About Vector Graphics and Their Uses

Vector Graphics and Their Uses

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What is Vector Graphics?

If you are a graphics designer, you probably know what vector images stand for because of their many advantages of uses. If not, do not worry about it as now we will briefly talk about vector graphics.

In simple words, vector images are computer graphic formats based on mathematics. So, the lines, curves, shapes, and colors of the images are mathematically defined, therefore they can be scaled down in a bigger format or any smaller format. These lines and curves are also known as paths.

Vector images use a sequence of commands formed by mathematical statements that draw the lines, curves, or shapes in 2D or 3D space. Those lines and curves are like a drawing that is created by several connected dots. That is why they can be called geometric files as well.

You can identify vector photos by looking at the formats- SVG, EPS, and AI.

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter - Vector Design US, Inc.

Vector graphics matter because of their many advantages for which they are preferred by graphics designers. Firstly, they do not lose their resolution no matter where you use them. So you can use the vector images in billboards or posters without losing the quality. Also, vector graphics are not so large. They are lightweight and small in size.

They are reusable and that’s the reason why you can duplicate them or create clones from them effortlessly. Manipulation is also pretty easy in the case of vector graphics. However, these are not the only causes why it is widely used by designers. Vector graphics are known for their versatile feature that makes them multipurpose. They look realistic, natural, and precise.

So you see, vector graphics have versatility and multiple advantages to the graphics designers as well as in the graphic design industry. That is why it matters the most at present.

Vector image vs. Raster images

The vector and the raster both are common types of images that are used by designers for different purposes. But what makes Vector and Raster images different from each other?

As discussed previously, vector images are made of several connected dots that make lines or curves. In contrast, raster images or bitmaps are created by individual pixels or tiny dots which use colors and tones to make images afterward. That is why, when it is viewed as a dot, it is nothing but color. But as a whole, it makes an image.

Raster images are made by digital cameras, scanning, or raster-based software. Their quality depends on the pixels which are known as resolution. The higher the pixel is the better the quality is. So raster images are larger than vector images. On the contrary, vector images are smaller in size and are scalable.

When you scale up the raster images, they lose their quality. But a vector image does not lose its quality no matter how much you scale it. So raster images are not scalable and don’t look as natural as vector images. That’s the reason you cannot use raster images for versatile uses.

Raster file types are JPG, GIF, PSD, and TIF while, the vector files go by AI, CDR, SVG. You can edit vector files through software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and so on. On the contrary, raster image editors are Photoshop, GIMP, and other editing software. Vector images are much easier to edit than a raster image.

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Anyway, here we will get to know more about the uses of Vector Graphics. So check out-

The Uses of Vector Graphics:


Logos - Vector Design US, Inc.

Logos are generally designed by vector graphics because of their scalability. As it allows you to scale up or down as much as you want, there are no concerns about losing the quality. Also, you use your logos for billboards, business cards, posters, and a lot more other places. So a vector logo is most preferable because it needs to be crisp, clean, and professional.

Another reason for using vector graphics for logos is that it is super flexible. You can export the logo file to AI, PDF, SVG, or even raster formats such as PNG, JPG, or GIF. They are easily editable and don’t require much space because of their small size. Finally, with a vector logo, you don’t need to worry about the resolution.


Websites - Vector Design US, Inc.

Vector graphics are widely used in websites. It gives the site a professional and stylish look. Also, a web page needs to look similarly quality-full whether it is a computer or a mobile phone. Using vector graphics, you can ensure the visual improvement of your website. It makes the web pages load faster as well. So for websites, vector graphics is a good choice.


Illustration - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you are an illustrator and love to draw art, using vector graphics is a must for you. It allows you to draw cleanly and precisely. It looks much more professional and crisp as well. As vector graphics has great scalability, you can put it on display without losing its quality. So you can draw your art as vector graphics and digitally edit it whenever you want.


Billboards - Vector Design US, Inc.

The billboards that you see around you are created with Vector graphics. That is why they look visibly clean and crisp. Thanks to the super scalable nature of the Vector graphics. They don’t lose their quality, even if it is the size of a billboard. So billboard is one of the many designs where vector graphics are most essential.

Video games

Video games - Vector Design US, Inc.

In the early 1980s, vector graphics-based video games such as Battlezone, Asteroids, Tempest, Tailgunner, and the first Star Wars game were introduced. They showed the path to modern-day 3D games. Though they did not last long in the arcade, there’s no denying that they provided an amazing gaming experience with their clean and crisp visual graphics. Also, some text-based games used vector graphics to get a better visualization of their text characters.


Books - Vector Design US, Inc.

Picture-based books, kid’s books, comics, book covers along many other designs are heavily dependent on vector graphics. The reason behind it is pretty simple. It provides a clear look so that you get a great reading experience. Book covers use it to become more vibrant and eye-catching. The pictures and symbols that are created with vectors look better than raster images. So vector graphics are used in books and their covers.

Printed Ads

Printed Ads - Vector Design US, Inc.

Vector graphics are used in printing ads for their many benefits. The advertisements that you see on brochures, newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials are designed by Vector art. As printed advertisement needs to have a good visualization, vector graphics is most suitable for them.

Cartons/ Animation

Cartons, Animation - Vector Design US, Inc.

Vector animation or cartoon is another common use of vector graphics. It gives a clear and smooth animation through its scalability and flexibility. Also, it takes a lot less space than using bitmaps. That is why vector graphics is used to design cartoons or animations to get a clear and realistic visual experience. However, you can design cartoon characters or any animation through vector art.

Album covers

Album covers - Vector Design US, Inc.

The album covers of your favorite bands are designed with vectorised graphics. Therefore they look clear and eye-catching. Without vector images, the cover design will not look professional and catchy after printing. So from little symbols to text, everything on the cover is designed with vector images.

Movie Posters

Movie Posters - Vector Design US, Inc.

Similar to the album covers, movie posters are designed through vector representations. Movie posters are an integral part of the movie marketing campaign. Brilliant and creative posters become phenomenal and stay in memory for a long time. So vector pictures are used to make them clean, smooth, and crisp. Often these posters need to be scaled up or scaled-down. That is why vector drawings are ideal for designing posters.


Signs are everywhere the moment you step out of your home. If they are not clean or visible, there’s no point using the signs. To avoid that vector art is used to design them. Thus they become precisely visible from any distance. So the road sign, open/close sign, dollar sign, warning sign, parking sign, and all other signs are created with vector art.


Printing - Vector Design US, Inc.

In the printing industry, vectorized images are being used widely. Book covers, magazine covers, pages, product labels, newspapers are designed with vector formats. Due to the clear visibility and scalability of its type of graphics, the designs get a much better look than bitmaps. So, it is one of the many most common uses of vector illustrations.


Embroidery - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can get embroidery files converted from vector files. In fact, for computer embroidery, vector files are mostly used. Similarly, you can convert an embroidery file into a vector file. So, like many other usages of vector images, the embroidery industry relies on it.

So as you have seen, vector image formats have versatile uses and multiple benefits. From graphics designers to schoolboys, everyone can use vector art to design their project materials.

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