Cute Bat Cartoon Drawing Ideas

Cute Bat Cartoon Art Design Ideas

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Bats have misjudged creatures of the earth because they have earned bad reputations from different myths and scary stories. Their cuteness, furry appearance, or importance in the ecosystem does not count. But today some conservationists thought that bats are the coolest creature in the world. The contemporary world is busy with vector art on different animals. Do you know? Bats are from the mammal order and they are the second most diverse creature. Traditionally they are divided into two genres, megabats, and microbats. For the fear of bats, some people thought bats are dangerous and ugly creatures that are wrong. Let’s try to eject out misconceptions with these cute bat cartoon drawing ideas.

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Bat Cartoon

Right now we are spreading different type of cute bat cartoon Vector Artwork Design ideas that helps you to create amazing bat cartoon. Before that, you need to know about vector art or have some ideas on Digital Illustration. Vector graphics artwork based on mathematical terms such as points, lines, curves, and shapes. So let’s start…

Cute Bat in an open window

Cute Bat in an open window - Vector Design US, Inc.

Sometimes we uncaringly like to open the window at night and stand-alone without any reason. Even sometimes tears flow from the eyes without the knowledge of the mind. These emotions, feelings, and time are presented in this Bat carton in an extraordinary way.

We can see a Bat cartoon stand against moonlight in an open window with a crying face. It seems that he wants to get some relief from urban life. Here we are very concerned about the colorization that you noticed in this artwork. Here we used two shades of gray colors on his face and pink color in his ear, nose, and in sharp flappy wings.

The pink color is also used in the love shape is on his chest. Black trees and night mode sky is perfectly represented here. The star of the eyes and moon are only white here and the window frame is brown in color that gives it a natural look.

Baby Bat Cartoon

Baby Bat Cartoon - Vector Design US, Inc.

Have you remembered “The songs of Innocence” by Blake where we can get the smell of children’s innocence? The Childish look of this bat cartoon also brings an innocence mode. All the misconceptions will go away at a glance at this baby bat cartoon artwork design.

A bunch of hair on its forehead, smiling eyes, pinkish nose, a tiny necklace, and specifically its diaper gives us a realization of innocence. Hope you can pass a great time with this baby bat cartoon. Be careful to draw the ellipses inside of the eyes.

Hungry Bat

Hungry Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

This beautiful Hungry Bat cartoon artwork can say that it is so happy to get such a red apple. He catches an apple on his left hand and adores it very happily by his other hand. It seems that he is flying in the air after getting this red apple that was his prayer for a long. His happiness is reflected in his eyes.

This Fruit Bat cartoon’s color is amazingly represented here. If you want to make such type of Fruit Bat artwork then keep cautions to draw its eyes because these eyes can narrate a story. And also be concerned about color correction, see how nicely we put every color in artwork that makes it livelier.

Witch Bat cartoon with beautiful eyes

Witch Bat cartoon with beautiful eyes - Vector Design US, Inc.

Have you ever heard of a witch? There are a lot of novels and stories about witchcraft. This artwork also gives us such kind of flavor, isn’t it? It seems that this witch bat cartoon weaves its witchcraft with her beautiful eyes.

Her beautiful pinkish outfit as the bow with a skull on her head, large eyelashes, and necklace with sharp teeth cast a spell on us. She also catches a bone with her leg, think you can spent a great time with this witch Bat. So let’s start this artwork.

Leaf-Nosed Bat

Leaf-Nosed Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you know why this Bat earns such type of name for its fleshy bump? It has a one-foot wingspan and large ears that are greater than its head. It’s an easy vector artwork for beginners or kids. You may change its color combination to make it funnier.

But you should keep in mind the reflection of its eyes, you may use Black Blend Art Brush here to set perfect reflection in its eyes. As you know generally eyes express everything so the shade of color of its face snatches all the attention.

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

How cute this vampire Bat is! It’s amazing colorful vector artwork. This type of vampire Bat is found in tropical rainforest areas. Mainly in Southeast Asia and India. But there is no option to think that it drinks blood as vampires do.

It just looks like a vampire but actually, it’s a false vampire so don’t misunderstand its name. You may represent this false vampire more beautifully. But be concerned in its sharp teeth, nails, and eyes too which expressed its vampire look.

Cute Bat in a Pilot Hat

Cute Bat in a Pilot Hat - Vector Design US, Inc.

Its childish look and beautiful pilot hat and glass make this artwork outstanding. It will be a perfect outfit for a Halloween party too and you can spend a great with it also. You can make it funnier than this by using another color. Its flappy wings, tiny tails, nails, and half-opened mouth gives it a childish look.

Cute Bat in a Halloween Hat

Cute Bat in a Halloween Hat - Vector Design US, Inc.

This cute bat smile design is perfect for every Halloween or bat lover. Halloween occurs on 31st October every year when people wear weird dresses like ghosts and the theme of the day-long activities are trick or treat. This artwork is based on Halloween is really fantastic.

And it will be a novelty outfit designed for kids for the next Halloween party.  Its colorful hat yellow bow makes it outstanding. It seems that this cartoon bat is dancing at a Halloween party and its happiness is reflected in its eyes.

So, the beginner or kids be concerned about the color combination to draw this type of vector artwork. Its broad wings, nails, nose, sharp teeth, rosy tongue, hat, yellow bow everything makes it funny. And also be careful about the stirring eyes.

Chocolate Lover Bat Cartoon

Chocolate Lover Bat Cartoon - Vector Design US, Inc.

Chocolate Lover Bat! Stirring with wrinkle eyebrows? Chocolate is a delicious food item for everyone and this bat cartoon is also no exception. It looks as if someone is beating by its sharp teeth after getting the delicious lollipop.

At the first draw, the shape of the head then draw the eyes and eyebrows then use the colorization brush. Draw the nose and an open mouth with sharp teeth then draw the leaf size ear. Draw wings with nails and finally draw a lollipop. Be concerned about the color correction that makes this lollipop so delicious. Hope you can pass a great time with a chocolate lover.

Big eyes Danger Bat

Big eyes Danger Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

Fall in love with this big eyes bat cartoon? It’s an amazing vector art ever and think this content will remove all the misconceptions.. This grey color bat snatches everyone’s attraction very easily with its big stirring eyes.

Need to use Ellipse Tools to draw its ellipses inside eyes ears too and keep concentrating to draw sharp teeth, nose, nails, and flappy wings. Inside ears, here used three shades pink color and also three shades gray color. So to give a smart look like this artwork you have to keep patience and concentration.

Diana Bat

Diana Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

In a single word, Chiroptophobia is another name for fear Bats. Some people avoid them for their scary sights. By this content, we are trying to eradicate people’s delusion about the bat. We named this bat Diana for its aristocratic look.

  • So grab the Ellipse Tool to draw the head and then choose the gray color.
  • Use Blend Art Brushes that are very useful for this art.
  • Use Ellipse Tool and Pen Tool to draw eyes.
  • Draw a heart shape and pink color nose.
  • Create a mouth with sharp white teeth.
  • Draw the ear with a two-color (grey and pink) combination.
  • To draw the wings take the Rectangle Tool.
  • Fill the arm and focus on grey nails.

Hope the beginner will get a better result after following this construction.

One eye Bat in witch hat

One eye Bat in witch hat - Vector Design US, Inc.

It’s such a wonderful vector artwork where Black Blend Art Brush is used perfectly. This amazing one-eyed bat cartoon put a dark golden hat on its head. It’s one eye is open and another one is marked with a cross sign. His cruelty reveals by his smile with white sharp teeth.

The scary wings are filled with black color and touch the digital effects too. The scary bat is turned into a fun bat cartoon for vector artists. Hope it gives you great pleasure and is the best way to pass your time with new experiments. 

Saint Bat with Pitchfork

Saint Bat with Pitchfork - Vector Design US, Inc.

Saint with a pitchfork in the scary creature is only possible in the illustrator. This Bat Cartoon is dressed up in the same way that a saint carries his bag and trident. So take a pencil and sketch such type of bat cartoon and then draw in illustrator.  Use the ellipse tool to draw the head and eyes, use the pen tool, and blend brush too to make it more attractive.

This Saint Bat put a horn on his head, hold pitchfork and a bag also. An arrow-like tail is put on his back. The purple bag that he holds in his hand is printed with stars, moon, spider and some horrible faces and his smile makes it more mysterious. Keep patience on choosing the colorization brush and also can change the color to make it funnier.

Female Bat Cartoon creepy eyes

Female Bat Cartoon creepy eyes - Vector Design US, Inc.

It’s a very easy bat cartoon idea for kids and beginners. Its creepy eyes and sharp vampire teeth give a cruel look. So start to draw from its head, then scary eyes with small ellipses. Large ears, decorative pink bow on its head, shirt with pink hearts, and widespread wings make it an idle cartoon character for this Halloween. And you may celebrate this Halloween with this girly scary dress design.

Scary Blood sucking Bat Cartoon

Scary Blood sucking Bat Cartoon - Vector Design US, Inc.

Once you look at the picture, everyone, kids and adults, will be cold with fear, isn’t it? In the picture, a vicious witch who sucks blood is beautifully portrayed. Here we see a bat with its sharp teeth bleeding. His big eyes, big ears, sharp and pointed flappy wings, sharp nails, and cruel smile made this artwork incomparable.

To bring an exact facial expression is not so easy, so be cautious. We were concerned to set inner glow in colorization. As you see we use gray as the fill color then use light green and white inside eyes and red color in the bloodshed and white teeth. Every artwork can narrate a story and this artwork can too. And this bat cartoon’s story snatches away your sleep at night.

Hanging Upside Down one eyed Bat

Hanging Upside Down one eyed Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

A Bat with one eye is seen hanging from a tree branch in its usual posture which is reminiscent of a village in the dark of night. Here in this Bat Cartoon, we used dark brown color and yellow color in his eyes. These yellow eyes gleamed in the darkness of the night which created a scary atmosphere. You can change the color when you draw to make it scarier.

Night’s Guardian

Night’s Guardian - Vector Design US, Inc.

Bats were called Night’s Guardian. This is probably because the bats’ eyes glow in the dark of night and even they don’t sleep at night. This myth or proverb is beautifully illustrated in this Vector Artwork. The darkness of the night, the light of the moon, the stars, and the old dry tree have created a wonderful and vibrant environment.

He wrapped his two wings like a winter shawl and sat on the branches of a tree guarding the nature of the night and observing the beauty of nature with amazement. Here we use Color Blending Brush Tool very perfectly and the Color Correction is so faultless. So to make such type of artwork that can narrate a story, sketch something in your imagination at first then draw it on paper.

Long Ear Bat Cartoon

Long Ear Bat Cartoon - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is a brilliant bat cartoon with a long ear that is perfect for a children’s book. It’s a funny bat cartoon character where we used light gray color on its body, white eyes, black eyebrows, and hair. Dark gray is used in wings and pitch color in ears and nose.

The expression of this bat is very funny making it exceptional. And we can notice that its body is smaller than its head and ear which is very usual in a cartoon character.

Cute Flying Bat

Cute Flying Bat - Vector Design US, Inc.

A smiling, lively and happy bird is fluttering its wings on the horizon, which we can enjoy in this beautiful blue Bat Cartoon artwork. In this art, we use three shades of blue color, light pink on its ear heart-shaped nose, and inside of the tongue. Brown, black and white is used inside eyes. We use dark pink inside nostrils and tongue that makes more vivid his joyful feelings.

Dracula Bat Cartoon

Dracula Bat Cartoon - Vector Design US, Inc.

This awesome Dracula Bat Cartoon is beautifully portrayed by the artist in this picture. It was as if Dracula had, in fact, stepped in to attack. The color of the background and the color of the whole bat is dreamily matched. Bloodthirsty eyes, sharp teeth, sharp nails, everything is very lively like those Dracula’s of imagination.

For the transparent black color of eyes, we set Blending Mode to the screen that makes the eyes scarier. We used some techniques to set the fur on its body that is very real and strong dark shadows are also used to increase the sense of volume. Brown shadows are used inside wings, bright red and transparent black are used inside eyes.

In closing, we hope that you enjoyed and grab up some Vector Artwork Design ideas on the scary bat cartoon character and that help you to create a new cartoon character. There is a talent hidden inside all of us, if you love drawing then sit down now with paper and pencil and sketch some imaginary character or such type of scary cartoon character. Who knows, your Tattoo Design may be the trend at the next Halloween party or the cartoon character you made could take place in a children’s book.