Clipping Path Services

clipping path

As we said, the clipping path is a medium of selecting an image to modify or change, it is so much crucial photo editing technique. We are providing the best clipping path services to product photographers, eCommerce product sellers, and those who need image editing services. In the case of eCommerce product image modification, there are no other options, but clipping paths. Clipping path is necessary for almost all types of image manipulations and image masking service is crucial for soft-edge graphics.

Simple/Basic Clipping Path

Get our high-end clipping path for your simple product images or any other photos. It is the primary level of clipping path. It is often called the basic clipping path. The images that contain no hole, but straight, rectangular, oval, or curved shape with one or two anchor points are under the simple clipping path category. For example- ball, cup, plate, book, mobile, etc. Working with these images requires less effort and so, its price is comparatively lesser.

Medium Clipping Path

This clipping path is harder than the simple clipping path because product photos of the medium clipping path category contain holes and eventually, they require numerous anchor points while creating paths with Photoshop pen tool. Such images contain more curves and twists. For example- machinery items and parts, bracelets, shoes, set of watches, jewelry sets, and more. We provide all clipping path services by the most skilled photo editors.

Complex Clipping Path

Complex clipping path technique is applied to those product images that are too complex to edit with the pen tool. They contain multiple holes, closed paths, and require humorous anchor points due to their complex shapes. For example- furniture, chain, necklace, net, jewelry, furry doll, and the like. Complex clipping tests the capability of the designers to remove product background. It is one of the toughest photo editing works.

Super Complex Clipping Path

The product photos like machinery, cars, bicycle, motorbike, people in a frame, etc. are the images for super complex clipping path service. It s the ultimate type of clipping path that is the most tiresome work. Due to the complex product shapes and having countless anchor points, the super complex path needs appropriate skills, experienced designers, and available time to edit. A photo editor is perfect when he can work on super complex images.

Multi Clipping Paths

Multi clipping path is needed for images that contain multiple objects or subjects. If your product model wears a cap, shirt, pants, jewelry, watch, and you need to modify these items distinctively, you need multiple clipping paths. This clipping path helps to select and edit each of the items independently. The images like group people, jewelry sets, products collage, and more. Think such images require multipath service.

Compound Clipping Path

Compound clipping path is next to medium clipping path and prior to complex clipping path. Applying this technique is pretty much hard and designers need practice. It is applied to images that contain multiple holes and curves that result in countless anchor points. However, the product images that come up with this category are group products, jewelry set, cosmetics collection, collage, group apparel, and more.