25 Best Photoshop Plugins for Photographers and Designers

25 best Photoshop plugins

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It is undeniable that Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo editing tool. But if you want to enhance your creativity in a particular field, the Photoshop plugin can help you to increase productivity and save time.

Photoshop plugin has the power to reveal additional features and enhance your efficiency.

It’s not possible to know which plugins are suitable for your workflow, so we make a list of the 25 best Photoshop plugins that help you to decide.

We are going to explain each Photoshop plugin in detail and also give the download link below that help you to save time. Free and premium ranges are included here for your preferences.

Chameleon Adaptive Palette

Chameleon Adaptive Palette - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.downloadpirate.com/chameleon-adaptive-palette-2-4-5-plugin-for-photoshop/

Chameleon Adaptive Palette is a wonderful and smart Pallete or swatch system that very intelligently offers you a wide range of functions. It’s a single panel that changes according to your desire. Chameleon is a combination of different features that are refined into one panel.

Though they are attached with the same principles each stripe provides different colors. It is the smartest system that adapts as you want to paint.

Chameleon Adaptive Palette is best for digital artists, Rico Holmes is the publisher of this Photoshop Plugin and it is available for $16.


CSS3Ps - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: css3ps.com/

CSS3Ps Photoshop Plugin is a very helpful and accessible Photoshop Plugin for web designers. It has the capability to export into multiple layers. To convert your layers into CSS3Ps just go to the CSS3Ps button and then click on it. There are no hazards for its update because it is a cloud-based plugin that makes it very speedy.

Some of the features such as vendor prefixes, stroke, size, text layers, gradient overlay, multiple layer selection, and inner shadow make this plugin perfect for web developers.


Brushbox - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.aeblender.com/2020/11/brushbox-brush-manager-for-adobe-photoshop-crack-download/

Brushbox, the organizer of your brushes in Photoshop, is very easy to find out brushes. It is easy and quick to set up and is best for digital artists and designers. You can organize your brushes as you want and can also tag your favorite brushes.

But remember that it is not the most essential photoshop plugin, it just helps you to increase your brush collection in Photoshop.

Derrick Barth is the publisher of the Brushbox plugin and its price is $15.

AD Brutus Symmetry

AD Brutus Symmetry - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.adobegenp.com/ad-brutus-symmetry/

A fun Photoshop plugin, another name AD Brutus Symmetry makes it easy to discover symmetrical drawings and designs for digital artists. It’s just fun making the Photoshop plugin not so influential. You can merge the PNG version from the current view with just only one click and also can save it with one click.

Free Stock Search

Free Stock Search - Photoshop plugin
PC: pixelsucht.net/free-stock-search-for-xd/

To get free stock images in Photoshop from Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pixels, download this Free Stock Search photoshop plugin. It will help you find unlimited photos and also can download these images very easily into PS. It’s a free plugin and good for designers.

HDR Sharpener

HDR Sharpener - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.the-orange-box.com/portfolio_page/free-hdr-sharpener/

To create an HDR-like effect for your photograph, use HDR Sharpener Photoshop Plugin which is totally free. It is a non-destructive editing tool that remains your original image unhurt. To develop the energetic range of your image, you may try it. The download link is given below.

RH Hover Color Picker

RH Hover Color Picker - Photoshop plugin
PC: www.the-orange-box.com/portfolio_page/free-hdr-sharpener/

RH Hover Color Picker is a color customizable slider, perfect for artists and designer, publisher Rico Holmes and its price is $16. It can minimize automatically and looks so good. You can get this Rico Holmes Hover Color Picker Photoshop Plugin at your fingertips when you need it.

Ultimate Retouch Panel

Ultimate Retouch Panel - Photoshop plugin
PC: www.the-orange-box.com/portfolio_page/free-hdr-sharpener/

Ultimate Retouch Panel Photoshop Plugin is good for professional retouching, the publisher is Pro Add- Ons and its worth is $33. Over 200 functions are included here though it is quite old now. Seven frequency separation methods, four-fast retouch methods, and 30 tools for local retouching make it worth and valuable plugin in Photoshop.

Fontself Maker

Fontself Maker - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.fontself.com/

Fontself Maker can help you to create your own font that is best for designers and you can buy it for only $45. Fontself is the publisher of this Fontself Maker Photoshop Plugin. You can turn any image into one type of font with this plugin.

As your desire, you can shade or texture and can create new characters too. These features can be controlled and configured including ligatures, character alternates, per character kerning, and so on. This plugin is very actively updated and developed by its super active team members.

You can buy this plugin for an illustrator for only $45

Getty Images

Getty Images - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.gettyimages.com/resources/plugins

Publisher Getty makes this Photoshop plugin fully free for the designer’s benefit. Getty Images have plenty of amazing features including easy search, filter, retain edits options, and the opportunity to work with illustrator and InDesign that makes your workflow smooth.


ParticleShop - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.getintopcfree.com/photo-editing/corel-particleshop-free-download/

Non-destructive layer support and 11 updated brushes including Debris, Fabric, Fine Art, Fur, Hair, Light, Space, Smoke, and Storm are available in this ParticleShop, the power of imagination. For sure every artist enjoys this collection of these new dynamic brushes. It helps you to create stunning images with your imagination and it’s well-suited for both Mac and Windows.

Though its price is $49.95 now a 20% discount is available.

ON1 Resize

ON1 Resize - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.on1.com/products/resize/download/

Enlarge your photos without damaging image quality up to 1000 percent by On1 Resize.  No matter which camera you use DSLR or smartphone you can enlarge your photos as you want. This Photoshop Plugin offers batch processing and image compression, and also features a full file browser. It is the best plugin for photographers and designers.

The publisher of this amazing plugin is On1 and the price is $63.60.

B&W Effects

B&W Effects - Vector Design US, Inc.

Topazlab publishes B&W Effects Photoshop plugins, especially for digital photographers. It’s a developed tool that provides texture effects, makes masking easy, and turns your images into mimic paintings. If color photography is not your imagination or not your type then this B&W Effects photoshop plugin is for you.

The main purpose of this tool is to catch the attention of viewers emotionally. Without exaggeration, you can get a great visual impact from your photograph.

The value of this plugin is considered now $99.99

Filter Forge 10

Filter Forge 10 - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.filterforge.com/download/

More than 13000 effects and textures are available in this time-saving Filter Forge 10 Photoshop Plugin that publishes by Filter Forge. 3D Artists, Photographers, Photo editors, and graphic designers can use it easily. Lots of filter options, tabs, and backup tools are available here.

Its updated version Filter Forge 11 will be available very soon that will be free for version 10 users. With the easy backup tool, you can move from one computer to another one very easily and even you can restore your archive file on another computer or another version of Filter Forge.

Filter Forge 10 is now only $59. And it is usable with both Windows and Mac.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you search for a vast range of photo effects, you may choose this Eye Candy, published by Alien Skin which can afford for only $49. It’s a great plugin for those time-pressured designers who are on a tight schedule. Version 7 provides different types of effects ranging from fire to chrome, glass to extrusions though there are some effects that are so cheesy. But from the default settings, you can make it less cheesy and more usable.


Luminar - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: skylum.com/luminar/user-manual/2018/mac/installing-luminar-as-a-plugin

Luminar is a focused photo editor that is best for photographers published by Skylum. It is very useful for working with fresh images and it has many editing features that make your work easy and simple. This plugin can simplify masking, sky replacement, object removal, and so on.

You can afford this plugin for only £59.

Nik Collection

Nik Collection - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: nikcollection.dxo.com/

Nik Collection is a very powerful photoshop plugin published by DxO with high-impact photographic effects. Silver EFEX Pro and Viveza photographic features are included in this plugin. Non-destructive mode is one of the best features of this plugin that allows exporting images as TIFF files.

Its price is £88.99.


Renamy - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.klaia.com/Renamy/

Renamy is the best Photoshop plugin for renaming layers published by Klaia that is very best for artists, photographers, and designers. Naming layers right is called the first etiquette of Photoshop. Renamy allows you to rename multiple layers at a time. Autocomplete function helps you to save your typing fingers.

Renamy is available only for $29.99.

Perspective Mockups

Perspective Mockups - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: perspectivemockups.com/

Perspective Mockups is a site that is very essential to create cool perspective mockups for your design. It is published by BlazRobar and it is a great tool for artists and designers. There is plenty of reason to choose this Photoshop plugin except for its swear.

It is a very easy way to lift your artwork and it has 8 different layouts to choose from. Perspective Mockups is a fully edited tool for your photoshop palette.

It is afforded for only $19.


Shutterstock - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.shutterstock.com/blog/announcing-shutterstock-plugin-adobe-photoshop

Shutterstock access as a full library from within photoshop published by Shutterstock. This tool provides direct in-app access that is very handy for designers. You can search very easily inside photoshop, then click to select and insert and then license directly that is a very simple workflow.

Blow Up 3

Blow Up 3 - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: exposure.software/blowup/

Blow Up 3 is a resizing tool on Photoshop that is great for photographers or designers, published by Alien Skin. It has the resizing or enlargement features for which it achieved an award also. Three different tabs make it a great tool for Photoshop plugins such as crop, resize and stretch. It can allow you to create high-resolution photos without damaging photo quality.

It is affordable at only $79.

Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.hdrsoft.com/download.html

Photomatix Pro is such Photoshop Plugin that can create extreme HDR images, made by HDR soft. The tool has 6 HDR (high dynamic range) styles, a standalone tool. It is a free lightroom export plugin that makes your work faster and easier.

Photomatix Pro is now available in the market for only $99.

ON1 Effects

ON1 Effects - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: www.on1.com/blog/tag/photoshop-plugins/

Do you want to take a cinematic look at your image with one click then download this ON1 Effects Photoshop plugin that is made by ON1. A stack of multiple effects helps you to enhance your image quality. It has a huge collection of presets that can use for a new experiment.

Its market price is now £63.30.

Infinite Color

Infinite Color - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: infinite-tools.com/infinite-color-plugin/

Infinite Color Photoshop plugin refers to the infinite color as its name suggests. The most interesting matter about this plugin is the color you create that will be only your colors because this tool offers you an infinite number of colors. You can give a unique look to your image by adding different layers of color.

The price of this plugin is $99.


GuideGuide - Vector Design US, Inc.
PC: infinite-tools.com/infinite-color-plugin/

GuideGuide is the creation of Cameron McEfee, to create grids and guidelines in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Adobe XD. It can create a pinpoint accurate grid as your favorite settings and also can use a negative margin for special hanging options. It is perfect for special layers for your images and its so easy to use

Its market price started from £33.

Final Words

We hope you like our guide to the Best 25 Photoshop Plugins that help you to enhance your creativity. Though Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful software, still there are lack some tactics. It will be great fun and a new kind of experiment, whether you choose a free or paid Photoshop plugin. These all plugins have different purposes and different features hope you enjoyed them a lot and we give download links for each plugin for betterment.

Thank you for supporting us.