A Comprehensive Essay on Halloween And Halloween Design Ideas

A Comprehensive Essay on Halloween And Halloween design Ideas-01

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Halloween, it’s that spooky time of the year again. Is it even October if you don’t stress about how to do something fun and equally spooky for your home? And let’s be honest, there’s no better satisfaction than ending every October in a newer and scarier manner than the last one. After all, when else can you pretend to be some creepy old witch or some fairy princess or just anything you want in that matter and turn your home into an abandoned graveyard, get Halloween design Ideas, and have fun? Also, you will love our vector artwork design.

Origin Of Halloween

The history of Halloween is one of the most ancient stories among all the festivals that we know. The tradition goes all the way back to a Pagan festival called “Samhain”. The Celts started to celebrate the festival almost 2,000 years ago by the end of summer.

The ancient Celts believed that when the season changes, the boundary between the dead and living becomes hazy. And so, the spirits of the dead could return to death. For an ethnic group entirely dependent on the mercy of nature, they were helpless against the damage that came with the season change. As they approached the merciless winter, they would make predictions to help them hang on during the long winter solstice.

As a source of comfort during these harsh times, they used to celebrate the event by making huge bonfires and animal sacrifices. It was their offering to the spirit so the dead would protect them during the long dark winter.

Eventually, when the Christians expanded into the Celtic territory by the 9th century, the customs and rites of the two cultures started to merge together. The Christian Festival “All Souls’ Day” was celebrated with similar rituals as the Samhain Festival. This festival was also called All-Hallows or All-Hallowmas day. As the two cultures continued to blend, both festivals unified into the All-Hallows Eve or Halloween.

After centuries went by, the original undertones of this ritual evolved and modernized into today’s Halloween. Now instead of carrying the heavy implication of the ancient festival, Halloween has become a lighthearted holiday full of fun activities and games!

Halloween Design Ideas

Halloween is celebrated around the world with vigor and joy. With fancy costumes, fun yet delicious food, and scary decorations, your imagination is the limit when it comes to it. If your mind can imagine it, then there’s no questioning it. And even if you’re stuck, fear not. We are here to guide you through all the fun activities and decorations you can do. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into Halloween!  


Outdoor decorations are the very first step of getting into the Halloween spirit. It gets everyone psyched about the holiday so it finally feels like Halloween. There are thousands of different ideas about how to decorate the outer part of the house. and honestly, I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun and evil ideas I have which will either cause your neighbors to panic out of their souls or just be amazed.

Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns - Vector Design US, Inc.

Let’s be honest, a Halloween decoration is never complete without the good old curved pumpkin aka Jack O’Lanterns. So, what can be better than some spooky Jack O’lanterns to start your outdoor Halloween decoration?

When it comes to pumpkins, a carved-out monster face is a norm. To do this you will need, well, an orange pumpkin and a knife to do the carving. Cut a circular path around the pumpkin stem. Now scoop out the inside of it from the circular hole.

Next, outline the face you want to do on it with a marker. Outlining the face beforehand makes it easier to curve it neatly. Now cut the marked area to make out the eyes and mouth and teeth.

You can also put some glow sticks inside the pumpkin to make it look like the eyes and mouth are glowing in the dark. This will make it even creepier.

Gate of Terrifying Pumpkins

Gate of Terrifying Pumpkins halloween design ideas

Jack O’Lanterns are indeed the core of every Halloween decoration. And what’s better than these scary pumpkins? Well, a gate of terrifying pumpkins. So, how can you make them?

Firstly, you will need to make an arch display with lanterns of different shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that real pumpkins are too heavy and dangerous for an arch. So, we recommend foam pumpkins to carve out the arch for better stability and safety.

Although making an arch gate of pumpkins may seem like time-consuming work but it is certainly worthwhile.

Pumpkin Path

Pumpkin Path - Halloween design ideas

Light up your driveway, walkway, or stairway with some simple yet elegant Pumpkin lamps. You can create this classy outdoor pumpkin lighting path very easily. And needless to say, this decoration goes very well with our previous idea of creating a gate of spooky pumpkins. I mean, just imagine a lit pumpkin path leading to the giant gate of horror. It’s sure to make your heart beat faster in anticipation of something even more cynical. 

First of all, create a pattern on each of the pumpkins. Then carve away the unwanted parts. You can spray-paint the pumpkin shells to your liking. Finally, add LED lighting inside the pumpkins. Light up the lanterns as the sun goes down like a mystical passage from a fairy tale.

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow - Vector Design US, Inc. Halloween design ideas

Greet your guests with the Ominous Pumpkin Scarecrow made of cheesecloth, skeleton hands, and a very angry-looking pumpkin head. To make the scarecrow, you are going to need a pumpkin, a poll, two skeleton hands, and some cheesecloth.

First, carve an angry face on a Pumpkin. Add the head to a poll or rode so it stays stable. Then attach the skeleton hands and cover the whole figure with a cheesecloth. To make things more ominous, you can add some light inside the pumpkin head. Placing this scary scarecrow near an entryway to greet your guests will surely make the atmosphere creepy.

Ghost Leaf Bags

Halloween design ideas Ghost Leaf Bags - Vector Design US, Inc.

Transform your yard into a frightening graveyard with this incredibly easy project. For this project, all you need is just lots of garbage bags and some paint. Fill the garbage bags with leaves and draw a little spooky face on the bags. You can also design them like a tombstone to make them look even creepier. Then all you have to do is just place them all over the ward to give the vibe of a spooky graveyard.

This decoration idea is just top tier considering how easy it is to do and you even get to rid of all the fallen leaves on your yard in the process!

DIY Graveyard

DIY Graveyard - Halloween design ideas

In addition to Ghost Leaf bags, you can turn your yard into a mini graveyard with some easily available tools. I mean, when it’s Halloween, you can make up almost anything that your mind can imagine. However, we are still going to give you some hints for help.

For starters, you can use foam to make tombstones. Foam tombstones are also very easy to work with as you can just cut them to any shape and draw the engravings on them with black paint or marker.  Then there’s also a skeleton on a bicycle which brings added chills. A wheelbarrow carrying lots of bones is an equally great touch towards spookiness. And many more!

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse - Halloween design ideas

This one is a little different than just a graveyard. Instead of placing simple tombstones in the yard, Fill the place with zombies rising from their graves. This can easily be done with a few skeletons and fake tombstones.

You already got enough ideas about making tombstones out of simple DIY stuff. Now all you got to do is place the upper body of a skeleton in front of the tombstones. You can also cover the skeleton with clothes like a mummy. Even just a bunch of skeleton hands half-buried in front of the tombstones will make it look like the zombies are crawling out from the graves.

In short, just place them in such a way that the dead are rising from the grave. After all, Halloween is all about the army of the dead.

Climbing Skeletons

Climbing Skeletons - Halloween design ideas

Where does the rising army of the dead from the yard go? Well, to your house obviously. So, a few life-size skeletons climbing your house is a great way to top off your zombie graveyard and give your neighbors a little scare. You will need a couple of life-size skeletons and set them around the house. Now, make sure to tie them with some transparent string so they don’t fall off.

You can also set one or two in the yard, facing your neighbors as they are next. I know it sounds horrible but hey, what’s Halloween without scaring people for no reason at all!

The Birds, Halloween Design Ideas

The Birds - Halloween design ideas

Now let’s move away from ‘scaring your neighbors to death’ decorations to some “kid-friendly” spooky Halloween. This one is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and this little decoration is a quick solution for a less cynical Halloween theme for those who have a weak heart.

Some branches and some fake blackbirds are mostly what you are going to need here.  Now simply set the branches by the front door and place the birds on them. It is better to tie the branches to keep them in place. In case it looks too bland and you want to spice things up, place some black and white Jack O’lanterns with the set-up. 

Haunting Hooded Ghouls

Haunting Hooded Ghouls - Halloween design ideas

If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, you are going to love our next DIY project. In this project, we are going to make Hooded Ghouls that look like the flying soul-sucking dementors.

You need some pieces of wood, a metal pole, some chicken wire, skeleton hands, and some cheesecloth for it. First of all, attach the chicken wires and the skeleton hands to the metal pole. After that, make a big hollow head with chicken wires and set the whole thing on the wood pieces. Now, cover them with cheesecloth and this large grim figure is now ready to greet and scare your guest for Halloween. For further spooks, add a lantern or a ripper blade in its hand. 

Purry Pumpkins

Purry Pumpkins - Halloween design ideas
Purry Pumpkins - Vector Design US, Inc.

Well, just because it’s the spooky season doesn’t mean you can’t add something cute and delightful to the party. This cute little alteration to the Jack O’lanterns can just be the cherry on top of your whole Halloween decorations.

The idea is to stack two pumpkins to imitate the shape of a cat. Stack a small pumpkin on a large pumpkin to make them look like heads and bodies. Paint them black and carve eyeholes from the small pumpkins. Add black cardboard as the cat’s ears. You can use tiny pumpkins as feet and zucchinis as tails as well. Finally, put some candles or orange LEDs inside to make the eyes glow for an ominous vibe.

These adorable yet spooky cats are perfect for placing anywhere around the house. However, the best place is probably by the porch or the door. 

Glowing Pumpkins

Glowing Pumpkins - Halloween design ideas

I know there are already a lot of pumpkin decorations ideas on this list. But let’s be honest, you can never have too much pumpkin for Halloween. Next on the list, we have this idea where you can show off your artistic abilities and imagination with some glowing pumpkins, and it is easy as hell.

Just get a bunch of pumpkins, draw whatever you want with the glow-in-the-dark paint, and place them in whatever dark corner you can find around the house. They will showcase your creativity with just a tingle of fear. You can use them as day and night pumpkins as well. After all, it is all up to your imagination.

Dance of Ghosts

Dance of Ghosts - Halloween design ideas

What’s Halloween without the adorable little Treat or Tricksters coming to your house for candies. With this decoration, you can amuse the Treat-or-Tricksters with some ghosts of their size. Summon some cute little playful ghost in your yard using simple materials like foam heads, old sheets, and metal poles.

Attach the foam heads to the poles and cover them with old white sheets. Draw a ghost face on the sheets to your liking. Then place them in a ring formation to make it look like they are conspiring something. To add the dancing vibe, you can tie the edges of the clothes with each other. This group of friendly neighborhood ghosts is a great way to greet the kids on a Halloween evening.

Hanging and Jangling Ghosts

Hanging and Jangling Ghosts - Halloween design ideas

Recycle your everyday household items into a pair of floating ghosts with this next idea. For this, you will need to grab a couple of metal coffee cans, some old white fabric, and some black paints.

First of all, paint the cans white for making ghost heads. Then draw a mouth and eyes on the cans. Tear the old fabric into thin strips.  Finally, attach the strips of different lengths to the cans and your ghosts are ready to haunt. Use wire or fishing line to hang these cans wherever you want. A fishing line is a great way to conceal the hanging thread so they give a floating vibe.

Edge of the Graveyard

Edge of the Graveyard - Halloween design ideas

If you have fences around your yard, that’s probably the first thing to work on while working on a full-scale Halloween decoration. With simple little works, you can easily turn your fence into the edge of the valley of death. Sounds tempting and creepy right?

Place a couple of crumbling human skulls and crow figures atop the fence. You can also place a raven on top of a skull. Behind the fence, place a few bones or skeletons as well. Furthermore, you can place a Jack O’lanterns in the yard. You can also place a few gravestones to make it look like a graveyard. And so on, go wild with your creativity.

This spooky fence is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone crossing the fence to enter your house.

Scary Guardian Ghoul

Scary Guardian Ghoul - Halloween design ideas

While some Halloween decorations are cute and festive, there are some that are purely for the scares. And if you are someone who loves to scare people like me, you are gonna love the next bit.

How about a ghoul sitting silently on a stair to chill some bones of the visitors? Now, this project requires a bit of your time and some basic engineering, but trust me it’s worth it. First of all, a framework is needed for the base. Just make a vague human-shaped frame using wires and woods or whatever you can find. However, make sure to use light material so it can sit upright. Keep the head of the figure hollow and attach dark blue or green light inside. Some glowsticks also work fine in this case. Now, cover the whole figure with glue and tissue or an old cheesecloth.

When the sun goes down, this eerie figure just sits and subtly sends chills down the spine of the passers-by while guarding your home against the intruders.

Creeping Coffin

Creeping Coffin - Halloween design ideas

A coffin by your doorsteps on a chili Halloween evening is enough to set the atmosphere as creepy as it can be. And despite sounding like a tricky decoration to make, this is actually a really simple and efficient outdoor decoration for Halloween.

The materials needed for this unsettling sight include pallet boards, foam or real chain, a skeleton hand, and some black paint. Use the pallet boards to make a coffin and paint them black or muddy as per your desire. Now bind the coffin with the chain and stick a skeleton hand out of the coffin.

To accommodate the Halloween spirit, you can also add some orange outdoor light. Place the coffin by the door or outside the building and the creeping hand will surely give your visitors a goosebump.

Gourdy Ghosts

Gourdy Ghosts - Halloween design ideas

Now back to some quick and adorable ghost decorations. This next project is just the perfect thing for you if you are looking for something not too scary. And the supplies needed are simple stuff like gourds, black and white paints and some cheesecloths.

The first step is painting the gourds white. Then make some ghost faces using black paint. Instead of making typical spooky faces, you can try out different expressions for the faces. After drying, put a small cheesecloth over the top of the ghost for a flowing illusion and your ghosts are ready to boo.

Friendly Greeters

Friendly Greeters - Halloween design ideas

Here we have my personal favorite, Casper the friendly neighborhood ghost. These cute little floaters are definitely the centerpiece for a cute Halloween decoration for me. And you think the same then look no further, made from a Styrofoam ball, black marker, hanging hooks, and some cheesecloth, Casper and Co. are ready to greet your guests.

Get a couple of Styrofoam balls and draw little cute ghost faces on them. I always liked a droopy pair of eyes in this case. Now, cover them with a piece of cheesecloth. You can cut the edges of the cheesecloths into stipes so they give a floating vibe. Hang them anywhere you want using hooks and wire. But if you ask us, we suggest you hide them right behind the doors for a little surprise.

Witches Assemble

Witches Assemble - Vector Design US, Inc.

Halloween decoration cannot be complete without some witches. This very easy and inexpensive decoration is a subtle way to let the neighborhood that witches are among us. You can find a witch’s hat anywhere around the town. Simply put a battery-powered light inside each hat and hang them up around with some transparent strings.

For added spook, place a broom or two by the door and place a hat on top of them. Let your house be a resting place for all the flying witches.

Following Shadows

Following Shadows - Vector Design US, Inc.

It’s not always about the ghosts and skeletons. Ever felt a shadow following you around when you were too scared to look back and check? If you have then you already know the feeling. And even if you haven’t, this one got it covered. So, our next project is inspired by the silhouettes lurking in the shadows.

For this one, you will need some big cardboard. Then cut some life-sized scary cardboard figures and place them on the windows all over the house. Now when someone looks at the windows from outside, it will seem like eerie figures are watching them silently from the windows.

Switch on the lights to add a realistic haunted charm to your house. 

We See Everything

We See Everything - Vector Design US, Inc.

Feeling too lazy or too busy to come up with a Halloween decoration? Fear not homies, we got you covered. Not gonna lie, this is by far the simplest yet very spooky DIY Halloween decoration idea on our list.

Remember, how we all had the unnerving and uneasy feeling that a pair of eyes stared at us at least once in our life? How about a hundred of them?

Visitors and passers-by will certainly get the chills when you cover your yard with these eerie eyeballs made of glow-in-the-dark colors. Stick these eyeball stickers or googly eyes around your yard and house to create a creepy atmosphere in minutes. And trust me when I say that I had one of the biggest scares of my life when I woke up to a bunch of glowing googly eyes in the middle of the night.  

Stone Cold Monsters

Stone Cold Monsters - Vector Design US, Inc.

This next project on the list is a great way to bond with your kids. It’s a super easy craft that both adults and kids can create thus have a great time together!

To make some cute little monsters all you need are some rocks and some paint. You can either gather some small rocks by yourself or buy a pack from a store. Then all you have to do is paint some monster faces on the rocks. Scatter them around the house or place them under the house plants and your cute little monsters are ready for Halloween.

Haunting Welcome Mat

Haunting Welcome Mat - Vector Design US, Inc.

Greet your guests with a welcome mat that tests their courage. No, I’m putting your hospitality in question or telling you to scare off the visitors, just a fun way to get them into the Halloween spirit.

This can be made with the help of some spray paints and a regular doormat. First of all, paint the mat black. While the paint dries, find a design or quote that you want on the doormat and print it. Cut out the design and stick it on the now black doormat. Then finally get some blue or orange spray paint for a smoky look and remove the paper cut out. Place it in front of the front door.

Do your guests dare to enter a house with such a welcome mat? We will find out very soon!

Mummy Door

Mummy Door - Vector Design US, Inc.

It’s no secret that the very 1st impression of your Halloween decoration on people is the front door of the house. So, it’s important to give a proper makeover to it. Now there are many fun ideas on how to turn an ordinary door into something scary. One of them is mummifying your front door with the help of some tapes and streamers very quickly for a perfect Halloween first impression.

First of all, get some streamers and cut them according to the width of the door. Make sure to cut enough pieces to cover the whole door. Then stick the at the side of the door with some tapes so that the tapes remain hidden. Remember to keep the streamers as tight as possible as they will loosen up with time.

You can use different length streamers and place them in a crisscross to make it look more like a Mummy. Additionally, sticking a pair of googly eyes on the door will imitate the creepy gaze of the monster looking at the visitors. You can place a few Jack O’lanterns by the door as well. A mummy door in the orange Halloween haze is sure to spook the visitors out of their bodies.

Sugar Skull Wreath

Sugar Skull Wreath - Vector Design US, Inc.

Our next project is inspired by the traditional Mexican festival, Day of the Dead, combining the festivals for the dead together. For this, we need some Styrofoam and foam wreath.

The very first step is drawing a sugar skull on the Styrofoam and cutting it accordingly. This step might take a bit of time and effort. After that, use Smooth Finish to make the surface smooth and plaster-like. Once the foam is smooth, draw the sugar skull on the foam.

Finally, attach the skull to a foam wreath. One little additional tip for this project is adding flowers or skeletons to the wreath as well.  It makes them look aesthetic and mysterious. At last, hang the wreath on the door to give your guests a little Mexican welcome. 


Just like the outdoor parts, indoor decorations are just as important in carrying the Halloween vibe. While the outer decoration amazes the neighbors and passersby, indoor decorations play a big part in your own excitement about the holiday. Then there’s also the urge to amuse the guests when they enter the house. So, here we have some of our best suggestions about how to turn your house into some spooky castle full of mysterious objects.


Indoor - Vector Design US, Inc.

Once you have decorated the outdoors, now it’s time for the indoor decorations. How about starting the indoor decorations with some spooky bottles? The best part about this project is you can use old glass bottles and recycle them for decorations or you can use new bottles to serve your ghosts. And it’s pretty simple as well.

All you have to do is remove the label from the bottle and paint the outside white.

After all the bottles are painted, draw some ghost faces or just eyes with black marker or paint, and your boo-ttles are ready to drink the souls of your visitors.

Vampire Teeth Rings 

Vampire Teeth Rings - Vector Design US, Inc.

The legendary bloodsucking figures are easily recognizable by their iconic teeth. And it’s a shame if you don’t include them in your Halloween decorations. Bring the bloodsucking demons to your house to hold the napkins and the curtains.

You can easily find vampire teeth set in any stores around that sell Halloween costumes. Use them as napkin rings or curtain rings for a little scare. You can also sprinkle a few drops of red ink on the napkins around the ring. Is it ink or is it blood though? Who knows?

Roll Bats

Roll Bats - Vector Design US, Inc.

When you think about Halloween, what comes to mind? Ghosts, monsters, and obviously Dracula and vampires. and who doesn’t know bats are the symbol of vampires. Our next project is about including these tiny little vampire bats around the house.

You can do this by recycling old toilet paper rolls into cute little bats for another easy and affordable Halloween decoration. Wrap an old roll into a bat body shape and paint it black. Then just add the details like eyes and teeth. Finally, finish it off by adding two black painted paper wings. You can place these adorable little things on top of the table or shelf or hang them around the house.

Spider Jar

Spider Jar - Vector Design US, Inc.

There’s always something scary and sinister about black spiders so why not let them be a part of your Halloween decorations. Like a spider on multiple legs, this little spider jar can be used for various purposes.

To make a Spider Jar, get a small glass jar and paint it black. Once the paint is dry, add a bunch of googly eyes to it. After that add four black pipe cleaners to both sides of the jar to imitate the legs. And the spider jar is ready to take the stage. Be as a candy jar or as a napkin holder, this spider will hold all the stings perfectly.

Witch’s Coat Hanger

Witch’s Coat Hanger - Vector Design US, Inc.

Impress your guests with your spooky sense of fashion and style. Redesign your coat hanger with a bit of witchcraft. For this, you need a broom and some witch’s hats. Then place the broom and the hats over the hanger randomly. Lest a few witches decide to turn in the house, they will know they are welcomed. And your visitors will know about your special guest as soon as they walk in.


Tic-tac-boo - Vector Design US, Inc.

What’s a festival without a little fun and games? And Halloween’s never fun without its share of spooky little games. So, how about entertaining your guest with a game of Tic-tac-boo. Create your own version of the game with just a few random things.

First, get ten small stones and paint them black. After that, draw two different Halloween figures on two sets of five. It can be pumpkins, screaming ghosts faces, spiders, tombstones, or whatever you can think of. Once they are dried, your pieces are now ready.

Finally, get four sticks and lay them on the table to make the board. You can either keep this on the table as a decoration or let your kids play with their friends. Either way, it will be a fun addition to your Halloween decoration.

Spider Web Tablecloth

Spider Web Tablecloth - Vector Design US, Inc.

For the next idea, simply cover your table with a swarm of spiders. For this tablecloth of the eight-legged army, you need netting big enough to cover the whole table and some spider rings. These are available at your nearest craft or dollar store.

First, cover the table with the netting. Then attach the sider rings to the netting by pushing them into the netting as if they were crawling on their web. 

Ghost candles

Ghost candles - Vector Design US, Inc.

Ghost candles are the easiest Halloween decoration that will elevate your whole setup. It’s scary, how easy they are to make and how quickly they vanish into thin air. So, it’s perfect for some last-minute Halloween decorations.

Just use a marker to draw a little ghost face on the candle and you are all set. Light them up and watch as they slowly evaporate into thin air, just like ghosts usually do.

Frankenstein Can

Frankenstein Can - Vector Design US, Inc.

Frankenstein, the good old ancient monster. They are just too good of a concept to not be included in the whole Halloween scenario. And guess what? They are super easy to make as well!

Use the old tin cans to make little Frankenstein heads. Take a can and paint the whole thing green. Then draw the hair and mouth using black paint or marker. Add a couple of googly eyes to the can. As for the ears, you can use cork or wood and stick them on both sides. Make as many as you want to build your own army of mini-Frankenstein.

Spider Web Placemats

Spider Web Placemats - Vector Design US, Inc.
Spider Web Placemats - Vector Design US, Inc.

Spiders are patient creatures. They make their web with so much time and consistency so it’s only natural that making a spider web placemat will be a little time-consuming as well. But the end result is definitely worth the time and effort. For the webs, you will need some Black puff paint and wax paper.

Firstly, draw or print a big enough spider web on paper and place it on wax paper like on the picture. Attach it using tape or a little glue so it stays in place. For the next step, use the puff paint to draw the web on the wax paper. This may take a little practice but once you get used to it, you can pick up the pace. Make sure to use a thick layer of puff paint or the placemats will be too thin and messy.

Once the whole web is drawn, let it dry. It may take two or even three days to dry completely. And finally, peel off the mat from the wax paper and place the mats on the table. Hopefully, it will amaze not just the kids but the adults as well. 

Spider Web Umbrella

Spider Web Umbrella - Vector Design US, Inc.

A party means drinks and drinks come with little umbrellas. In the spirit of Halloween, turn the umbrellas into a spooky little spider web. To do this, draw a spider web on black art paper and cut it out. Now, fold it to give it a little curved umbrella shape. Finally, attach them to a toothpick or bamboo skewers. Let the guests wonder where the spider went leaving its nest on top of their drinks.

Skull Dinner Table

Skull Dinner Table - Vector Design US, Inc.

Sometimes decoration is all about going overboard to create a spooky ambiance. The skull dinner table is such a Halloween design idea that is enough to be the centerpiece of your whole Halloween decoration with all the bones and candles. The supplies needed for this is a few skulls and a lot of bones. After that, you can arrange them on the table anyhow you want.

However, we can spare a few little tips as you work on this project. For example, you can use grass or Spanish moss as the base to lay the bones. Besides that, use antique-style candle stands and candles to light up the room. You can also cover the dishes and plates with a linen tablecloth. It will turn the atmosphere of the room into a mystic fantasy world. Such an extravagant centerpiece is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Spiders Invasion

Spiders Invasion - Vector Design US, Inc.

Spiders are one of the themes most associated with Halloween. The idea of having a gang of spiders invades your house is no surprise as a Halloween addition. You can use magnets for this and a few of the black spiders sold at every convenience store during October. Attach the magnets to the spiders using glue. Now any metal surface can be a surface for the spiders to invade.

You can also use glue to attach the spiders to the door. However, using magnets allows you to rearrange the spiders on different surfaces and try out different patterns. Move them around sneakily during the party and let your guests wonder if they moved by themselves!

Flying Bats,Halloween Design Ideas

Flying Bats - Vector Design US, Inc.

Along with spiders, bats are another most used theme for Halloween. With our next project, you can create a flock of bats to occupy the interior walls of the house. All you need to do is make a bat template and cut out paper bats from black construction paper. You can have as many bats as you want. And in my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many bats when it comes to Halloween.

Finally, attach the bats to the walls using glue and let them claim their territory. Moreover, this is a very simple project that the kids are going to enjoy making. So, I think it’s a great opportunity to bond with the younger members of the house.

Spell Books

Spell Books - Vector Design US, Inc.

Ah, my favorite thing to relate to during Halloween, Magic, and spells. And with this cool project, you can easily turn your old books into books of ancient knowledge of witchcraft.

Take any book you want and create whatever books you would like. It can be a spellbook or a book of poisons or anything. Just make a new cover for the book and it’s an instant Halloween masterpiece. However, I suggest taking old books so they can be your personal collection of spooky showpieces once Halloween is over.  

Bewitched Table Legs

Bewitched Table Legs - Vector Design US, Inc.

The centerpiece on the table gets a nice little compliment with this project where we turn the legs of the table into something alive. These can be easily crafted with some leftover curtain fabric and old shoes are great to make things interesting. However, make sure all four of the shoes are fit the same. Otherwise, the table may not be stable. Combined with a well-fitted centerpiece, these witches’ leg table leg covers are perfect to celebrate the holiday. Don’t be startled if the table suddenly moves to another place as if the legs actually came to life!

Bleeding Candles

Bleeding Candles - Vector Design US, Inc.

The best Halloween decorations come with a bit of blood on them. Although nobody wants a house full of a bloody mess, one or two blood-dripping candles on random places all over the house is however a classy addition to any Halloween party. Making these candles are super easy and all you’ll need is some black or white candles, and some red wax to make the bloody effect. As it will require working with hot wax, caution is a must.

Melt the red wax over the taper or pillar candles to make it look like the blood is dripping down the sides. And there you got your easy bloody candles for Halloween. For added vibe, place them over some antic-y or old candle holder. It will give them a more mysterious feeling.

Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky Silhouettes - Vector Design US, Inc.

Traditionally, silhouettes and shadows are important parts of celebrating Halloween. Our next project is based on this tradition. You need to cut out a scary figure and attach it to a candle holder. Place the candleholder in front of a wall. Once lit, the light from the candle produces an eerie image for all to see. Make sure the silhouette is far enough not to catch fire. Also, be careful while lighting them as not to create any fire hazards.

Skull Vase, Halloween Design Ideas

Skull Vase - Vector Design US, Inc.

A grinning open skull full of seasonal bloom never fails to attract the guest’s attention. In fact, such a vase in the middle of the main table is enough to be the centerpiece.

Choosing the blooms carefully is the main task of this project. Try to get various types of flowers with vibrant colors. I personally prefer placing a few dark roses among the flowers. It sets an elegant and mysterious vibe. You can also place skeleton hands holding candles beside the skull full of flowers as an addition to the piece.

Abandoned Living Room

Abandoned Living Room - Vector Design US, Inc.

Make your guests uneasy with your sheet-draped living room. Taking a page out of Charles Dickens’s novel, turn your living room into a ruin. Once the furniture is covered, string a cheesecloth “cobweb” across a mirror. Finally, place curly willow branches in candlesticks and secure them there with museum wax. This abandoned living room will give the guest a neat surprise.

A neat tip is keeping the door unlocked when it’s time for the guests to come over. So, when they enter, they will wonder whether someone really lives here or not.

What’s In the Future?

What’s In the Future - Vector Design US, Inc.

Creep out your guests by telling them weird future events while looking at these spooky crystal balls. Glass or crystal balls always had their share of scary vibes. Despite looking expensive, they are actually very easy to make.

Just get a bunch of clear Christmas ornaments and put mysterious objects in them like tiny paper bats, skulls, boney hands, etc. with the right atmosphere and dramatic storytelling, they are sure to make their hair stand.

Witches’ cauldron

How about a decoration that’s both Halloween-y and handy at the same time? A Halloween party is not complete without some weird colored cocktail or punch. In this case, instead of jug or bowl, put the drinks in a witch’s cauldron. You can find a cauldron-shaped pot in any dollar store. Put some dry ice into the drinks and it will look like some magical witch’s potion. Drink away and get ready to turn into any scary monster any minute.

Capture The Monster

Capture The Monster - Vector Design US, Inc.

How about capturing a monster for the Halloween decoration? Sounds tempting and impossible at the same time, right? Well, Halloween is all about imagination and if you can imagine showcasing a captured monster as a spooky decor then we can arrange that.

Get a couple of bird cases from any pet store, a few skulls, and skeletons of different things.  Now, put the skull along with some bones inside the bird case to imitate a monster dead after a lifelong agony. You can also put in some bloody red rose with it for a bizarre feeling. Hang them around the house with transparent strings and terrify the guests.

Corpse Finger

Corpse Finger - Vector Design US, Inc.

Some realistic and dreadful severed corpse finger randomly lying around the house will definitely scare the hell out of your guests. You can make them with just a few household items like glue, lint, and wood stain.

First of all, pour the glue into a bowl and dip all your fingers in them. Wait until they are fully dry before removing them from the fingers. At this point, they will look like the outer shape of fingers. Now put some lint inside them and paint the outside with wood stain so they look like the finger of a corpse. Again, dry them and they are ready to leave around and haunt the visitors.

Spooky Hand Soap

Spooky Hand Soap - Vector Design US, Inc.

Our very last idea on the list is related to one of the most important things in this global pandemic situation which is hand soap. Let it be yourself, any family member, or guest, the first thing to do after getting home from the outside is washed your hands. So, why not do something fun and spooky with it.

For this fun idea, you will need some plastic eyeballs and a bottle of clear hand soap. You can buy these plastic eyeballs in any nearby store that sells Halloween supplies. Just put the balls inside the soap bottle and you are done.

Leave it in the washroom and they are ready to fight all the germ with their spooky power.


This is just a fraction of all the hundreds and thousands of Halloween projects that will get you and your residence right into the Halloween essence. I can without any doubt all these ideas on our list are definitely worth a try if you are looking for some tips about how to accessorize your size during Halloween. Most importantly, you can also take this as inspiration and make your own version of them! So, just wing it and enjoy the process. We wish you good vibes and a very Happy Halloween!