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#1 Quality Photo to Vector Conversion Work Sample

Photo to Vector Conversion

Photo to vector conversion service has a great demand worldwide. It is a costlier and skillful vector illustration service. It is highly required service because everywhere you cannot use low quality raster photo. Raster photos get pixilated during zooming at any sizes. For creating big sized banner, poster, logo, etc. you must require to use high quality photos. In such a case, you have to use vector photos, because this image format becomes highly quality photos. It doesn’t get ruined and fuzzy. It is zoomable at any sizes without any distortion. Its quality remain same all the time. It is suitable for logo, banner, poster, digital or print media, publishing materials, etc. However, our company has been giving the best image to vector conversion service with great quality. We have a great team of experienced and skilled vector graphic experts. We have been utilizing the modern tools and technologies for offering the max quality vector graphic designs. We have a well-equipped customer service department which is always ready to serve for vector design related asking and all photo editing services.

Pet Photo to Vector

We will convert your pet photos to vector graphics. You can print the vector images and same them in any format- making wall art or sharing on social websites. Like all of our vector conversion services, pet picture to vector conversion service is also affordable. So, get HD pet vector graphics for reasonable prices. We are 24/7 open to order. Instead of thinking twice, just contact us, send pet images, and return back vector files overnight.

Advertising Photo to Vector

Get stunning and engaging advertising photos to vector conversions. If you have used all of our advertising elements and now want to reuse them for bigger purposes making changes, knock us. Our skilled vector design experts will carefully shift the raster advertising images to hd vector files. You can then use them for creating billboards or even a tiny logo. We are such a collaborator that we will maintain 24 hours communication with you for any knock.

Image to vector before 1- vector design us, inc.Image to vector after 1- vector design us, inc.

Low Res Photo to High Resulation Vector Format 

The low resolution of a photo is a common disturbance at the time of using it for various purposes. Every designer suffers from the issue. HD image is the demand of all the sectors whether they are print or digital devices. To get salvation from the low resolution and low-quality graphics, we offer low res picture to vector conversion. Get our professional vector from low res photos and improve your business quality.

Get Professional Photo to Vector Conversion

We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with vectorized image needs such as a vector conversion, vector illustration, vector artwork conversion, logo conversion and much more.

PNG to Vector Conversion before- vector design us, inc.PNG to Vector Conversion after- vector design us, inc.
Vector Art Design before- vector design us, inc.Vector Art Design after- vector design us, inc.

Vectorize Hand-Drawn Photo

You can not use your hand-drawn or sketch photos directly for any commercial purposes, rather you have to convert them into digital formats- raster photo or vector graphics. Again, you cannot fulfill your business desire with raster images due to their incapability of maintaining HD quality on all platforms. So, you have to take vectorization of hand-drawn photos and make them lossless irrespective of devices. 

Vectorize Sketch to Photo 

We offer specialized vectorize sketch to photo services in fastest delivery within 6-12 hours. Sketching can be your passion and digitalizing the sketching by vector conversion is our profession. You may want to publish your sketch online but taking a photo won’t be the best solution. Vectorizing photos is the best solution that releases your tension about size. And we do it 100% manually.

Raster Photo to Vector

Raster photos cannot retain their quality during use on different platforms in various sizes- big and small. They get distorted and get a horrible look when they are printed. So, for commercial and business purposes, you should avoid using raster images. As a premium solution, we are eager to provide you the best raster vector conversion. Send us your raster logo, badge, banner, poster or any graphics and get back HD vector graphics.

Old Photo to Vector

If you have an old logo, banner, brochure, etc. that you can no longer use for business advertisement, in that case, take our old photo to vector conversion service and restore your unusable advertising and marketing materials for reusable. We convert any old photo to vector graphics that will be printable in any size- from icon to billboard. Get our affordable and world-class vector conversion within a fraction of time.

Vectorizing an Image

Do you need vectorizing an image? Or vector conversion service? We can assist you as a professional vectorization service provider worldwide. The veteran vector conversion artists will take care of your images. You will get vectoring services for any image. We convert jpg, png, bitmap to Ai, eps, SVG, pdf. Leveraging the best vectorizing tools, we produce vector files that must be fit for printing and your digital devices. You can use them to make a tiny icon for a large-scaled billboard. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to vectorize an image to any vector format. If you are looking for the best vector artists, contact us.

Vector Artwork Design - Vector Design US Inc

Logo Photo To Vector 

Designing a logo and placing it for one platform is ok, but when you need to use your logo in multi-platforms, what will you do? It takes a lot of your valuable time to ask the designer for different sizes of your logo for different purposes. Instead we offer an exclusive solution. Our expert logo designers convert low quality logo photos to vector graphics that can be utilized on multi-platforms without losing quality.

Vintage Image to Vector

We convert vintage images to vector graphics. Professional vector conversion artists in our team will take care of your old or vintage images. We will turn raster vintage images to hd vector graphics and you can use or reuse them anywhere for commercial or personal usage. If you have tons of vintage images, send them to us. We will offer you the best conversion service with a big discount that will reduce your overall service cost.

Product Photo to Vector

Are you a product owner? Stepping down to promote your business and product? Let’s collaborate. We are the best product photo to vector conversion service provider in the graphic design world. You can have products photo to vector, vector graphics for marketing and advertising materials, billboard, banner, brochures, etc. Contact us and get an affordable price for vector conversion. Claim discount on volume images.

Photo to Realistic Vector

We are offering indonesian photos to a realistic vector conversion service. You will get the realistic vector conversion service for your personal images, pet images like dog or cat photos to vector, family picture, portrait to realistic image, and more. Our realistic vector conversion is so true-to-life that you must be astonished at first looking. However, the price of realistic vector conversion from art or pictures is very competitive. 

Convert Photo to Vector - Vector Design US Inc

Vector File Formats That We Provide

Ai Format - Vector Design US Inc


EPS Format -Vector Design US Inc


SVG Format - Vector Design US Inc


PDF Format - Vector Design US Inc


PNG Format - Vector Design US Inc


JPG Format - Vector Design US Inc


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Convert Photo to Vector By Adobe Illustrator Experts. Fast Production. Unbeatable Quality. No Automation or Image Tracing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Simple Ordering Process. Get It Done Today! Upload your Images & Get a Price Quote!

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why vector conversion is necessary?

Ans: It is necessary for getting high quality photos that must be pixilated free. Such images is usable anywhere for marketing purposes.

Is this service affordable?

Ans: Of course! Image to vector conversion service is very competitive and affordable. Though it is costlier to other photo editing services, you can reduce your cost taking our up to 20% offer on bulk order.

How do you maintain quality?

Ans: We are providing high quality photo to vector conversion service. We have 3 level Quality Assurance system that ensure the quality of your designs.

What tool do you use to provide this service?

Ans: We have been using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator for giving you the best quality professional vector conversion service.

Still, have questions about how vectorization service can help your business? Feel free to send us an email:

How to Vectorize a Photo

To get a high-quality print result of an image, you have to convert them into vector formats. You can have HD raster images to print, but they cannot maintain the original quality. So, we always recommend using the best vector images for printing.

Our vector design experts produce hand-drawn vector images always for the best result. They never recommend the automatic image trace option of Adobe Illustrator or any other online image tracing tool. They may produce vector results, but you will find numerous flaws if you look at them from a close shot.

Let’s vectorize an image by using the Adobe Illustrator image trace option, see what problems we face, and finally see the hand-drawn vectorization result.

Step 1: Open an image that you want to vectorize in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2: Have a look at the image, zoom the image if it needs. Count how many colors there in your photo. Check here in our content; there are about six colors.

Step 3: Go to the down-arrow from the Image Trace option and then select the colors that your image contains. Our monkey image has about six colors and so, we are choosing the ‘6 colors’ option from the drop-down.

How to vectorizing an image tutorial image trace

Step 4:  Once you click on the six colors or other options you need, you will get your image traced to vector automatically within a fraction of time.

You will find some flaws in the vector files at the edges. You have to fix the image manually.

How to vectorizing an image tutorial fixing manually

Step 5:  Apply High-Fidelity photo or Low-Fidelity photo option from the same down arrow of Image Trace option. You will get some positive changes in your image. Still, you should apply for some manual works in your photo.

Step 6:  Before manual working, you have to Expand the image to get the Line art. See the image below as we did.

How to vectorizing an image tutorial expand option

If you do vectorize manually, you can get the vectorization result like us. See the image result below.

How to vectorizing an image tutorial final output

However, after Image Tracing, we have got a vector image with some flaws. Later, a manual fix is essential. Without working hand-drawn vectorization of an image, you will never achieve a professional result. So, there is no alternative to vectorizing an image manually.

Disclaimer: We recommend manual or hand-drawn vector conversion.

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Jose Moyd
Jose Moyd Stockton, CA 95202, USA

Excellent work, fast delivery, will bookmark Vector Design US, Inc. company for future collaboration!

Gordon Blauser
Gordon Blauser Cornwall, ON K6J 3R2, CA

I enjoyed working for Vector Design US, Inc. for my first vector conversion project! They communicated with me every step of the way and the photo to vector conversion were amazing. I simply cannot stop smiling because she definitely brought my vision to life. I look forward to working with them again!

Mary Brian
Mary Brian New York, NY 10018, USA

Great experience as buyer quickly met the requirements and adapted swiftly. Will definitely hire for long term requirements! Highly recommend!

Annie Burton
Annie Burton ORBOST VIC 3888, Australia

Very fast delivery and very beautiful work (vectorizing images). Will use their in the future for more projects.

Marvin Patterson
Marvin Patterson NY 11211, USA

A fantastic artist who worked with me through every step. I look forward to working with Vector Design US, Inc. again very soon!