New Traditional Spider Tattoo Ideas for 2024

21 New Traditional Spider Tattoo Ideas for 2022

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There is a saying that goes “New Year, New Me”. The meaning of this line is that everyone wants to beautify themselves newly in every new year. And it is the same for tattoo enthusiasts too. They are constantly searching for elegant features and designs to make their tattoos look different from others. They also want to differentiate and brand their body with unique designs. Tattoos are also a great approach to appreciating art. That’s why our tattoo vector conversion service is currently getting a lot of responses. And so we tried to make your body more attractive with this special spider tattoo design idea.

Spider and spider web tattoos are becoming a preferred choice both fairly for men and women. Though this creepy crawler disturbs people in real life, still they are a popular tattoo style over numerous other designs. Here is also a reason for them to become popular that is spider tattoos are not only used to ornament your skin but also are a way of expressing messages for your respective persons.

And when decide to have a spider tattoo you don’t have to trouble thinking where to curve they are perfectly fit on any part of the body on which they are curved, such as legs, arms, shoulders, back, chest, and also other places of your body as you want.

Afterward being an eye-catchy tattoo style, spiders have symbolic significance too. Whether contemporary or indelible ink and permanent tattoo these ideas will help you to choose the best tattoos. I have created this ultimate guide filled with unique, meaningful spider tattoo ideas and advice. Please have the opportunity to check out our list of the latest traditional spider tattoo designs for 2022.

Umbrella Spider Web

Umbrella Spider Web

Shoulder tattoos are one of the common tattoo ideas for both men and women. And shoulder is one of the best places for any tattoo ides. It provides medium space that is enough for medium to large tattoos. Since spider web is a medium-scale tattoo and its layers take a square shape. People choose the shoulder as the best place for it.

We create tattoos so amazingly exact the rounded placement of the shoulder. Designers make a center inside it. It is not a single-sided tattoo. It rounded the edge around the whole shoulder that almost look like an open umbrella and made a shadow inside the layers of the spider web.

Small Spider Tattoo

Small Spider Tattoo

Curving these air-breathing arthropods in a small size is really challenging. Because it is tough to arrange their 8 legs in a tiny space. So when I saw this beautifully arranged small spider I was like stunned. It is a must-try piece that suits any place in your body though here we create it on the upper hand.

In such a small spider the tattoo artist tries to make it like crawling which makes this tattoo work praiseworthy. It is small but gorgeous done in only black ink. Designers draw their legs in a different manner that has lots of angles and curves. It is not so stuffy or extravagance, just perfect as it presents.

Spiders with a Skull

Spiders with a Skull

Colorful skull spider tattoo is one of the tattoo styles that gain popularity among both men and women. Gone is the time when people only use black to draw tattoos to deliver the intense meaning that they desire. Lately, people are more interested in having colorful tattoos to expand on the positive features of spiders and enhance their beauty.

Spider tattoos convey a little bit of gothic side into them. Who thinks one spider tattoo idea is a little bit bland they can get a combination tattoo of a skull with spiders.  For its beautiful combination of roses, it is also best for women too. If men want they can remove the flowers. This tattoo not only has an intense beautiful presentation but also bears deadly and a bit scary but at the same time interesting and wildly different.

Realistic Spider Tattoo

Realistic Spider Tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

Another style of tattoo that is taken place in the most popular tattoo list among men and women is the realistic tattoo. There are lots of tattoo enthusiasts who find realistic tattoos more delightful than gorgeous tattoos done with extra pieces of stuff or designs. These creatures are done in three-dimensional structure to make them so real that seems they are jumping out or start crawling at any moment.

Moreover, realistic tattoos are usually simple in that they only are done with black color maximum time. If I talk about the following tattoo it is done so simply still it looks so real that the spider stuck on the web. This is called actually potential that the artist makes it real without any colorful composition only using one color ink.

Spider Hanging from Web

Spider Hanging from Web - Vector Design US, Inc.

Spider’s Web is one of the most commonly inked designs. In this tattoo design, the main point is presentation. Different presentations and places make this design different such as adding a shadow, done in only simple lines, and the place where it curves.

Though maximum people take spider web as a sign of lies and betrayal, in ancient Egypt, it was highly regarded as a sign of Egyptian’s destiny. As mentioned before, Neith was connected as a goddess and a weaver of their luck; it was greatly respected for centuries.

Some tattoo enthusiasts believe that a spider captures its prey in its web, several individuals meaning lies in it as someone or something being trapped after doing something evil or making a path for someone’s bad stop to be captured.

Spiders Inside its Web

Spiders Inside its Web - Vector Design US, Inc.

Individual people have individual tastes. In modern times just like the people like small or minimal tattoos, some people also like full body or full sleeve tattoos. The reason spider tattoos in full-body are loved by individuals from all walks of life is because they grab more attention than other tattoo style does. Another reason is whatever they are full-bodied still have a simple presentation just like the below tattoo presentation.

Here it is done on the upper side chest and lower side chest as a counter piece tattoo. It has an advantage too that is when you feel like covering it you can cover by dress easily.  The lower chest features a red color spider and the upper chest has a black spider. They look like coming towards each other to fight.

Classic American Style

Classic American Style - Vector Design US, Inc.

Classic American Tattoos are the first style of tattoos also known as old-school design. These tattoos are popular for some decades because of their unique forms of bold lines and the use of a confined color palette of red, green, yellow, and blue. They generally offered ocean and naval scenery, pinup woman statues, wild predacious animals, or scary insects.

The Native Americans represent the spider’s tattoo as a symbol of protection against natural disasters. They also define the spider’s web as alike to the dreamcatcher. They are superstitious and believed that Anishinaabe, ‘Spider Women’ looked over every newborn in the village to weave her magical web that saved infants from all kinds of evil. So, I think no need to describe how much respect Native Americans have for this tattoo and how eager they curve it onto their skin. 

Tribal Spider Tattoo

Tribal Spider Tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

From the vast American villages to the Ancients Rivers of Egypt, spiders are considered as one of the most wisest and cunning insects.

Besides the insects which are associated with the spiritual world are well suited for tribal tattoo designs. It represents the magical power of the person who tattoed the tribal spider. Tribal spider not only adds pieces of stuff of mystery to a simple spider tattoo design but also embodies the concept of providing spiritual intellect. Well, the below tribal spider legs are drawn in black ink and the body is done by combining some colors. The arrangements of the legs make this piece outstanding. 

Spider Web around the Knee

Peoples tend to find spider web tattoo style one of the strong ones out there as it represents one of the most sophisticated tattoos made by insects. Most of the times people usually prefer to have spider web tattoos etched on their elbows because that represents symbolisms in that place.

But today people are looking to have the spider web on their knees, upper legs, and side thighs as a large scale of our body. Though this is a simple line art formed spider web still I like to remind kees are one of the most painful areas of our body. They are painful all around. So, before having a knee tattoo pay a visit to a specialist to have good suggestions.

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider - Vector Design US, Inc.

Black Widow Spider Tattoos are specifically popular among women tattoo enthusiasts. It represents feminity, independence, sensuous and intelligence at the same time. This air-breathing arthropod may seem subtle and vulnerable from its exotic outlooks, but it has the ability to strike at last-minute notice. Basically, women are fearsome from insects by nature.

Other creepy insects seem scary when a black widow spider is able to remove women’s fear. Not only is this tattoo is extremely attention catcher but also the best way to show how strong you are as a woman to others. This beautiful black widow spider tattoo is etched on the side forearm that looks like crawling.

Wild Spiders

Wild Spiders - Vector Design US, Inc.

Wild spider tattoo works best for those who love etching legendary and adventurous designs. This tattoo is presented as a spider web and some spooky spiders are stretched between branches. This tattoo design needs to etch on a large scale such as chest, arms, thigh, side thighs, belly. This kind of scenery you will usually find in comic books, Halloween posters as well as scary films.

So if you are a scary movie lover you can get etched this tattoo to show your preference. And you also can say this is a unique tattoo style because I don’t see anyone yet get this wild spider tattoo style across the tattoo world.

A Spider in Inner Elbow

A black spider in the inner elbow can be a good choice if the person is looking for something delicate and minimal. If the tattoo enthusiast is aimed to have a minimalist spider tattoo there may be no better design than this. It symbolizes women’s power, balance, art, and perseverance.

Though the inner elbow is a very sensitive place because it covers with thin skin but it is a fairly tender area for tattooing that gets popularity in recent years. Having an inner elbow tattoo is fairly painful on the pain scale of tattooing. So if you still want it you can start with the below spider because it is minimal that will be less painful.

Tiny Finger Spider

Tiny Finger Spider - Vector Design US, Inc.

Because of etching on tinier space finger tattoos are being so adorable. So this tinier form of art makes also tender such a creepy insect, like a spider. Whether their outlooks are adorable or vicious they actually convey negative meanings. This below spider symbolizes deviousness, treachery, temptation, and death.

Many people claim that finger tattoos are more painful than other tattoos on other body locations. Another disadvantage of the finger tattoo is it lasts only for six two eight months. So, please don’t fall for its symbolic meanings or outlooks. Think before what are you going to do with your fingers.

Side Eye Spider Web

Side Eye Spider Web - Vector Design US, Inc.

This style of spider web is popular among chin women in a village near the Mrauk U region. The beside-eye eye spider web design is also adapted from that idea. The old chin woman has done the tattoo on the whole face. But I think now we are in the modern era, so etching tattoos on the whole face feels indecent to me.

But etching it on any side of the eye is really fashionable and inspiring. It is also now a demanded location among tattoo enthusiasts in the tattoo world. But eye areas are very much sensitive and have very thin skin so it is better to go an experienced and renowned tattoo artist to have a side-eye tattoo.

Phoenix Spider Web

Phoenix Spider Web - Vector Design US, Inc.

What if I combine a spiritual and universal meaning bearing classical tattoo style with such a vicious creature like a spider? Let’s see what the outcome bears!

This classical tattoo style is done on such a small space with the upper hand. This space is indeed not enough to display such a strong classical style. This tattoo painter deserves praise. Well, The Phoenix is the key motif in Japanese tattoo style. It features a firebird that originates with Japanese lore or some sceneries with fire that conveys symbolical meanings for death, transformation, and rebirth.

So, here is a spider web from that the other scenery of this tattoo started. A lizard with a rounded firework. This tattoo gives a great message to renovate ourselves from all the obstacles of our life.

A Spider Crawling up a Neck

A Spider Crawling up a Neck - Vector Design US, Inc.

Normally spiders are freeking people out especially women. But when a spider tattoo will seem to crawl up someone’s neck would be a great way to draw someone’s attention and maybe sometimes it might be a reason for starting a conversation. The most interesting part of having this crawling neck tattoo is there will be some people who might mistake it as a real spider and try to flick it off your neck.

They are typically etched in black, but a special feature is placed to add a shadow under the body and legs of the spider to deceive an audience’s eyes. These types of tattoos are popular among both men and women because they usually etched them to feel empowered and sensuous. So many women also wear this tattoo to face their fear of spiders too.

Iconic Guitar with Spider Web

Iconic Guitar with Spider Web - Vector Design US, Inc.

Music tattoos are the majority popular among celebrities like Justin Beiber’s tattoo. What if they prefer spider or spider web tattoo besides music theme? Here is the answer below. I don’t think of any other combination or presentation that is better than this for a music theme spider tattoo. Because this tattoo is not done with any regular style of tattoo.

It is done with the best traditional style of tattoo is trash polka. Trash polka is one of the quickest increasing tattoo forms among other traditional tattoo styles. They have usually done in using red, black, and white ink. Here in this below tatt, it combines red spider web with an iconic black guitar that is made a completely parallel view. It represents the struggle behind making rhythm and sticking with it bravely.

A number of Spiders

A number of Spiders - Vector Design US, Inc.

This tattoo design is for those who think etching a single spider looks minimalistic. They could ink a number of spiders crawling up a specific part of your body such as the neck, arm, back, torso, or leg. But to have a proper look it is better etching in any vast scale of the area. The below design you can see is etched on the front body with different sizes and genres of spiders.

It is also a great deal to have different genres of spiders in one location. This tattoo is best for men, yet if women want to get this ink style they can customize it with two to three spiders including black, domestic spider species, or the slightly, more poisonous ones.

3D Spider Tattoo Design

3D Spider Tattoo Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Gone are the days when tattoo styles are limited to 2 dimensions only. Needless to say how popular 3D style become among young tattoo enthusiasts. It is a new technique of tattooing that offers a 3-dimensional aspect to a tattoo. The 3-dimensional view deals with height, depth, and width to the tattoo making a tattoo look realistic and tangible.

About the below tattoo it is extraordinarily done in the cheek area. The presentation of the tattoo is so amazing that anyone can’t raise any objection about it. But indeed cheek is not a very suitable location for getting permanent tattoos. If you wanna have a fake tattoo or a temporary tattoo for any specific occasion it will work perfectly on your cheek.

Pendant Spider Tattoo Ornament

Pendant Spider Tattoo Ornament - Vector Design US, Inc.

This one is a very popular modern tattoo style among women after permanent eyeliner tattoo style. It helps women to replace wear or change ornaments each day. And also it represents a fashion of having modern ornaments. Pendant spider tattoo ornament is safer than any other ornamental tattoo.

Because it is usually done in a safer location such as the middle of the upper chest. And also you can cover it when you want to wear any other accessories. It offers plenty of sizes and shapes. Though this one is done only using black you can add colors to it if you want.

Geometric Style of a Huntsman Spider

Geometric Style of a Huntsman Spider - Vector Design US, Inc.

Geometric is another modern style of tattooing that has some truly outstanding pieces of the best tattoo styles. The geometric style of a huntsman spider is one of them. Though this form of tattoo art focuses on aesthetic aspects more than meanings.

Still, it provides so many merely 2 D shapes of individual sizes to gorgeous designs with hidden and symbolic meanings. Huntsman spiders are best known for their speed of hunting. So this tattoo style represents your power and strength of hunting. And the geometric composition makes it more unusual than other tattoos.

Bottom Line

Tattoos are made from several concepts, ideas, and people’s preferences. Spider tattoos have varying meanings from a strong positive vibe to death or prison time. I have tried to enlist almost all the meanings of them within 21 ideas. Still, you should think thoroughly before getting inked any spider design since it is a decision that can make and also break relations. I mentioned before spider and spider web tattoos have both positive and negative implications.

Definitely, you don’t want to curve a permanent tattoo just to find out in the future that it provides not the same meaning as you expected. Even though there are many technology tattoo parlors provided that helps remove tattoos, rest assured these processes are much more painful and expensive than getting a tattoo.

So, choose the spider tattoo design and area of your body carefully so that you won’t regret it later.