Cute Chicken Drawing Ideas Filled with Fun Bright Colors

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Many creatures in the animal kingdom are pretty cute. Especially the baby animals. Chicken is the best example of this. They are cuter without even any help with drawing brushes. So, what happens if this is the case? An artist can still make them cuter with the help of their potential of drawing. That is why a cartoon design style comes into the drawing world to make cute animals cuter. Let’s get some amusing and funny chicken drawing ideas with our inspirational article.

Having ideas of cute chickens is a great way to know the fact that how drawing skills can make cute animals cuter. Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with different animal drawing skills. I can guarantee these ideas will help you to draw cuter chickens. Feel free to try these cute chicken ideas.

They are easy to catch the techniques even for beginners too. Because I tried to add advanced tutorials and smooth application of different effects on each idea in short so that you can apply these designs as children’s book illustrations, flyers, logos, and so on.

Let’s learn how to draw cute chickens with tips and tricks!

Cute Chicken Is in A Hurry

Cute Chicken Is in A Hurry - Vector Design US, Inc.

A better way to work on any animal subject of the drawing is to start with baby animals then switch to its other genres. It is actually my trick but it depends on the artist’s preference a majority of times. Some artists like to start directly for big animals.

But drawing with cute baby animals always boosts artists’ skills to perfectly understand the old animal’s anatomy. It works especially for beginner artists. This cute baby chicken is wearing a colorful office suit with a red tie. Since it is a cartoon drawing you are free to use bright colors.

Cute Chicken Holding an Empty Sign

Cute Chicken Holding an Empty Sign - Vector Design US, Inc.

A clever way to make your drawing extra gorgeous is by adding props. Be careful not to use too many props in one picture. As for this idea, I take a board sign as a prop. To make it a little bit attention-catching draw a wooden board. If you like you can draw a plastic board or paper board.

The chicken is holding it and walking. This portrait is full of tenderness because of its cheerful face. The lifted-up hand and leg look like it is singing.

Chicken Burst out Into a Laughter

Chicken Burst out Into a Laughter - Vector Design US, Inc.

I can’t help loving using several bright color pallets while cartoon chicken drawing. Colorful drawing adds a more vibrant touch to animal drawing. And what else can be a very cute topic than a big laugh? Since we are working on a cute chicken drawing today so we won’t think of sadness. Cuteness comes from happiness, doesn’t it? And this technique will help you to enjoy the drawing too.

This cute chicken is bursting out into laughter after hearing a joke. What makes this piece quite different than other chicken drawings is its angle of a laugh. It almost lies down laughing. Its colorful features and legs lift above. Another thing is the sticker design that is one of our popular services to make your drawing different than others.

In Love Chicken

In Love Chicken - Vector Design US, Inc.

Whether drawing a human being or an animal love is always the best topic. And it makes a drawing piece individual when love topic blended with cute and innocent animals such as chicken. People in love have done a lot of silly things. These are adorable. And when we will work with those characteristics on chicken drawing.

Some people like to play bossy in a relationship, especially a girl’s likes to act bossy in front of her man. So here I take that personality to draw and make a humanized chicken. It keeps its hands or feathers in the waist. Make love eyes to show that it is in love.

Farm Theme Chicken

Farm Theme Chicken

Farm theme is the most beautiful theme to create an urban feel in your drawing. It also creates a very bright sunny day look in any picture. As an artist, you should cherish both bright and vintage drawings. I will give the vintage chicken drawing idea too further in the content. Now let’s talk about this firm’s bright portrait of a chicken farm.

Here I portray a paddy waste-made silly doll that works very effectively to catch audiences’ attention. Two colorful chickens are working together to clean their farm. It is not only a normal chicken drawing this portrait actually shows the bonding of working together.

Rooster of Triangles

Rooster of Triangles - Vector Design US, Inc.

Another masterpiece is a rooster of triangles standing on sand. It has been done using low polygonal illustrations. It is now one of the digital drawing styles that features lots of triangles in the frame of the subject.  It is also a part of geometric design.

And whatever the topic is this technique is a bit tough and crazy to portray. So, artists take helps from illustration services a majority of the time to portray this style. You can enjoy our digital illustration service to portray smoother and more advanced portraits.

Beautiful Vibrant Colored Domestic Rooster

Beautiful Vibrant Colored Domestic Rooster - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you wanna work with some vibrant color pallets, domestic rooster bird is the best subject. They are so rich in color. It is standing in a nice pose. The colorful feathery tail is lifted so that one can understand the combination and arrangements of the feathers and colors. Although this is a picture you need to take a closer look at, it will be the best picture for your portfolio.

Yeah, you hear it right. I talk about the portfolio. Isn’t it worth going through some obstacles to having a perfect portfolio? This kind of masterpiece drawing is perfect for the portfolio to catch the audience’s attention at a glance.

Chef Chicken

Chef Chicken - Vector Design US, Inc.

Chicken and egg are not an unusual theme. There are a lot of saying about what comes first in this world, egg or chicken. So, people will find this portrait attractive for this reason. I notice people are more interested in this topic.

So, it is a great time to take advantage of the artists. This chef chicken portrait is an example of how can only a simple theme and a simple drawing catch people’s attention so much. As I mention before sticker effect is now a very hype trend of drawing.

It is a very effective thing that can create differentiate between how much a simple drawing catches people’s attention and how much a gorgeous and stuffy portrait can do. A potential artist will never miss this chance to adapt this chef chicken idea, I can bet!

A Happy Chicken Family

A Happy Chicken Family - Vector Design US, Inc.

A chicken family portrait is more adorable than a single chicken portrait. Because in these pictures you will find a lot of baby chickens surrounding the mother chicken. These portraits are gorgeous naturally. In the below portrait some infant baby chicken is playing with their mother. Even their broken eggshells are also added to this portrait to make it more attractive.

There are also some eggs too under the chicken. All over this portrait maintain perfect placements, colors, and expressions. Still, every artist’s view of points is different, so if you feel like adding some change to it you definitely can make your unique chicken drawing.

Running Chicken

Running Chicken - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you ever face the scenery of a running chicken? If you have experienced it, you will know how exciting that moment is! So that I try to draw that excitement in this portrait in a cartoonish way. Indeed, it is not a realistic portrait so I colored the chicken with white, as for lips and legs yellow and a little bit of red.

You will have to just follow the placement of its leg and hands since it is running. It has a bold black underline in it. The bold black underline is more amazing and unique than the seamless pattern of drawing. Moreover, it highlights a portrait and gives more perfection.

Realistic Chicken

Realistic Chicken - Vector Design US, Inc.

All artists should have a realistic portrait of any of the drawing subjects. Because this type of portrait draws audiences’ attention so much. These are the drawing that its subject is the same for all artists. And this chicken drawing works as a winning subject for the artist.

It can create a competitive environment among the artists who can present it more uniquely and attractively. Here I use some domestic hen and rooster in a flower garden. As you can see, I didn’t take any gorgeous rooster for this because here the garden will work as a semi background.

So, there is no need for more colorful roosters. Another thing is watercolor is a basic color style so that almost every artist has watercolor pallets in their studio. So, this idea is like drawing a unique piece using the fewer elements that can usually be found at your studio. A clever artist will definitely seize this opportunity to show his or her creativity.

Chicken Thumbs Up

Chicken Thumbs Up - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are a lot of restaurants nowadays that work with only chicken items. You can see the famous KFC. They will definitely search for their logo designs, isn’t it? So, what an artist can provide for them? It should be a topic of concern. Right?

So, for them here are the following thumbs up mascot chicken drawing isolated in red background. It is not only a simple drawing but also it can bear a company’s name and significance. So, I think you can understand its worth. It will gonna be a win-win project for artists.

Because this is definitely not an idea you can find usually. Moreover, with our idea, you can also get our mascot design service. You can unhesitantly have this in your unique drawing list.

Symbol of Chinese New Year

Symbol of Chinese New Year - Vector Design US, Inc.

This chicken works as a symbol of chines new year as the title is. The new year is a big festival for Chinese people. This chicken represents their happiness and festival. It actually symbolizes happiness so the Chinese people have this portrait or sticker in their home as a Chinese New Year decoration.

You may understand the significance of this chicken drawing for them. And you may understand what position and respect you can gain from offering this drawing to them. It can take your drawing career to another level surely.

Chicken Hatching Egg

Chicken Hatching Egg - Vector Design US, Inc.

For those who lived in the city life, chicken hatching egg is indeed an unusual scenery for them. This is one of the beautiful things that they don’t usually see in front of their eyes. So here is a very beautiful portrait of a cute chicken you can draw dedicating the city-born children. It is a doodle-made drawing with a seamless pattern of style.

You should keep in mind that children like doodle drawing more than others. Because they gave a cartoonish view that catches children’s attention. This tip will help you as an artist if you someday work for children drawing. If you don’t know how to work with a doodle pen you better learn the method for a promising career.

Chubby Chicken Wearing a Mask

Chubby Chicken Wearing a Mask - Vector Design US, Inc.

This chubby chicken drawing is done in an artistic modern style. It is a portrait of a big cubby chicken wearing a surgical mask and isolated in white background. This portrait will be very effective for children’s books, flyers, covid awareness advertisements, and also teaching kids with cartoons about covid.

Kids usually can’t take so much serious talks and learnings at a time. So, when they will see a cute chubby chicken tech them, they will definitely find great interest in it. I actually made it a teacher chicken wearing a mask, especially for kids.

The placements of its hands are showing it is talking to us, showing us the right path, and giving us the awareness about covid. It is of course a good message through a cute chicken drawing.

To Sum Up

We have finished several cute chicken drawings with different colors. Though a drawing comes from one’s skill still there are several easy ideas to start with. These not only help you have ideas but also their great detailing will help you increase your skills. And most importantly whatever you take ideas from there will always be some major differences between your drawing and the professional’s drawing from where you have taken the ideas.

But we are something who has the solution of your all problems. You can get help from our color correction service. There I enlist several ideas like which needed so many colors. You will get great help with this connection. So, this is the only thing you should be aware of. There is nothing else to worry about. These ideas will definitely help you to draw your chicken. Happy drawing!