25 Best Event Logo Design Ideas

Event Logo Design Ideas

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Whether you are arranging an event or about to start your event management business, the importance of an awesome logo is needless to say. It is like a ticket to a concert that you just need to enter. So event logos are versatile and they give you the freedom of exercising creativity and imagination. You have them, you are one step ahead. This event logo design idea will take you one step further. Have creative logo design ideas.

Before designing an event logo, you may consider checking out well-established event logos that are already doing well in the market. From those, you can know which styles, patterns, or symbols are most suitable for an exclusive event logo.

To make your work easier, we have gathered 25 Best Event Logo Design Ideas with essential tips.

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Wedding Wire:

Wedding Wire - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of Wedding Wire is a monochrome logo with a typography-based design. The designer has made the logo a bit noticeable and recognizable by using one bold font with a regular font. It makes the logo stand out even without any elaborate design. Such a minimal design looks much elegant and clean that is easy to connect for the clients.

Denver Arts and Venues:

Denver Arts and Venues - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here is an interesting event logo design to inspire you. The logo of Denver Arts & Venues sets a perfect example for those who want their event logo colorful and striking. The illustration used in the design is the game-changer for its contrasted look with nature on one side and building on the other. It not only catches the eyes but also gives a thoughtful impression.

Be the Boss Events:

Be the Boss Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you want to make your logo effortlessly stunning and elegant, here you go. The logo of Be the Boss is an awesome event logo with its decorative font and illustration. It is a star that figuratively suggests the elegance and beauty of the logo. So to make your event logo more worthy and fitting for the company, keep one or two striking elements in the design so that it becomes easier to build a brand face.

Team Event:

Team Event - Vector Design US, Inc.

For designing event logos, you can go as colorful as you want. The only thing to see carefully is the relevancy of it. For example, the logo of Team Event has used multiple colors to make it relatable with the business subject. It makes the job easier for the logo to attract the eyes and create a positive first impression. In the case of such a logo, they make an optimistic ambiance that helps the company to spread its name even effectively.

Wedding Design:

Wedding Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you are looking for an idea to create a wedding event logo, here you have it. The logo of Wedding Design is an elegant design with its gorgeous font choice and a figurative illustration. You may resemble it with a wedding card design. The monochrome has made the logo a lot more attractive and identical. Also, the design is next to effortless. Even if you have no designing skills, such ideas may help you to get a unique and exclusive event logo for your company.

Peggy Graced:

Peggy Graced - Vector Design US, Inc.

Using a meaningful tagline along with the logo speaks louder than the logo alone. Choose something that will define your company perfectly. For instance, the logo of Peggy Graced has a tagline that not only increases its value as a logo but also attracts customers. Also, the tagline builds your business motto by encouraging them to trust you. So it is quite significant in logo design.

Enchanted Wedding:

Enchanted Wedding - Vector Design US, Inc.

While designing an exclusive event logo for your business, you can go as much playful as you want. It can be a fancy, sporty and elegant design. Colors also make your logos visibly powerful and vibrant. The logo of Enchanted Wedding is an outstanding design with lots of little details in it. The two birds symbolize the bride and the groom. Also, the colorful tree remarkably makes the logo more intriguing and enchanting. So, following these little techniques, you can turn any simple logo into a versatile one.

Page Events:

Page Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

We are continuing to talk about colors a little longer. The logo of Page Events has used colors differently. It is a wordmark logo in the first place. But with the brilliant use of multiple colors, the design has become phenomenal. Also, the extra-large clean font has made the logo identical and easily recognizable. Such designs are not so hard to make yet super effective in their services.

Wholesale Event Rentals:

Wholesale Event Rentals - Vector Design US, Inc.

Now let’s focus on digital illustration. It’s no wonder that a meaningful illustration can make your logo a lot more interpretable and easy to connect. So, consider showing a good side of your business through the illustration. This way it will help the company to reach people much more effectively. To get inspiration, here you have the logo of Wholesale Event Rentals. It has used an optimistic illustration along with the typography to present the company’s perspectives. 

Watabe Wedding:

Watabe Wedding - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of Watable Wedding is an elegant design much of whose beauty comes from the choice of color. It has a rich plum color along with a crimson color. The logo is mostly a wordmark but there is also a lettermark sign. Anyway, the logo represents the business well. For a wedding event management company, you really need to show your aesthetic and sensible side. For that, a logo like this helps a lot.


SES - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you don’t want to use any image or illustration, the best option for you is the wordmark design. It is minimal, simple, and effective. And you can make it outstanding and extraordinary with some creative touches. As a sample logo, you have the logo of SES- Select Event Solutions. First of all, it is a wordmark logo. Secondly, they have used the initial letters of the company name to make a shorter version of the name for reaching people quickly. Finally, the focus point as a complementary sign has made the logo a bit more versatile.

Cooley Events:

Cooley Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

Wordmark logos can be as versatile as you want and the logo of Cooley Events is the perfect example of that. They do not have any fancy image or illustration to represent their services. What they have is a cool font that successfully makes the logo attractive and identical. You can take your inspiration from it if you like such effortless logos for your event management company.

Event Brite:

Event Brite - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here is another wordmark logo to show you how versatile they can be. The logo of Eventbrite has a bright orange color along with a customized font. The font is not overpowering, as you can see. The color and the font have created a nice balance in the design of the logo. This simple design defends that they are reliable and trustworthy so that you can get relaxed handling your affairs on them.

Event Anchor Events:

Event Anchor Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

Now let’s move on to other ideas. If you don’t like basic, simple designs, you can go for combination logos. It can be an illustration, icon, picture, or a symbol – anything you may choose with a complementary font. The logo of Blue Anchor Events is a perfect example of that. It has a cute bubbly font that looks perfectly fancy. Besides, the anchor symbol is used in the negative space to emphasize the design even more. Together they have formed an impressive event logo that is hard to ignore.

Event Photobooth:

Event Photobooth - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can ditch colors and stick to the good old black and white design for your event logo. It completely serves the purposes of the logo. More importantly, it shows your aesthetic side. The logo of Event Photobooth has chosen black and white style which can inspire you. What makes their logo more fascinating is the silhouette ambiance that perfectly resembles their business. Following this technique, you can design the event logo that will boost your business as well as introduce you to the completion.

Creative Whale Events:

Creative Whale Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of Creative Whale Events is monochrome in combination style. The illustration here is as creative as the name suggests. Symbolically it is a whale shape that looks like the quotation symbol as well. Along with that, the typography has completed the logo. So, if you wish to go for a fancy yet effective Event logo to show the world your worth, such a logo can be a good start.

Safira Events:

Safira Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

No wonder you can choose any type of design to create your event logo. But if you are want something extraordinary, here is your inspiration. The logo of Safira Events shows their artistry and elegance with the stunning combination logo. They have used two colors along with an emblem pattern as the illustration. Such designs are great for catching the eyes and representing the business positively.

Theme Works:

Theme Works - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you want to show one specific side of your business through your logo, you can do that with a thoughtful design. The logo of Theme Works shows you the way of doing so. They work with theme-based event management and their logo gives the impression brilliantly. The design is not overwhelming that may ruin the purpose. Also, the minimal use of colors has given a new height to the design.

Ever Design:

Ever Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of Ever Design is a modern design that does not have anything elaborate in it. The designer has kept it quite simple yet extraordinary by putting a hand-drawn rose in between the name. Against the image, the font is not anything fancy-it is just a regular typeface. Also, the logo is black and white which helps the design to pop up more. If your goal is to design and convert a logo that perfectly speaks for you and sets an optimistic vibe, this one can be your inspiration.

Kristana Marie:

Kristana Marie - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here is another elegant-looking event logo for all entrepreneurs. It is a common design that you may see somewhere. But what makes the logo outstanding even with its common features are the color and the lettermark symbol. The initial letters have been used to design a lettermark with a rich plum color. Also, the main font is clean and eye-catching. All of these features have contributed greatly to making the logo engaging as well as successful as an event logo.

Queen Bee:

Queen Bee - Vector Design US, Inc.

What good of an event logo if it is not fun and playful. You need to sort of convince your clients that you care for their events trying your best to make them successful. That is why it is necessary to get a compatible logo in the first place. Because it is the first thing they are going to come across. Anyway, the logo of Queen Bee knows the strategy well and has created a logo that is not only fun but also effective. The decorative font and the yellow-black combination have given the logo a new dimension.


Waldbar - Vector Design US, Inc.

We will describe the logo of Waldbar as a classy and elegant event logo. It does not have any complimentary illustrations or pictures in the design- just a straightforward, no-nonsense wordmark logo with a basic black color. Now, you may ask- why such logos are adored by all. Well, that is because they serve their purposes well. They look simple yet trustworthy and skilled. That is why clients can easily connect with it and hand over their special event to their soldier. So, as an event logo, such logos are a good choice.

5 wire:

5 wire - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of 5 wires has nothing that can be defined as “basic”. The entire design is quirky and quite playful. As their name is 5 Wires, the design has a graphic illustration of five neon-colored wires. The illustration alone has made the logo super catchy and identical. Along with that, the logo has a bubbly font that perfectly complements the design. So for your event logo, you can go for something similar to this.

Xcuisite Events:

Xcuisite Events - Vector Design US, Inc.

The logo of Xcuisite Events is another elegant and artistic logo that looks posh and vibrant. Such logos are classic designs that perfectly go with the Event management business. The use of monochrome has enhanced its beauty even more. The emblem illustration has given it an uplifting feature. So if you want to make your logo memorable and a bit artistic, go for a design like this.

Free the Dream:

Free the Dream - Vector Design US, Inc.

Last but not least- the logo of Free the Dream is a creative design that is suitable for an event logo. The illustration used here is a visual representation of the company name. That is how you can ensure the logo is totally unique and exclusive for your business. Clients can remember and recognize you well for such an attractive logo design. That is why it is always better to stick to the name and follow what it suggests.

Here ends our list. Now it is up to you to select the one type that will perfectly go with your business strategy and preference. We wish you good luck in creating the exclusive event logo for your event management business.