How to Draw Line Art with Stroke

How to Draw Line Art with Stroke

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Vector line art is one of the most used methods in the digitization industry. The summary of our 10 years of experience in vector conversion and design service is 40-50 percent of total work orders have come from this individual service. So, we think that you have understood how essential the line drawing service is.

If you practice line drawing, it is cool and you are fortunately doing the great job. We will just like to say that practice going through the real and professional tutorial that will help you to grow as a professional vector drawing artist. You can rely on this article. Our one of the genius drawing artists has created it for you.

Line Art Drawing

As our popular service, people from all around the world ask us about the process of vector line art. Today, we make this tutorial for those clients and designers who await. We use Adobe Illustrator software here. Let’s explore.

Step 1: Open The Drawing 

Choose a hand drawn image and open it in the artboard of Adobe Illustrator. To do that go to ‘File’, click on ‘Open’ and pick the selected image.

take a drawing

Step 2: Customize Layer And Stroke

Before starting the line drawing, we need to customize Layer and Stroke properly like create a new layer & lock the main layer and switch to stroke from fill color. 

customize layer and stroke

Step 3: Draw The Line Art with Pen Tool

Now, we start our line drawing. To do so, select the ‘Pen Tool’ manually or by pressing ‘P’. Draw the path carefully.

draw line with pen tool

Step 4: Expand the Path 

After completing the line drawing, expand it parts by parts. Go to ‘Object’ and select ‘Expand’.

expand the the path

Step 5: Separate The Drawing

We separate the path from the sketch. Use ‘Artboard Tool’ to broaden. We can select the tool manually or by pressing ‘Shift+O’.

separate the drawing path

Step 6: Input The Shade

We get our line art. Let’s input the shade. We use ‘Eyedropper Tool’ here. Pick the color from the sketch and input it into the line drawing. 

drawing shade with eyedropper

Step 7: Finish The Process

We are reaching the finish line. Save the work. Export the output as the need.

the end

So, what about your reaction? We try to describe the process in an easy way. Now, you can justify the quality of line art drawing.

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You can watch the video tutorial here.