Ecommerce Product Photo Retouching Service, importance, Type, Pricing

Ecommerce product photo retouching service, its importance, types, and pricing

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What is the first thing you see before buying any product online? The most obvious answer is- the product photo. That is why the product photo has to be clear, professional, and attractive. Otherwise, it will fail to serve its purposes. So just as photography plays the most important role for any e-commerce business, so does product photo retouching.

You cannot just capture the photo and upload it online as it is. The photo may lack proper lighting and there may be any unnecessary objects that are distracting the eyes. Or maybe the background is not appropriate. This is where the Product Photo Retouching Services will save you. 

What is Photo Retouching Services in general? Photo retouching means professional photo editing to enhance the beauty and overall look of the photo. It makes any normal digital photo professional and up to the mark.

Photo studios, e-commerce businesses, fashion photography, model photography- everywhere the photo retouching services are essential. Photo retouching services are Clipping Path, Photo Background Removal, Color Correction, Ghost Mannequin, Photo Masking, Jewelry Photo Editing, Apparel Photo Editing, etc. 

Why do you need it? Photo Editing Services make sure you get a photo that is flawless and professional to use in your e-commerce business. You will see the result instantly when the images will bring potential customers to you and eventually your business will grow.

No one likes to see an image full of unnecessary objects and discoloration. Customers want to clearly see what they are going to purchase and the images are the only way to check it. As they cannot physically touch it, the image needs to fill the gap between the customer and the product.

Besides, it shows you are not putting any effort into your business. It decreases the product value and ruins the first impression.

So you cannot help going for good quality photo retouching services for your e-commerce business.

Types of E-commerce Photo retouching services and prices:

Product Photo Retouching

Product Photo Retouching - Vector Design US, Inc.
Starts from $4.50 / Image

If you want your product photo to draw the attention of potential customers, it must need to be top-notch in quality. Otherwise, the badly edited photo will not help your business to grow.

No matter how perfectly you want to photograph it, you cannot be sure it will be flawless without retouching. So to make your product photo professional, attractive and competitive, a product photo retouching service is important.

Background Removal

Background Removal - Vector Design US, Inc.
The price starts from $0.5/image

To make the product photo pop in the foreground, you need to get rid of the background in the first place because it often creates a distraction. For an e-commerce business, a non-distracting background is mostly proffered.

Here the experts remove the background as well as the unwanted objects from the background with advanced Photoshop tools and features.

So the background removal services remove the unnecessary background objects and add a nice white background to them. Thus the photo becomes more appreciative and there is no disturbance to focus on the product.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.
Starts from – $2 / Image

For apparel products, you probably use a mannequin or a model to show the clothes. It is quite obvious because you need to show the customers how the clothes actually look if they wear those.

But when you post the photo online with the mannequin or the model, the product loses the attention of the customers. In that case, you need to get rid of the mannequin or the model. Here Ghost Mannequin effect saves you. It removes the mannequin and makes the cloth look realistic and clear.

Photoshop Shadow Effect

Photoshop Shadow Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.
Starts from: $0.5 / Image

Have you noticed that sometimes your product photo looks like they are floating in the air? It does not look realistic and appealing for this reason. That is why you need a Photoshop Shadow Effect Service to remove the floating look and give a more natural and realistic look by adding shadows under it.

The designers remove the background first from the image and add the effect to it. For sunglasses, reading glasses, makeup products, watches, and many other products the service is required.

Product Photo Cleaning

Product Photo Cleaning - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price starts from $1/Image

Often the product photo happens to have an unnecessary spot, dust particles, scratches, and other sorts of dirt in it. These things make the product photo unprofessional and inappropriate. So you need to remove them for obvious reasons.

Product photo cleaning services do the job for you. They remove all the spots, scratches and make the product shiny and appealing. Also, no matter how old your product is in the photo they can make it look like a brand new item.

Product Photo Color Editing

Product Photo Color Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price starts from $1.50/Image

Color editing for product photos enhances its beauty and attracts customers effectively. As a result, it boosts your sales and your business growth. Why do you need it? During shooting the image can get damaged or you may feel the product color is not proper in the image.

In that case, you can seek color editing services for your products. Photoshop has numerous tools and features to correct the color and increase its appeal.

Product Photo Masking

Product Photo Masking - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $1.5/Image

Photo masking is a Photoshop technique that removes the background and makes the foreground object separate from it. However, it is used for objects that are hard to remove and have soft edges such as hair, fur, clothes, doll, and so on.

Products like a shawl, blanket, furry jacket, fur shawl, woolen apparel, etc require a photo masking service to remove the background.

Creative Product Photo Editing

Creative Product Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $0.5/Image

Creative product photo editing shows your aesthetics and increases the appeal of the product. Products like tea, coffee, food for restaurants, etc often need creative editing.

Also, you can show the usage of your products and their importance through a creative design. You can get it done by creative product photo editing services to make your product photo look versatile and lively.

Batch Photo Editing

Batch Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $0.50

Batch photo editing such as cropping, resizing, clipping path, color correction, etc are essential for product photos. When you have hundreds or more product photos that need to be edited, you cannot think of wasting your precious time doing those.

This is why you can go for a batch photo editing service. It will save your time and effort helping you to focus more on other sides of your business.

Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Jewelry Photo Editing Services - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $5/image

If you run an e-commerce business where you sell jewelry, you probably know the struggle to show the shining effect of the products properly in the images. If they look dull, customers are not likely to get engaged as expected.

So to keep the shiny look intact in the images, you can go for a Jewelry Photo Editing service. There is jewelry clipping path service, white background service, photo resize service, dust, spot removal service, shadow creation service, color correction service, high-end retouching service, etc available to make your jewelry images stunning and eye-catching.

Shoe Photo Editing

Shoe Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $0.50/image

Shoe or footwear products need to look practical, gorgeous, and attractive in the photos. Customers want to clearly check the shoe they are buying online before paying for it. Raw images often cannot provide all the things they want.

So you can get a shoe photo editing service that includes clipping path service for shoes, white background, photo resize, product cleaning service, exposure correction, basic color correction, shadow creation, etc. these will help you to show your product more vibrantly than will draw the attention of the customers.

Food Photo Editing

Food Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $5/image

If you are running an online food business or catering services you need to present your food that will be mouth-watering to look at it. Presenting foods deliciously is not so easy to do and this is where a Food Photo Editing Service will save you.

The services include background removal for food photos, color correction for food photos, adding props to food photos, and many other Post-Production Services. They ensure your food photo catches the eyes and increases sales.

Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture Photo Editing - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price Starts from $5/image

Future photos are easy to capture but not retouch. As they have complex designs and angles, they often require high-quality editing tools along with highly experienced designers. However, you can go for Furniture Photo Editing Services and be relaxed about it.

The services include background removal, clipping path, image masking, shadow creation, photo resize, color enhancement, spot cleaning, etc. These will help you to show the furniture images professionally and attractively.

3D /360-Degree Packshot Retouching

3D 360 degree Packshot retouching - Vector Design US, Inc.
Price starts from $3/image

A creative and fascinating way to show your product like a bag, shoe, or different tools is the 3D/360-degree packshot. It really adds a different standard to your business. You can get 3D/360-degree services to display your products online. It also includes color correction, exposure correction, background removal, white background, etc.

Automobile Photo Editing

Automobile Photo Editing
Price Starts from $5/image

If you sell automobile products like cars, motorbikes, snow bikes, bicycles, tricycles, etc, you need to show them correctly online. That is why you can go for Automobile Photo Editing Services that offer you removing the background, color correcting, creating ad images, white background, product cleaning, etc. these will help your customers to see the product clearly and build trust in you.

So these are the e-commerce photo retouching and editing services that you can get. We have also included the price here so that you can get an idea about it. You can get high-quality product photo retouching services from us through our highly skilled designers who care for your business growth. Check out Our Services