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A tattoo design artist considers one’s body as a blank canvas. They are always eager for tattoo enthusiasts so that they can present their tattoo design ideas on their bodies. On the other hand tattoo enthusiasts also wait for having something new designs of tattoo. Because a tattoo is indeed a long time commitment. You must be having something that will be reasonable for your life and the people around you at least for 10 years. 

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Tattoo art is not only body art but also relates to one’s emotions and personality. It can make a lifetime promise. Again it also destroys relationships sometimes. As for tattoo enthusiasts having tattoos is everything above all.

In this content, we will give you some unique and creative tattoo design ideas with loads of significant meanings. Even some of tattoo ideas have symbolic significance and traditional meanings too. We hope that you won’t be disappointed.

Tattoos Forearm

Tattoos forearm - Tattoo Design Ideas

The forearm is a versatile and most popular tattoo placement than the neck or hand. It is a place from where a tattoo can be seen easily. Not only you will see your tattoo every day but also the people around you.

Moreover, a forearm is a place where you can etch small to medium sizes of tattoos. Another advantage is when you go for a new job that needs a decent appearance, you can cover the tattoo with sleeves. Just any type of tattoo including religious, meaningful, portraiture, lettering, geometric, and traditional are fits on forearms perfectly.

Forearm Tattoos for Men

Forearm tattoos for men -Tattoo Design Ideas

Though tattoos on the forearm are a design for unisex still it is incredibly popular among men. Because of the thick skin and a lot of muscles on the forearm these tattoos are on the low to low in the pain scale. Tattoos on the forearm represent honesty and confidence. It is like showing your loved thing to others and not hiding your personality.

So you should choose something positive and meaningful so that people don’t have negative thoughts about you. As for men, it is better to be chosen a geometric arrow tattoo. The arrow shows the strength of a hunter. It also represents direction while hunting.

Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Tattoos on men - Tattoo Design Ideas

I found choosing tattoos for women is easier than for men. Generally, maximum women are bounded with traditional, flower, and butterfly tattoos. But choosing tattoos for men is really a tiring thing. They are very much bound by their personality.

So maximum time they don’t want to wear something that is not matched their personality. And it ended up with wasting time in the tattoo parlor picking a tattoo design to etch. A quick solution for men’s tattoo enthusiasts is the below tribal tattoo.

It is simply gorgeous with strong meanings. Besides Its meanings are changed according to the tattoo wearer’s culture. That is why this tattoo is matched with all men from different cultures.

Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Sleeve tattoo - Tattoo Design Ideas

If you are hundred percent sure to have a sleeve tattoo I will suggest starting from the shoulder. Don’t just tell the tattoo artist to do whatever he wants. And if you are a tattoo artist it is also the best tip for you to start from the shoulder and then work down the arm.

Although it is seen in some modern women, it is popular among most men. Sleeve tattoos create an attractive appearance that a passerby or your friends will notice you just a glance.

Generally, sleeve tattoos don’t hurt much also while doing sensitive skin or areas. But whereas it is a long process to tattoo and takes a long time to etch so your hand can unusually hurt or get numb for a while.

Spine Tattoo Design Ideas

Spine tattoo design - Tattoo Design Ideas

A spine tattoo is a tattoo that is unexpectedly popular among women. I don’t know why. Maybe women are shy by nature so they don’t show their tattoos. I might be wrong. I just assume it. There must be different reasons for different people behind having a tattoo.

These tattoos represent the strength of a person. Because it is done on the most painful area of one’s body. And this type of tattoo has some drawbacks also. Those who have the problem of spine pain must avoid it. Thinking of its drawbacks I suggest the below spine tattoo.

It is small and meaningful. If you have back problems yet you want to dare to have a spine tattoo then you can have the below octopus exact upper side of the spine. It will be less painful.

Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

Flower tattoos - Tattoo Design Ideas

We all know flowers mean something colorful. A tattoo is not also an exception to this. Flower tattoos are full of bright colors. But there are lots of aesthetic black flowers tattoo too. Although it is more famous among women, some modern men are also seen wearing flower tattoos. The more interesting part of wearing a flower tattoo is its meaning.

People usually think flower shows purity. It is also right. But as for tattoo design, they convey multiple meanings as their layers. In ancient times, in some cultures flower tattoo was considered a symbol of the direct pleasure of God. In modern times it represents the love between people.

Chest Tattoos for Men

Chest tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

The chest provides a vast amount of area. So it is obviously the best place for large tattoos such as biomechanical imagery, and full action scenes. But not all tattoo enthusiasts like that large tattoo on the full chest.

So I tried to think of a tattoo that will be best for tattoo enthusiasts. This is a design you can have a great deal of customization from it. it offers from small aside tattoos to gorgeous both sides or whole chest tattoos. Chest tattoos symbolize bravery, boldness, and powerfulness.

Since the chest is a place close to our heart, technically a family tattoo or a name tattoo is best for men. Also, images of some powerful animals in the chest (pictured) represent strength and masculinity.

Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

Hand tattoos come down to personal taste and choice. The best place for a hand tattoo is the upper hand to slightly fingers. Hand tattoos among men getting demandable very increasingly. But it is a very strong commitment because whatever you wear you can’t cover your hand unless using gloves.

I think it will be best for those who are not planning to do any decent job in the future. It will be best for artists, DJs, and celebrities.

So think before having a hand tattoo. For sensitive and thin skin hand tattoos are more painful. And upper hands are bony and full of ligaments so the ink may not stick with the skin at one chance. So be prepared mentally, your tattoo artist may etch a design many more times for perfection.

A Cross Tattoo Design Idea

A cross tattoo - Tattoo Design Ideas

A Christian cross tattoo is a traditional religious tattoo style for men and women. Wearing this tattoo shows one’s devotion to his or her religion. Also, it has a great significance in the Christian religion. So when tattoo enthusiasts from other religions wear a cross tatt it also means showing respect for different religions too.

As I say a Christian cross tattoo symbolizes the sacrifices of Jesus for mankind. It is the best fit for the chest, hand, wrist, back neck, arm, and shoulder. For usual tattoo enthusiasts, it represents unconditional love and sacrifice for your family, friends, and significant others. On the other hand, a cross tattoo down upside is considered unlucky. So make sure what direction you want to wear.

Small Tattoos for Men

Small tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

A small tattoo can be anything including flower, animals, sun, moon, star, and also other numerous subjects. But as for men, there must be something that will represent masculinity.

So I find the Sagittarius tattoo very unique and interesting. This sign is also a zodiac you may know that has great historical significance. It shows the power of an ancient god. It associates with the Greek mythical story. Sagittarius’s tattoo has many forms.

The best form, an arrow pairs with a bow or the half-horse God. This style of tattoo is indeed athletic (shows one’s love for archery), aggressive, and wild. So if you like these features it will be the definite best small tattoo for men.

Neck Tattoos for Men

Neck tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

Neck tattoos are one of the more visible tattooing styles besides hand tattoos. Men like it most because of its visibleness it represents the boldness and strong personality of a musculin. Usually casual or student tattoo enthusiasts don’t generally wear this type of tattoo.

People who are connected with gangs use this as their symbol. But a neck tattoo is a very bad tattoo design idea among tattoo placements. First of all, it stays on one’s very neck skin.

And the skin of these areas is very thin and sensitive, so if you are having bad luck while tattooing you will have to deal with great damage. Animals, butterflies, date of birth, and anchors are the best neck tattoo for men.

Arm Tattoos for Men

Arm tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos don’t have to be large extended designs on the full arm. It is one of the most comfortable placements when comes to tattooing. Arms offer a lot of angles such as Cool Upper, lower, inner, front, back, and sidearm. All of them look cool when it comes to men. just choose an angle you think will look cool. And if you want the coolest one take a look at the below dragon.

What makes it cooler is it goes up in the shoulder from the arm. Dragon tattoos have a great significance in Japanese and Chinese cultures.  In both cultures, it symbolizes wisdom, protection, and power. You can also choose an eagle, snake, wolf, fox, or lion instead of a dragon.

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Lotus flower tattoos - Tattoo Design Ideas

Though all flower has a common meaning. They usually represent beauty and love. But the lotus flower is exceptional. It has great significance in Hinduism. Lotus conveys spiritual meanings too. In general a majority of people like a single lotus flower. Or it comes in pink.

That is why I like to enlist a purple lotus by combining some pink tiny flowers and some water waves. In the Hindu religion, lotus tattoos are a symbol of beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening. It will be best to etch in the arm, shoulder, back, or hand.

Thigh Tattoos for Women

Thigh tattoos for women - Tattoo Design Ideas

Thigh tattoos are mostly in trend among women for the past two years. It not only ornaments your leg but also give a sexy impression. Thigh offers a vast area of your body so in terms of placement it is the best fit for any tattoo.

The Thigh area also offers angles. But the best one is the front thigh. It is an untraditional tattoo style that is usually people wear to switch attention to their legs. The reason women like it most is thighs have very thick skin.

So you would just feel less impact of the needle. If you go for an experienced tattoo artist and he can etch it perfectly, then flower tattoos are the best fit for women’s thighs.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Half sleeve tattoo - Tattoo Design Ideas

A half sleeve tattoo can be of two types, shoulder to chest and shoulder to the elbow. It can be a big tattoo or some independent imageries associated with each other. Since it is a unisex tattoo style I have selected something that both men and women can wear.

I mentioned before that a sleeve tattoo doesn’t hurt that much. It is just a prolonged session so your hand can get numb for a while. A half sleeve tattoo healed 2 to 3 weeks to 6months. It works for the natural sleeve. When you wear a sleeveless you will look so much more attractive.

Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel wings tattoo - Tattoo Design Ideas

Angel tattoo is another kind of religious tattoo style. It offers many shapes and sizes. And it is a tattoo style best fit for the back shoulder, chest, arm, hand, and shoulder. It also has a great significance in the Christian religion. Christians believe having an angel wings tattoo defines their connection to god.

Angel wings actually represent freedom, faith, and protection. Some people wear this tattoo for the remembrance of their close one who passes away. They think of an angel tattoo as a “guardian angel” that will guide them to have a holy angelic nature.

Back Tattoos for Women

Back tattoos for women - Tattoo Design Ideas

Needless to say, the back will be best for the big and elaborate designs. If you choose this placement you don’t have to think of a design. As the term of placement, there is also plenty of options too. You can choose a spine tattoo, lower back, or entire back.

There will be no restrictions for you. Just select a design that has more detail. Traditional Japanese tattoos can be a cool choice. Yet if you don’t want to have something traditional you can have flowers, angel wings, a combination of butterflies, or the excellent one in the below portrait.

The music theme is always dealt with something rythmic and vibrant. So I think this one is best fitted for women.

Arm Tattoos for Women

Arm tattoos for women - Tattoo Design Ideas

Arm tattoos for women can be actually anything. This is nothing you have to choose something feminine. Because it is a versatile placement of tattooing that allows you to cover it with sleeves when you feel to.

So it can be an animal, butterfly, a dream catcher, feather, bird, angel wings, just whatever if you like the meaning of it. If you ask for my suggestion I will like to introduce you to a classical tattoo that is known as old school tattoo. The tattoo style is actually native Americana.

Since the arm is a place from where you can draw people’s attention easily. That is why native Americana is the best choice. For its bold outline, this tattoo is more detailed that will catch one’s attention surely.

Leg Tattoos Men

Leg tattoos men - Tattoo Design Ideas

In general, the leg and thigh are tattoo placements for women. Men wear these types of tattoos just to draw the attention of their legs. Men wearing a leg tattoo comes from a historical story from Polynesian cultures.

There are plenty of styles available for leg tattoos such as full leg sleeves, minimal text design, or creative artwork with a biomechanical design. Yet leg provides narrow space so I will suggest something minimal with great meaning.

As an example a phoenix bird, the Phoenix bird represents rebirth, reconstruction of oneself from obstacles. If you like a full leg sleeve you can go for a tribal tattoo. It is also another best style of tattoo for men’s legs.

Chest Tattoos for Women

Chest tattoos for women - Tattoo Design Ideas

As I told you before the chest is the place close to our heart. If a tattoo lover wants to keep something here it should be something with important meanings. Chest tattoo style is actually almost similar for men and women. It can be a bunch of birds, a number of flowers, a number of stars, some specific detailed scenery, and lettering tattoos.

For the feminine touch, I will suggest a coloring angel wings tattoo combined with the queen crown and heart in the center. This angel wing tattoo is surely different from a single angel wing. Wearing it on your chest you will feel as strong as the queen was!

Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

Since the shoulder is a place that can be covered with outfits any style of tattoo that is attached to you, or the meaning of them is close to you, you can etch in the shoulder. But of course, you don’t have a tattoo to cover it with a dress always instead of showcasing your friends.

In this connection, you can etch this tribal bull tattoo. It is a big bull done in the tribal style of tattooing. Having a tribal bull tattoo isn’t disrespectful at all. If you are a person who respects the arts and culture this tribal bull is definitely for you.

Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Sleeve tattoos for men - Tattoo Design Ideas

Sleeve tattoos mostly offer long detailed tattoos to some independent tattoos linked with each other. I like sleeve tattoos most among the tattoos that convey detailed features. Because arms or hands don’t provide big spaces it is tough to etch details here. For these tattoos, the artist must have artistic potential.

Well, as for men’s sleeves I’ll again suggest going for the phoenix tattoo style. It is classic yet full of symbolic meanings. Phoenix tattoo style has generally a bird that comes or rebirth from fire. It is such a strong tattoo style.

Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoos - Tattoo Design Ideas

What significance the sun has in our life it is not even unaware to a kid. Sun tattoo has several meanings in individual cultures. Most common is it symbolizes light, bright things of life, and renewal. The coloring or rising sun tattoo represents our cycle of life. The black sun tattoo represents the end of something and starting of some evil.

It is a rising sun tattoo with a face in the center of the circle. It generally defines the beginning of a new happy life with family and friends. Sun is a style you are free to wear any place on your body. There is no limit to the rising sun Tattoo Design Ideas.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos - Tattoo Design Ideas

Sun and Moon are the most essential natural elements of our life. One helps us to brighten our day another helps us at the night. In a word, we are depending on them. So having a sun and moon tattoo shows your high love for nature. It is a unisex tattoo.

A couple also can wear this tattoo as a matching couple tattoo. Sun and moon tattoo shows the duality of our life. The ups and downs of human life. A moon inside a sun often represents the unity of men and women sexually and spiritually.

Bottom Line of Tattoo Design Ideas

As I mentioned before getting a tattoo is not a temporary thing. Though there are a lot of modern technologies now that help to remove tattoos they are a very costly process. You can’t believe they take more charge than getting a tattoo.

Moreover, they are so very much more painful than having a tattoo. So every tattoo enthusiast must not be hurry to get inked. It should be a decision after long consideration. I can ensure you that getting a tattoo from the above Tattoo Design Ideas won’t be ended up in regret. Maybe you also understand this already. Which idea you have chosen for this year’s tattoo let us know in the comment box. And also you can check our Traditional Raven tattoo ideas.