100+ Best Unusual Indoor Photography Ideas

Indoor Photography Ideas

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Indoor photography is as versatile and experimental as outdoor photography. From portraits to still life photos, you can try almost all genres of photography in your studio. Well, not only studio even your home can serve you giving a lot of cool and wired ideas to try.

But to avoid boredom and monotony, take the photo session to the next level. Make it unusual, wired, peculiar, or whatever you want to call it. What we mean is to ditch the conventional styles and experiment more to make the photos overwhelmingly beautiful or awe-striking.

Read the full article to get 100 unusual indoor photography ideas. Try them DIY and send those for photo editing service.

With Mirrors:

With Mirrors

The mirror is a great option to shoot some unusual and peculiar indoor photographs. There are many ways you can try with it. Try with one mirror or two/three mirrors depending on your composition idea. It does not require much skill to shoot with mirrors.

Double Exposures:

Double Exposures

Double exposure is a cool technique that you can try in your indoor studio. In simple words, double exposure is combining two different images into one single image. For that, you have to take two different photos and overlay them on each other. Some advanced cameras can automatically produce double exposure photographs. But if you do not have such a camera, don’t worry. You can always use Photoshop.

Water Splash:

Water Splash

Do you want to capture a jaw-dropping water splash photo? Well, let’s try. You will need an aquarium, a piece of black cloth, a table and a black background.

You don’t need an expensive lens for it. But if you have a mirrorless camera, the quality will be much better. And try to use a tripod to ensure steadiness.

Now with the help of an assistant, take your water splash photo. You can even try the burst mode for the most perfect shot. Try to use colorful subjects to make the photo more vivid and attractive.

Steam Photos:

Steam Photos

In our naked eye, the steam of a hot coffee or soup looks almost heavenly but how to capture it with the camera?  Let’s learn the way of taking photos of steam.

For doing that, you need the subject to be very hot. And try to keep it hot until you are ready for capturing it. Use a dark background so that the steam looks more vibrant and clear. If you shoot it with natural light, keep the shutter speed high. The fast shutter speed will make the photo clearer. The best option is to use the shutter release or the timer for the automatic shot. However, Use a tripod to avoid blurriness and it is a must.

Dancing :


Dancing step or movement can be an interesting subject of your indoor photography. You can do it in two different ways. For instance, you can ask the model to do a dancing pose and take a still photo. Alternatively, ask her to dance and capture the photo with the motion blur technique. To add more drama, experiment with different shades of lights.

Crazy Food Photography:

Crazy Food Photography

Food photography is easy and fun. But you can always turn a simple food photo into a usual and crazy one. And for that, you only need to focus on your composition and angle. So do not go for conventional composition. Instead, go for something peculiar. For instance, spill juice beside the glass or melt your ice cream and mess up the table!

Soap Bubbles:

Soap Bubbles

Don’t get bored at home. Try Soap bubbles Photography. For that, you can use your regular soap to create bubbles. But we would recommend you make your solution to get long-lasting bubbles for photography. You only need to mix two to three drops of glycerin with two tablespoons of liquid soap. Alternatively use a bottle of ready-made bubble solution.

Now you need a camera, a tripod, a black or dark background, and a light source. You can either use a macro lens or a telephoto lens. If the light source is too bright, keep the shutter speed high. The aperture should be small to ensure a clearer picture of the bubbles. The ISO also depends on the light source. Brighter light requires relatively low ISO and for the dimmer light, keep it high.

Now you are good to go with your bubble photography. Experiment with different angles as well as colorful lights for a better result.

Micro Photography:

Micro Photography

Do you know what we see in a micro photo is actually twenty times bigger than what we see with our bare eyes? Yes, this is because the magnification ratio of this lens is 20:1.

Now, there is something to know. Nikon tags their macro lenses as ‘micro lenses’. So there is no particular lens as ‘micro lenses’. Anyway, to shoot micro photography, you need a microscope and your camera. Microscopes are easily found at a cheaper rate.

You can capture any subject you wish with the microscope. Everything will look more interesting because of the high magnification rate.

Close up Photography:

Close up Photography

Close-up photography is different from macro or micro photography. We generally end up capturing a small version of every object. In the process, often we fail to capture their true feature and texture. But in a close-up photo, they look bigger and much clearer. You can either use your macro lenses or a close-up filter with the lenses. Now capture anything you want from your household with the camera.



If you are getting bored at home, try out candle photography. As it is easily found and cheap, there is no hassle experimenting with it. There are so many variations available for candles with their various shapes, colors, sizes and design. So pick up one or some of your favorite candles and start shooting.

Do not use any other attention-grabbing object with it to avoid distraction. Also, to make the photo more warm and noiseless, turn off your white balance settings.

Unusual Angle:

Unusual Angle

Angles change a lot of things in a photo like the perspective and even the look. So, try taking the same photo with different angles like from the above or a low height. Along with it, consider composing the photo a bit creatively. This is how you can make countless interesting images sitting on your couch.

A Dark Space:

A Dark Space

Your house can be captured with a lot of different perspectives if you can compose creatively. For instance, a dark space is more engaging and intriguing than a place filled with lights. Decide which part of your home you want to show in the photo. You can make the place dark with the curtain or choose a time when it is naturally dark. Even a model can be there in the photo with a meaningful pose.

With your Teddy:

With your Teddy

A teddy bear is common stuff in our home, isn’t it? If you can get it handy, try using it creatively. For instance, give it some of the human features. A lot of ways you can do that. Place it before your dinner table or beside the window as if it is about to perform any action. Thus you can get some peculiar images that are as cute as creative.

Try something Spooky:

Try something Spooky

Whether it is Halloween or not you can try out capturing spooky photos. Keep the light-limited and slightly diffused to set up the right atmosphere. You can shoot through any light colored or transparent fabric to create the ambience. After that with your composition skill, experiment with different subjects.

Crystal Ball:

Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball or Lens ball whatever you call it brings the whole world in the grip of your hand. That is why nowadays it is so popular in photography. You can experiment with different size balls to get the most perfect one for your work. We would recommend you to use a medium size ball that is around 80mm. And for that background, you can choose anything from your house to show in the photos.

Yoga pose:

Yoga pose

Yes, you can even capture a yoga pose through your camera. Ask your model to choose an unusual pose that will look unconventional and uncommon. Prepare your camera with a tripod the way you do for still photos. If the model is not comfortable with the pose, she may not be able to keep it long. So, capture the photo with burst mode as quickly as possible.

The Morning coffee:

The Morning coffee

The morning coffee is one of the few things we hold so dear in our life. So, make it one of your photography subjects. The idea is as simple as that! Keep the coffee cup beside the window in the morning. If you are lucky, you might end up getting a snowy morning or rainy morning. No fancy gears or artificial settings are needed. Just capture the cup and your window.

Use your Wide angle lens:

Use your Wide angle lens

Generally, a wide-angle lens is used for the wide-area view with a 35mm or even less focal point. Though it is used for landscape photography, you can very well use it for indoor photography too. With it, you can show your home décor or interior properly. A cosy and homely looking living area is great for capturing for an indoor photography project. So give it a try.

Unusual Portrait:

Unusual Portrait

An unusual portrait is not so hard to shoot. You need a model who will get a peculiar makeup or costume. Also, you can use a prop to make the photo more dramatic. Now capture the photo with creative composition and proper lighting. You can go for artificial lights to create a mysterious environment that will give you the perfect unusual portraits.



The flower is not something unusual as a photography subject. But you can make with the composition. There are so many ways you can do it without any studio. What we are saying is with your creative ideas and composition skill, even a common subject like flowers can make unusual photographs too.

Wet Window:

Wet Window

When you are at home and you got amazing lighting in the streets, don’t lose the chance to capture some amazing photos. For something unusual and more beautiful, wet the windows. Now capture the window and the lights outside. But what if you never get such a chance? Well, you can make it on your own. Put some artificial lights outside, then shot the photos.

Spiral Lights:

Spiral Lights

Try doing some spiral light photography, when you are at home and looking for ideas. This technique is regarded as light painting as well because the light source works more like a paintbrush than light. Anyway, you only need to control the shutter speed of the camera so that it can take the light painting perfectly. Switch to the manual mode of the camera setting and use a wide-angle lens for the best result.

Coffee Splash:

Coffee Splash

We promise you that it will have super fun while capturing some of the coffee splash photos. And you already know the technique from our water splash photography technique idea. Here, you have to use coffee instead of water. Besides, the presentation will be different too. As soon as you get the liquid spilling here and there, capture it with your camera.

Crazy Pet Photography:

Crazy Pet Photography

Your pet is one of the few subjects that can give you unusual photos without trying hard for it. They are always in a playful mood, sometimes hungry for your attention and all. Capture any moment and you will get your desired photo. But if you want to experiment more, you can make them wear a hat or sunglass.

Draw Something Meaningful:

Draw Something Meaningful

Can’t find anything interesting to shoot? Well, then make it! Draw some meaningful pictures or patterns that will tell a story or set a perspective. Put some fancy stuff along with them and you are good to go. Be careful with your composition and lighting for the best result out of it.

With Balloons:

With Balloons

Colorful balloons are great for making any photo cute and fancy. But here we are talking about unusual photos. That is why we recommend you to use only one color with the same colored background. For instance, if you are using yellow balloons or white, keep the background yellow or white too. Also, keep a model with a relevant pose to make the photo more intriguing.



Inside your studio, you can try out firework photography. For safety purpose, get a relatively small one. And keep the background black so that only the firework pops up brightly. Now get your camera and tripod. Keep the ISO low and don’t use autofocus to get excellent firework photos.

Miniature Photography:

Miniature Photography

Miniature photography is all about imagination and creativity. Once you get your miniature figures, prepare the camera and studio. Try to think of something out of the box to make the photos more creative and unusual. In this case, you have to change the camera settings depending on the composition style you want. Feel free to experiment with miniature figures and composition until you get your perfect miniature photography.

Try Cosplay:

Try Cosplay

Do you know about cosplay? It means dressing up or getting a makeover like your favorite character from movies, or dramas or books. Can you imagine the fun part of doing it? Anyway, for some unusual indoor photoshoot, you can try cosplay. Dress like Voldemort or Captain Jack Sparrow or even the Clown and capture as many photos as you want.

Create a Peculiar Style  :

Create a Peculiar Style

This idea is a bit like cosplay but not entirely. You have to dress up like one of the eras like the Victorian or the medieval. You can choose any particular culture of the world or even any group of people. To be more detailed- dress up like a Red Indian or a witch. Well, ask your model to do so and you better prepare the camera!

Mouth watering food Photos:

Mouth watering food Photos

Food photography may look simple but there are so many things you need to focus on if ‘excellence’ you want. For instance, the lighting should be appropriate. Natural light is the best in that case. Besides, take photos from different angles to get various results. Composition is important here as together they will make the photo mouthwatering and splendid.

Eye Macro Photography:

Eye Macro Photography

If you love to take challenge and experiment with different genres of photography, try eye macro. You have to use your macro lenses to have a clear and sharp image of the iris. The photo will be a reflection of the background in the iris. Keep ISO between 100 to 800 and the aperture relatively narrow. Consider giving the model adequate time to rest to avoid redness of the eye. Also, the iris should have to stay still because a slight movement can ruin the photo.

Macro photography;

Macro photography

If you want to have some clear images of small objects such as plants, pebbles, flowers and so on, go for macro photography. Here don’t get confused with close-up photography because both are different. Anyway, a DSLR or mirrorless cameras both work well for macro photography. And you must need a macro lens. Keep the aperture a bit small, f/16 and f/22 is recommended. ISO and shutter speed can stay unchanged. It will help you focus on the small subject very sharply. Not only camera settings, but you also need to concentrate on the composition as well. Try different angles and colors to make the photos more vibrant and attractive.

Underwater Photography:

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is fun and exciting but is it possible to do it from home? Yes, possible. Use a fish tank or aquarium for doing so. As the fish is not stable you have to capture the moving fish through your still photo taking skill. Also, the glass aquarium reflects light which is why autofocus mode cannot focus perfectly. So use manual focus to capture the images.

Water Droplet:

Water Droplet

Water droplet photography is an easy and interesting thing to do. You have to use your macro lens for doing this experiment. The subject water droplet can remain constant but the way you will capture them with the camera depends on your creative composition.

In the Bathtub:

In the Bathtub

In the bathtub, with a model, you can try out executing this idea. Make the model go underwater leaving only the face outside. As if she is floating on water. Spread some rose petals around her to make the photo more intensive and engaging.



Windows have such a wonderful appeal in our life. They have their perspective and story to tell. You can capture the favorite window of your home for your indoor photography project. To make the photo more intense and intriguing, use natural soft light that comes through the window. The rest of the place may stay in dark.

Mannequin yourself:

Mannequin yourself

To try this idea, you will need a model. The best part of indoor photography or home photography is you don’t always need a professional model. Simply ask your sister or wife or girlfriend to pose for you. Anyway, prepare the model with the right costume and makeup. Then with their posture and expression, bring out the mannequin-like features. Now shoot the photos with your creative style. 

Play With Light and Shadow:

Play With Light and Shadow

Light and shadow give you the opportunity to creative experiment on lots of ideas and composition. You can use a transparent light that will act as the light source. The photos can be like silhouettes. But there are other ideas you can work on with light and shadow.

Grayscale photography:

Grayscale photography

Using different shades of grey color in photography is called grayscale photography. It is one kind of monochrome as well. To bring variation into photography you can try this at home. You can get amazing grayscale photos with the camera or by post-processing. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to do it by editing the photo. In that case, you have to select those images which will look great in grayscale.



The staircase of our home has its own story to tell and perspective to show. And it is a great photography subject as well. So with creative composition, you can capture the staircase in your camera. For the lighting, try to use soft lights. It will make the subject more intense and engaging. You can use a wide-angle lens to capture the entire construction.

Soft Toys:

Soft Toys

Do you have some soft toys sitting around your home? They look so cute and adorable. With them, you can experiment indoor photography. As we are talking about unusual ideas, we recommend you use them a bit differently. For example, make them sit like a human with some human job like reading a magazine or watching TV. And that’s it. You will get some otherworldly photos with these minimal efforts.

Creepy Makeup:

Creepy Makeup

It is one of the easiest ways to get unusual and wired photos. Prepare the model with creepy or awful makeup along with a wired pose. Yes, the photo may give someone Goosebumps. But we promise you the photo session will be fun and you will get a lot of unusual photos without much hard effort. 

Barbie makeover:

Barbie makeover

A Barbie doll is always beautiful, gorgeous, cute ad definitely not creepy! But when you are experimenting with unusual indoor photography, you can turn a Barbie makeover into a wired one. For that, you have to get the makeover perfectly in the first place. Then bring a slight change into something which will change the entire outlook.

Egg Art:

Egg Art

On Easter, we all love to paint eggs. It can be one of your indoor photography subjects. Draw something on the egg and with creative composition, the photos will be eye-catching and adorable. Keep the background dark to perfectly show the subjects through the camera.

Wall Art:

Wall Art

If you have a plain window in your home, take the chance to paint it creatively. Go for something cute, attractive or striking. Then capture the photo of the wall. To make the photos more beautiful, paint the wall with different shades of bright colors.

Colorful Gummies:

Colorful Gummies

Who does not love gummies? We all do adore these colorful and cute little things from our childhood. Now it is time to make them a photography subject. For a better composition, keep some gummies in the center of focus and some out of the focus. And keep the background dark.

Colorful gems:

Colorful gems

Like the gummies, colorful gems are also incredibly beautiful for photography. They make us nostalgic and we cannot help loving them. Anyway, it is rather easy to capture their photos. You can rely on your default setting of the camera. The only thing to handle is the light. See that you have enough bright light to make them dazzling and illuminating.

Fun Photo with Blow dryer:

Fun Photo with Blow dryer

It’s a cool and fun idea for indoor photography. Use a blow dryer in such a direction where the hairs will cover the face completely. So you will get a hidden face peculiar photo that is playful and cute. For such photos, you don’t need to worry about manual settings. Just focus on the composition and lighting and you are good to go.

Crazy Dog Photos:

Crazy Dog Photos

Dogs are an amazing photography subject. They give you wired, peculiar, unusual and crazy photos. And capturing those photos does not even require a lot of effort and fancy devices. You only need to spend time with it and play with it to drive him crazy. As a dog will not pose for you, it is better to shoot through burst mode.

Light Through the Window:

Light Through the Window

When the first sunlight enters the home through the windows, it looks almost heavenly. You can capture that on your camera. For a better composition, you can keep a prop or a model. Don’t use any artificial light here. The natural sunlight will serve you the best.



The texture of different objects is amazing for abstract photography. If you capture them with the close-up photography style, the photos will be masterpieces. Experiment with different subjects as woods, wall, leaves and a lot more other things. For leaves, you can choose macro lenses to capture them more clearly.

Carnival mask :

Carnival mask

Carnival masks are beautiful, mysterious and intriguing. They are great as a photography subject as well. So consider taking photos of them with a brilliant composition. You can use a model too. But even without a model, they are outstanding in photography.

Homely and Cozy :

Homely and Cozy

What is indoor or in-home photography if you don’t take a homely photo? If you want to do it, capture a raw setup of your home. It can be your couch with a magazine, cushion and a coffee cup. Actually, the props are all about your own choice. Whatever makes you feel at home, keep those kinds of stuff in the composition.

Motion freeze :

Motion freeze

Have you seen photos where some object is ditching the gravity by staying in the air? Well, it is done by the motion freezing technique. With it, you can get incredible indoor photos that are wired yet striking. For making any moving object freeze in the photo, shutter speed is the game-changer. Use a relatively faster shutter speed to avoid blurriness. Once you prepare your camera, throw your subject into the air and capture it with the camera.

Poker Cards:

Poker Cards

Poker cards are not only a plaything. It has a different dimensional perspective and appeals to people. That is why it can be an amazing indoor photography subject. Instead of showing random cards, keep some hidden story in them so that it looks striking and overwhelming.

The Fireplace:

The Fireplace

Fire is already hypnotizing and gorgeously beautiful. Capturing them into photos is more fun than photography. Anyway, keep the ISO number high and the aperture narrow to get sharp images. And by changing the shutter speed from low to high, the photos will be different. You don’t need to work on composition too much here, as the fire is the only thing that needs to stay in focus.

Old Books:

Old Books

Old books have such a timeless vibe in their covers and the yellow-toned pages. Surely you have some of them in your home. Now capture by with a relatable composition. Don’t use anything else with the books to avoid distraction. Show their true color and look with adequate light. You can go for something artificial for the lighting but make sure it’s not too harsh.

Aesthetic Book Photo:

Aesthetic Book Photo

After taking photos of the old books, now is the time to go a bit aesthetic. Pick your favorite book and compose the frame with some props that you like to keep. Those can be a coffee cup or a headphone or some flowers. You can focus on some of the texts of the book if you like.



Leaves are one of those things that you can compose in so many ways that all are beautiful and stunning. Whatever you choose a fresh one or a dried one, it doesn’t matter. So, feel free to use them as creatively as you can. Keep other props as well as it is a bit tough to get a basket full of leaves, when you are at home.



Curtains ad windows are almost inseparable and together they make such a pleasant sight. Anyway, with the right ambience, the curtain can look amazing and mysterious on the camera. No, there is not a lot to do. Keep the room a bit dark to make it more intense. Try to capture the photo when there are soft natural light coming through the window. The afternoon or evening is the most perfect time.

Sunrise Through the Window:

Sunrise Through the Window

Windows are so versatile, isn’t it? That is why one more idea with it. When the sun is rising on the horizon you can capture the photo sitting inside your home through the window. But don’t leave the window in the frame. Rather capture the sunlight along with the window. It will make the photo more believable as an indoor photography.

Through the Prism:

Through the Prism

Prism is such an incredible thing to add a dreamy effect and outwardly beauty in the photos. The best part is you don’t even need a camera to shoot through the prism. A Smartphone can very well do that. Anyway if you are using a DSLR, go for the manual focus to avoid auto-focus. Manual focus will make the photo clear and perfect. You can capture any subject you want through prism photography.

Kaleidoscope Photography:

Kaleidoscope Photography

Kaleidoscope photography is a comparatively new term in the market. It makes outstanding abstract images. You only have to get a Kaleidoscope which is made of three long mirrors of rectangular shape taped with electrical tape. You can even make it at home easily with a few pieces of equipment. Anyway, when you look through the stuff, everything will look different and wired. It is best suited for abstract photography. Actually, the Kaleidoscope can make anything look abstract and that is what we are looking for.

Abstract Bokeh Photography:

Abstract Bokeh Photography

Now try some gorgeous abstract bokeh photography. It is so easy and simple thing to do. All you need to do is blurring the background. As it is an abstract photo, keep some colorful stuff or even some fairy lights for the background. If you are using a DSLR, keep the aperture high. Then capture as many photos as you want with the amazing composing.

And Popsicles:

And Popsicles

Popsicles are another fun material to shoot for indoor photography. Pick some colorful and mouthwatering popsicles and compose them creatively. Then capture their photos from different angles. It is one of those ideas where you can experiment with angles and lighting. Don’t keep a loud background otherwise, it will cause a distraction to the eyes.



When you are experimenting with indoor photography ideas, don’t leave any colorful and fancy object to shoot. The lampshades are colorful and gorgeous enough to be the subject of your photos. For shooting any lighting or bright object, try to use manual focus. Autofocus may cause trouble.

Shoot through a Broken Glass:

Shoot through a Broken Glass

Let’s take advantage of broken glasses. It can very well be used as an indoor photography subject. Just keep it in front of another subject that you want to capture. Both of them are your subject that is why you have to capture the two carefully. Don’t mess about the focus. Switch to manual focus if needed.

Add a Blue Hue:

Add a Blue Hue

The color blue is deeply bewildering, mind soothing and almost therapeutic. Using it in photography gives you breathtaking images with minimal efforts. There are so many ways you can use the color in your photos. For example, you can go for the saturated blue tone to add a dreamy effect and mysterious mood in your photos. Or you can keep it desaturate to bring a calm and soothing effect.

Color in Water:

Color in Water

Color in Water is such an interesting and fascinating idea to experiment with at home. A lot many ways you can compose those photos. You can even go for a simple composition like color cloud in the water. The method is simple. Put some color in a glass jar or fish tank full of water. You can use different colors or only one color. Use your macro lens for the best result.

Still Photography with Flour :

Still Photography with Flour

Taking still photographs of flour sounds interesting but it’s a bit tricky. First, you have to fix a composition style that you want to make. Depending on your composition idea, you will need different props. But there is something basic that you need to know. Keep adequate light to capture the smallest of the particles of the flour perfectly. Once you get your desired photo, feel free to do post-processing if you feel necessary.

Creative Hand Photography:

Creative Hand Photography

With hands, you can tell so many stories along with showing certain emotions. These types of photography require more creativity of composing than skill in gears. Even a smartphone is enough to capture them. So, don’t focus on the camera setting instead think about a story to tell. It will do much better for the photos.

Try Smoke Bomb:

Try Smoke Bomb

The smoke bomb adds a blast of colors to your photos making them eye-catching and vibrant. It can be used in indoor photography as well as outdoor photography. You can buy a smoke bomb from online stores. After that, the outlook of your photos will depend on your imagination and composition. The method will be similar to capturing moving objects.

Finger art:

Finger art

If you are running out of ideas and want to do something easier, go for finger art photography. It is so simple and effortless that you will not even feel any pressure. Anyway, firstly paint your fingers or someone else’s with colors or drawings. Then take the photo. But if you want to experiment more, use some props with the finger painting. Try to tell a story through your images.

Paper cut photography:

Paper cut photography

Here is another cool and fun idea to try at home. Cut some colorful papers in certain shapes. You can write some words or even draw something on those papers. Now take their photos from different angles with natural light. With these minimal efforts, you will get some cute and adorable paper cut photographs.

Cookies :


Colorful Christmas cookies or cookies baked for a birthday party can be your indoor photography subject. They are sweet, adorable and cute. Anyway, you can follow the techniques of food photography here. And any food photography is all about experimenting with different angles and composition. So next time, you get a plate full of cookies, capture some photos before eating.

Indoor Plants:

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only bring good vibes to our home but also serve as a great photography subject. You can take their photos alone or with some other stuff. Instead of taking boring photos of the plant experiment with lighting, angles and location. You can place the plant beside the window or in a shadowy area. Try to use natural light to get the best result.

Creative Champagne Glass photo:

Creative Champagne Glass photo

The champagne glass looks gorgeous and gives an exotic vibe. You can use it creatively for indoor photography. There are too many great ways for doing so. Keep some colorful balls or marbles in the glass and capture them. Or use some confetti to make the photos more magnificent.

Funky Portraits:

Funky Portraits

When you are not feeling like arranging so much for indoor photography, try out a funky portrait idea. All you need is a model with a funky getup. The mode’s expression and gesture will do enough for your photos. Still, if you want to do more, use some props with the model.

Draw Emoticons:

Draw Emoticons

Here you have another lazy day unusual indoor photography idea. If you have some balloons or medium-sized balls around you, don’t avoid them. Draw some emoticons on them and compose them in a photo-friendly way. Then capture their images with your photography skill. It is as easy as that.

Play with Kitchen Stuffs:

Play with Kitchen Stuffs

You can use some kitchen stuff creatively to make them your indoor photography subject. Like the cookie-cutter or the cutleries. Imagine the ways you can use them for your photography purpose. If your imagination and creative composition help you, there is never any lack of photo-friendly subjects.

Confetti Party:

Confetti Party

Confetti brings an instant festive vibe and a playful mood. It does the same thing if you use it for photography. So, arrange a confetti party at your home. Sounds crazy? Well, in your studio or any room you can throw confetti in the air and capture them. Confetti is colorful and with the proper lighting, it makes any photo out of the world.

Chess Board:

Chess Board

The chessboard is another photo-friendly stuff that you can use for indoor photography. If you plan to capture photos of your chessboard, do not use any other props with it. The board itself is enough for the photo. You can experiment on angle and lighting instead.

Creative Light Art:

Creative Light Art

Light art means making something art-like with light. For example, when the sun goes to the west a bit closer to the horizon, the light coming from it makes larger shadows. Then we get an awesome exhibition of light and shadow near the window. If you place some props there and capture the entire area, you will get some outstanding photos. You can use a wide-angle lens if the entire place is your target.

Dream Catcher:

Dream Catcher

A dreamcatcher looks dreamy and gives a vintage vibe. This decorative piece can be one of your photography subjects. A lot of ways there are to use them. You can keep it beside the window to capture its free-flowing look. Otherwise, you can keep it inside your room with some fairy lights to make it more exotic.

Use Tulle:

Use Tulle

The tulle is a fabric that is transparent and lightweight. It is used to make wedding veils. Anyway, you can use a piece of tulle fabric for your indoor photography project. For that, you will need a model. Cover her half with the fabric and keep the other half open. The photos will look mysterious as well as eye-catching.

Neon Light Photography

Neon Light Photography

There are many ways to get the perfect neon light at your home for photography. Depending on how bright you want the light, choose different sources. For example, you can use your TV or laptop to emit light. Just download a neon light photo from the internet and keep it beside your subject. It’s a crazy idea but it works perfectly. Use manual focus and high ISO numbers for capturing the photos.

What about an Alphabet Soup!

What about an Alphabet Soup!

It’s a crazy but fun idea. It is one of the simplest ideas too. If you have alphabet cubes in your home, time to use them for photography purpose. Keep them in a soup bowl and pretend to eat them with a spoon. You can skip showing the model if you wish. Experiment more on how else you can use them.

 Adorable Kid Photography:

Adorable Kid Photography

Kids are the most beautiful part of our home, isn’t it? Capture some of their adorable photos in your camera. You don’t need to make them pose for you; rather capture their natural expressions and moments. Keep your camera ready, if you want to capture the perfect moment. You can use your Smartphone as well for more convenience.

Shadow on Something:

Shadow on Something

When you put something against the bright light, it makes shadows on the wall or any other thing. Use the idea for your indoor photography. The subjects can be literally anything that catches your eye from your home. Or you can use a book and a flower to make the photos more interesting and thoughtful.

Get a Peculiar costume:

Get a Peculiar costume

A peculiar costume can be your lifesaver if you are running out of crazy ideas for indoor photography. Here you don’t need to do something like cosplay or dress like something else. Just be yourself and you are good to go. If you can manage a model, that will be better.

Magnifying Glass Photography:

Magnifying Glass Photography

With a magnifying glass, you can do lots of amazing indoor photography. Simply, place them above something and capture the magnified look of the thing with your camera. It can be a book or some food. The subject is not so important here. Focus on the composition and lighting mostly. Don’t use autofocus otherwise, the photos will get ruined. 

Messy Child:

Messy Child

Here is one more cool idea that you can do with the kids. And you don’t need to prepare so many things for the shooting as well. Just keep your device ready around them so that you don’t lose any precious moment. When they get messy with their foods or while playing, they still look so adorable and endearing. Capture those moments to keep the memory as well as for the photography.

Frost on Window:

Frost on Window

When it’s deadly cold outside and you are stuck at home, capture the frost you get on the window. It looks amazing and great for indoor photography. Such random experiments will increase your photography skill. Also, you will get some incredible photos without much effort as well.

House Party:

House Party

Capture some photos when there is a party going on in your house. Or you can arrange one with your family members. There you can get some unusual in-house party photos. Capture a lot of photos of every moment of the party. You can even ask the people to pose for you. And you will get your photography done.

The Hourglass:

The Hourglass

If you have any hourglass at your home, use it for the indoor photography project. It is an object that gives a vintage vibe and a thoughtful perspective. You can use it with other props. No need to do elaborate arrangements for doing so. Focus on the composition only and you are good to go.



The pile of magazines in your home is another great photo-friendly stuff to experiment with. With your creative composition ideas, you can get some amazing photos through them. All excellence of the photos will depend on your composition skill. Experiment on lighting, angles and props. You can even choose to show a certain perspective through the composition.

Reading Glass:

Reading Glass

With the reading glass, you can experiment so many different ideas for indoor photography. It is a quite easy and simple thing to do that requires very minimal efforts. You can show the texts through the glass while leaving the other portion blurry. As it is a glass you are using as the subject, don’t use autofocus.



Colorful sprinkles make not only the cakes yummy but also serves great as an indoor photography subject. If you want to go simple, just capture the photo while spreading the sprinkles over the cake top or some cookies. But if you want to experiment more, you can capture the still photo of spreading the sprinkles from a bit high-height. Thus, you will get some awesome shots of sprinkles. 

Sticky Notes:

Sticky Notes

Our last idea is with sticky notes. They are cute little, colorful stuff that reminds us of our childhood. Anyway, make them your indoor photography subject. Stick them in a wall or board with some texts on it. You don’t need to focus on them directly. Just keep their colorful appearance intact. There are other ways as well to capture them. So don’t give up experimenting.

So now you see, indoor photography is not boring rather it is overly exciting and experimental. And there is so much photo-friendly stuff available in the home. You only need the creative mind to take your photography to the next level. It doesn’t matter where you are taking those pictures. Try out these 100 unusual ideas to get breathtaking images from home. These will sharpen your photography skill as well.