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If you are an entrepreneur about to start your cleaning business, you must be considering having an exclusive house cleaning business logo. As a business logo serves many purposes, you cannot just leave it be. It requires a worthy design fitting for your business perspectives. The logo is going to stay with your company as long as it survives. Whether your business is on car washing, home/office cleaning, waste removal, laundry, or window/carpet cleaning, a logo can act as your mouthpiece. So, it needs to be creative and not to forget, professional.

Cleaning Logo Design Ideas

As you have ended up here, we guess you are looking for ideas. We have a holistic list of different types of logos all suitable for cleaning businesses and services. Check out the list at once.

The Cleaner’s Closet:

The Cleaner’s Closet

The logo of The Cleaner’s Closet is a minimal design with typography. There are a few details with the words just to make sure it looks perfect as a cleaning company logo. The designer has given some shiny starts on the detailing that looks completely sensible considering the logo’s purposes. As the company promises the clients of cleanliness and freshness, the logo sets the right vibe through its design as well.

Unique Cleaning:

Unique Cleaning

The logo of Unique Cleaning is another typography-based design featuring two colors and a little detailing. The detailing is added to make sense as a cleaning company logo. Also, the blue color represents reliability and warmness. Besides, it is relatable with water and purity. So, if you want to make the cleaning logo worthy through minimal efforts, such ideas will work great for you.

Tritan Cleaning services:

Tritan Cleaning services

If you don’t want to go for conventional cleaning logos with common and familiar designs, this sample logo can inspire you to think differently. It has used an eye-catching bold font to write the name so that no one misses it. Also, the negative space is used for a meaningful illustration to lift the logo’s perfection a bit much. By the way, have you noticed the way of writing the letter ‘R’?

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We Clean Green:

We Clean Green

We Clean Green is an eco-friendly company and the logo shows that successfully. If your cleaning company has such a special feature that requires everyone’s attention, you can show it through your unique cleaning logo design ideas. The clients will know about the fact immediately after looking at your logo. So it is much easier to convey any message through the logo design for cleaning business. It is an effective way to design a logo that makes it not only beautiful but also purposeful.

Shine Cleaning Service:

Shine Cleaning Service

The logo of Shine Cleaning Service is another typography-based logo with a little twist in its design. As the company is for cleaning purposes as promises of cleanliness, it has used a glossy font to represent the perspectives. Also, the star mark has made the logo more fitting and speaks for the company’s assurance of squeaky clean services. So choosing the right font for the commercial cleaning logo design can change the entire outlook and perspective of it.

Blue River Cleaning:

Blue River Cleaning

Blue River Cleaning has got a simple logo representing its name through the design. The straight, effortless design of the illustration makes the logo more sensible and meaningful as a cleaning company logo. Also, such designs help a lot when you don’t want to use the name everywhere and just put the illustration. In this way, the illustration alone can represent your cleaning company perfectly.



Black and white logos are always trendy and make a powerful impression. The best part about it – is suitable for all types of companies. So if you want to keep the commercial cleaning logo design pretty simple yet no less elegant, go for black and white ones. It can be typography or an illustration. Both ways the logo will look stunning and confident.

Eco Clean:

Eco Clean

Here is another idea for eco-friendly cleaning company logos. The logo of Eco-clean is a green color-based design with customized font and illustrations. Such combined designs are great for making the logo meaningful and relevant. The green color complements the eco-friendliness more than any color. So it is a pretty good option to use in cleaning logos that are aiming to keep the ecology unharmed.

SMV Cleaning:

SMV Cleaning

The typography not only gives the logo a clean look but also makes it more fitting for any sort of company. So for a safe option, you can choose typography. Still, with your creative ideas, you can turn any simple design into a phenomenal one. For instance, the logo of SMV Cleaning has used three different colors to make the logo visually beautiful and energetic. Such little tricks may seem simple but help you to gain more.



Matic is a house cleaning company and their logo perfectly defines the services. It has a home-like shape that has the letter ‘M’ in it. The linear design has made the logo look sleek and tidy. The logo design complements the company’s goals and perspectives thoroughly. Your cleaning company’s logo should represent your business ideologies in similar ways as well. Otherwise, you can’t say it is successful.

Able Cleaning:

Able Cleaning

The logo of Able Cleaning can be presented as a mascot logo. Mascot logos are great for conveying messages and catching the eyes of the clients. If you look closely at the cleaning logo design, you can notice that the design is made with different cleaning equipment in a shape of a man. Designing such a logo is fun and it serves the purposes well. For a well-designed and effective logo, you can choose mascots without a second thought.

Bliss Cleaning Services:

Bliss Cleaning Services

Here is a wordmark logo design idea for your inspiration. Wordmark logos are those with only the name and nothing else with it. The logo of Bliss Cleaning Services is a perfect example of this logotype. Such logos are pretty crucial as they do not have any other design with them; the name becomes the visual representation of the companies. So, choose a font that will make the logo elegant and powerful without requiring anything else.

Bradens Window Cleaning:

Bradens Window Cleaning

The logo of Bradens Window Cleaning is for those who want their logo to tell a story through its design. The designer has used an illustration of window cleaning that matches the company’s services. Also, the font is shady in the Name. For the rest of the words, the font is bubbly. So there are a lot of happenings in the logo. But that doesn’t make the logo disorganized or messy. So if your aim is for something similar, try to put together all the things neatly and methodically.

Just Pool Group:

Just Pool Group

The logo of Just Pool Group can be classified as a silhouette design, though the feature is not so prominent here. The designer has kept the words in the main focal point and embedded a little silhouette into it. But the most attractive part of the logo is its two-colored letters that give an excellent water vibe. At the first glance at the logo, everybody can get its purposes and services. This is how a thoughtful commercial logo design makes your other works much easier.

Greencorp Cleaning Service:

Greencorp Cleaning Service

Here is another typography-based logo design idea. As it is only about typography, you must choose the best font that suits your company’s mottos. This part is pretty crucial as the wrong font can ruin the entire effort of dry cleaning logo designing. The perfect font can complement and logo and seems powerful to everyone every time. The logo of Green Crop Cleaning Services has used a bold thick font for the company name and a comparatively sleek font for the rest of the words. The blend of two different fonts has given the logo an impressive look.

The Bubbly Cleaning Company:

The Bubbly Cleaning Company

The logo acts as not only a communicator but also an influencer. How? Well, it spreads good vibes and attracts clients. The design can make them interested in your cleaning business and eventually taking the services from you. All are possible when you have an exclusive logo with inspiring design and motifs. The logo of The Bubbly Cleaning Company is a playful, easy and positive one. It represents the company’s perspectives thoroughly with its text-illustration combination design. 



The logo of Droplet is another combination logo. You can take it as a modern, minimal design as well. Such designs don’t require fancy skills and hours after hours to get a good look. They are minimally beautiful and influential. Here, the designer has used the color blue with two shades to present a warm, friendly look. Also, it is relevant as a cleaning company logo at the same time.



The logo of Gonzki is another letter mark logo design idea for entrepreneurs. It has only the company name and a monochromic design. The letter ‘O’ is changed into water bubbles to make a resemblance with the cleaning company. The font is the ultimate game-changer here. So there is no point in making a boring design when you have got such great inspirations.   

Hygiene Services:

Hygiene Services

Colors can bring whole new perspectives out of your dry cleaning logo design and set a certain mood for the customers. The logo of Hygiene Services is an eye-catching logo for its bright and cozy colors. They represent freshness and cleanliness through the colors. So choose colors carefully when you are designing the exclusive logo for your cleaning company.

Fresh Drop:

Fresh Drop

Simplicity is not boring and the logo of Fresh Drop is the proof of it. The blue-green shade in the logo has given the logo a fresh and natural look. Also, the bubbly font is used there to make the design more relevant to the cleaning company. The illustration is designed in a water drop shape that relates to the company name perfectly.

Clean Feeling:

Clean Feeling

We have already given you a black and white logo design inspiration. Here is another one of that. The logo of Clean Feeling is a black and white logo design with two different fonts in it. There is also a water bubble illustration to make the logo more meaningful and relevant to the cleaning company. The logo is simple but hard to ignore. That is the quality of an engaging logo for any business.

Clean House:

Clean House

The house cleaning company Clean House has got a combination logo to represent their business. The most attractive part of the logo is its purple-white color combination. It is easy to recognize and remember. The illustration speaks for the company’s motives and purposes altogether.  So, to make your cleaning logo such an intriguing one, make the illustration meaningful and valid in the first step.

Cleanly Pro:

Cleanly Pro

It is a super-effective idea for making the logo unique and exclusive for your company. You can simply take the first two letters of your company name and turn them into a design. It can be a symbol, vector art, or illustration. The logo of Cleanly Pro has done the job successfully. Follow this technique and your logo will look as professional as confident.

Complete Care:

Complete Care

The logo of Complete Care is another wordmark cleaning logo design idea. This time the logo has a shape in its typography. The ‘care’ is in a red circle referring to the fact that the company takes the word seriously and promises to work with care and responsibility.  Following such techniques, you can bring out new perspectives of your company and show them through the logo design. This will make the logo much more communicative.

Sparkling Cleaning:

Sparkling Cleaning

Last but not least- the logo of Sparkling Cleaning is an elegant design because of its wise use of the negative spaces. We told you- using the negative spaces can either make the logo a much better one or can completely ruin it for bad designs. Here, the logo looks stunning with the combined image of hands and houses referring to the company’s services namely home cleaning.

While designing the cleaning services logo, you may feel a bit messed up as there are so many options to choose from. Still, you have to bring out the one that suits your company the most. This list can help you decide the perfect type for your startups.