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In ancient times cats were worshipped as God. They think the love for a cat is the greater gift. In recent times yet people have cherished cats as their best furry friends. Artists also work on cats as one of their best animals subject. Thus our content is about cat art drawing ideas today!

Before drawing cats the best way is to study their anatomy. Spare time to learn how to draw realistic cats and learn more about their positions, peculiarities, and poses. There are plenty of cats playing videos. If you don’t have a cat at home, you can get help from YouTube to learn cats activities. You can also find it in cat anatomy arts books to learn about their bone or body structure. But it is an additional tip no need to go for it at first. Just see some youtube videos then follow our content thoroughly. Here we tried our best to deliver you every tip you need while drawing cats.

Let’s start with a stick-figure sketch cat before going main ideas.

Scribble gesture art is an excellent position for cat drawing to start when you are a beginner. It works as an ideal way to warm up before you start any drawing at all. You can say it is the most basic part of starting your drawing.

Scribble gesture is all about taking the very serious drive-off and receipt to learn the subject. It is as regards learning the pace and postures of the cat’s legs, vertebral column, and placement of the cat’s head too. You can also have ideas about the equality of the cat’s weight, the centrum of load, and where it shifting its weight of the handfuls is!

Cat Art Design

As for professional artists they don’t need to start with stick figures. They can have ideas straight and can start drawing. Whether you are a professional artist or a newcomer keep in mind that our brain can only recall one article at a time when we are drawing, so go slowly. Don’t be enticed to practice it up or you might become eluded with your results. Have the best cat drawing ideas with us in the following content!

Cat Under a Duvet

Cat Under a Duvet

This idea comes from a realistic kitten hide under a duvet. A cute grey kitten with sharper light brown eyes. Start with its eyes. Draw a black dotlike eyeball in the center then underline it to have sharper look. After that draw a little triangle nose and a little beneath the cat mouth. Complete the face through brush curving. Follow the lines from where it starts.

Identify it comes from the right or left? Upper or down? Add an abstract smoky background and a grey duvet on its head. Finish the portrait by completing the sketches of the duvet. If you observe this picture closely, you can see its one ear is covered with the duvet. In this way, realistic portrait works. You have to see through each little thing, part, and position before drawing.

Realistic Cat Art

Realistic Cat Art

Realistic cat art is tougher than anime cat drawing. As we said before you have to focus on each little thing.

You can see the following cat art it is so realistic that seems the cat is coming towards you. If someone doesn’t see it closely they may think it is a camera capturing cat image. Let’s come to the artsy language. Draw it as the same pattern we described number 1 idea.

Change the coloring and draw the face from straight. Draw triangle ears. Add a sandstorm-like back. The previous cat’s flaws were covered by using a duvet but this one is only a cat. So you have to give more effort to find out every little line to draw this one.

A Lean Calico Cat

A Lean Calico Cat

This cute Calico Cat was drawn by following digital chalk style painting. You can see how special this cat painting is! It will be a great chance for you to show you are a great artist by adapting this cat idea for your cat drawing.

At the first draw, a pencil oval shape frame to draw the face. Start with its oval eyes. Draw a triangle nose. Draw triangle ears. Then filled the eyes with mustard yellow. Use a thin brush for chalk-style lines. Follow the coloring consistency. Complete it by drawing a bell on its neck.   

Abstract Watercolor Painting Cat

Abstract Watercolor Painting Cat

This masterpiece Dora Cat painting features watercolor brushstrokes. You know before using watercolor you need to learn the color mixing consistency with water. This is the most important thing to know before doing your drawing. Because more water can ruin your coloring and less water can make it stuffy. Perfect mixing can make your portrait a masterpiece, so be careful while making it.

Start with its beautiful sea-green eyes. Use chestnut dark brown for the tranquil nose. Since it is a Tiger Dora print cat the coloring will be combined by brown, white, and black. Beneath part of the face and the ears are white. The upper part of the face is combined brown. I remind it again, to be mindful with your brushstrokes since it is drawn by watercolor.

Do not use it directly after dipping in the paint. Remove the extra color before use. This cat art became a masterpiece because doing it by using fewer colors.

Color Splashing Cat

Color Splashing Cat

This amazing cat art is done by combining realistic cat drawing with a watercolor splash. Since it is glazing aside so it better starts from the face. Combined it with light brown, light chestnut, and white. Draw eyes with sea blue. In the center of the eye draw a lengthy eyeball to make the harsh look. Draw a dark pink triangle nose.

Draw white ears. After that draw brown lines. Dry it properly. After drying do the color splashing part. Don’t use too much color. Two to three colors are enough. You can follow mine or can change the coloring. Splash the color around it. Before splashing cover its face and body area with extra paper.

If the splashing color enters its eyes, nose, or mouth it will lose its realisticity. After completing the splashing part, picks up the paper and sees the result. If you are not satisfied with your work add more coloring until the expected results come!

Cat Chilling Out

Cat Chilling Out

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” – James Herriot. So it is reasonable to draw Cat Chilling Out.

After learning about drawing a lot of realistic cats let’s learn a cartoon one. This anime cat is sitting straight on a teal color couch. Since it is a cartoon one you don’t need to make it perfect. Just do perfect its shape and color. Follow its sitting posture and the placement of its paws. It is holding a red cup of tea. Draw a cute paste color handkerchief on its throat. Wear him a teal eyeglass. Draw a hat on its head for a shabby look.

White Queen

White Queen

This beautiful white cat is a hand-drawn home pet. Many people love it for its odd eyes. It is a watercolor portrait of a Turkish Angora Cat. The Cat art drawing list will remain incomplete if we will not suggest this white queen. You can see it has a long tail and this portrait was drawn from its back.

It gives a u-turn to look that makes it tough to understand its anatomy. So start with its head then body then the tail. Draw 3 oval small medium and large. Then draw its emerald eyes, light pink nose, and light brown ears. Finish the body with bright colors, a realistic look.

Hangover Cat art

Hangover Cat

If you search about cats you may know hangover cats have long and are hairier than other cats. We try to create a hangover cat with a neon sign light effect. You may know how challenging this work is!

Draw a big triangle for its face. Then add two medium triangles to it for the ears. Then just go with the flow. Use more light effects color for its jeweled eyes. Make an illusion of lowering its gaze that seems it is looking at something angled. Draw its hairs by following the below cat. Do not draw it abruptly.

Slowly try to understand from which side the hair comes to. It is vertical or horizontal. Make color combination drawing slowly. Then make an underline by adding more coloring. Before drawing it turns the white art paper into painted black. This kind of drawing gives more perfect results on black than other colors. If you don’t waste your color you can have black art paper for it.

Low Polygonal Geometric Cat art

Low Polygonal Geometric Cat

This giant cat head is drawn following modern mammal geometric crystal design. You can see to get a realistic look this drawing will be a bit tricky. You must have to follow directions thoroughly. Such trivial matters can ruin this image. Even artists also think before drawing this portrait.   

First, draw a cat shape with an art pencil. Don’t try it with an oval shape. Create it directly as a cat shape frame with ears. Draw an open and closed eye. Draw nose. Then draw low isolated polygons inside the format. You can say mini triangles. But draw it properly otherwise you can’t get actual crystal effects. Then filled it by maintaining the color combination by following the below cat.

I suggest not to try it with different colors because it may ruin the look of your cat. This cat is blinking its eye and another eye is open. So while drawing eyes and their polygons you have to be extra careful. The polygon of the eyes must be smaller than the other places of the face. Big polygons can ruin eye shape.

Black and White Calligraphic Drawn Cat

Black and White Calligraphic Drawn Cat

Have you ever thought about drawing a realistic-looking cat only through sketching? Here we listed a simple step-by-step method to mend your sketching cat drawing skills. There is varieties type of cats. Which one will be best for a pencil sketch?

The answer is a hangover cat. The most interesting part of drawing this type of cat is you don’t need to understand the position of their paws. They are hairier than other cats so the sketch comes with the perfect outcome.

To make the construction of the drawing you will draw a vertical line then draw some simple lines and shapes to use as a guide for where its hair goes. It is upper or lower, right or left. It will also help you to have a clumsy hairy cat after finishing properly.

Next, you can add your cat configuration by drawing inflections and lines. You also will get help from the shapes. They will work as a guide, crossing outside of them or within the inside while final sketching. It is really a helpful and best part of the step-by-step drawing.

Complete your cat drawing through soft strokes around the synopsis for fur.

Since it is a calligraphy ink-drawn cat you can use a blending brush to draw reflecting and form. To go a step further use a thin brush to highlight the parts, eyes, and nose with black color. This way your cat will look catching with its realistic clumsy hair – Nearly like it’s taking place to live on the page!

Green-Eyed Chubby Grey Kitten

Green-Eyed Chubby Grey Kitten

This cute green-eyed chubby grey kitten is a special cat for its emerald green eyes. You can see it is a cute little cat. So you don’t have to be faced trouble by drawing proper constructions. Just a simple verticle lines guideline will be okay. It is so easy drawing.

You can start with the cat head. Draw an oval circle. Then draw eyes and nose. This cat’s ears are not so tall thus you don’t need to sharpen it with triangles. We will draw standpoints and curves to retouch the cat’s face and peculiarities while the outline drawing stage.

Initiate the surface of your circle just a bit down like an oval shape from the head to the middle vertical guideline and finish it as it takes across upon and just beneath the surface of the big circle (oval) body.

On each side of the vertical line add the horizontal guideline to understand the width of your cat body. Since it is a tiny kitten so I draw my oval circle 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. You can also approximate your cat’s body measurement.

Finally, Complete it filling with color. We used only two colors for the body grey and white. If you follow it properly these two colors can create an amazing dark and light composition.

Furious Fireflake Cat

Furious Fireflake Cat

In this drawing, you will draw a triangle as face down. Draw two mini triangles (since it is looking at an angle its ears are reposing) prepared for drawing curves to draw the ears after.

To finish this cat drawing, you don’t need to have much cat anatomy knowledge. Just look at the following drawing and find out where the brushstrokes are vertical, horizontal, or at an angle. It is drawn by using watercolor so you must be careful about curves that are which point of the cat the curve is traveling in.

It is going inside or coming out. To make some fireplace splash color on its background that almost seems it is burning and coming from the fire. Draw its jewel eye with bright color. Then complete it drawing long fur beside the nose.

Vintage Sad Cat Lie Down on the Shoe

Vintage Sad Cat Lie Down on the Shoe

When you draw a cat, you don’t just have to draw on the cat. You can ornament it, can add a background, and also can draw its activities. What about this pretty sad cat? Think about a story. Maybe its owner will go out and can’t have it along with it. That’s why it is sad and lies down in its owner’s shoes. Imagine its sad face. Now start drawing. It is one of the best ways to understand the expression for realistic animal drawing by imagining before the start.

To draw this cat you don’t need to draw construction drawing. Just start directly from its head. See carefully it placed its head on paws. Draw its innocent eyes and tall ears. Draw half of its body. Then complete the shoe properly. Finish drawing its tail and leg inside the shoe. You can change the color of the shoe. Just remain the cat’s color as it is below. Follow the curves for fur. To go a step further add shading.

Abstract Wall Painting Realistic Cat

Abstract Wall Painting Realistic Cat

As an artist, you always may not have a call for art as your expectations. There may come so many unexpected opportunities. So you have to be ready for it by adopting new ideas. How to be ready? We are always here for you. We care about your feelings for art. Thus we choose to pick this portrait as a unique idea.

Usually, wall paintings are maximum of cartoon type. But look at this cat. How realistic it is! Right? Since it is a giant wall painting even only to paint is the cat’s head so you should start with the drawing constructions. Otherwise, you may be lost the direction of the drawing.

Start with an oval shape big circle. Next, triangle on a side, through sketching a vertical line right away above from the beside of the kernel of the circle and end at the whole height of the headquarters vertical guideline. Repeat this process on another side of the cat head circle too.

Remain this line collateral to your headquarter vertical guideline. After that, you can finish each triangle by adding a transverse line bottom from the top point of the triangle ear shape to reach the oval circle. Repeat it on another side again. This will create a realistic cat shape.

Add color for fur. Draw sea blue jeweled-like eyes. Finally, finish it by drawing colorful abstract background. Really this background will save you. Because drawing only a cat head on such a big wall is tough. You can use spray paint for the background. You may know the abstract theme has no direction. So just draw it directly with the color paint.  

Portrait of Siamese Cat

Portrait of Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is one of the first individual ken offsprings of Asian cats. The embryonic Siamese cat happened as one of the most exoteric breeds in Europe and North America in the 19th century. Siamese cats are easy to draw because they have nothing special except their face. Their face is grey and their eyes are sharp that’s all. But whatever genre you are drawing it is really tricky to make it only by pencil sketching.

But no need to worry. It is a simple cat you can draw it taking about 10-20 minutes. Because It doesn’t need to seem realistic. Begin with a construction sketch. Then add shading. Here we add a red eyeglass to look gorgeous. Also, add an earphone on its neck.

Just keep remaining its harsh eye look on its circle eyes. That will be enough for this cat drawing. Add more graphite along with the head to the nose gently. Cut across the eye of the circle. Draw long fur on both sides of the nose.

Beautiful Fashionfreak Kitten

Beautiful Fashionfreak Kitten

This beautiful grey kitten drawing with light green eyes and a turquoise color cloth headband, looking at the front is drawn by watercolor. Artists who love to draw all things anime can enjoy this new cute grey kitten portrait idea.

The slightly larger head gives it a very cartoonish kitten type of outlook and takes steps lots of spaces for two big cartoonish style eyes. The grey and black shading and curves and turquoise shiny headband just look like lots of adorable animals seen in Japanese-style cartoons. Draw a cute tiny nose. Complete it by drawing the flat body. You can use this for ads or any opera posters.

Fierce on Its Eyes

Fierce on Its Eyes

You may already understand that it is a realistic-looking cat with fierce eyes. It is a foxy-bodied cat. Since you have to focus only on its eyes so let’s start with its face. At the first stage of drawing this cat, you can retouch the facial materials, starting with your cat’s eyes.

Do not point of view it seawards too much from your cat’s head to the direction of the nose because your cat is looking upper. Since you draw it from the top that is why it has to turn slightly its head. To draw this exact angle and draw your cat look quite grumpy keep the top of the face very curved.

Now come to the nose. When you draw the nose, darken its both side with dark and light brown shading and the nostrils. Draw shadow at the bottom of the face. Draw an upside-down ‘Y’ shape mouth after the nose. And the placement of the mouth I think no need to say, you can understand it from the portrait.

Draw the whiskers then, using swiftly trained brushstrokes. Put pressures as you normally draw others’ drawing. Pull outwards first on the nose to forehead areas with a curving touch. Later, add a firmer stroke in the cheek areas. In this way, your cat furs will look slightly thicker and darker at the bottom of the face and look thinner and cleaner as they travel away from the nose to the forehead.

Greedy Cat Steals a Big Cup of Milk

Greedy Cat Steals a Big Cup of Milk

There is a saying that cats close their eyes while drinking milk is thinking nobody sees them…and it is known by all the relationship between cat and milk. So whichever animal you are drawing try to draw a common activity of them. Here we pick this big greedy cat who steals a big cup of milk.

This dark rich orange and yellow shading cat and lush chestnut tiger print lines were covered with super expensive …. crayons. Jokes apart! You can draw this only using regular crayons and too many elbow greases.

Let’s come to the main point. You can see this cat has a large body with a tiny head comparatively. I suggest starting it with a big cup. But only draw the construction, do not finish it at once. Then draw the cat. Draw its eyes that is look greedy which is looking down at the milk.

Follow the lines properly. After that draw a red cloth band on its neck. Add color inside the cup don’t leave it casually. Finish it by ornamenting the cup with adding flowers. Most importantly pulls out the cat’s red tongue to the cup of milk.

Sinopa Cat

Sinopa Cat

Do you ever think of drawing a sinopia cat? Sinopa cats have a large body with a comparatively medium head with big eyes. We have already given major ideas about popular cats. Why not make an ornamental one for kids? It is not that you have to always show your skill.

Sometimes drawing varieties several ideas is also good. It gives different experiences while drawing unusual things. You can see the following cat how unusual its curving is! It is a cartoon cat combined with a realistic cat look.

Let’s start with how to draw it. Start with the construction of the head. Just draw an oval circle and a triangle on it. For another ear draw the triangle slightly maintain angle. Then draw its large body. Add paws in front. Sometimes flaws are also good. When you draw this cat’s body you can understand what I want to say. The more you make mistakes the more this cat’s body will look good.

First color the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, color it with a doodle pencil wholly. You can change coloring. Last, draw the lines just follow where to start and where to finish. Either the line is small or lengthy. You don’t have to follow the below portrait necessarily. If you can draw the lines better, just do it with your skill!

Lazy Cat Sleeping on the Ground

Lazy Cat Sleeping on the Ground

According to national geography, cats can sleep for 18 hours a day. They can sleep anywhere. On a table, a piano, a chair, or on the ground.

Let’s draw a giant cat sleeping on the ground. You can see there is no need for a hard construction building for drawing this cat. Draw a tiny circle for the face and a very long circle for the body. Then color it through watercolor. Give pressure on the brushstroke as you feel at ease. No need to try hard or fast brushstrokes.

Draw with the following diverse touches of the watercolor brush as inflections and others gently more straight and finer. The whisker on the face is directed upwards from the nose. Since it is sleeping draw its eyes closed. This is the first drawing where we draw the eyes at last. Otherwise, maximum cat drawings begin with the cat eyes.

Silhouette of a Cat Icon

Silhouette of a Cat Icon

As an artist, you may have a call for drawing brands logos or T-shirt drawing ideas with a cat? How do you handle this kind of situation? Just go through with the below cat. It is a black witch cat turned its head and looks back. Its ear looks like a horn. This witch cat you can use as a mascot logo. You can see how easy this cat drawing is.

At this stage of drawing it is an idea you can draw with 3 steps. Begin with a quick stick figure sketch in 10-20 seconds. You don’t need a perfect figure sketch just to have the shape of the cat is okay. Next, color it with a feline pencil. Now, look at the title? What can you see? Is it end here? No way! Last finish it by drawing shadow at the bottom with shading. Give a little reminder that the shadow color must be 7-8 shades lighter than the cat.

Halloween Cat on Face Pumpkin

Halloween Cat on Face Pumpkin

Halloween comes once every year. And people who love cats search for the Halloween cat for card drawing, t-shirt drawing, and so on. To keep this thought in mind we listed Halloween Cat. There is no either best way than to draw a Halloween cat with a face pumpkin. It is an anime cat so you can draw it by using a doodle pencil. I think doodle pencils make drawings more cartoonish. You can use other colors too.

Begin with the cat’s face with an oval circle. Then draw a horizontal line for body construction. Draw vertical lines following 3inch for its chest, 2inch for the belly, and 4inch for the waist. After that draw the pumpkin. Add face on it.

Next, color it with doodle pencils. Draw owl-like circle eyes, tall ears, and a big tail with design. Draw its paws in front. No color restrictions here for cats except pumpkin. You can use blue in place of chestnut for the cat.

Additional Tips

# Be sure that you sharpen your pencil before drawing construction and put less pressure while sketching all your shapes lightly. Next, erase all the inessential guidelines before adding coloring. Carefully erase your configuration before you draw the cat fur.

# Abide by the drawing you are following from collateral to your drawing. Keep your finger on the inflection you are drawing to not to lose your curving place.

# Always look cautiously at the drawing you are following from before you draw your inflections or angles.

# Ask yourself before drawing where the inflections or angles are really going, after understanding properly list it by drawing it onto your page.


There are various kinds of cats on this earth and also numerous ideas of drawings. It is really tough to understand which idea can stand with which cat. Do you want to draw a lean cat? Or a chubby cat? A sinopia cat? Or a hangover cat? A giant cat? Or a little kitten? Next, decide which idea you want to draw.

I tried to gather different cat anatomy while drawing in this content. Sad, angry, chilling, their gaze, direction of paws, standing, sitting, lying every detail I give in each drawing. Hope that these ideas will give you great help while drawing.

All you have to do is get ready for the drawing with your drawing kits. Try to understand the drawing method properly. If you can’t get it once read it again and again. You can not draw something well only see it once. It is also not enough to just have a look through it. To draw it perfectly see it thoroughly. After that start your cat drawing just now after finishing reading this content.

Thanks for being with us. Stay with us to enjoy our more upcoming animal drawing content!