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Jewelry Photographers

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Photos have become a great medium to buy and sell products because of the development of e-commerce and online platforms. Businesses around the world, especially in the USA, are using this media to display the quality of their products on various platforms, for branding their companies as well as reaching more people than ever. That’s why Jewelry photographers are most demandable nowadays.

Thus product photography is playing a crucial role in increasing sales along with people’s engagement with the companies. Likewise, photography has become extremely significant in Jewelry businesses as well. Now we can not think of a jewelry company without photographers and jewelry photo editing as they represent the beauty as well as the quality of that item.

However, the quality of the pictures is highly important than anything else to attract customers since a photo creates the first impression to the leads. In this business, photos need to have a little power to crack customers’ brains and emotions plus induce them to buy the item displayed in the picture. Again, the more the photos look realistic, the more the customers feel weak about the item.

Jewelry Photography

To capture such characterized jewelry photos, a company needs to hire a photographer who is professional and experienced as well. The photographer they will hire must keep certain things into consideration such as the setup, lighting, background, and so on. He must have a critical thinking mind and know various important things he needs to focus on and has to be very careful while taking photos. It takes more than a camera to take a good photo and not all photographers are the same.

Hence, if you are an owner of a jewelry company and if you want to survive in this competitive business in the long run, you have to choose a photographer wisely.

Jewelry photographer

Here are some top skilled, experienced, and professional jewelry photographers you can check around the USA.

Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan is one of the most popular jewelry photographers in the USA. He works not only in California but also in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Except for jewelry, he also focuses on other valuable products like cosmetics, fragrances, watches, beverages, accessories, clothes, cars, and many more.

Most notably, he won several awards for his excellent and intelligent works. For example, in the 2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual, he won three Awards of Excellence – two for London-based client Winsor and Newton and one for the dramatic exploding fruit series for Vince Camuto.

Timothy Hogan 2

Now he is working with some internationally famous luxury brands and Dubai advertising agencies in various industries such as beauty, fashion, beverage, and design. He has created compelling products, liquids, jewelry, and still life campaigns for the last 18 years for his clients such as David Yurman, Johnnie Walker, and Vince Camuto, to name a few.

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Sara Rey

Sara Rey is one of the most professional jewelry photographers based in the USA. She has been taking pictures since she was in middle school. Her main attention through photography is to help small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate their growth.

Sara serves on the board of the Women’s Jewelry Association – San Diego Chapter. Not only that but also she is an active member of Professional Photographers of America and the GIA Alumni Association. Sara worked with several wholesale and retail jewelry companies in the Midwest and Southern California. Her favorite photography styles are clean & colorful photos.

Sara Rey

Anyone who wants to hire her can get the following services:

  • White Background Product Photography
  • Black Background Product Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Social Media Photography
  • Digital Artwork

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Frank Castillo

Frank Castillo

Frank Castillo is an eight years experienced photographer based in South Florida. His incredible portfolio of jewelry photography will blow your mind.

Mr. Castillo works not only with local companies but also his works are based on global businesses. He works on jewelry & watches photography, food & beverage photography, and lifestyle photography. His most powerful asset is to control light and most importantly he can implement an idea into a wonderful crafted image. Both of these qualities have helped him to work on various projects around the world like images featured on websites, billboards, and in print format within United S+tates, Europe, and Latin America.

Frank Castillo

Mr. Castillo completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the New England School of Art and Design. His passion for photography was enhanced when he studied the subject matter at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

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Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin is a professional photographer with three decades of experience around the USA. He is a specialist in jewelry photography. Besides, He is also an expert in art, and craft photography. Doug has served amazing services for an extreme number of nationwide clients with comprehensive abilities in Product Color Matching, Photo Illustration, Digital Imaging, Digital Retouching as well as Special Effects.

Doug Baldwin 2

He also provides lightboxes and leads classes in Prescott, Arizona, and around the USA.

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Robert Diamante, a jewelry photographer

Robert Diamante

Robert Diamante is one of the top US professional photographers with a long history in the jewelry industry. He is also a writer in this industry. Robert is the owner of Berlian Arts.

He has over 14 years of experience in working with artisans and designers. Various books, magazines, and podcasts, including Craftcast, InStore, and the MJSA Journal interviewed him for his great and talented works. He has directed a workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and has been a classroom guest lecturer at the Maine College of Art, Northeastern. Additionally, he has directed webinars for the Craft cast as well as Cindy Edelstein’s Jeweler’s Resource Bureau.

Robert Diamante, Jewelry Photographers

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Steve Rossman

Steve Rossman is a skilled person in the industry of Jewelry photographers based in Escondido, CA. He is a specialist in metal clay.

Steve Rossman, Jewelry Photographers

Mr. Rossman captures all types of hand-crafted jewelry and other small shiny pieces. He is a teacher of Jewelry Photography at San Diego Community College /Continuing Education and other places around the country. He also provides in-studio tutorials on how to be a better jewelry photographer as well as market the works.

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Cole Rodger

Cole Rodger is an amazing photographer of highly-reflective jewelry pieces based in Oxford, North Carolina. She has over 25 years of experience in this field.

Cole has helped many of her customers with managing images for publicity, branding, and juried exhibitions.

Cole Rodger, Jewelry Photographers

Many of her clients say that she is very smart, organized, professional, and thorough as well as an effective photography resource. Besides jewelry, she is also skilled in fine art, portrait photography, and commercial photography. He is one of the most successful Jewelry Photographers in his community.

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Adrian Lauterstein

Adrian Lauterstein

Adrian Lauterstein is an expert in small product photography based in Rockport. He is serving the Boston area and North Shore businesses in Waltham, Woburn, Beverly, Salem, Danvers, and Peabody, MA areas.

Lauterstein is skilled in tabletop product photography for jewelry as well as clothing, packaged food and beverages, personal electronics, medical devices, and scientific equipment.

He used to shoot, develop and print black & white photos from an early age. So, he has over four decades of experience in this field.

Lauterstein has worked for several wells know businesses such as Digitas, Mullen, and Pioneer Investments.               

He also offers design services for print and web to our photography clients.

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Nori Inoguchi

Nori Inoguchi is one of the prominent still-life, products, and jewelry photographers in the world his work is mainly based in New York. He is specialized in luxury photography. His passion for luxury products was developed in his childhood and this desire drove him to be an incredible still life photographer.

He shoots various products including jewelry, perfumes, beauty products, electronics, food, and so on. You will notice his work is of excellence if you go through his portfolio.

He has become a trusted name in the photography industry by creating countless campaigns since 2009. For his sophisticated works, he has earned bookings from the best names in fashion, cosmetics, and electronics.

Nori Inoguchi, Jewelry Photographer

Small or big Nori and his team work tirelessly to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

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 Zachary Goulko

Zachary Goulko

Zachary Goulko is a New York-based still life and products photographer among the hundreds of Jewelry photographers with creative visions along with a fully equipped high-end studio. He works on not only jewelry but also on beauty, fashion, and watches.

Mr. Goulko utilizes the power of light to infuse two-dimensional photos with drama, shape, and volume.

Capturing the essence of each subject, and bringing up its beauty to the world in lively and unexpected ways are his missions. His clean and precise still life and product photographs have achieved a level of visual poetry that is unique in the commercial photography world.

Zachary Goulko

Mr. Goulko has worked for multiple world renowned beauty and cosmetics brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Strivectin, Shu Uemura, Frederic Fekkai, Patek Phillipe, de GRISOGONO, Roger Dubuis, and Zac Posen.

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Alex Koloskov

Alex Koloskov

Alex Koloskov is one of the best self-made commercial Jewelry US photographers. Compared to others’ work in this field, Mr. Koloskov’s work is of high quality. His mind-blowing works on jewelry photography will induce you to take his service at least once. He also specializes in still life photography as well as art, fragrance, cosmetics, and food.

It is believed that he is an innovative product photographer whose ideas won’t ever match with any other product image. This unique style and quality of his work led him to work with much renowned jewelry, food, beauty, and other companies.

Alex Koloskov

He is not only an incredible photographer but also the co-founder and teacher at Photigy Photography School coupled with an instructor at,

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Many other photographers in the United States of America are helping jewelry businesses to expand around the world by serving brilliant photography services. Among them, the above photographers are of high status. They have taken places among the best ones through their intelligence, unique styles, and quality.

The number of high-quality competitors is increasing day by day in the jewelry industry. So, to compete with them one must focus on their photography other than anything. You may have high-quality jewelry products. But if you can not display the quality in the photo media, your business may not survive in the long run. That’s why you have to select a photographer carefully.

Studios with 5-star reviews

Now your next search should be for excellent quality and well-equipped photography studio.

The need for good photography studios can not be explained in words in this first-growing world of e-commerce business. For showcasing products on various e-commerce as well as social media platforms and to compete with other businesses in this field, you definitely have to share high quality and attractive images of your products like jewelry, electronics, clothing, etc. The quality of the photo displays the value of that item. Thus it affects the total sales of the company. And in this regard, a standard studio can help you a lot.

That’s why we mentioned some of the best photography studios below: studio is based in Las Vegas, United States. They are specialized in white background photography for any website, online store, e-commerce marketplaces, and other online platforms. They have served thousands of clients worldwide ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies with excellent quality photos since 2003.

Not only just shooting but they also provide incredible editing. In this studio, all photos go through a thorough editing process which includes touch-ups of minor defects and color correction. Additionally, they deliver images of multiple sizes whether you intend to use them on the web or in high-quality prints.

Most impressive thing is, you can get their service from wherever you want. All you need is just to ship your products to their Las Vegas studio, and they will shoot with edit the photos of your items, then they will ship them back to you.

The studio is 4,000 square feet with fully equipped with the latest gear tailored specifically toward product photography. They provide an expert team of photographers and support staff who are all locals in Las Vegas with a passion for creative excellence.

Therefore, because of the standard of their work along with their excellent customer service, they had been able to build long-term relationships with their clients.

Squareshot Product Photography NY

Squareshot is a product photography service with studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. They have delivered 25,000+ images for over 600 fast-growing brands with a 98% acceptance rate.

Squareshot provides professional product photography in NYC and LA by the pro Jewelry Photographers with transparent pricing accessible at the clients’ fingertips offering sharp, high-resolution, color-accurate product photography and retouching services. The clients just have to send their items to the studio and they will get all the shooting and editing done and ship the products no matter wherever they are.


They cover such categories as Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin Apparel, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Watches, Bags, Shoes, all types of Accessories, Home Goods, and many more.

Moreover, they help online businesses to increase their sales, decrease order returns and reduce image production costs by delivering high-end retouched, ready-to-go images.

Products On White Photography

Products On White Photography (POW) is one of the best product photography studios in Chicago, United States of America. They have taken more than 200,000 photos for 5000 businesses around 40 countries for over 8 years. They offer everything that a client needs to post right to his product pages and a little extra to sweeten the deal.

Ecommerce product photography, amazon product photography, clothing photography, and jewelry photography are their main focus. Plus they also provide lifestyle composites, beauty product photography, and most notably 360 spin product photography. From socks to supplements in every shape, size, and color, they can do it!

They create stunning photos with not only flat white backgrounds but also glossy backgrounds and hard light shadows.

Products On White Photography

Instead of cookie-cutter sets or Robo-photographers, they use custom lighting for every item. Their advanced lighting & retouching techniques take white background photography to another level.

The quality of their work is truly impeccable with amazing attention to detail and 6-star customer service.

The studio is a 7500 square ft. full-size catalog photography studio designed to hold 15 professional shooting bays along with top-of-the-line camera equipment and custom-designed sets.

ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography

If you are looking for a skilled & professional product photography studio around Hackensack, United States that goes above and beyond to capture the best images for your items, then ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography studio is one of the greatest ones located in Hackensack, NJ.

They have the ability to understand clients’ vision and are able to capture the right shot for the product. Aside from product photography they also shoot high-quality clothing (apparel) photography, cosmetics, industrial product photography, and many other products for advertising purposes as well as amazon sellers.

They have a state-of-the-art imagery studio with all smart technologies implemented and an awesome team of experienced photographers who produce high-end, professional images in the fastest turnaround.

ISA AYDIN Commercial Product Photography

Additionally, the talented staff of the studio also helps clients in creating product demo videos and commercials TV ads.

Ultimately, their strong quality product photography helps a client to get incredible photographs of their items to showcase on various online as well as offline platforms.

Products Photography Studio

Products Photography Studio is one of the leading photography agencies in the center of Los Angeles city with over 10 years of experience.

They have made promises to the clients of providing excellent customer service with top-rated product photography. Plus you will get affordable pricing, high-resolution images as well as professional retouching.

This studio has helped many national and international businesses to boost their brand outlook, accelerate their sales, and to stand out from their competitors.

Products Photography Studio

This studio includes a great team of experienced photographers and designers who help to provide unique and compelling images that not only captivate the customers’ audience but will give the brand a special feel.

Working with Products Photography Studio you will find them professional and efficient from beginning to end. They keep their clients updated on the project every step of the way, and deliver everything on time.

The Product Photography Studio

The Product Photography Studio (TPPS) is a professional and experienced print and e-commerce product photography studio in Goleta, CA, the United States which provides its services to Santa Barbara and all of the West coast.

They specialized in Amazon product imagery and are determined to provide you with fabulous images that will grab your customers’ attention and compel sales. They highlight every detail of each item and create emotion and desire for that item. Moreover, the images they create are suitable for use online and in print.

The Product Photography Studio

They are also skilled in creating animated graphic images as well as giving your customers 360-degree views of your products.

In the studio, they have up-to-date equipment. For example high-resolution cameras, ideal lighting, advanced computer hardware and software, and fast turnaround with an excellent team of talented jewelry photographers. They are all graduated from Brooks Institute with years of experience.

Each person is a specialist in their respective field. As a result, the team delivers incredible and high-quality work. They turn a good image into a great one by optimizing each shot until it is perfect.

Precision Studios Product Photography

If you are looking for a lookbook photographer, fashion photographer, or standard product photographer around Los Angeles, CA, United States, then you will find Precision Studios Product Photography studio as one of the best ones.

Precision Studios Product Photography is a full-service product photography studio. It is based in Los Angeles specializing in white backgrounds. They capture commercial product photography by professional product photographers. They deliver high-resolution images with no up-sells – and the clients never need to pay for an image they are not thrilled with.

Precision Studios Product Photography

Small or big – they work with clients of all sizes. The staffs of the studio are always available to assist the clients every step of their way from creative direction to retouching.

They offer per-image pricing including a day rate for larger shoots and a full-service solution for every image they produce.

Beauty Products Photography Studio

Beauty Products Photography Studio is one of the top-rated skincare, cosmetics, and beauty products photography agencies. It is based in the city of Los Angeles with advanced photography techniques. They produce stunning images that drive more clicks and more sales along with high-resolution product photos. Besides, they also focus on product photography, apparel photography, jewelry photography as well as lifestyle photography.

Beauty Products Photography Studio

This studio includes modern technology as well as a talented team of experienced photographers. They have graphic designers who have over 15 years of experience in this field. With the help of these skilled and experienced staff, this studio ensures unique images that attract customers and accelerate sales.

Clothing & Product Photography Studio

Clothing & Product Photography Studio is one of the best product photography studios. It captures attractive images that are perfectly suited for any industry in San Gabriel.

The studio assures to help any kind of business to achieve its goals. They shoot images for all whether it’s fashion, e-commerce, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Catalog, Brochure, Advertising, Pamphlet, Cartons, or Magazine.

Clothing & Product Photography Studio

The photographers of this company bring up wonderfully crafted visuals with their artistic talents that meet clients’ styles. They produce pictures by Ghost Mannequin Photography, Flat Lay Photography, Product Photography, Accessory photography, and on the model.”

The team members of the studio are extremely professional and easy to work with.

Studios with 4.9-star reviews

Now we include a list of those studios that are getting 4.9-star reviews.

EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics

EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics studio is a great product photography studio in Alpharetta, United States. The studio offers excellent images cheaply and can skillfully make your products come to life with their photography skills.

They are specialized in high-resolution white background product photography. Apart from that, the team members are highly skilled in creating infographics images, photo editing, and videography. It also creates short product videos for amazon as well as non-white background photos.

EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics

They provide Jewelry photography, products photography, handbags photography, cosmetics photography, Industrial photography, and many more since 2007. They have served over 650 clients for more than 9 years.

The studio has a regular environment-friendly large enough room with various advanced equipment. They create professional white background photography and other types which have given good results in their work till today. There is a great photography team having more than decades of experience in this field.

Product Photography INC

Product Photography INC is a studio in Coral Springs, United States. It presents the photos of the products without any distortion, in custom lighting with no impact of shadows or reflections. The editors maintain consistency in the appearance of the products. All commercial photography, including electronics, cosmetics, apparel as well as other fashion accessories are their specialty.

They served the brands such as Adidas, Starbucks, HSN, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting goods, Costco, Target, Phillips, Nordstrom, and other websites, in magazines, and many more.

Product Photography INC

They create such kind of images that tells the story about the product as well as their quality of work accurately and attractively. From still life to simple white background they know how to make the product’s photo look amazing. They take every photo with such intelligence and perfected with craftsmanship that is bound to make your customers appreciate the fact that you have come up with the REAL DEAL.

They have been involved in Product photography since 2015 and gained numerous experiences throughout the journey and are also very prompt with their communication and production process. The studio has all the expertise and advanced tools that are needed to produce excellent images to accelerate store engagement and improve customer conversion, retention, and lifetime value.

Lloyd’s Studio Photography

Lloyd’s Studio Photography is a full-service photography, video, and design studio in Boca Raton, United States with almost hundreds of services and professional photo editing. This studio has been in this business for over 20 years in Boca Raton and from corporate to commercial – they offer everything you need for the growth of your business.

Although their main focuses are portraiture photography and professional headshot, they also have shown a wonderful performance in product photography, food, and jewelry photography.

They help their clients to meet their goals by providing Photography, Video & Design needs with their talent and creativity!

Lloyd's Studio Photography

Various national digital, print advertising, brochures, annual reports, TV, catalogs, and website have worked with Lloyd’s Studio Photography.

The studio is 1600 square feet with fully updated tools, medium format digital cameras, make-up, a dressing room, and a wide variety of backgrounds and props with several experienced co-workers who make sure the perfectness of their works.

PENCIL ONE e-Commerce Photography

PENCIL ONE is one of the leading e-Commerce photography services based in Holbrook, United States with unrivaled professionalism and reliability. The company specializes in clothing, jewelry, home goods, food beauty, and many other luxury product photographs. They assure to help the clients build and maintain the desired product photography of their brands with the help of the studio’s in-house excellent team of photographers and editors.

PENCIL ONE e-Commerce Photography

It delivers high-level online photos with industry-standard white background photos and various forms of product photography editings to suit any potential brand requirements. Besides product photography, they also offer mannequin and on-model images as well as creative lifestyle settings ranging from tabletop-sized to full room customizable scenes.

The studio has fully equipped onsite studios and experienced professionals to help the clients to simplify the process and ensure the completion of high-volume capacity projects. The team includes photographers, product stylists, editors, and designated client liaisons who are always ready to listen to the objectives of the brands.

In the end, photography of jewelry products demands detail-oriented photo shooting that every photographer cannot perform minutely. Only specialized jewelry photography can bring the required quality.

Every photographer cannot shoot jewelry product images perfectly and we think you know it. For this reason, we have created and shared this list of professional jewelry photographers and studios that are performing in the USA right now. If you are looking for jewelry photographers, go through the content up to the bottom and find your best match.