon?

Ans: Making white background in Photoshop is the same process for every photo. The steps are like-
  • Take an image that needs to replace the white background.
  • Create clipping path around the image.
  • Make the path a selection.
  • Delete the existing background and get a transparent background.
  • Now take a Layer in the layer panel.
  • Add white color to the new layer and place it down the image layer.
  • Resize the image according to the amazon image uploading requirements.
  • Finally, save the image as per your necessary image formats.
  • Done.

Still, have questions about how white background service can help your business? Feel free to send us an email: [email protected]

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Nicolas Benjamin
Nicolas Benjamin San Manuel 85631, AZ

Taking white background service from Vector Design US, Inc. is one of the best investments I ever made! It's exactly what I've been looking for. The service is worth much more than I paid. Brilliant execution.

Karen Michaud
Karen Michaud Fairborn 45324, OH

Great work! Vector Design US, Inc. is super responsive and blazing-fast in task delivery. Using expertise team to ensure high-end white background for complex product images. Definitely recommended.

Michael Wiesner Baton Rouge 70896, LA

Pleasure working with Vector Design US, Inc. We are happy with their white bg service. They served the order on time and within our budget. We would recommend them to anyone looking for quality product image file.