Top Traditional Raven Tattoo Ideas, Tips, Tricks, and Inspirational Guide

Traditional Raven Tattoo Ideas

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Getting a tattoo is a very cool way to show one’s personality in modern times. If you are one of those tattoo enthusiasts who are searching for new tattoo ideas every year, you are in the right place. Why not try a raven tattoo this year? Raven is one of the coolest and most popular tattoo styles among men though it is a unisex tattoo design. Surely you won’t regret going with a raven tattoo. Because this blackbird conveys not only several meanings but also mythical meanings included in them too. Our tattoo vector conversion service is open 24/7.

But, If you are the one searching for the best raven tattoo ideas but struggling with numerous features and symbolic meanings, this comprehensive list of design portfolios will help your quest for the perfect tattoo. I specifically listed details about the meanings of the tattoos whether it is symbolic or usual.

The most advantaging part of a raven tattoo is it suits all ages of people from youth to middle-aged tattoo lovers. And the raven tattoo is so flexible that you can ornament it with any other tattoo elements to have a different meaning. Also, the raven tattoos came in different sizes that is why you don’t have to think where to get etched.

Well, this article will not only provide you with 19 different and pretty raven tattoo ideas but also you will learn thoroughly about their meanings and the history of different cultures. I hope these 19 ideas you will surely love and give you the inspiration to pick the right one. Feel free to jump on the specific raven tattoo idea by using the table of content.

Let’s jump on the following designs!

Stencil Style Gothic Raven

Stencil Style Gothic Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

Stencil is actually a new font style that can be also used for making amazing tattoos. It use a technique while tattooing that made so visual tattoos. It reproduces tattoo designs by passing ink from a hole and using any stuff on the surface to make the tattoo more meaningful. The raven is very similar to gothic art in that it can represent the art and culture of gothic in Europe, lasts for the 16th century.

This tattoo indeed carries great historic meanings so it is one of the popular tattoos among goth tattoo lovers. This is a gorgeous feminine raven tattoo with some tiny flowers. And the arrangements of its features are so thorough that it symbolizes potential.

Magical Raven

Magical Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

Raven’s are such creatures that you will find them from spooky Halloween concepts to comic creation in books. Not only do these ravens has a great significance in literature as well. They are the kind of birds who made themselves connected with superstitions, myths, and fables. No wonder they have a permanent place for Halloween tattoos.

In the world of tattoo arts, mystical raven tattoos draw a great attraction because of their spiritual meanings and the inspiration they took from spiritual beliefs. This magical raven tattoo represents death and death-related prophecies that ancient priests are read from the raven’s route.

Since this tattoo portrays a mythical story it better be etched on the shoulder, neck, or in the arm area to present the story perfectly.

3D Raven

3D Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

3d tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among realistic tattoos. This form is the best form of present realistic tattoos because they offer more than realistic vies. This technique of tattoo features 3-dimensional aspects of tattooing. It deals with more detail such as height, width, and depth making a 3d tattoo more realistic.

This tattoo features a fictional character that symbolizes darkness. Another classical element combined in this tattoo is the portraiture tattoo style. Portraiture tattoo is so popular among celebrities. It looks like the art is done in oil paint. The best place for this tattoo is the back neck.

Abstract Raven Tattoo

Abstract Raven Tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

Abstract tattoos work as a representative of 90s’ tattoo styles. It is surely a unique tattoo style of modern times since now tattoo enthusiasts are busy enduring new techniques. When you will flourish with a new idea using the old style of tattoo it will be able to make a guaranteed masterpiece.

This raven is a great combination of three tattoo elements that are raven a very powerful element, lettering a meaningful phrase of any tattoo, and the skull the most popular design in the tattoo world. Skulls usually represent death and evil.

But having a raven on it creates a more powerful meaning that it symbolizes not the bad side of death but the death of the warriors in the war. It actually represents the struggle of a martyr and the strength to keep war till the death.

A Number of Raven Comes from A Feather

A Number of Raven Comes from A Feather - Vector Design US, Inc.

Feather tattoo design is a very likable tattoo design among both men and women. Because it is one of the simple tattoos that gives gorgeous views. And a feather is an element related to birds obviously. So I think why not regenerate an idea with feather and raven? And here is the result you can see. Besides its light appearances, it has a load of both particular and universal meanings.

This tattoo is most likable among women but nowadays men also are seen to wear it. This one here is done on a very safer tattoo place that is the side upper chest. It is also a place you can hide with the dress when you need to.

Raven Flying with A Piece of Meat

Raven Flying with A Piece of Meat - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a common instinct of birds that they fly long ways and search for food. When they get the food they back to their home. So it is both a common and uncommon scenery for tattoo enthusiasts. Common is for we usually see this scenery almost every day of our real life.

And uncommon is for to capture the same vulture vibe of exactly when they are flying with food can be very attractive. It actually depends on your tattoo specialist. The more experienced the tattoo artist, the more beautiful and realistic the tattoo presentation will be. Moreover, the meat color will add a new dimension to your simple raven tattoo.

Raven Combines on Sleeve Tattoo

Raven Combines on Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are one of the hype tattoo designs among vast tattoo lovers. This is not necessary for you just to have a big raven on your full hand. It may also look stuffy and reductant of the whole hand. So you can combine tiny to big raven for full sleeve tattoo with other tattoo elements.

For example, the below tattoo has only two ravens combined with a vast sleeve tattoo. And these features made this raven tattoo able to etch also for women. This style of the tattoo will be best for seasoned tattoo wearers.

A Carpet of the Raven Feather

A Carpet of the Raven Feather - Vector Design US, Inc.

Isn’t this idea so unique? If you are a thinker of a raven as an ugly bird that can only define dark or death this design is so able to remove your thought. Both ravens and crows have taken a great place in greek mythology for ages. Though in some cases raven had a bad significance in others they also compared with Eagle bird for something celestial or bears divine meanings.

If you don’t want an eagle as a tattoo you can go for a carpet of the raven feather. It will give the same gorgeous appearance and meaning as an eagle tattoo.

Number of Ravens Flying

Number of Ravens Flying - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is a unique feature I noticed on raven when one of their species die they call so loud. Maybe this is a way of their mourning. This made them more individual than other birds. And I think I am not the only evidence of this scenery. You guys also may have seen this a lot.

I found it very attention-catching. And it made a hyperbolic outlook of seeing numerous or uncountable ravens at a glance. I think this is also able to create a hyperbolic tattoo design too. Having a raven tattoo sometimes seems so vast and also sometimes looks so minimal.

So it is the middle of a tattoo consistency that should maintain by the artist. But in this tattoo, there is no need to maintain anything. It is not so vast not so light. This tattoo maintains such a great feature of a semi gorgeous tattoo.

Raven In Flight

Raven In Flight - Vector Design US, Inc.

This tattoo features a realistic view of a raven in flight. There are lots of tattoo enthusiasts in the tattoo world who don’t like having several elemental tattoos. But want to etch a single tattoo. In that single tattoo, they have lots of demand such as it should be attractive, realistic, and have to provide a very strong significant meaning.

How can tattoo artists offer so many things just a single tattoo? Here is the answer, by adapting this idea you will definitely not regret it. A realistic tattoo is also included in one of my favorite tattoo lists. It is a great way to deceive people’s eyes.

White Inked Raven

White Inked Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

White ink is often used for highlighting or drawing outlines on a tattoo. It creates a very outstanding chalkboard effect on modern tattoo designs. Though the raven is a blackbird still some modern tattoo artists dare to etch it with white ink. And the youngster creates hype about it.

It is undoubtedly an amazing tattoo still I want to add its drawbacks so that you can have it after being aware of the fact properly and ending with no regrets. White ink is often a high-risk technique that will fade away speedily. It will be best for those tattoo lovers who like temporary tattoos.

Raven’s Are On Scary Moon

Raven’s Are On Scary Moon - Vector Design US, Inc.

Raven tattoos are captivating, from a light unnoticeable design to a vast dimensional design displayed on the body like a vector artwork that any passerby will notice at a glance. These ravens are also known as wolf birds because they mostly construct a friendly relationship with wolves.

Another feature is raven follows the wolf to have the leftover fleshes of a hunt and they give the wolf awareness about the danger. With all these facts having in mind tattoo artists who invent Raven’s are on scary moon tattoos. This huge canvas allows the artist to pierce a background also that adds a great coloring composition.

Raven Flying From Inner Bicep

Raven Flying From Inner Bicep - Vector Design US, Inc.

An architectural piece raven on the inner bicep looks elegant. It looks amazingly real that seems it will fly from the bicep right now. The designer has used the texture of black ink perfectly that is giving the features a fluffiness. The artist tries so hard to on how to take this tattoo under the light.

The features and claws give a great explanation. Ravens had a great significance in Celtic mythology too. The blackbird associates many Celtic goddesses. Instant thinking came to my mind that this tattoo can be one of the best tattoos for our modern goddesses women of the tattoo world too.

Raven Sitting On A Guitar

Raven Sitting On A Guitar - Vector Design US, Inc.

Music tattoo is a popular tattoo style in celebrities as well as seasoned tattoo enthusiasts. And what can be the best instrument for tattooing except for a guitar? This tattoo can be etched on the arm perfectly. The arm is the very coolest place for men to showcase their style to the viewers.

Still, it is a unisex tattoo that can embellish a woman’s blank body canvas too. The hidden meaning of this tattoo is deeper than its surface outlook.

It represents the dramatic belief of the native American culture that this bird can guide you about the rhythm of instruments and can bring light to the earth.

Raven on guitar symbolizes balance and dance with the rhythm of good and evil. It is a great way to transform your body by carrying native American culture.

Tribal Raven

Tribal Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

Tribal tattoo is a classical tattoo technique that is popular for centuries because of its symbolism, culture, custom, and manliness. They are very fascinating and eye-catching because of their complicated structural form. The tribal tattoo features heavy black bold lines usually done on black that will be an elegant combination for a raven tattoo since the raven is also a blackbird.

If you find only piercing a black raven a bit of dark this tribal raven is for you. This tribal raven tattoo design can take your boring black tattoo to an outstanding level.

Logo Style Raven

Logo Style Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

Raven is associated with Apollo and Athena in Greek Mythology. They symbolize wisdom and intellectual as it flies so high in the sky. In some mythological beliefs, ravens are also called the kingbird. Which mythology I can’t exactly recall.

But with this great information tattoo artists offer a great style of tattooing that is a logo style raven. It symbolizes the heroic qualities of warriors or heroism. And because it represents heroism, this tattoo design is most likable among men.

Japanese Style of A Raven

Japanese Style of A Raven - Vector Design US, Inc.

As I told you above there are centuries of history about the raven across the tattoo world. This one is maintain the formation of the Japanese style Irezumi. Tattoo artist offers a large unusual raven tattoo through this below traditional masterpiece. The Japanese style of tattoo is generally popular for its large sceneries on the back areas.

They usually deal with traditional animals flowers curving on a vast scale of locations of a tattoo enthusiast’s body. And this surprising one is combined with a skull. You can see how colorful this tattoo is! So you don’t have to worry about having a black raven tattoo after looking at this masterpiece.

Raven on Face

Raven on Face - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is a contemporary tattoo just for providing a strong message. Tattoo lovers don’t compulsorily have to etch it on the face. But they can adapt the idea and conception of this tattoo to etch on their preferred locations. This raven symbolizes lots of things such as the future, secret, shadow, and inner self.

The eye of the raven bird can see an overview and give omniscience. That is why they can also see the future though these are mythical beliefs. This tattoo represents the unconscious and unknown part of your personality. 

Couple Raven Tattoo

Couple raven tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

If your significant person is a raven tattoo lover, what else can you be without her cage? Isn’t this idea so thoughtful? Well, having a couple of tattoos is like a lifetime commitment to each other. And if that tattoo conveys a strong meaning then there will be no talk left. It is such an adorable way to show your love to your significant person. Moreover, this tattoo represents the strong relationship between a couple. If it looks minimal, You can also add the names of the lovers on it.

To Sum Up

Though raven is not an uncommon tattoo design across the tattoo world yet I tried to present it very uniquely. You may already notice how this blackbird creates designs for its own. Though raven was mistaken a lot of times before as they only represent death. But there are no such myths, they provide both good and bad inside us. It is you who will choose what vibe you want to get inked.

Well, since you already find from simple to whole-bodied raven tattoo inspiration with meaning, let us know which one is gonna taking place in your body this year. And also let us know in the comment box if you know much information about the raven. There is no doubt that you are able to find the perfect one for you as I know you are the smart one. And, if you are a true lover of the mystic element these 19 tattoos surely suit you.