45 Inspirational Examples of an Image to Vector Conversion Ideas

Inspirational Examples of an Image to Vector

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Before starting a project, one of the first things anyone should learn about is the basics of that particular subject. Without mastery of the basics, you can’t reach the advanced level or your goal. Since we are working on Image to Vector Conversion let’s get detail below about What is Vector?

What is Vector?

You may already know what is vector. Lots of content you can find about this topic also. But still to get started with the great experience I give you an intro in short that will help you also go further.

A vectorize picture doesn’t contain composition or datum at all. It is a summation of pixels, dots, or motion albumens. As an image to vector conversion artist, if you need to convert a photo to vector form or a logo to vector form, you will necessary to vectorize the logo to be aware of perfect quality, over and above it will pixelate.

Also, images to vector conversions grant more flexibility that raster images files don’t allow. Raster images are edified by conducting an adjusted figure of colored pixels, they can’t be amazingly reshaped without measuring their resolution. Moreover, close upon all pictures in google are raster images. Anyone can easily find them from google. But who’s suffers most is the images to vector converter artists.

They can’t present their creativity for lackings of images vector conversion ideas. It is not possible to give something best only if one’s ideas are limited. If they come up with something out of the ordinary, then they can make something unusual and creative. Settling down this issue our today’s content has been composed. Get yourself ready to have the most unique and outstanding ideas!

Human Natures

I am dealing with the issue of the human images to vector conversions by comparing them with objects. If I explain the matter through comparative talks, it will be like human photos need eye-protective color pixels on the other hand objects are okay with both light deep or any color pixels. It is happening because human images to vectors conversion both follow real and innate human personalities and also cartoon characters.

Sometimes we work with cartoon characters in human cases. And also sometimes we create cartoon characters with human personalities. These combinations in reality create variations.  Let’s see what I can gather for you on this matter.

Excited, Shocked Pretty Lady

Excited, Shocked Pretty Lady - Vector Design US, Inc.

Let’s start with this surprising young woman image to vector conversion. She has chestnut curly hair isolated on pink background. She is amazed by an open mouth. It is created by the modern image to vector conversion pop-art illustration of an excited, shocked pretty lady. There is a white empty message bar aside from her head.

You can see I don’t use lots of colored pixels on it. Wear her a white polka dot pretty plain yellow dress with a white collar. Follow the hair setting. I create lines and use shading for her hair. Bring her right hand to the right side under her chin, likewise in this below example for the surprising look.

Come to her face if you don’t want to wear lipstick on the lips it will look bland. And her shocking expression will not show up. There you will be needed 4 color pixels for only a mouth make. You may need to make a combination such as light pink and dark pink. Only these two colors are not necessary you can use your preference.

If you lost dots it may ruin this image to vector conversion. Not only mouth but also you can face a lot of places where you need to use several color pixels in one place such as eyes. So be careful in this kind of situation where you need to use too many color pixels at a place.

Young Girl Pointing Out

Young Girl Pointing Out - Vector Design US, Inc.

This beautiful young college girl is another work of pop-art illustration of an image to vector conversion. This image to vector conversion has a smooth combination of a gorgeous background that takes on white dots isolated in plain paste color, and also has light pink vertical lines on the dark pink and a bland light brown isolated aside in the bottom corner as a triangle angled. The whole background contains a white lining frame.

The college girl is standing in front of the white framed beautiful background. She is pointing out with her hand on the right. Her left hand is resting under the right elbow likewise crossing arms pose. She is wearing a teal jacket college uniform which is why it has wrinkles on the sleeves and other places on the jacket.

To draw wrinkles is the easiest way to go through shading. For this vector, you may need to do shading several places such as hands, face, hair, and also dress. You can say it is an image to vector conversion of lots of shading color pixels. Begin with making a full face-to-body construction. Underline the picture. Next, add color.

Let’s start with the face. Make eyebrows first. Then do the whole face. Where to need contour to apply properly. Then draw eyes, nose, and lips. Here I use sky blue eyeball you can also use brown, grey, or black. Since she is a young girl use light color for lips. Complete the head part with hair coloring. Draw lines to make a gorgeous hair composure.

After finishing come for the body part. Add color to the uniform coat. Add shading and lines. Then add color to the hands. Add a shadow behind her.

Hipster Man inside Green Suit

Hipster Man on Green Suit - Vector Design US, Inc.

We may all know about hipster fashion. A hipster is a man or a woman whose fashion tastes are authentic and unusual. In exchange for chasing popular or regular fashion and trends, hipsters usually grace varied lifestyles, dynamic politics, and quirky clothing. They are called the sub-cultured of 21 century.

This hipster man making his left-hand something amazing like wow. Let’s come to know the detail about this image to vector conversion below. Starting from the head part, he has nice eyebrows and tiny little Chinese-like eyes. Draw them properly first. Then draw nose, mouth, mustache, and beard. He has light brown hair same as the mustache and beard. You should follow the style and lines of the hair. You are already completing the tough part.

Now we come for the body parts that will be easy work. Draw lines for the suit. Add color. You can change coloring. He is holding his red tie with his right hand. With his left hand, he is making an amazing sign. There is also an empty white message bar isolated on yellow background.

Fashionable Guy

Fashionable Guy - Vector Design US, Inc.

We all know that fashion is related to clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture. So the same things are important for converting an image to a vector. Thus I tried to give detail step by step so that is why you can understand each part easily.

This below guy has both bits of hipster style and gentleman look. As the first step makes a construction structure. Draw all the linings and markings before adding color. Mark the lines on the fingers. Check if there is any lining or marking left before stating adding colors. Then add color lightly first. After that, if this is not enough add more color and make it dark slowly.

His face is nothing unusual don’t pay attention to it. Add color to it regularly using previous methods. Add color to the hat.

Let’s pay attention to his body posture and fashions. He is wearing a ball print shirt. It is wrinkled. Add shading here on it. You can see here you have to make ball print and shading both are using almost similar light colors. So try to catch the color variation. Have a close look at his elbow. Here added an extra piece of light pink stuff. Wear him a dark sky blue bow tie. Add an office bag on his neck thus with his left hand, he can be holding it.

Now come to the bottom part. He is switching his weight on the right leg. And also place his right hand on the pocket. He has rolled and lifted a little bit of the bottom of his pants. For this reason, the pant got wrinkles too. As said before adding shading and lining for it. Keep his left leg a bit in angle instead of standing tall.

At last, wear his shoes but there is also a ‘But’ left. Before wearing shoes notice little fashionable rings on his left leg. Draw them and finish by drawing fashionable red shoes. Check again is there any gap left before presenting to your customer or uploading on your account.

Note: If you add lines after adding color it will ruin your vector’s natural look. So check it properly before adding color. Adding lines after the color will show the lines are fake.

Comic Style

Comic Style - Vector Design US, Inc.

I believe that artists should learn about different styles for an image to vector conversion ideas so that when customers want they can seize any opportunity. She is an Afro-American woman face isolated on black. It is a female vector face illustration in comic style.

She is wearing large glasses (since it is comic-style glasses they can be bigger than the face). She is opened her mouth in surprise or shock. It is a color vector. But her heart-shaped glasses inscribed Wow are a premium image to vector conversion. Or you can say it contains a light effect as a neon sign. It is almost the same.

This image to vector conversion is not as easygoing as it looks. You have to deal with a lot of black color pixels for it. It is better to be drawn the glasses structure first. Then draw the face construction or can say the whole image to vector conversion structure because it is only a face conversion instead of a full-bodied woman.

Then start adding color slowly. Make it dark on the bottom of the nose and the jawline. Add red color edge on the glasses. Write yellow Wow text inside. Then added black inside the rest. Now your glasses are ready add white shading. Filled with chestnut shading in the middle of the face. Add dark chestnut shadows beneath the black hair. Finish it by adding red color on the lips.

Women with Hair made Butterflies

Women with Hair made Butterflies - Vector Design US, Inc.

This beautiful image to vector conversion is something that can make anyone impressed. And also it gives a great opportunity to show your vector art style and creativity.

This image to vector conversion is so unusual that you can’t find it available on google or any usual vector artists webpages. Its color combination, theme, and design everything is amazing. Most important you can make it so easily. No need for any construction figure for it because there is no filling color part. Make it directly. She is lowering her gaze. Make the face and body first. It is one-line simple yet elegant vector art.

Next and the key part of this vector is the head. Here you can use color dots something like catching the watercolor vibes. I suggest adding butterflies first. Then add color dots in the rest. In this way, you can avoid gaps and make it at one-time usage of colors. You change the background color.

Macho Man with Tatto

Macho Man with Tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

This may be the straight attitude for males’ images to vector conversions that right away delivers an idea of someone who is closed off or lost in their whim. It gives away a puissant exclusive outlook to the customers of your brilliant work. This is a vector pop-art illustration of a feral bearded macho man with tattoos on his hands. You can find this type of character in south Indian movies. They are such men who hold bossy don characteristics. Well, let’s see the detail about him.

As I said earlier they are bossy so their eyes looks are different from other man’s vectors. They don’t usually give a soft or facile look towards normal people. They like to hold furious looks in their eyes. He has thick and dark eyebrows on grey sharp looking eyes. You can see he has a brutal beard so I think coloring the beard first will be the easy method.

Just remember which color pixels you use for the beard and mustache because you have to use the same for the hair. After finishing the beard part add face color. Then add hair color. Next, add white for his shirt. Make his arms are crossing. Add black on the tattoos. Complete it by adding the hands color the same as the face color.

Young Friends Women Cartoon Style

Young Friends Women Cartoon Style - Vector Design US, Inc.

For starting of the content I give a single man or single woman images to vector conversion ideas.

Now I  will jump into the group image to vector conversion ideas. A group can be anything such as a group of friends, a group of adults, a group of kids, or a group of employers, etc.

This is a young girl’s group of friends isolated on a light yellow polka dot on a mustard yellow background. These light and deep variations in the same color create an awesome composure and consistency.

As friendship is they are from a different state. Different styles, different looks, different dresses up captured in one frame. You can see 3 girls are standing ahead and 2 girls are standing behind them. Let’s talk about the fronts first. There are two thin whitish girls and a South African girl in the line.

They are standing shoulder to shoulder wearing the same clothes in just different colors. The first one is a very thin square-faced girl wearing a grey t-shirt, has black hair, dark grey eyes, cheerful that she gives a light smile.

The middle and ahead one is a girl with a bit lighter body color than the previous one. She is wearing a royal blue t-shirt, has light chestnut short hair, an oval-shaped face with light blue eyes. 3rd one is a South African curled-haired girl wearing a white t-shirt. She has dark chestnut eyes and hair. She is very lively and she gives a big smile.

From the back, the first one is wearing a sky blue t-shirt, has a unique style of short brown hair most likely boys. Her eyes are also brown. She gives a pretty smile. The last one is the naughtiest of the group you can say this from her expression. She has long hair and yellow eyes. She is wearing a pink t-shirt. Among others, she is more likely a girl.

If you notice closely except the African girl they are most likely twins. This is a good thing while converting an image to a vector that you don’t have to follow realistic things. Some mistakes or similar things are okay here for cartoonish characters.

Happy Girl Hugging Cute Cat

Happy Girl Hugging Cute Cat - Vector Design US, Inc.

Generally, kids take on an extreme tremendous velocity to their pets. This is something like they have them when they don’t even know the meaning of friendship. In this way, they think of their pets to be their first friend. It will be so excellent to have as an image to vector conversion ideas of such a cute friendship of two little’s on your catalog.

This cheerful cute kid has a different color of hair. I don’t know if you notice the maximum vector contains the same color for hair and eyes. It is something want to look the reflects falls on the eyes. Make the hairstyle as usually girl kids do. but follow the coloring. It is something like grey-blue shading on navy blue. Wear her a pretty red round hair band matching with her red t-shirt. I do describe the hair first but you will do it later after completing the face.

It is a good thing that she has a big face. Draw her pretty unusual and big round eyes first. Add a little bit of blush on the cheeks. She has a tiny nose. Then draw her smiley mouth. Either humans or animals running vectors are amazing to a very great extent. This one is more amazingly presented because of holding the furry friend. Keep her left hand a little upward. With your right hand hold the cat.

Now, look at the cat’s posture. It has a unique body color you can trace. Look at its beautiful face combination. It has pretty big yellow eyes on mustard and a grey combined face. Add shading where it needs. I use modern mammal fur for the cat’s body since it is a cartoonish plain vector. Finish placing her right leg towards and left leg behind to have a running example.

Children Playing with Their Furry Friends

Children Playing with Their Furry Friends - Vector Design US, Inc.

Since it is a kid’s image to vector conversion you can convert it as your ideas. Because kids don’t know about color variations or combinations. They are most likely to learn about red, yellow, blue, green the basic colors. Just use some eye-catchy color that kids will love. And they don’t have any specific poses like models. They are just playing. So just catch the natural vibe of their tender behavior.

Here is a bunch of kids playing with their pets. I think when kids play with their pet it is the most adorable scene. The different family contains different pets. So here I recruit a lot of pictures then made a vector using them all. Kids are so comfortable with their pets that they are lying down or some of them close their eyes. 

It is a gorgeous picture that doesn’t make whole construction at a time. If you do that you will lose color pixels. So go with it thoroughly. Such as starting with one side and then adding color. Repeat the same process for another side too!

Labor Day

Labor Day - Vector Design US, Inc.

You may know the history of labor day. it is a day that comes from lots of sacrifices that times labors done. if you do study about this you can find not a lot of images to vector converter artists adopt this idea for vector conversion. Maximum artists are busy making fancy pictures as I also listed above.

So if you list this on your vector your audience will think you are a conscientious and far-looking person. It also can be used for posters, advertisements, kid’s books, and so on. It will help you to get more work and get more clicks on your website. You know everyone is searching for different things nowadays.

They prefer different works more than perfect old works. When they will find something new in your works they will choose you. Well, these are my suggestions to get more works. Now I will go straight to work.

Here you can see I recruit 6 laborers from different occupations. They are holding different pieces of equipment as professional needs. Also, they wear uniforms as their job.

But there is a common thing between them that they are happy by having labor day as an annual holiday. This is not a gorgeous or tidy-up portrait yet there is hidden a lot behind their smile.

Some of them keep their hands on the waist. You can add some differences to it!

Group of Adults

Group of Adults - Vector Design US, Inc.

This Jpg to vector conversion also took some of the significance of the previous one. Though it has no historical story still contains a lot to talk about behind it. You can say it is another work that comes from far-fetched thought. Middle age turns into old age. It is the most important part of the circle of our life. When we are busy thinking about children, we forget about our adults. And thus they become lonely.

Here if I describe this situation like artistic talk it will be like this that junior to senior maximum vector artists make kids vector the most. Whatever it is to grow their business or without any reason they do. which is why adults people don’t get any nostalgia-type things from social services.

To keep this thought in mind I choose this unusual theme for images to vectors conversion ideas. They are just standing in a row. There is no pose or no faked things. They just do it how they act in real life. This must be gonna a crazy and lovesome vibe to have real-life genuine activities or poses of simple people for vector converting. Their dressing, styles are 100 times much better than professional models. Adults will be so happy when they will see you create a vector for them and also designers and marketers will get a new idea from you.

Create Variation

Create Variation - Vector Design US, Inc.

Variation doesn’t mean you have to deal with varieties things or thoughts. You can also make something new by working on what you have with them in a new way. You can try the same theme on different gender that will bring the variation by itself. It is indeed a clever work. Thus you don’t have to rely on others’ ideas. And also when you convert an image to a vector it creates variation or differentiation naturally.

Both of us know there are many walks of life that both males and females can do work. I choose a steward and a stewardess character for vector design. You can also choose other job’s working people. But I found them more presentable than others.

Let’s see their various acts. They are sitting straight and working on the laptop. You can start with the differences between their uniforms. Their cap to shoes stops at everything thoroughly. The steward wears a tie which is missing in stewardess dressing. The female is wearing a short skirt while the male is wearing long pants.

He is wearing black shoes as opposed to she is wearing high heels. He is sitting keeping his left leg slightly upward. On the other hand, she is sitting like an elegant lady crossing her legs. Since they are sitting and working on a laptop the placement of their hands is almost similar. He keeps his elbow stuck with his body. She creates some room between hand and body. That’s all!

Animal Theme

We’ve been talking about human character images to vector conversions ideas for so long. Let’s learn about animals’ anatomy, activities through vector conversion. Every human being is different from each other but you can find a lot of animals from the same species are looks alike. You can use it as a benefit for animals vector.

On the other hand, if I am telling you about the activities animal can help you get more ideas than human vectors such as a dog’s actions will never match with a cat, a tiger’s act will not match with a lion’s act. So if you are creating, these little affairs also can be helpful for you. These also can help to afford new ideas. Let’s see how it works!

Cool Black Cat Face

Cool Black Cat Face - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a very unusual image to vector conversion illustration of a neon sign of a cool black cat that is isolated on the black also. You can say they are the top of the best-selling images to vectors conversion ideas because maximum nightclubs, bars, super shops, big apartments, community centers use neon lighting nameplates.

So if it can be made by illustration rather than gaslighting it will both save electricity and will go with a new clever invention in the marketplace. It is both draws attention to the customers and looks outstanding. Okay, let’s see how to work on such ideas that have the same background color as the animal (cat) has!

It is a cool black cat face image to vector conversion. So it will be more easy work than a full-bodied tail cat. You can see its green emerald eyes carry a horrible yet outstanding view. It is fur-based work such as furs that create the whole thing. But you can’t draw them first. You will need a gesture structure first. Make it neat and clean because there are no such issues that you can erase any mistakes with erasers anytime.

You have to deal with color pixels, dots, and other complicated issues. So try to learn how to draw constructions or gesture sketches at once. If you do mistakes at the first step it will not only break your confidence but also break you mentally to go with your image to vector conversion.

It is a common thing that almost happened with all the artists. After making the gesture structure perfectly add green color for the eyes. Then start to add furs. You can use a little bit of shading color such as light grey for the furs lining to take it to an outstanding level. you can’t use the actual shading method here because neon sign illustration already bears lighting shading. No need to add black or any color for the left places on the face because we will take it from the background. After adding the fur, the appearance will come out as it is!

Geometric Colorful Beagle Dog Head

Geometric Colorful Beagle Dog Head - Vector Design US, Inc.

Beagles’ dog breed is described as ‘merry’ because of its fantasies. They are adored and likable, cheerful, and associative all attributes that make them fantastic. They are something those who do not know the names of other dogs species also know them. From their excellent qualities, I decide to work on them, and below is the gorgeous result!

It will be such a great opportunity to promote your skill because loads of people search for beagle dogs daily. Either it is a vector or any raster image they are both effective. But image to vector conversions bears more important because as I said before vectors are rarely found.

This is a geometric illustration made colorful beagle dog. I don’t know either you hear the word “Geometric” before because this idea creates a vibe and gets at so much attention at present that it can be heard almost every day. Even if you hear the word you may not learn the whole concept about it. And here I don’t want to leave any lackings. So I will explain the term geometric first then will go for the other details.

The geometrical vector conversion idea comes from computational geometry thinking. It is an affiliate of computational geometry. It creates with the syntax and delegation of free-form convoluted, periphery, or portions and is compactly adhering to geometric norm.

After making the construction of a beagle dog head add colors with curves. The interior puzzles can come while making curves colors at once because it is made full of colors. I use the same colors light and dark versions for creating shades in some places. If you feel uneasy with so many colors you can change and also reduce some pixels from it. The surface modeling and representation must be smooth.

Geometric Low Polygonal Panda

Geometric Low Polygonal Panda - Vector Design US, Inc.

Another hipping name in marketplaces is “Low poly design”. You don’t know how demanded this design is! Hand drawing artists even dare draw this hard design on hand for its demand. This is a branch of design where you have to deal with lots of polygons. Even the whole image to vector conversion is made with polygons. Let’s work with them to make something extremely excellent.

It is a low polygonal panda isolated on a very unusual grey background. On average the grey background is not usually seen for image to vector conversions. Here I enlist a panda for the image to vector conversional design ideas because of two reasons behind it. One is I love pandas because they are too much adorable.

And the second is also want to give you tips on how to get outstanding outcomes with the least color variations. On the above ideas, I work with lots of colors. It will be the idea of the least color pixels that are only two colors. Let’s take a look at the below result!

Start with the construction structure of a panda. Then apply the polygonal illustration to the structure. Add colors. That’s all the processes. It is much easier to convert than it seems.

But there are some tips. I used light grey to create a shading vibe but not the actual shading. Since there is already grey on the background so be careful choosing light deep color pixels. If you somehow mistakenly mix them it will give poor works outcomes, I remind. So don’t mix the light grey used for the shades and the grey use on the background because these colors have lots of similarities.

Now a question that may arise in your mind is why add shading on the polygons design? The answer you can tell is also a trick. I wanna say first don’t forget it is made by using only black and white color pixels. That is why if you only use white for the polygons it will look so bland that somewhere it will seem there are no polygonal effects.

When some places will have polygons but some places will not it will give a tacky image to vector conversion. Your customers also will keep a low profile about your works. It is a perfect result that comes from so many practices. If you can’t make it once continue doing practices so that you have the perfect outcomes as below and can keep a profile as the best image to vector converter to your customers.

Perch Fish

Perch Fish - Vector Design US, Inc.

Perch is a conventional name for fish of the species Perca. They are freshwater gamefish. That’s why this perch fish vector conversion is made with the water splashes concept. It is a vintage illustration made of perch fish isolated on white. Vintage or retro illustrations are something that deals with smoky or 90s old books themes in a diverse and new style.

Perch fish has many small and large sizes. I took the middle one to understand clearly. It has a big mouth it is better to start with the mouth.

As usual, make a gesture structure first because in it you have to add a lot of linings. Then add the primary step of color I mean plain color. Then add lines.  There is nothing like this to find out where the lining start and where to end. You just do it usually the way you feel comfortable or easy.

After completing linings start the second step of adding color dots since it has a dots decorated body. The same color variation for both body dot arts gives a gorgeous complexion. For fins combine the light yellow and orange-red compound. Last, the most common individuality of them is the water splash game.

Since they are gamefish and this is not a straight vector so if you miss the water splashing part it will leave confusion to your audience and also will remain an incomplete vector conversion. Such as why it is turning like this? what is it doing actually? But adding a water splash can erase all confusion that it is playing with water. Tat’s all! So don’t forget to add the water splash part! 

Flamingo Tattoo

Flamingo Tattoo - Vector Design US, Inc.

Tattoo freaks guys are always searching for new ideas for tattoos. Thus tattoo artists also always search for learning new ideas. It will be a great experience if a tattoo artist also can work with an image to vector conversion artist’s idea.

It is an image to vector conversion of black markings with two-three colors. Abstract designed flamingo tattoo tropical animal bird isolated in a white background. You may know flamingos are giant birds and also rich in colors. Their beautiful appearance all over makes them elegant. It is a girly tattoo for young tattoo lover girls. It is combined with black monstera leaves, flowers with flamingo birds. Also, best for those artists who are working with summer or any various nature drawings.

Grunge Style Beagle Dog Head

Grunge Style Beagle Dog Head - Vector Design US, Inc.

The beagle dogs are the small scents of breed closely identical to the foxhound. Since they are similar to fox thus we choose grunge style to work on it. Because grunge style goes so well with this brown and white combination.  Grunge style is always an outstanding style for whether it is a vector or other files images.

Grunge Style of dog head contains a style of scratching or unkempt things. It is such easy work with an excellent result. It is only a simple dog head vector so you don’t need to make any gesture sketching just a normal construction building will be okay. Then add coloring. Its eyes create an emotion on the vector so fill it first.

Then after completing eyes start adding the brown color on the forehead. Because there are two portions of colors brown and grey. After adding the first portion of brown add grey on the ear and some of the side of the forehead and under the eyes. Then complete the nose with a smooth texture. Add off-white coloring from the center of the forehead to the neck.

Here you have to add grey also here and there since it is a grunge style vector conversion. After that wear him a spanking red belt on his neck. Then come to the brilliant work of its back. See how they brilliantly combine grunge-styled falling stars on the sky blue background. They create a light shading round on the center where the dog head is isolated!

Note: This is not restricted in that you can use fancy things such as falling stars on a human image to vector conversion only. It gives awesome outcomes when works with fancy things on the animal image to vector conversions too!

Cute Turtle

Cute Turtle - Vector Design US, Inc.

Look at this cute turtle family image to vector conversion. It is a mama turtle is leading the way to a baby turtle. They carry a happy and lively expression. Cartoon turtles contain lemon green color. Let’s make the same species of different sizes in one frame. You know they have a shell on the ribs. For the shell, you will need three steps. That is construction making without leaving markings, a watery transparent view top of the shell, and color shading.

You have to make the construction with the same color pixel as its main color is. So that covered them while adding main colors. On the previous ideas if you notice you will see I used black for maximum construction building. In this way, I darken the lines and did markings with the construction buildings later while adding markings. But in this below turtle image to vector conversion, there are no linings or markings. So you don’t need any linings while constructing making.

After adding colors and complete shading make some triangles on their hands and legs and their foreheads. Create their cute and big oval-shaped eyes with sea blue watery transparent illustrations. Make oval rounded with sea blue shading almost looking like the turtle are inside an ostrich egg. But since it is not an egg but a unique piece of sea work so add some watery transparent bubbles around them inside the sea blue round to hold the cute sea creature vibe.

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish - Vector Design US, Inc.

This beautiful creature is another masterpiece of polygonal illustration of an image to vector conversion. Betta Siamese fishes are amazing freshwater fish who have beautiful tails. For their beautiful appearances, I felt to work on polygonal illustration with them. This orange betta fish image to vector conversion is isolated on the teal background. It is combined with tiny polygons and watercolor effects.

Well, let’s start with the gesture structure because it has loads of linings. The gesture structure will be the same as the turtle idea because this Betta Siamese Fighting fish also don’t have any black markings. Usually, polygonal illustrations don’t contain markings.

Then add black color for the eye. Except for the eye, there is no use of alternate colors. The whole body mouth to tails has the same color effects. Here I choose yellow-orange and silver scales. To have a lining effect I used a unique composure of teal, white, black, grey on the edge. You can also choose other color combinations of betta Siamese fighting fishes for this polygonal design.

Black Redstart Bird

Black Redstart Bird - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a watercolor illustration-based image to vector conversion of a redstart bird isolated on white background. They are from the passerine genus and have a chubby ball-type belly, a tiny but round head, tiny mouth, thin legs, and medium feathers and tail. Begin with the simple construction building.

Next, add a watercolor illustration. First, start light teal coloring it will go up to the middle of the belly will cover half of the upper part of the body. Don’t rush and go for the bottom of the body part. Add white, grey, teal mixture color on the feathers as I do below. Then go for the bottom part of the belly.

Add mustard color on the bottom to the tail. Since it has some fur vibe so add a little bit of shading. Next, complete its legs. Since it is a passerine genus bird and sitting on a rock. So finish it by adding colors to the rock. Because without coloring it will look incomplete that is where it is sitting actually.

Graphic Sketch Lion

Graphic Sketch Lion - Vector Design US, Inc.

I came up with a new idea for you that is a lion image to vector conversion graphic sketch hatched isolated on white. So far we are talking about color variations. Let’s see how to convert an image to vector-only using graphic sketches without adding any color. It is an abstract designed lion image to vector conversion.

There will be no need for any construction building for this. just make a simple gesture structure for the beginners. Experienced artists can make it directly without construction. It is just as you feel comfortable. If you need to make it you can have it. If you don’t need to avoid it. That’s all.

This lion is most likely walking slowly waiting for its food. It is indeed a clever choice to work on running or walking images to vector conversions. It is a little bit tricky than a sitting animal. Because whether it is a lion image to vector conversion or any other animal different animal activities contain different body posing such as a barking lion posing is different than a lying down a playful lion, a running lion’s body posture is different from a sitting calm lion.

The most important and key thing to convert an image to a running animal vector is the placement of its legs. Just follow their leg’s steps. How to follow? Follow which direction it is going, which side of legs is on the towards which are on the behind.

Also, follow how long and far its leg its foot come from. To understand you thoroughly I use it as an example that this lion’s left leg from the front side is straight bears the body weight. On the other hand right leg from the opposite side take a further step same space as the throat.

The hind legs of the right side take a forward step ahead towards the back. Keeping space in the middle the left leg from the front side takes a step behind. That’s all for the leg part. I hope you will understand perfectly. Now just add markings and do graphic sketching. On the face of it is easy and time-saving work with an amazing result surely.

Big Bass Fish

Big Bass Fish - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can say it is like a sole format that allows people on the weekend angler a great chance to win big money like the professionals on the big bass fish tournament. It is also a great chance for you to enlist this beautiful big bass fish on your image to vector conversion design ideas list.

It is an image to vector conversion of a big bass fish isolated on a sky blue background. They have a big mouth like perch fish. It is turning right with its mouth open. Begin with construction with black linings. You can see how beautiful it’s looking with the black markings. Next, add a lemon green color first for the upper body. And for the lower part of the body use white. You can use a clip art tongue with pink color pixels to show an unusual work. Last, darken the lines and add scales.

Chubby Big Cat

Chubby Big Cat - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a seamless pattern of a big chubby cat’s image to vector conversion. A seamless pattern is something that converts an image to vector conversion without any visible seams or obstacles on the content. It is a cute fur-based big sitting calmly and looking towards an adorably chubby cat isolated on white. You can convert these kinds of lots of fur-based animals image to vectors with seamless patterns. It will be an easy way than adding extra furs. And also it is a large cat image. It is easier to convert large images to vectors than small images.

Well, as usual, make a black marking-based construction with placements of its paws. Do its eye first. Its pretty eyes are big look like a green sea. Then add colors on its ears and mouth. Then add furs step by step. Here for the legs, forehead, and tail use a chestnut brown combination. For nose to mouth, and below part of the body except legs use a light brown, off-white combination. If you have any better coloring ideas you can change them!

Monkey Hanging on a Tree Branch

Monkey Hanging on a Tree Branch - Vector Design US, Inc.

Monkeys are such animals without them full animal planet will be incomplete without entertainment. Even every day different types of people search for monkey images to vector conversion ideas. So I recruited here a very unusual baby monkey. I always found baby monkeys are cuter than adult monkeys. Their playing styles, activities attract me so much.

Here is a cute cartoon illustration based baby monkey hanging on a tree branch. I don’t know how to start it. I feel like only staring at him. Well, you can start with its pretty adorable face. Next, add hands on both sides as I do below. Then add body and tail. At last, add the tree branch on the top of the vector. You can use clip art for the leaves to take this monkey image to vector conversion on another level.

Sparrow Plumage Bird

Sparrow Plumage Bird - Vector Design US, Inc.

This idea was probably out of your thought that an outstanding work of images to vector conversions can come from a calmly just sitting sparrow plumage bird. Am I right? That’s why we are here to help you get some amazing ideas from very simple usual things.

It’s a sparrow plumage bird that sits on a pine tree branch isolated on a doodle illustration-based wonderful background. Start with the bird. Complete it with combined chestnut and grey. Use the same color for the branches too. Then add doodle back using sky blue paste and pink combination. It is looking like somehow evening sea wave. Add some dots. It is unbelievable that such creative work on the back can take a simply sitting plumage bird image to vector conversion to such a wonderful level.

Fish Jumping Out Water With Splashes

Fish Jumping Out Water With Splashes - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is a 3d illustration of a beautiful seamless fish isolated on white. We all know 3d illustrations are modern illustrations and how much demand it has in the marketplace. It will be a great opportunity for you to adopt a new idea blending 3d with a seamless pattern. 3D illustrations usually gave smooth pictures. So don’t make it so bland mixing with seamless patterns whilst converting image to vector. Another feature of 3D is it gave realistic images. So when you will convert it to a vector it will give you an outstanding realistic seemed cartoon. Sounds interesting, right?

There is nothing new or understanding for a fish pattern or structure. I already discussed them before. Just follow the structure of a fish jumping upwards from water. Follow the coloring. Use 3D illustration. Add dots. Add water splashes. That’s all for it. It is just a few steps that can give such excellent results as below. For professionals, it is a work of some minutes only.

But one thing to keep in mind. I repeat 3D patterns featured more than real things so don’t change the coloring for a fish. When you will use 3D for cartoon image to vector conversion that time you can use any color pixels you want!

Floral Ideas

Flowers are something that can make anyone happy at any moment. People around the world search for floral ideas almost every day. it is a thing that never gets old. It is just upon you how newly you can present a flower. Not only professionals sometimes common people such as tutors, home tutors, but parents also search for floral images to vector conversion ideas to learn their kids about trees, flowers, and colors. Let’s see how floral images to vector conversions works!

Roses Bloom

Roses Bloom - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is nothing new to say about roses. There are thousands of articles about the different genus of roses you can find on google about roses. So I step in straight works talk without giving an intro about roses.

I think it is pretty much better to start with a flower bouquet for a floral image to vector conversion than a single flower. It is converted using realistic 3D illustrations. Look at the wow color combination of French roses isolated on black background. They are so pretty that any audience will like them. Here I enlisted some gallica roses, and French roses blooming. Here are some buds and rose leaves also around the design.

As you can see below there are yellow tiny dots on the center of the white gallica rose. Follow the color combination of red, pink, and peach French roses. Add shading where it needs.

Flying Dandelion flower on the breeze

Flying Dandelion flower on the breeze - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who doesn’t like a dandelion flower? Kids to grown-up almost everyone likes it for its overnight creating a cheerful floral display.  It is a springtime flower that flies in a gentle breeze. They are simple yet attract people so much same as this below image to vector conversion.

The below dandelion image to vector conversion is the simplest vector I have ever seen that draws audiences’ attention. You don’t always have to work with gorgeous things to attract people. simplest yet attention seeker things carry the identity of a creative image to vector converter artists.

There is two medium-sized teal dandelion flower in the left corner. And some tiny dandelion buds are flying on a breeze. The flower are leading to the right side and are isolated on off white background. They are simple but the placement of tiny flying dandelions is beautiful. They seem like really flying. It can be used effortlessly for diary or notebook covers.

Apple Tree on Transparent Background

This is an apple tree image to vector conversion isolated on white and grey mosaic combination background. You can change the background coloring to try something new. This image to vector conversion will easily be used for E-book, textbooks, drawing books, children learning books, apples, or other fruit companies’ logo

You may see a lot of apple trees around your home or at the nursery. If you don’t you can have ideas from google. Or from the below I listed. Here it is a big apple tree with thick and thin branches. I used two types of mixing color combinations to have an unusual creative work.

Use dark green for the lower leaves that seem they are old dirty leaves. And for the upper leaves use light green because they are the new bloom with apples. For apples use dark red for making borders. For the middle use light shade composure. You can add some chestnut linings on the base of the apple tree image to vector conversion. Add some grass on the bottom. Finish with adding a shadow behind the apple tree that seems a sunny summertime image to vector conversion.

Elegant French Rose

Elegant French Rose - Vector Design US, Inc.

This elegant French red rose image to vector conversion is made with a hand-drawn illustration. Hand-drawn illustrations always gave a smooth image to vector conversion as you can see below. Here I listed a thin French rose tree branch that holds three sizes of French roses isolated on dark maroon background.

The upper one is a bud infant state. It has time to bloom properly. The middle one is a proper blooming large size French rose. And the side one has another thin branch it is medium size bloom. There is also a tiny bud middle of the large and medium one.

Roses leaves usually have a dark green color. So here I mix some off-white with dark green to have an off-color vibe. 

Monstera Leaves

Monstera Leaves - Vector Design US, Inc.

Feeling curious hearing the title? I can surely say you will feel more curious when start reading the detail. Because this amazing creation is made with only different tree leaves. Monsterleaves, tiny leaves, large leaves isolated on white are amazingly decorated here. Isn’t it amazing? I wanna see how you can make an amazing image to vector conversion with only using tree leaves. It is made with a seamless border pattern illustration of Monstera, Banana, Ficus, and Palm Leaves. Do you ever work with a seamless border pattern? Let’s work together!

Choose the color pixels first because here you will need variations on the same green color. Here you will need light green, dark green, lemon green, middle of the light, and dark green. Use chestnut for the thinner branches of the tiny leaves.

Car Items

You can imagine your own how these car ideas will vibe on a car lover’s mind. Whether car lovers or not, at every turn we have 2-3 searches about car images to vector conversion ideas from cars company for their advertisement increasing marketings. If you have some demos on your list you can show them. If they like your work, they can give you new work to convert their company’s car images to vectors. Let’s see what’s new it brings for us!

Racing Car

Racing Car - Vector Design US, Inc.

Oh my god look at this wonderful racing car. I love this elegant color combination. Many people take black as their first choice. This outstanding racing car image to vector conversion will also be anyone’s first choice to pick. It has a glass effect.

Start with seamless construction. Use illustrations to add coloring. Follow the color composure. Where need to darken and where to enlighten. Add a shadow beneath the car. That’s all.

Elegant Grey Car

Elegant Grey Car - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is another masterpiece work of an elegant grey car image to vector conversion isolated on mixed purple and grey background. Begin with a gesture construction because to convert this grey car you will need to add shading in lots of places.

After completing the construction building start coloring. It has a transparent glass mirror in the front. Use transparent illustration. You can also try 3D illustration for this grey car image to vector conversion.

Colorful Volkswagen

Colorful Volkswagen - Vector Design US, Inc.

This cute colorful Volkswagen image to vector conversion is for kids. Colorful things attract children the most. And also this kind of Volkswagen toys are available on the market. So they may take your work for their catalog. Or making a new Toy they also need new ideas then they can use your idea for their work.

Made a seamless border pattern construction. I find yellow and red the best since it is an image to vector conversion for the kids. You can change the coloring. This idea can be also used for kids’ books, notebook covers, drawing books, textbooks.


BMW - Vector Design US, Inc.

BMW is not an uncommon name for luxurious people. it will be so good to work with this idea because you may know how demanding this work will be. It is a BMW car image to vector conversion isolated on white. This 2 seat car features light grey color with an unusual combination of black.

Complete adding color add some markings to have a perfect result. You have to work on it thoroughly. Instant work can’t bring the best result for this BMW image to vector conversion. Finish with adding a shadow beneath the BMW vector.

Fruit Vector

Fruits are something I may don’t need to tell about their importance. You already know the worth of adopting ideas from fruits. There are lots of fruits business companies. The working people regularly search for a fruit image to vector conversion ideas to increase their marketings. Sometimes it works as a logo. The printers search for their books.

Presses search for new updates for different brand promotions about fruits. Do you understand the saying that without making new ideas it is better to work with recreate the common ideas with new vibes? I know you are a clever person who will easily understand which message I want to reach you.

Pomegranate Fruit Vector

Pomegranate Fruit Vector - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is another hand-drawn watercolor illustration work of pomegranate fruit image to vector conversion isolated on white. Here is a whole pomegranate fruit and a half piece of pomegranate decorated nicely. It has half-green leaves.

I use pomegranate fruit as an example you can have other fruits too using the same method like this. look at the placement of the grains. They are so well presented than my description. The artist caught a closely realistic look whilst decorating the grains. Try to be such an artist who can convert such a beautiful image to a vector as below.

Juicy Fruits Watersplashes Icon Vector

Juicy Fruits Watersplashes Icon Vector - Vector Design US, Inc.

Brand logos are better to be vectorized and graphic works. Whatever marketer uses it as a logo or any other icon of a fruit company they will surely buy your work if you can get them something trendy and new. Such as creating a summer fruit image to vector conversion when it is summertime. Create winter fruit image to vector conversion when it is winter. It is an icon illustration-based work of water splashes on a set of juicy fruits icon images to vector conversions.

Here I got to work with a new idea that is to try water splashes on the juicy fruit. I can guarantee juice-making companies will surely like your idea. I took fin fruit, banana, orange, watermelon, tomato, and papaya isolated on a white and grey chessboard-like mosaic background. You can try this idea with different fruits according to different seasons.

Bunch of Mixing Fruits and Vegetables

Some people like to have something creates with fruits in their dining room or kitchen. It can be a poster, a wall-hanging framed portrait, wall mate, or tiles. So people who are doing the tiles selling companies, poster making companies, wall hanging making businesses search for a bunch of beautifully decorated fruits and vegetable images to vector conversion ideas. So you can call it a win-win project to have this idea on your catalog.

Ideas are something that doesn’t come only from books, the internet, or limited sources. They are lying around us. they came from also the happenings around us regularly. They can also come from you. You just have to find out and work on it.

You can try different styles on different objects. It can be a ball, a table, a book, a card, a bat, a cap, a toy, a mobile, a laptop, a handbag, and so on. Let’s see what object images to vector conversion ideas you can have from this content!

Open Clip Art Vector

Open Clip Art Vector - Vector Design US, Inc.

It is an open clip art Football image to vector conversion design idea. Just tell me where football is not in demand. There are lots of sports equipment making companies are around us. they can use this football image to vector conversion ideas as their brand logo. Or they can use it for their brand promoting on social media. It is needed for making stickers. It can be used on foot tournaments posters. Also in the children’s book as “B” for Ball.

So, let’s start with a construction building with black lines. Add colors. Darken the lines. That’s all. Who doesn’t adopt such a great idea with easy and least work with a sure and perfect outcome with high demand on the market?

Wedding Card Vector

Wedding Card Vector

Wedding season is coming. It will be a clever decision to have some wedding guests’ invitation card images to vector conversion ideas on your webpage. Then they can use these card ideas. It is a modern hand-drawn illustration-based wonderful floral wedding card set. I found it celestial because I find a pure celestial vibe in it.

Its made with a square-shaped main invitation card with a tranquil-shaped RSVP. Since t is a modern hand-drawn illustration-based card so it contains a little bit of blue sky on the corners with a very nice composure of pink and purple yellow French roses.

Christmas Invitation Card

Christmas Invitation Card - Vector Design US, Inc.

Christmas is knocking at the door. And we all know how important is this day for Christians. Nowadays people are getting ultra-modern. Some of them started inviting guests online. Young people are wishing their friends through images to vector conversion cards.

Because they like modern illustrations based cards most from the papercraft-made cards. Some of them are still students. They can’t afford cards or gifts. It will be a great opportunity for them to gift their friends or significant others by downloading and printing out this card idea.

It is a realistic illustration-based Christmas card. The left side is the back part of the card and the right is the front. It also has a beautiful illustration made ribbon surface on the card.

Sticker Templates

Sticker Templates - Vector Design US, Inc.
Sticker Templates - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you ever work with sticker templates? What are sticker templates? A sticker template is something that creates fun and can make you a versatile genius artist of an image to vector conversion idea. First, choose a thing it can be an object or any living creature. You can see below I choose a little boy holding a binocular and a cat sleeping on a pillow. Then simply pick the size, shape, and add color to that. Add a white border around it. Bring your ideas and give fun to live with your gathering of customizable sticker design templates.

Fiction Character

Fiction Character - Vector Design US, Inc.

Since Halloween is also coming so I want to finish this content with a monster fiction character image to vector conversion idea. I want to make something new this Halloween. That is why I combined it with a fictional black monster character.

We know fiction characters are made with imagination. They don’t have any existence. So create your fiction character idea this Halloween for the collection of your image to vector conversion or also can have ideas from the below picture I give.

To put up an end it would be best for an image to vector conversion if you vectorized the image first to take a look at the ascertained composition that has existent in it. Do self-study, Enlarge the image, and you can take into consideration the constriction creativity and dispersion that is intrinsic inside it. You just have to apply is a two-dimensional image to a two-dimensional vector conversion structure to execute this.

As an image to vector conversion artist, trying to use your intellect to understand the magnitude and preface of various image file types is fundamental to indemnifying your brand is altogether illustrated for an image to vector conversion. And to represent the best service communicate with designers, developers, and printers.

There are lots of styles of works are here such as illustrations, templates, clip art, open clip art, polygonal, grunge or retro style, geometrical, seamless pattern, doodle-based, abstract design, watercolor illustrations, pop art, modern designs, and so on. Also, talk with your customers about what categories and styles of an image to vector conversion they want. Then be flexible and work with taking those ideas to satisfy them. That’s all for today!