Homies Drawing Ideas That Will Help You Draw Incredible

Homies Drawing Ideas That will Help You Draw Incredible

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Cartoon arts relaxes our body and soul because it allows our freedom of art. And our homies are maybe the closest person comes after our family. Right? Homies are our neighbors or our acquaintance. Basically, a gang of youth with whom we spent most of the time of our life and make precious memories. So, I think homies drawings are not ordinary cartoon drawings without significance. For the homies drawing ideas, the subject, moments, imagination, and the element of chance were an important part of artistic production.

They actually convey great significance and keep precious moments alive. And an artist is the only person who can make them. It is a great deal for the artists who want to keep spending enjoyable moments with their homies alive and can make for others. They experimented with methods intended to keep precious memories, drawing cartoon characters the same as one’s homies to produce random, unpredictable portraits.

Using the techniques and ideas I enlisted in this writing will wake up the artists from lulling an almost semiconscious trance-like state while drawing homies. Okay, breaking your patience we are going to start.

The point is that any avid reader is bound to go through at least to the end. Let’s see which homies idea makes you so stunned!

Showing Off Homie

Showing Off Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

In every friend group, we will find different personalities such as a funny friend, a dumb, a talented one, and also a showing off one. Can you guess which one we are going to start with? Yes, as the title goes starting with a negative personality that is a show-off homie.  

Show off is indeed not an ingenious deed. Only fools can agree with this kind of behavior. I am also not giving support to a showy person. But this portrait is to teach them a lesson in a cartoonish way. We never intend to insult or hurt someone.

So, if this drawing is related to anyone’s homie or personally you, I am sorry first. This portrait intends to show them how boring they look with a showy personality that’s all. This showy homie is wearing hypebeast fashion and shows off his gold chain necklace and money with a rapper-style dreadlock.

Glutton Homie

Glutton Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is always a hungry glutton homie in every group. Glutton homies are much better than those who spread negativity. They are so obsessed with food. Usually, skip gossip for having food. But indeed, it is a funny personality to talk about food always.

So, I feel like giving priority and enlisting this funny character in number 2. This is an African black homie mixing a cake in a bowl while wearing a chef’s hat. He has both personalities as rappers and gluttony. As for the rapper I use a silver metallic chain on his neck and a blue sunglass on his eye.

As for making food a bowl, a hand whisker and the chef’s hat is enough. I think it is the simplest element I used to represent two characters in one person. And look carefully the portrait doesn’t look so stuffy. Everything is placed just in the perfect place where it should be.

And the most astonishing part is this portrait is done with a 3D illustration. So, when you draw this picture in hand, you have to be a little more cautious as it is done in 3d style.

Long Time No See

Long Time No See - Vector Design US, Inc.

“Long time no see” is maybe the most painful sentence for homies. At times we all grew up and became so busy pursuing dreams, goals, and careers. It is the hardest time of our lives when we can’t meet with our homies for months and even years.

This moment is worth drawing and best for keeping as a remembrance. The expression when we meet our homies after months or years is precious. Drawing this excitement is really experimental for artists. Here in this portrait, you can feel the excitement vibe.

Here two homies meet after a long time in a street. One of them owns a bike. Another homie has long hair he is very much surprised that he keeps his hand crossed in the head (pictured). Since it is daytime adding a little bit of shadow will be great.

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School Bunker Homies

School Bunker Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

In every class, there is a mischievous group of homies who usually like to disturb both teachers and students. Though they are indecent, they create the most memories in a school than toppers. They enjoy their teen life so much. Here in this portrait, I represent the situation when they are sitting in the school or college entrance having a bad tempting gaze.

They have a bosozoko style bike. Their hairstyle and color you can see so obvious for mischievous students. One of them wears a face mask you can skip this part. They are wearing school uniforms; you also can add customization for the school uniform.

Gossipy Homies

Gossipy Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

Gossipy homies are another interesting character. They kinda stay in the middle position such as they don’t harm anyone or not being so good. They are just interested in everyone’s story to gossip, that’s all. So, here to make the idle gossipy homie portrait I took two blonde-haired men.

They whisper about sales secrets of their working place since they are grown up now. Brown-haired paste hoodie-wearing man keeps mouth open, surprised by the latest news. To make it more exciting there I include a white empty message bar above their head on the bright yellow background.

Over Smart Homie

Over Smart Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

If we talk about our neighborhood, our class, or in our office there are always some people who of them are the feeling that they always know more but actually they are not.  So here is our over smart homie you can see he is wearing a tiger print yellow shirt with a matching purple hat on his head.

This portrait takes a black bold underline that is a little bit unusual. His expression and smile are so obvious for his over-the-smart outlook. And the shiny sunglass that made him think he is the only best one in this world.

Basketball Player Homie

Basketball Player Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

Basketball is a common play for any school or college. Almost every college has a basketball court so it is, of course, the best topic for drawing. This black homie character is going back home after playing basketball. He is holding the basketball with his upper biceps. And he is holding an old-style tape recorder it is an additional part you can definitely avoid. 

Basketball is surely an exhausting game and he also looks so tired that he sighed. The most beautiful part of this portrait is the line drawing city-background that helps the audience to understand that he is going back home from playing.

Backbencher Homies in Their Middle Age

Backbencher Homies in Their Middle Age - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is a saying that goes “Age is just a number”. This saying is so true in front of the homies. Whatever age we are in when we are with our homies, we forget our age and just do stupid things. This portrait is an idle example of one of those moments. These 3 homies are wearing Cholo style.

One of them has a heavy mustache, he is holding a tiny bag. The middle one is presumably a bald man who is sitting on a bicycle. Another one is wearing a hat, standing crossed leg and doing victory sign. Three of them have lettering and other tattoos on their hands.

The Hero Homie

The Hero Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are now so many albums, movies, music that provides moments, memories. One article published with a title that touches me so much was “You can’t spell hero without homies”. Aren’t these words heart-melting? So, here is our hero homie. He is wearing a grey jacket. With rapper style cross locket chain, chain bracelet, white watch, and a cap on the head.

He is posing ‘the thinker’ pose, keeping his hand on the chin. It is an easy drawing that beginners to top artists anyone can draw. So, it can be the best approach to start homie drawing. I always suggest starting with an easy one. Easy one increases interest and motivates to draw the tougher or gorgeous subject. 

The Detective Homies

The Detective Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

Detection is an extremely serious subject. This serious subject is also being simple when your homie is with you. Here are two little detective homies working together to find out some issues. To solve something, you must go through with some problems.

So here we are! The point I want to say is from the following painting their expression is so obvious that they are having troubles. They are holding pepper spray as a weapon since they are still kids pepper spray would be the best weapon for them to think… besides the background of this portrait is extremely amazing that it composes a dark and light effect combination.

The edges are dark and the middle portion is bright. This portrait will be better for the cartoon CD cover, music covers, or cartoon covers, detective storybook cover, t-shirt printing, and so on.

Feather-Brained Homie

Feather-Brained Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

Just as bad people are harmful in our life, so foolish people are the same. Though they don’t have bad intentions, end of the day their foolish deeds can be caused problems for you or can ruin your plans for anything. It is a real-life suggestion for all of us but drawing a foolish homie can cause nothing. Rather it can be one of the best subjects for homie drawing.

Our foolish homie is wearing a red t-shirt and a red cap on his head. He is a dark-skinned homie. Here are black bold outlines on the whole portrait. Though bold outlines make photos attention-grabbing but still many artists don’t adapt this drawing style so much. Well, he has an oval egg-shaped eye to show his foolishness and has a wired mouth (pictured).

Topper Homies

Topper Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

The easiest way to find out toppers at a glance is their decency. You’ll find decency in everything such as their behaviors, talking, dress up, hairstyles in a word in everything. In the following photo, I tried to draw that innocent vibe of the topper’s homies. You can see their dress is so simple, a simple pair of jeans pants and t-shirts. Better not to draw fashionable dresses.

Then another way to find out toppers is glass. Maximum toppers use glass. Well, they are simply happy, everyone took a happy smile on their faces. To make it more lively I add a homie carry another homie in the back. Standing tall all alone is really a boring drawing. I think adding some props such as ballon is better than that.

Mafia Homies

Mafia Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

What do you think homies can be built only in school colleges, or from neighborhoods? It is wrong thinking. Mafias also became homies. The people they work together with can become more than family. The below portrait features three Mafia Homies working together. Their boss mafia wearing a white shirt, brown pants, matching brown hat, and is sitting on a brown vintage sofa.

The other two friends stand aside from him. One of them is short wears a stripe coat and hat, holding a gun. Another standing tall homie is also wearing the same coat and hat. Well, this portrait is named outstanding for its artistic background. It is isolated on brown brick background.

Cool Homie

Cool Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

Apparently, cool homies are best of all. This type of person always conveys a ‘damn care’ vibe in them. Whatever happened in the world they are busy in their own world. It is kinda good that they always think of a job as they can do everything. Giving up is not seen in them. So? This type of character must deserve a strong aura of drawing skills, right? It is another little homie wearing an orange hoodie.

Posing angled keeping his hands differently. This portrait is best for using cartoon covers, t-shirts, sticker makings. This cool homie is drawn by neon sign effect so if you use any other colors the outlook will be changed. First aware of the issue then start drawing. After a long session of drawing, if you don’t get the expected result, it is depressing.

Serious Homie

Serious Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

Serious homies are kinda funny. At least I found them very funny. Why is that? Because they always carry a serious poker face. They have the same feelings for all situations whether it is a joke or a serious conversation between homies. Moreover, they smile very little.

So, I choose an Afro-American man for a serious homie portrait because I found that seriousness on the face of Afro-Americans what I earnestly look for. He is wearing a hip-hop outfit. This portrait is best to represent subcultural homies.

Homies Gathering Together

Homies Gathering Together - Vector Design US, Inc.

Between homies, a common word is gathering. This word seems quite simple but it conveys a great significance for homies. I can say spending time at a gathering with homies are the best time of our life. And if that is a gathering at the campfire, then there is no question about this!

So, I take a campfire subject for gathering homies portrait. Here are five homies sitting around the campfire on a starry night. One of them is playing guitar. Such a beautiful view. But this portrait is done with the seamless pattern flat style of drawing. When you draw this, you can add outlines that will give a more pleasant result than this following portrait.

Rapper Homie

Rapper Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

In modern times rapping has become a preferred profession for youngsters. Once there was a time rapping is a pastime for people. Today, so many youngsters choose to rap as their career or profession. Here is our bodybuilder rapper homie drawing idea that you can gift your rapper homie to keep this on his studio. This rapper homie has a dreadlock style, wearing a golden metallic thick chain and glass. He is smiling wholeheartedly. You will find a tattoo in his arms.

Working Together Homies

Working Together Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is a lot of groups of homies who think growing together is better than growing alone. I am one of them. I also like this idea so much that is why this portrait is placed on my favorite portraits list. It is a 3D illustration-based portrait of a homies business team working together for success and growth.

Multicultural characters help their Homies and give support. They became business partners than homies. It is kinda updating relationships by corporate partnership and cooperation. It also makes a strong relationship of homies. So, this portrait is worth keeping. And the stairs like presentation and the unusual background I bet you won’t find it in any other portraits.

Skater Homie

Skater Homie - Vector Design US, Inc.

After a long time of waiting, we find a homie with co-curricular activities. He is riding a skateboard. He is wearing a very stuffy outfit that is a jacket, cap, blue sunglasses, and skating shoes. He has a heavy blonde beard and mustache.

He most probably drinking. And the cartoonish background is amazing for any skating advertisements, posters, or t-shirt printings. And the broken-down wall that reveals old bricks is making an amazing composition. If you like drawing stuffy and gorgeous portraits this skater homie drawing idea will definitely work for you perfectly.

Traveler Homies

Traveler Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who doesn’t like traveling? And if it was with homies? More exciting Nah? Yeah, it is! So? What will gonna be our traveler homie idea? This is a traveler homie drawing that is gonna give you the feel of traveling. Since online is now the most preferred media for people so I took an online traveling subject.

They are talking about online ticket booking. They are all doing perfectly like a sign with their hands. A big monitor is organized in the background with a traveling map. It is the background that takes this simple subject to another level of drawing traveling homies.

Childhood Sweetheart Homies

Childhood Sweetheart Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

Kids from the neighborhood who grow up together are called childhood sweethearts. They are the persons who spent more time with their homies from their families. And because of the neighborhood, their families also have no objections about this type of relationship.

I like this kind of relationship so much because they became the couple in the future life who understands themselves so better than other couples. So here I enlist two childhood sweetheart homies who are playing together with sands. These babies are wearing the same dress which is amazing.

Childhood Homies

Childhood Homies - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is called that group of three homies is the group of the most fun. Usually, two friends always pull the leg of one homie. When they have fun the third homie gets mad. This is a very common yet most enjoyable moment for every group of three homies. Isn’t this moment worth drawing? Of course, without any doubt.

It is a watercolor portrait of three child homies wearing different colorful dresses, holding hands, looking so beautiful. And its amazing sky and sea combine background that I think every artist should have at least this kind of one portrait in their homie drawing list.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we can’t remember hurts from our enemies but we remember memories from our homies. Also, some people are already lost their Homies, some are in cemeteries, so I think drawing homies is the best opportunity to hold memories for decades.

Since I have a soft heart for my homies so I draw these drawings from the core of my heart and with so much love. I tried to include toppers to backbencher’s homies. Whatever positive or negative personality we have but love for homies is the same for all. Each idea carries a remarkable story. I hope these ideas will help you remind your times with your homies and draw remarkable drawings.

Let us know in the comment section through which one you are going to start your drawing!