25 Bakery Logo Design Ideas

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‘Bakery’ touches our soul more than anything in the world. Who can avoid the taste of creamy cakes and freshly baked loaves of bread? Well, we also know the feeling.

Anyway, you must already know what purposes a logo serves for a business. If not, we are telling you. The logo is the first thing that the customers notice about your business. And the logo goes everywhere with your business moves. So we say nothing is more important than a logo.

As a bakery has a different appeal in our hearts, you have to design the logo keeping that in mind. The logo will be as mouth-watering as a strawberry cupcake and as effective as a rolling pin. Got the point?

Now check out our list of 25 Bakery logo design ideas that are equally relevant to a designer or a baker.

Sugar Bakery

sugar bakery
Image Credit: 99 Design

Logo designs are great when they are relevant and echo the subject perfectly. The logo of Sugar Bakery apparently shows you the way. It uses a rolling pin where the name is engraved. It makes the logo a lot more engaging and intriguing to the customers. You can choose to design such a logo for your cake shop, bread shop, or any bakery.

Happy Cakes

happy cakes
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Are you looking for a mouth-watering, cute, and playful logo design for your pastry shop? Here is such an inspiration for that. Use as much as negative space you want to make the logo more attractive and charming. The sample logo has shown the whole idea and perspective of its subject through the thoughtful design. Color and font choice are also important in bakery logo design.

Byron Bakery

byron bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

This idea is for those who like their logos simple yet effective for customer engagement. The bread shop Byron Bakery chooses to use a rolling pin and bread symbol to present the entire subject perfectly. For the color, the designer has chosen a mouth-watering shade of chocolate color that is relevant to the subject.

Our point is to show you the ways you can make your logos a lot more fascinating and intriguing so that it serves the purpose completely.

The Mill Bakery

the mill bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

The logo of the Mill bakery shows a perfect combination of the right font and design. It is super relevant to the subject as well. The designer has used a mill along with two wheat stalks on each side. What can be a more ideal design for a bakery? The design is simple and minimal yet so engaging and effective.

While designing the logo for your bakery or pastry shop, try to keep resonance with the name through the way the sample is showing.

Crown Bakery

crown bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Here is another minimal and simple bakery logo design for all those cake shops, bread shops, or other bakery shops. As we have already told you, using the negative space can dramatically change your logo design. It gives you more room to explore your creative faculty. Anyway, the logo of Crown Bakery has shown the way of using the subject meaningfully in its design. Also, there is a hidden bread symbol in the crown. How cool is that!

Cake House

cake house
Image Credit: Design Crowd

If your goal is to make a cute and eye-catching logo for your cake shop, this idea is for you. It is such an effortless yet effective design that you will not need anything else.

In logo design, you have to figure out the best way of using the subject in the design. For doing so, you can use this idea in your next project.

Baked Gift

baked gift
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Being true to the subject is not hard for a logo. To make such a design you only need to figure out the ways through your creativity and brainstorming. For example, look at the sample logo. The whole design is looking like a gift basket which is relevant with the name ‘Baked Gift’.

This is how you can make your logo design far more interesting and engaging to the customers.

The cookie Jar:

the cookie jar
Image Credit: 99 Design

Often you want a little extra in your logo designs other than the name only. In those times such a design can be your inspiration. So, if you want to keep your business motto or slogan in the design, creatively make it happen. Don’t just throw the words into the design; rather maintain a certain pattern so that it gets more eye-catching and unique.

Cake & Roses

cake and roses
Image Credit: 99 Design

Here is another cute yet elegant bakery logo design inspiration for you. Whether you are a baker or a designer, you want your logo to serve the purpose at the same time winning people’s hearts. That is where such designs come as the best idea. It kept an oval shape with a nice resemblance between the title and the design. Moreover, there is no overdoing that may distract the eyes.

Sweets Bakery:

sweets bakery
Image Credit: 99 Design

Do you like a bit retro vibe in your bakery logo design ? If yes, there are many ways to do it. Simply you can make it black and white along with a black-brushed font. Look at the sample logo given here. The designer has made the logo with a minimal design which gives a perfect retro vibe to the eyes. Similarly, you can create your design a retro with a little brainstorming and creativity.

Viking Bakery

viking bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Instead of boring and easy-going logos, go for something clever and out of the box. Your logo is the reflection of your inner thoughts and creativity. The sample logo has done it quite impressively. Viking mostly resembles ship and bread with the bakery! What’s more to look for? This is how you can make outstanding logos by going for a unique way to show your bakery’s perspective.

Blue Bow bakery

blue bow bakery
Image Credit: Design Hill

This one is for all those designers who like their logos simple, minimal yet quite effective. Such designs do not require much effort as well. You only need to keep a nice resemblance between the name and the design and you are good to go. Choose a fancy font that will give a playful touch to the logo. Again, you can make the logo more revealing and intriguing with a little hand-drawn effect.

The Cakery

the cakery
Image Credit: Design Hill

While designing a logo for your cake shop or bakery, keep the design identical to your theme. For instance, the logo of The Cakery has kept the design pattern similar to a cake. Similarly, you can make the design unique and outstanding following this technique. Our advice is- go for simpler designs with eye-catching patterns and cool colors. Once you master here, go for a bit more extra. With your creative ideas and designing skills, you can take your bakery logo design to the next level.

Kal’s Bakery

kal's bakery
Image Credit: Design Hill

Another cool way of the bakery logo design is using an avatar along with the text. For example, you can keep a chef figure in your logo designs to perfectly show your purpose and perspective. This is quite an effective way of designing a successful bakery logo. The logo of Kal’s Bakery did the job perfectly. You can take it as one of your inspirations.

Butter Block

butter block
Image Credit: 99 Design

If you like to create a straight design with no extra detailing, take this sample logo as an inspiration. It is quite plain and minimal design for a bakery or bread shop. But that does not mean we are telling you to make a boring design. You can still make the logo attractive and eye-catching with your creative ideas of designing it. As you can see the sample logo is mainly of text with no image or avatar. Even the colors are not so loud. Yet the logo is effective in its purpose and goal.

Sweet Southern Bakery

sweet southern bakery
Image Credit: 99 Design

We all hold a tender spot in our heart for old school retro designs that we used to see on our favorite bakeries back in childhood days. Taking inspiration from those designs, you can create a fusion style with new ideas. Together they will make your bakery logo design a lot more intriguing and attractive. Look at the logo of Sweet Southern oven Bakery where you can find the idea comes alive.

Let’s Bake Cupcake

lets bake cupcake
Image Credit: Design Hill

This minimalistic design is for your cake shop or pastry shop. There is no elaborate design in the logo that may hinder the logo’s purpose. It is probably one of the simplest ways of designing a logo. The designer has only used a mouth-watering image of the cupcake along with the shop name. Similarly, you can create your own design following such ideas. Don’t forget to use a catching blend of colors to give the logo a more ravishing look. 

Everyday Gourmet

everyday gourmet
Image Credit: 99 Design

If you don’t want to limit your bakery logo in a cake or a cookie, try incorporating some other universal bakery-related items in the logo. For example, you can try a chef hat or a rolling pin that will perfectly define your business while expanding its relevance. Also, you can keep the design super simple to engage your customers effectively. Too many details can distract them and give them a congested look.

Rainbow Cake

rainbow cake
Image Credit: Design Crowd

The logo is considered to be the most intriguing element when it comes to the first impression. If your cake store works for serving the best cake in town, show that with your logo as well. How? Well, design the best logo that fits your bakery or shop perfectly. A very interesting way of doing so is to use a specific item in the design. For example, if you are working with cakes mostly, show that in your logo so that customers can easily know about it.

Cakes With Love

cakes with love
Image Credit: Design Crowd

If you want to give a novel twist to your logo designs, play with intriguing colors. Pink, red, brown, and a few more other colors are best suited for bakery logo design. Bring those colors creatively in your design and you will get your perfect design. Also, keep a certain shape in the design. That can be like a birthday cake or a cupcake. You can do a little extra detailing with the negative spaces as well.

Bakery Basket

bakery basket
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Do you sell bread, croissants, cakes, cupcakes and all other pastries in your shop? If yes, systematically show all your items through your logo design. This technique will make your business clear to the customers more successfully. You can keep a hand-drawn natural image in your logos to make the logo more impressive and fascinating. Along with that, choose a cute cursive font to give a little more playful look to the design. We promise you, follow these techniques and your bakery logo design will serve your purposes better than anything else.

Croissun Bakery

croissun bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

The logo of Croissun Bakery is an intelligent and creative design. Look carefully and you will find a Sun and a croissant on the logo. It suits the name quite successfully. Even the designer has kept the colors true to the element. If your shop only targets one item like a croissant or a pretzel or cupcakes, you can choose that certain pattern while designing the logo.

Following this way, you can make your logo design unique and outstanding. All you need is a creative mind with a little amount of designing skill.

Wheat Bakery:

wheat bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Here is another simple, colorful and catching logo design idea for you to try. Such ideas come as a rescue when you want to take your logo design to the next level. You can create this design for any bread shop or a pastry shop. Keep the special item or signature item in the logo so that it brings a quick response from the customers. Try using gorgeous colors and flirtatious fonts in your logo designs for a more engaging outlook.

Andell’s bakery

andell's bakery
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Sometimes shop owners do not like to highlight any particular item. They just want the logo to be interesting and practical. In that case, such design ideas can save you. But don’t make the logo absolutely featureless. There are many ways you can give the logo a stunning look with minimal effort. Look at the sample logo given here. The designer has given the background a mouth-watering chocolaty brown color that is enough for grabbing the customer’s attention. Try out this idea and you will not regret it.

Dessert Temple

dessert Temple
Image Credit: Design Crowd

Here is the last idea of our list. As the name suggests, the logo of “Dessert Temple” has a clever blending of the image ‘temple’ and a cupcake that suggests ‘dessert’. How appealing it is! Such designs save your time and effort both as they only need a little trick and creativity. You can use the idea while designing the logo for any pastry shop or a dessert shop. Use bright colors and striking patterns to give the logo a palatable and delicious look.

In our last words, we want to remind you that a logo is all about its relevancy with the business alongside customer engagement. Whether you are a designer or a baker, try to give the logo a satisfactory sweet look and striking design. After all, the first impression matters the most. So follow our tips and tricks to take the logo design to your desired level.