Tattoo Design Ideas and Hacks (Updated 2024) [Part 2]

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Diversity in tattoo design ideas is essential for modern tattoo enthusiasts. Here in this article, we have tried to accumulate the top and trending tattoo design ideas. You will get the best tattoo design ideas for men and women. These tattoo design ideas are suitable for all even people from teenage to middle age.

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Why is this list of tattoo design ideas different?

You will find a lot of tattoos drawing ideas from other sources. But why would you take tattoo design ideas from us? What specialty do we provide to our audience? We not only provide usual tattoo ideas for more clicks, but also we think of our audience’s minds first. Moreover, we always try to think from a user’s perspective. These are the principles that keep us different from our competitors.

We assure you that the following article will bring meanings, cultural significance, key points, and more details about the individual tattoo for you. You don’t even have to just pick a design from the artist’s catalog without knowing its meaning. Be confident about what you want to wear, what truly matches your thoughts and personality.

So, don’t delay. Let’s explore our list of Tattoo Design Ideas!

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

The shoulder is an excellent tattoo placement for women. A shoulder tattoo has both benefits and drawbacks. It depends on which angle of the shoulder you are getting inked. Because of the thick skin, on the outer shoulder, you don’t get much pain.

But if you have one in the shoulder blades, it will be extremely painful because of the proximity of bones. Gone are the days when women were bound with flower and butterfly tattoos. In terms of tattoo design, modern women are competing with men.

A few decades ago, women tattoo enthusiasts didn’t want to wear animal tattoos thinking of animals as fearful and wild. But now having a pet is very common. People don’t usually fear an animal. So, wearing a cute animal tattoo on your shoulder shows your soft corner for estray animals.

Tribal Cross Tattoo for Men

Tribal Cross Tattoo for Men

Tribal and cross are different styles of tattoos and both have individual strong meanings. So, what meaning comes when both of them are linked in one tattoo, let’s see.  Tribal tattoos are made by centuries of tradition and culture. Though we notice several women wearing this tattoo style, it actually draws upon to show masculinity.

Another way is a cross tattoo so the cross truly symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind. Because of the tribal style’s heavy bold black gradients and interweaving patterns, it shows your bold statement of your religion through a tattoo artwork. It represents the sacrifices to keep religious art and culture alive.

Rose Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Rose Tattoos for Men

In modern times men are also seen wearing floral tattoo designs. But a majority of men like combinations of floral designs more than individual flower designs. And of course, they won’t like a red rose for their tattoo. Thinking of this we pick this vintage purple rose tattoo for men.

This tattoo is combined with An old camera and film. A green wildflower represents the 90s gramophone. The design features very detail and underlines with bold black lines. This tattoo also represents the 90s vintage style of artwork. So keeping this tattoo shows you are a person deeply with culture and art.

Thigh Tattoos for Men

Thigh Tattoos for Men

The thigh is one of the best placements for women tattooing. Men only have tattoos in this place for drawing attention to their legs. Or some men want to wear matching couple thigh tattoos because of their lover. Whatever the reason is we respect every viewer’s thoughts and perspective.

Since the thigh offers large space it will be the best placement for large expanded tattoos. As for masculinity, a medium-sized tattoo with meaning is the best piece. Wild animals, evil characters of animes, sea imagery, or some Halloween sceneries are the best.

For example, In the below picture is an excellently presented character from horror ancient movies in a mirror.

Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve Tattoos for Women

The sleeve tattoo style is a very fast-growing popular tattoo style. Many celebrities have sleeve tattoos. Youngsters may be getting inspiration from them. It is not a very good choice for women.

But still sleeve tattoo offers quarter sleeve, half sleeve, and full sleeve. A quarter sleeve tattoo is best for women. It comes shoulder to arm or chest. If you want something taller then go for half sleeve tattoo. It came down to elbow from shoulder.

And the largest sleeve tattoo is a full sleeve tattoo that covers the whole hand shoulder to the forearm and sometimes to fingers. Butterflies, flowers, fruits, stars, birds, leaves, portraiture, religious, tattoos are best for women’s sleeve tattooing.

Side Thigh Tattoo Design Ideas

Side Thigh Tattoo

The Thigh side is one of the best angles for drawing a  thigh tattoo. Side thighs provide medium-large space that is enough to portray scenery perfectly. Nautical scenery, wild animals, pinup female figures, fierce predatory animals, the combination of heart and flowers.

Because of fewer nerves and well-padded fat tattooing in this place give less pain. Thigh tattoos are the largest tattoo on the tattoo sizes scale. They can have 7 to 10 inches tattoos on the side thigh. 7 inches is actually an ideal size for a side thigh tattoo.

If we have a comparative talk back and chest are also provide large space but they are not that attractive placements. It is definitely a very attractive and sexier placement of tattooing.

Hand Tattoo for Women

Hand Tattoo for Women

The hand is one of the most visible tattoo placements. Sometimes they work very well to showcase one’s personality but sometimes they go wrong. Let’s learn about the detail. Hands and fingers tattoos are the most serious commitments because you can’t cover them anytime until using gloves.

It is a very popular choice among our young female tattoo enthusiasts. Having a tattoo on your hands doesn’t being compelled to mean anything. One can etch a tattoo on hand as a style of choice. Having a number of a bird flying from your hand tattoo also can work as a conversation starter.

Infinity Tattoo Design Ideas

Infinity Tattoo

Among the infinite tattoo ideas in the tattoo world, infinity tattoo is the most popular tattoo for men. the wrist is the best place for this tattoo. Still, you can choose your infinity tattoo placement.

Having an infinity tattoo will always give reminders about our balance of life, keep harmony, and live in peace. The infinity tattoo symbolizes the infinite life of spirituality. Though our earthly life is finite the feelings of our life souls exist forever.

The meaning of tatt is truly unique. Infinity tattoo can be combined with heart, features, math, love, birds as pictures, and lettering. Each combination bears different meanings.

Small Tattoos for Women

Small Tattoos for Women

When talking about the small tattoos you are completely free to select the placement. They are just unique wherever you wear them. Yet the ideal place for the small tattoo is the neck, wrist, hand, shoulder, and leg. It can be a star, tree, butterfly, bird, feather so on.

But I’ll specially introduce a queen tattoo for the small tattoo design for women. Queen’s crown with angel wings shows the independence of a woman. It represents you are the only master of your kingdom.

Moreover, it will give you inspiration for reaching your specific goal in life. It also symbolizes nobility, honor, and the rightful balance of power.

Gemini Tattoo Design Ideas

Gemini Tattoo

Geminis tattoos offer a variety of tattoo design ideas with very strong meanings. The perfect tattoos for the Gemini style of tattooing are the dual lively Geminis and the yin yang design. They also can be birds, features, branches, and wings.

Gemini tattoos go with any personality of a person whether you are an introverted and extrovert, or cerebral and childish. So it is a perfect and energetic nature of tattoo for all the tattoo enthusiasts.

So there should be no doubtful questions such as I’m a woman, can we have this? If you like this design just go for it confidently whether you are a man or woman.

Back Tattoos for Men

Back Tattoos for Men

Though the back allows large expanded tattoos still the upper back is getting popular among men increasingly. The upper back is the smoothest place of the body that is why many difficult designs also go perfectly in this place.

Some like bold black designs, on the other hand, some like classical tattoos such as Japanese, and classic Americana. That is why we will suggest a big phoenix bird on the upper back. Ohh, another thing, you can have a large animal tattoo or can have some small individual similar tattoos.

Okay, let’s back to the phoenix bird. Phoenix bird is a Japanese tattoo style that is spiritually connected to transformation, rebirth, and bravery.

Leg Tattoos for Women

Leg Tattoos for Women

Leg tattoos are mostly seen in women. If they are etching perfectly they are the truly elegant and chich tattoo style for women. Human vision first goes to our feet. So don’t think ornamenting your feet is a waste. It is indeed not a waste.

Even for stylish women leg tattoo is a must-try item. There are many options for leg tattoos. You can have a full sleeve one. Because it offers the benefit of hiding when needed under the trousers. But those who like to show their tattoo or personality can have one on the lower leg.

In this state, I’ll like to suggest a rose, bird, octopus, cherry bloom, fox in the lower leg. Any one of these will be the perfect choice for women.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo in hand often symbolizes natural beauty. Keeping a small butterfly tattoo will remind you to have faith, transformation, and freedom. The butterfly is a great version of natural elegance.

Whatever new trends or tattoo style comes and goes by, the small butterfly will remain an elegant and unique one. It is a great idea for women but men also can wear it as the beginning of a new trend. Since it is small it is best fitted in the placements from where anyone can notice it at a glance.

The neck, forearm, hand, the leg is the best places for small butterflies. Bold black butterflies are the perfect design to attract people more. They are such designs that can be noticed with just a glance.

Forearm Tattoos for Women

Forearm Tattoos for Women

When comes to attracting people through a tattoo forearm is the most popular and versatile place for women. Several women tattoo enthusiasts are still bound with culture and girly artwork deeply in this modern time.

Another group of women tattoo enthusiasts who like cool tattoo styles. Girly artwork is nothing actually new the old butterfly with flower designs. But some of the new tattoo artwork is really eye-catching. They can be the incredible mandalas, black and bold half sleeves, or some cute animals such as a cat.

Excluding all these designs, we will introduce you to something new today. The design is a portraiture style of tattoo. It is a modern classic tattoo design with historic significance. It is a great approach to honor someone you like or someone close to you who passed away. 

Rose Tattoos on Hand

Rose Tattoos on Hand

No matter how common the designs of rose tattoos, it is always in top trend due to the significance of the rose flower. Its velvet petals are indeed defined as luxuriousness. Having just a rose tattoo in hand also does not look minimal. When it comes to rose tattoos be prepared to get the chances of great customization just as you dreamt to have.

It provides rich colors with 3D potential. Roses can be combined with traditional tributes of family tattoo style, compass watch, and butterflies for positive meanings. And for evil meanings, roses can be combined with a witch, wild animals, pinup female portraits.

Small Cute Tattoo Design Ideas

Small cute tattoos not necessarily are something minimal. They are just less is more. They won’t even affect your workplaces because of their overloaded cuteness. Besides when it takes the word cute it will definitely be something with positive meanings that won’t have a bad effect on the people around you.

It can be the traditional tribute of a tribal animal, mother, or heart tattoo to a star, butterfly, bird, or new school of tattoos (cartoon tattoos). Small tattoos have another advantage that is they are easily hidable. Again, for those who love tattoos so much but are afraid of having much pain these small tattoo ideas are best for them.

Skull Tattoo Design Ideas on Hand

Skull Tattoo Design Ideas on Hand

A skull tattoo is one of the best examples of those tattoos that were almost dying many decades ago. Some modern tattoo enthusiasts and talented tattoo artists keep this trend still alive. Though the skull often symbolizes death, danger, and destruction yet it offers great tattoo styles when paired up with other tattoo designs.

And when it comes to etching in the hand it is better to pair up with some flowers, butterflies on the skull, lettering, and add some touches of colors. These elements reduce their evil vision and made skulls somehow funny.

Wrist Tattoos for Men

Wrist Tattoos for Men

Many men tattoo wearers select wrists to have their favorite tattoo because it is the most visible placement of tattooing. They can easily present their tattoo in front of people. Another interesting matter is wrists are connected to a person’s heart. The best wrist tattoo style for men is a small meaningful tattoo.

Because the wrist is one of the most painful tattoo placements. So if you don’t get something reasonable and meaningful it isn’t worth bearing so much pain while tattooing. Wrist tattoos often symbolize bravery because of the severe pain while tattooing.

Finger Tattoos Men

Finger Tattoos Men

Feeling bored? Want to ornament your hands? Start with your fingers. But these designs have lots of drawbacks. Prepare yourself also for those. Finger tattoos always need preparation. Sometimes the design can work sometimes it’s not. So as for men symmetrical tattoo designs are best.

And also consider your finger’s sizes and shapes before choosing a design. It will really help you to have a perfect one and avoid the mess. A camera, an anchor, a Christmas tree, a Christian cross, a skull, perfume bottle are the popular designs for men’s finger tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures in this world. They provide beauty and cheerfulness.  They create designs for their own. And their long-standing symbolism defines independence, versatility, and transformation for something better.

Some tattoo enthusiasts think of a single butterfly minimal and simple. In terms of having a medium gorgeous tattoo, you can have a number of butterflies in a line upside to down in the back spine. The back spine is a very painful placement of tattooing, so don’t have to have the design in the back spine necessarily.

You can also have this unique butterfly style in the forearm, leg, shoulder to arm, and side neck. Moreover, you can also add some lettering with butterflies.

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Feeling confused? How can it be a meaningful tattoo? After knowing the definition we can guarantee you will love this meaningful design. Okay, we can clear it by using another name. it will help to understand at once. This design is also known as the tree of life.

A tree of life is one of the most preferred tattoo designs among men. These tree of life has several designs such as trees with roots, trees with faces, and trees with birds as pictured. This is a mythical tree that shows the divine nature of earthly life. It represents our interconnection with nature.

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

The versatility and dazzling of a butterfly offer you to choose any color for tattooing. A butterfly is a tattoo element that can be called less is more. Their vibrant color can give any tattoo enthusiast a happy and lively feel of nature.

A butterfly in hand allows you both lots of placements and designs. In terms of placements, the versatile forearm, lower elbow, wrist, upper hand, and fingers. It is truly such a great deal of placements.

On the other hand in terms of designs, you can personalize your design in combination with other elements such as flowers and a rainbow. Here this butterfly is done in watercolor ink. The dripping color feature of watercolor inked tattoos is really excellent just its way.

Finger Tattoos Women

Finger Tattoos Women

Before going to the tattoo design I’ll like to give awareness to you about finger tattoos so that you can have a great preparation before tattooing.

Finger tattoos are not always getting successful but if you can find an efficient tattoo artist or go to any renowned tattoo parlors you can have expectations. The color put into them can drop out and get fade after some time to etch. So it is better to be choosing something only with black ink.

And because of the small spaces of fingers, these tattoos don’t show that bright. For this also the bold black tiny tattoos are the best. As for women, love, heart, rose, butterfly, umbrella, and fruits are the best option.

To Sum Up

A tattoo is something you can’t just have if you want. It is not a normal commitment in your life. It has a great impact on your family, friends, and significant others. For this reason, there is so much talk about having a tattoo. Of course, you will feel sad if people don’t understand the meaning of the tattoo you wear.

All people have a good and bad side to them but in front of our close people, we always like to show our good and positive personalities. That is why we try to give helpful advice, guides and tips. we forgot to say another thing that is we also provide letterhead design service. So if tattoo artists like to customize letterheads on their business cards they will get help from us greatly.