If your image is blurry, you can fix the blur effects in Photoshop. Blurry image fix is a part of image restoration. You can unblur images, no matter what type of blur image you have. In the case of raster image blur, we utilize Adobe Photoshop.

On the other hand, if your corporate identity images are a blur, you have to take the blurry image to vector conversion services that will create high-end vector graphics. Vector images are scalable and free from distortion or blur.

Advertising and Marketing item designs that need to be printed must be in vector formats. Rater graphics cannot maintain their exact quality during zooming and printing. So, for the best images, vector images are better than raster photos.

Why Blurry Image to Vector Conversion is needed?

Blurry images are not appropriate for any using. They cannot scatter the messages. A clearer image is worth thousand words. So, hopefully you understand the importance of a great image.

If your picture is blurry, they cannot create a positive impression about the products among the mass-people rather they may give a negative idea that results in failure in making a good profit. Blurry marketing and advertising items fail to draw the attention of potential customers.

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How to unblur an image?

In the case of a raster image, you can unblur an image in Photoshop or GIMP, but in the case of a logo or other print designs, you should apply blurry image to vector conversion technique. It will directly convert your image from a blur to a vector.

In a raster image editing software, removing blur effect from an image is time consuming work. But the best vector conversion artists do the job within a fraction of hour. Though there are automatic image tracing technique, but for the best result, we apply hand drawn method in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

Our vector conversion experts are capable of removing any type of blur effect- motion blur, gaussian blur, etc. Removing the fuzziness by vector converting is one of our most common work. You can rely on our vector specialists.