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Photoshop and Photoshopping

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Photoshop is a software for photo editing and retouching. But now it is not limited in the name of a photo editing tool, rather the very word ‘Photoshop’ is now a verb that stands for image editing. You often hear the word is used to make sense image editing. For example, “Photoshop the product image.”

It has become not only for its huge usage and being a pioneer photo editing tool, it has gain a vast popularity in the image manipulation industry. No other image enhancing tool has achieved such a height presenting wide range to photo modifying tools, options, filters, actions, etc.

Most used Photoshop tools and options

As a professional image editing company, we use almost all the tools from Photoshop for performing multiple photo shopping tasks. But yet, there are some tools that are used most for enhancing images. Here is a list of the frequently used Photoshop tools-

  • Pen tool
  • Selection tool,
  • Layer Panel,
  • Adjustment tool
  • Blending option
  • Filters and effects
  • Brushes
  • Dodge and Burn tools
  • Plugins like Camera raw
  • Actions and more.

Photoshop Editing Services

Photoshop performs beyond-imagined number of editing and retouching works. It has empowered the photo editors. Photoshop has made come out the editing works from darkroom to light. However, have a glimpse of photo editing works that the designers do in Photoshop.

  • Image background editing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Old photo restoration
  • Image cropping and resizing
  • Color variants
  • Removing objects and people
  • Tiny animation
  • Producing various types of image file formats
  • Image compositing
  • Creating new image from sketches
  • And more.

How to photoshop an image?

How you will photoshop an image will depend on the editing type, image complexity, and what type of photo editing you need. You may need different types of phoshopping like background removing, color correction, photo restoring, etc. Since there are multiple types of image editing process and purposes, we are here showing a simple background removal process-

  1. Open your product image in Photoshop software.
  2. Get pen tool, or there selection tool and create a path around the product photo.
  3. Make it a selection by clipping Ctrl+Enter.
  4. Then press Ctrl+Shift+R to reverse the selection from product to background
  5. Hit the delete button.
  6. Your image background will be transparent and add a different background.
  7. Take a new layer and fill it with required bg color
  8. Done and save the image.

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